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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Digimon Anime 15th Anniversary Event live stream

The Digimon Adventure 15th anniversary site, has details about the special event to be held on August 1st for Odaiba Memorial 15th annivesary.
There'll be gathering of fans, concert and big screen play of the Movie : "Bokura no War game".

The site has also reveal that there'll be live stream on NicoLive for this event 

However we can't watch it live cuz it's regional block LMAO I think you can only watch it if you are in Japan. However, one thing I'm not to clear is that, is the live stream the concert? Or is it live stream of "Bokura no War Game"? I'm not sure about the details :/

More details on this site

It seems that it'll play the movie, and a special live concert from Wada Kouji.

The Introduction of this event:



約束の場所で もう一度・・・

It's been 15 years since that summer break,
What kind of "Adventure" did you go?
What kind of "Comrad" did you find?

2014 August 1st
Summer has come once again,

The gate to the Digital world will open,
to all people who loves "Digimon Adventure"

Remember those days, those excitement in that era,
in the place we promised, once again...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Vjump] September Issue + New bancho (Updated Digivice Info)

info ANN
New Vjump this month, feature the upcoming Digimon Story game

New mysterious female character name Yuko Kamishiro, who meets the player in a hospital, and in search for the mystery virus called the EDEN virus.She has dark hair with sorrow eyes. She gives special requests when she meets the player.

Update on the new release of season 1 of Digivices, one is Taichi's colour and the other one is Yamato's colour. Omegamon and Diaboromon is playable character in the digivices, along with Tailmon and Wizardmon.
You can pre-order the Digivice on August 1st, and it'll release on December.
(You can go on the site on that magazine scan or scan that QR code)
There are more news coming for this:
1. Other new playable digimon will continue announce(In the digivice)
2. Package design for the 15th anniversary

Also a brand new bancho is introduced to the Digimon Collector game
Bancho Golemon 
(Thank you for anonymous for the name)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[CD]デジモン劇場版ベスト/Digimon Movie best (updated)

(Updated post)

CDjapan and Amazon has started their pre-order(a while ago... sorry for the delay)
for their pre-order for this CD that's to be set to release on August 1st.
This year's Odaiba Memorial 15th anniversary's CD.
info FeelMee.jp
The cover for this CD and track lists are revealed.
There are actually 2 version of the CD it seems.
Digimon Movie song Collection ~ Omegamon Version~
Digimon Movie Song Collection ~ Digimon Movie Version~

Both CD has the exact same song, so it's up to you which version to choose...
I'm not ganna lie... this is a very hard choice...

アーティスト:Various Artists
品 番:NECA-30313~4
定 価:¥3,131+税
☆同時発売の「DIGIMON MOVIE SONG COLLECTION~デジモンムービーバージョン~」と

01.Butter-Fly(劇場サイズ#1)/和田光司 - Butter-Fly (Movie Size #1)
03.brave heart/宮崎 歩
04.レクイエム/東京少年少女合唱隊 - Requiem
05.作品No.2『春』イ長調~ぼくらのウォーゲーム!~/AiM - Sakuhin No. 2 -Haru- I Chouchou ~Bokura no War Game!~
06.ターゲット~赤い衝撃~/和田光司 - Target ~Akai Shougeki~
07.Break up!/宮崎 歩
09.スタンド・バイ・ミー~ひと夏の冒険~(サマーメモリーバージョン)/AiM - Stand By me ~ Hito Natsu no Bouken - (Summer Memory Version)
10.フレンド~いつまでも忘れない~/AiM - Friend - itsumade mo Wasure nai
(Track 09 and 11 are newly record versions)
01.The Biggest Dreamer/和田光司
02.トモダチの海/Sammy - Tomodachi no Umi
04.Moving on!~美ら海バージョン~/AiM - Moving on! ~Chura Umi version~
06.夕陽の約束/牧野留姫 - Yuuhi no Yakusoku (Ruki ver.)
08.夕陽の約束~サンセットパレードバージョン~/AiM - Yuuhi no Yakusoku ~ Sunset Parade version~
09.With The Will/和田光司
11.ヒラリ/和田光司 - Hirari
(Track 04 and 08 are newly record versions)

Just to save your hassle to search for the CD on these site
You can just click them here to order.


Digimon Movie Song Collection Omegamon Version (Title subject to change) / Animation
Digimon Movie Song Collection Digimon Movie Version (Title subject to change) / Animation
Amazon: Order from amazon

For some odd reason amazon's slightly more expensive than CDjapan So make your choice where you want to order :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

[PSVita] Digimon CyberSleuth Game Play

Info ANN

[DA15TH]Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Event +Vjump Scan (August Issue)

(Updated with Vjump scans)
They are releasing the Digivices of Taichi and Yamato's for the 15th anniversary on August 1st
for 9250 Yen + tax

Thanks to Ashlamune for the info

This website: Digimon Adventure 15th
features Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary event - Ima, Bouken ga Shinka suru -
(The adventure has evolved right now.)
(the catch phrase at the end of every preview in the first two seasons of Digimon)

This event will be hold in Japan on August 1st in Odaiba.
As you all known, it's the Odaiba Memorial day, the day when Taichi and co set their journey to the Digital World.(Anime Setting)
It'll have a huge screen features the Digimon Movie: "Bokura no War Game"
Also includes Wada Koji's live concert, and other things that Digimon Fans must see.

If you live in Japan, or plan to travel to Japan during that time, you can purchase the ticket starting July 1st!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[PSPvita] Digimon Story new mag scan + [Digimon Collector]new Bancho digimon introduce

I've decided to put both news in one.
New magazine scan features the up-coming Digimon Story game for PSPVita with new male character to the story.

info Weibo
I believe the scan is this month's Vjump

A mysterious boy :
Mysterious handsome boy in white, is he the rumor of ghost? Also the rumor of EDEN.
Also this mysterious thing: "Ita" suddenly appears in the digital world. Concept is designed by a famous manga-ka:Ogure Ito, if human or digimon touch this, it'll absorb their data.

Digimon collector has information about 「BAN-TYO -我道不退-」 ("Ban-tyo - Wagamichi Futai"). Previously they have featured Bancho Lilymon, this time they feature a brand new Bug Type bancho: Banchou Stingmon.
And here are more digimon from Digimon Collectors.
(Also i'm not very fluent with Digimon names, feel free to point out any type of typo or naming mistakes)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

[Digimon Crusader] New Digimon forms and cards revealed

Magazine scan shows the "The biggest couple battle in the Digimon History" between Junomon Hysteric Mode and Junomon. They are both the new reveal of Olympic twelves. And two digimon who loves each other and their clashes due to "The jealous heart" between each other .

 Also reveal the evolution form of the main digimon in the Xros Wars Series. (A few of them were revealed in the manga before)




Shoutmon EX6
(Omega-Shoutmon + ZekeGreymon+ AtlurBallistamon + JagerDorulumon + RaptorSparrowmon)

And some other new picture from the Digimon Collection that also features Shademon and Luminamon

And an updated the offical art version of new digimon: Footmon, that was one of the winning design from the little kids from the Digimon Design contest back then :)