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Friday, June 26, 2015

Digimon Heroes released in Australia, New Zealand and Romania!

Digimon Heroes, the localized version of the Digimon Crusader mobile phone game is now available for download in the Australia, New Zealand and Romania regions! Both Android and Apple versions are available. The trailer confirms that it is free to play.

*Regional and/or hardware blocks may be present. No known release schedule for other regions.
Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment Romania Facebook page

Digimon Adventure Fes. Guests Revealed

DAtri Twitter
7.31 Digimon Adventure Fes' Eve Event
Part 1
Focusing Digimon Adventure 02
V-mon CV Noda Junko
Wormmon CV Takahashi Naozumi
Part 2
Focusing on Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure tri.
Agumon CV Sakamoto Chika
Gabumon CV Yamaguchi Mayumi
Yagami Taichi CV Hanae Natsuki

8.1 Digimon Adventure Fes
All focuses on Digimon Adventure tri
Part 1
All Digimon CVs except Tentomon
All human's CVs except Sora
Part 2
All Digimon CVs except Tentomon
Koushiro, Mimi, Joe, Takeru and Hikari's CVs

No Wada Kouji nor AiM

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[G.E.M.] TakeruAngemon & HikariAngewomon & KenWormmon Release Date

Images credited to 手办童萌会

Ken & Wormmon price is 5500 yen and the pre-order starts at July 20 2015 and will release at December 2015
Takeru & Angemon and Hikari & Angewomon pre-order start at July 31 2015, price and release date not confirmed

Digimon Adventure tri. Scripts Printed Image Partially Revealed

DAti. Official Twitter
Nothing important contains in the image...

[S.H.Figuarts] Chaos Dukemon

魂ウェブ商店 プレミアムバンダイ店 
S.H.Figuarts カオスデュークモン
Size: 160mm
Price: 5940yen
Pre-order start: June 25th 2015
Release date: November 2015
S.H.Figuarts カオスデュークモン
S.H.Figuarts カオスデュークモン
S.H.Figuarts カオスデュークモン
S.H.Figuarts カオスデュークモン
S.H.Figuarts カオスデュークモン
S.H.Figuarts カオスデュークモン
S.H.Figuarts カオスデュークモン
S.H.Figuarts カオスデュークモン

I suppose Bandai is getting ready for Digimon Tamers 15th anniversary hmm...