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Monday, December 11, 2017

[Tri] Chapter 6 PV1 (Updated with translated story synopsis )

The first pv for chapter 6: Bokura no mirai is released. The last chapter for the Tri movie series will be in Japanese theatre May 5th.

Chapter 6: Bokura no Mirai / Our Future


The world begins to collapse.
The rampage Meicoomon, darkness evolved and aborted with Tailmon, becomes Ordinemon who holds with great power.


As Yggdrasil expected,  the Real World is about to be swallowed by the Digital World.
While the despair is approaching , The Chosen Children are fighting to move forward.
Without Taichi now, only Yamato can take over.

"To save this world, we must do this!"


Gabumon lends his strength to Yamato, Agumon believes, Taichi will come back.


Homeostasis on the other hand, in order to dispose Ordinesmon who it can no longer handle its power, implements its final plans that involves with The Real World.
To stop the destruction, The Children and their partner Digimon continue to fight desperately.

"All the lights are within Meicoomon..."


Tailmon's voice reaches to Hikari who's in despair.
The time has come for the Children to make their final decision.
The Chosen Children, what will their chosen future to be...?

今、再び 冒険が進化する―

Right now, the adventure evolves once again...

Saturday, November 25, 2017

[Mega hobby expo] new gem figure announced

During today's mega hobby expo, 2 new gem figures of Taichi and wargeymon, yamato and metalgarurumon are announced. Released date will be 2018, price is tba.

And show case of Super Evolution Spirit  Wargeymon, Metalgarurumon, Alphamon and Diabolomon

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

New Digimon Otedamanui and Special Digimon Christmas Live

Info Twitter

New bean plushies of the chosen children in their Digimon onesies will release in sometime 2018, price and dates are to be determined. Released by Ichiban Kuji Online. This Otedamanui set comes with the faces of the Chosen children that you can put inside their partner Digimon onesies.

Another new set of 20th anniversary mini Digimon figures: Digital Monster Capsule Mascot Collection ver 2.0 set has released 5 new silhouette of 300 Yen each, these figures will release in March 2018. 

Digimon Music 2017 "Digimon Song Christmas Special ~ The message to the Future~" has been announced. 
It'll be a talk and Mini Live show that takes place in Animate Ikebukouro 9F, on December 23rd, 2017 at 4pm JST.
Features: Miyazaki Ayumu, AiM and Ota Michihiko
Guest: Noda Junko, voice actor of Vmon in Adventure 02
Special Guest: Kakudou Hiroyuki
This will be a lottery event.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

G.E.M Sibling figures, Cyber Sleuth release date, trailer and more.

Previously announced G.E.M sibling figure series will open preorder only limit to Premium Bandai, Toei Shop and Amiami Oct 27th at 1pm.

They will release on March 2018.
You can buy them individually set (Taichi X Hikari or Yamato X Takeru) for 8100 Yen
or both sets for 15444 Yen.

According to figsoku, This is the last item to announce for the Digimon 20th Anniversary for the year, 
the theme is "Ai/Love" 
These siblings figures are base on the theme

Diablomon from the Super Evolution Spirit series will open its preorder on November 1st, 8000 yen + tax, it will release on March 2018 as well.

On the other news:
The release date for the upcoming Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth game for North America and Europe is announced to be January 19th for PS4 and PSVita, 
Comes with the English trailer:

With lots of return characters from the previous Cyber Sleuth series, they added many new digimon includes the Frontier and Xros Wars series to the game.

A one shot manga of Cyber Sleuth: Hackers memory will be on next month's vjump

A secret Vpet looking silhouette items (stated it: "Finally the revive of the legendary item") will be announce on next month's vjump.