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Friday, December 2, 2016

[Applimonster] Ep 10 synopsis

第10話「アプモンたちのあこがれ! 伝説のセブンコード会!」


Ep 10: Appmon's aspiration! The legendary Seven Code Assembly!
The Seven code appmon received an invitation email from Mailmon that's written "To The Seven Code Assembly" which an assembly Appmons have been longing for ! Everyone are attending with Roleplaymon and Gomimon. However, Mailmon looks odd...?!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Poppin' Q & Digimon Adventure tri. Preliminary Review Special! (Features Chapter 4 PV)

There will be a special Tri program on BS 11 and Tokyo MX.

Both channels will be airing on different dates for the special program:
■BS11 :12月14日1:00-1:30am

 ■TOKYO MX :12月18日 8:30 - 8:55pm
Broadcast contains:
Approximate 3 minutes music digest for the first three movies, as well as first time showing the PV for Chapter 4: Soshitsu/Loss

Three minutes music digests features the following songs:
Chapter 1: Brave heart ~ Tri version~
Chapter 2: Seven ~ Tri Version ~
Chapter 3: Boku ni totte

Friday, November 25, 2016

Megahobby Expo 2016 Autumn! New Digimon figures and merchandise revealed!

The Megahobby Expo has revealed some new digimon merchandise! Will update as more details and images appear.

Posted by @amiamihobbynews:

Megahobby G.E.M. Series: Digimon Adventure - Greymon & Taichi figure
Release Date: Summer 2017
Price: TBA

Posted by @figsoku:

20th Anniversary Digital Monster* (Virtual Pet)
Release Date: TBA
Price: TBA
*Products displayed for reference only

Posted by @digimon_info:

This is the Megahobby Digimon product corner!

New items include the previously mentioned items as well as a Meicoomon plush, and Agumon & Patamon hats.

Posted by @digimon_tt:

Meicoomon Plush*
*Product displayed for reference only

Digimon Adventure Tri MokoMoko Cap (Agumon)
Release Date: TBA
Price: 4,000 yen

Digimon Adventure Tri MokoMoko Cap (Patamon)
Release Date: TBA
Price: 4,000 yen

Digital Monster Card Game Digimon Adventure Tri First Memorial Set
Release Date: December 16th, 2016
Price: 6,480 yen
*Card designs not yet finalized

Thursday, November 24, 2016

[Applimonster] Ep 9 synopsis

第9話「めざせ格付けナンバーワン! アプモン選手権 イン サイバーアリーナ!」


Ep 9: Goal is to rank number one! Appmon Championship in Cyber Arena!
A grand gather of the Appmon Haru and co. have gathered so far!! "Appmon Ranking Championship" in the Cyber Arena opened! 100m run,  Karuta, and caricature contest!? The best Appmon that will be shining is...?

Chapter 4: Soshitsu/Loss Story

Offical site has updated with teaser and Story for the up-coming movie in Feburary.

Once again we kindly ask if you want to repost our translation please credit us, we also have our own tumblr page for reblog.

After Meicoomon's rampage, the reboot happened.
Taichi and co left to the Digital world, and left behind Meiko who's in distress.

The partner Digimon they reunited with no longer have the memories they shared together.
Even so, they can rebuild their bond once again; the Chosen Children reach out their hands and their Digimon respond... except for Piyomon, who, even evolved into Child level, still shows cautiousness.
"I already told you I don't remember anything about the past!"

She distrusts Sora's kindness, who always thinks about others before herself.
Watching Sora who's hurt, Taichi and Yamato can't find the appropriate way to talk to her.

Further down in the Digital World...
Before everyone was consulting the problem, Meicoomon appears suddenly, then disappears.
She wonders why she still has her original memory, and is looking for Meiko with tears in her eyes.

The Chosen Children witness this, and are determined to stay in the Digital World to save Meicoomon.
However, a certain man who followed Dark Masters appears in front of them.

At the same time in the Real World, Nishijima is informed that Himekawa is missing.
During his research, he finds out, up until now what's behind Himekawa's action, and the certain intention she's been hiding from him. Which it connects to an affair in the past that determines the destiny of the two of them.

Right now, the adventure evolves once again.