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Thursday, October 27, 2016

[Applimonster] Ep 5 synopsis

第5話「あなたのハートにドッカンパンチ! エリはアプモンアイドル!」 


Ep 5: "Dokkan Punch to your heart! Eri is the Appmon Idol!"

Although Haru and Gatchmon thought there's only one Applidrive in this world, then they saw another one inside the popular rookie idol's bag! They try to find out the truth, but got stopped by the tight security in the TV Station. What will Haru do?

 info animate times
Introduce new characters that will appear in the up-coming episode:

Dressmon, the fashion Appmon. She has the ability to sew the clothes that appears on the screen with data, and realized it in the real world. Nobody can beat her quick sewing speed. With her skillful sewing with needles, she can coil up the opponents. 
Kououki Erena. She's a Tsukkomi machine(?) that works in America. Member of the popular idol group: Appli Yama 470, with the catch prase "The number of the App are limit to the number of the idols!" She has an engetic personality, her favorite app is comedy info app.

Mashiro Arisu: A glasses girl from the fairy tale. Member of the popular idol group: Appli yama 470. Her favorite app are reading app.  She's always holding a bunny plushie.

Nxedge Style Alphamon

Info Dengeki Hobby

Follow by Nxedge style Omegamon,
Alphamon's model is being display in Tamashi Nation 2016.
Currently release date and price is still unknown

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Digimon Adventure Fes 2016 BD/DVD packaging, and report

DAF packing picture.
Available on CDJAPAN on December 2nd.

 Below contains spoilers of content(translated) of the upcoming release of Bluray/DVD of Digimon Fes 2016.
Click read more if you would like to read in full detail content.

Friday, October 21, 2016

New BANPRESTO Prize plush revealed! *OCT25 UPDATE!*

BANPRESTO recently updated their website to show the next two prize plush:

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters Dekkai Gatchmon Plush
Approx. 23cm/9" tall
To Be Released November 10th, 2016
*Photo not yet finalized

Approx. 24cm/9.5" tall
To Be Released November 23rd, 2016
*Photo not yet finalized

*Update* Some behind the scenes info has shown that there will be a new series of digimon prize plush called Kororin Friends! They are similar but bigger than the DigiDigiOdetama plushies that were sold at the P'Parco Halloween event shop earlier this month.

Kororin Friends Plush: Set 1
Set of 3
Approx. 12cm/4.75" long
Release Date: February 2017

Kororin Friends Plush: Set 2
Set of 3
Approx. 12cm/4.75" long
Release Date: March 2017

Thanks to Eagle Anime and Roany's Video Game Collectibles, who are both official Bandai & BANPRESTO redistributors, for the info!

Source: BANPRESTO Prize website

Thursday, October 20, 2016

[Applimonster] Ep 4 synopsis

第4話「仮装のキミをうぃただきます! キャメラモンのハロウィンスキャンダル!」


Episode 4: Photos is taken of the dressed up people, Kameramon's halloween scandal.

It's the Halloween season. While Haru is deep in reading, Gatchmon goes on the street by himself. And then, Haru's smartphone received a very strange picture. What happen to the city...?