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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Digifest 2019

Today is the annual Digifest, which marks the 20th anniversary of its franchise, as well as odaiba day 20th anniversary.
Please DONOT repost our image or blog post. 

Below are some Figure displays during the fest and the newly announced G.E.M figures of Taichi and Agumon. It's unpainted, price and release date unknown.

^ better pic from megahobby

Merchandise booth 

Thank you board for coming to digifest 

The show opens with introduction of the voice actors of the chosen children and their digimon voice cast, along with Ayumu Miyazaki and AiM.
Everyone is sitting in 4 person round table.

As leaked from yesterday. 02 kids will be joining the upcoming movie. 
Initially, the fest annouced Junko Noda(Vmon) and Naozimi Takahashi (wormon) will be joining digifest 2019. They surprised the audiences with 2 additional guests: Kouichi Toochika(Hawkmon) and Megumi Urawa (Armadimon) to sit on the 4 people round table with other adventure casts.

The announcer and the cast discuss and showed the result about the recent survey:
"The most memorable scene/ what character would you choose if you can become that character for one day/which digimon is the the coolest/your favorite song"
All the titles of these questions showcase clips from all seasons.
Some of the voice actors were rewarded with a trophy for their character winning a part of the survey. 
Very touching words from Miwa Matsumoto(Patamon): when she voices for patamon, because patamon turns to Angelmon, who's Kouji Wada-san's favorite Digimon, she will work extra hard for him. 

Followed by the 1st Last Evolution Kizuna trailer that was released earlier this month they showed it again in the fest. 
Giant red kanji words of: 特报/special announcement  appear on screen. The 02 kids in their original design transform into :

Followed by a center circle opening mid stage, their voice actor appear on stage, with their signature character pose and their hair style(Miyakos bingo pose)

Daisuke: Fukyujuurou Katayama
Ken: Arthur Lounsbery 
Miyako: Ayaka Asai
Iori: Yoshitaka Yamaya

A clip features the 02 kids and their digimon were shown. Daisuke, Ken and Iori are waiting for Miyako who they havent seen for a while.
Vmon is riding Armadimon with wormon trying to catch up from behind exhausted. 

Advertisement of the 
  • Belzebumon and his bike,
  •  Cyber sleuth Hacker Memory on Switch coming Oct 17th 2019
  • Part 2 of new main story for Re:Arise in development and in game digifest campaign : free 200 ruby, login to get Wargreymon and MetalGarurumon. Imperialdramon Palladin mode is coming soon to the game. Meicoomon event is coming.
  • Hatsune Miku x Digimon collbration, sneak peak of her version of Buttetfly, more info to come on September 1st.
  • Anion, made tora and pparco in shibuya collaboration coming soon. Comes with a new memorial book
  • More details on the crowd funding for the 20th anniversary project.

A mini drama features Yamato and other 7 children are waiting on Taichi running late to meet up for August 1st celebration. Taichi showed up late and shared sake with everyone. With overprotective brothers like Yamato and Taichi, they told Takeru and Hikari they cant drink the sake due to them being underaged.
Then Daisuke and co showed up with a car and got lectured by Iori and ken about breaking driving rules. Later asked If they seen their digimon.

Screen turns to the digimon are messaging each other, Tailmon is hosting a secret gathering with Agumon and co in Koushirous office. 
They are deciding what to give to their partner for August 1st,the special day.
Vmon and the others joined in and concluded the decision and gave Taichi and co their award.(jou was "the good guy award")

The show ends with the Digimon series music medley

Starts with Miyaki's
Break up
The last element 
Keep on
Ashita wa kazewofuku
We are xros heart (30  seconds)
Perfect world (30 seconds)
Target ~akai shougeki~ 
The biggest dreamer 
Brave heart 
My Tomorrow 
Ai Kotoba

This year the show didn't end with group singing butterfly.

That's all for this year's digifest!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

[AX2019] Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna...etc

This year's anime expo is brought us lots of new digimon news before upcoming DigiFest this month.

We were very fortunate to be able to attend the panel Habu Kazumasa and  Yosuke Kinoshita san(Producer for the upcoming digimon film). Was one of the first ones to witness the first look of the upcoming digimon adventure movie, as well as the announcement of its title: Digimon adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna(bond) before the world announcement.
The logo is orange with the kanji "Kizuna" written under the logo.

*logo updated*

Since no pic was allow in the room, please excuse our word explanation.

*updated * trailer is online

The movie will release February 21st, 2020 in Japan.

