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Thursday, October 8, 2015

[Animedia X NewType] November Issue (update)

The Animedia official twitter posted a new visual that will release on October 10th featuring Koushirou in Taichi's house, and as well as releasing a special column about the friendship between the Chosen children and Digimons.

We will update this post when we get better scans.

in addition, the upcoming new type magazine also comes with a size b2  bonus tri poster

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New images of BANPRESTO digimon prize plush & more!

There will be new and returning prizes coming to Japanese crane games this week, starting October 8th!
Digimon Adventure Korotto Manmaru Plush vol. 1
Set of 3
Approx. 5"/12cm tall

A photo of the new plush was posted by @hlsbreeze6435 and @adores_akiba on Twitter:

Additionally, the Agumon plush released back in May is returning;
Digimon Adventure Dekkai Agumon Plush
Approx. 11"/28cm tall

Unrelated to the prize plush, images were posted on Twitter by @cafegirlinfo of the recently announced CharaRide rubber strap keychains:

Digimon Adventure Rubber Strap series - Set of 8

Additional sources: BANPRESTO Prize website | Roany's Video Game Collectibles [a licensed BANPRESTO distributor]

[G.E.M] Taichi, Yamato, Hikari and Takeru re-release

They will re-release the G.E.M series for Taichi, Yamato, Takeru and Hikari once again in Janurary, 2016.
So if you missed your chance to buy those four figure(Since the price are pretty jacked up everywhere right now), get it soon. Taichi and Yamato are already up and available for pre-order on 
amiami [1] [2]

Koushiro and Mimi G.E.M series are now available on CDJapan as well.
Most of the new Digimon items are listed on the screen left column if you miss any info.

General Tri info update (Updated)

Lots of update today.

According to this tumblr page, and this twitter page has pictures of the up-coming merchandises.
It's advertisement for the up-coming tri movie.
New merchandises for Tri, which they are the Signature/sign board. There's vol.1 and vol.2, not sure what they are. But it seems they feature each character on each sign board.

Each signed board are 640 Yen + tax, if you buy the entire box(total six pieces in there) is 3840Yen + tax. And it comes with Vol. 1 and Vol.2.

The offical tri twitter updated a photo of the Hyper Hobby magazine:

This magazine features character land vol.3, features six pages of tri info, that includes in of goods for both Digimon advenuture and 02.

And an additional news, they have announced that you can rent the Tri movie on the Play Station store the same day of the movie release (November 21st). It should be only the Japanese Play Station.
Currently price unknown.

As well as marathon of Digimon movies from Digimon Adventure to Digimon Frontier.
To watch them, you can access through any Play Station Devices(PS3, PS4, vita...etc), PC, as well as any Xperia Smart Phone and Xperia Mobile device/Tablets.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

[Advance Premier] Guest lists

Thank you William Souza for the news.
As previous trailer annouced, there will be advance screening for Tri for certain participants on Octorber 23rd. The offical tri site has updated the gust list.
The lottery ticket for this event starts from Octorber 3rd - 9th at 11am, and winners will announced on the 9th at 6pm.
If you are trying to go for that premier, tri's site(the source link) have the link and info.

The event takes place at both 7:30 pm and 8pm.
Sora and Hikari's voice actor will appear at  at the 7:30 show
Then Taichi's voice actor will join them both at the 8pm show.