*update the post card they gave out after the panel is now online*

The trailer starts with Agumon and Taichi walking on what it looks to be Odaiba Seaside park with the view of Rainbow bridge in the background. It'a their last adventure together. Taichi on a bridge staring somewhere with his goggle. And what it seems like smart phone that he's holding (This is a details they cant enclose yet) and a countdown clock on the digivice. 
The movie will premiere in the US Spring 2020, could be same time as Japan. 

After the trainer they displayed a refine line up of the 8 chosen children with their age lable under neath.
The design is semi similar to precious vjump design with some changes and cleaner and brighter colour design. (It looks amazing!) 
Some of the clothing design were revised, such as Sora is not in kimono, don't recall seeing a star on Taichi's shirt.

The trailer looks promising. The film will focus on the young adult life of Taichi and co.

*update their official website has updated the new design *

Didn't have time to copy down the staff list, the director for this upcoming film has done works with Persona 3 and 4, the one in charge with screen writer has done works with original digimon adventure, Naruto and Gintama.
Alot of  familiar names from the original staff  such as Hiromi Seki, of course Nakatsuru san and Watanabe san are back for character and digimon design from the original digimon series are part of this production.

As they promised "This movie is made for the Digimon fans."

Toei's booth in exhibit hall
 Display before the title was announced 

After the title is announced, the new title logo is displayed follow by autograph session with Habu Kazumasa-san and Yosuke Kinoshita san.

We will update our sign poster to this blog later! It was a great honor to be able to meet both of them! 
(PS: Kinoshita-san signs "Kinomon" as his autograph. Cute)

On the game side of the panel: 

Cyber sleuth complete edition will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC on Oct. 18th, 2019. 

Digimon survive is now delayed to 2020. 

They showed a fully animated opening movie for Digimon Survive. Starts with introducing our protagonist Takuma and his classmates getting ready to go camping in the woods, where strange earth quake happened the morning of report on the news. On their way out of school, Takuma looks up his school building,  hears or could be remembering someone singing the song (the opening music of this fame) in their classroom looks to be some kind of ghost form of a girl petting the head of a boy sleeping on the desk. 

They answer some fan questions that was submitted prior to the panel: 
  • This world in digimon survive is completely different than real world and digital world. What this world Is still a mystery. The kids will face many real life problems to survive in that world.
  • Raising digimon and their evolution in the Survive game depends on your bond with digimon and how you raise it. Instead of only focus on their stats.
  • Habu san once again talked about his talk and inspiration with Kakudou san, and Digimon existed since ancient times.
  • Yes there's going to be a sequel of digimon story game, however they can't talk about it at the moment. It won't be a cyber sleuth sequel. It will take place between the digital world and real world.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

[VJUMP] Feburary issue

Info Twitter 

Five months after its announcement, they revealed the first look of the eight chosen children in the upcoming untitled film.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A new Digimon livestream airing in September!

To celebrate the upcoming release of the newly announced "Digital Monster X" and more new digimon merchandise, there will be a livestream taking place on September 14th at 8pm Japan Time.

The program is titled:
"Let's play with the return Digimon Festival~ Loads of new toys and game special ~"

The stream will cover new digimon merchandise, the "Digital Monster X", and the latest news and events in the mobile game Digimon ReArise.

Information known about the Digital Monster X so far:
Price: 3,780 yen (tax included)
Pre-Orders Open: September 14th, 2018
Release Date: March 2019

The special guest hosts for this livestream are Takuya Eguchi and Mariya Ise, the voice actors of Dorumon and Kudamon from ReArise. There will be a special digimon battle during the live stream between the guests along with new updates on toys and ReArise during the livestream.

The stream will also show off the new X-Antibody digimon forms that were previously announced as the poll winners during the Digimon Thanksgiving event (Numemon X, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode X and Lilithmon X).

The stream will be broadcast on NicoNico, Youtube and Periscope (no links yet).


Friday, August 17, 2018

Vjump October issue

Info baidu 
Early leaks of this month's vjump magazine reveals new visual of Taichi, Agumon , Yamato and Gabumon in the upcoming untitle Digimon adventure film. 

 Translations below:
Taichi turns 22! His signiture hair style changed a little, and still wears his goggle?

22 years old Yamato is slim and grew taller,  a light skin handsome university student.

- The staff from the original series pitched the project idea to illustrate the adulthood of the chosen children.
- katsuyoshi Nakatsuru is character  designer, it's still in development . Please look forward to future updates.