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Saturday, June 18, 2016

[Vjump] August issue

Pic source: Twitter

Pages about Digimon Universe: Appmonsters, Tri Chapter 3 Kokuhaku, DAF2016, Digimon Tamers Card 15th anniversary, Meicoomon will be obtainable on Linkz. Event will starts on June 24th.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Meicoomon's perfect form and name revealed.

Info baidu/weibo, wikimon 
Meicoomon's evolution was revealed in the end of chapter 2 Ketsui.
Followed by today's new release of new DLC for Next Order, the name of the new evolution is メイクラックモン/Meikurakkumon  (wikimon says it's "Meicrackmon".)
The only thing that's revealed is the attack "Beresk Thinking", and it can evolve to Mastemon or Ophanimon.
Everything else is still unknown on the data base.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

3DS Game "Applimonsters Cyber Arena" to be released in Japan later in 2016!

This informational trailer about the Appli Drive [Digivice] and Appmon chips also revealed that a new 3DS game will be released later this year in Japan! [Skip to 3 minutes into the video to see this segment]. The Appmon chips work with the 3DS game via QR codes. No info on any other region release.
The video also explains modes of combining that are used in the Appli Drive;
-App-Link: Involves two Appmon combining by linking their tails/cords together to power-up. The example shows Gatchamon and Dokamon using this technique to become "Gatchamon Plus Dokamon"
-App-Gattai: Involves two Appmon combining together to create a new and stronger form. The example shows Gatchamon and Dokamon becoming "DoGatchamon"

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Digimon Universe Applimon - Merchandise!

Fresh from the Tokyo Toy Show!

The official Youtube channel for Digimon Universe Appmon is live!

Digimon Carddass AR TCG & Game Trailer:

Posted by @digimon_info on Twitter:
More views of the Arcade game, Carddass cards & Gashapon sets;
-Data Carddass Appli Monsters [AR TCG & Arcade Game]
-Digimon Universe Appli Monsters Card Game
-Various Digimon Gashapon [vending machine toy] sets

Photos of the Appli Drive [Digivice], Appmon Chips & accessories.

Appmon Band & Appmon Chips
The Appmon chips feature new Applimon such as Weathermon, Mailmon, Cameramon, Reviewmon, Dougamon and Watchmon!

Appmon Figures;
+Joint figures [that can combine]
Action Figures: Gatchamon, Dogamon, DoGachamon, Hackkmon, Musimon, and Raidramon [*left to right]

Posted by @V_Jump:

Agumon & Gachamon mascots!

Varied updates (DAF 2016, and magazine info)

For Odaiba day celebration this year, DAF(Digimon Adventure Festival) 2016 will take place on July 31st in Hachioji Olympic hall. (I believe it's because August 1st is a Monday this year)

Guests list as follow:
Like previous Odaiba day events, the MC will be Chiaki Matsuzawa, along with all of voice actors from Tri (all 9 children and Digimon), as well as AiM and Miyazaki Ayumu.

Also this month's magazine seems to be all feature movie info on Chapter 3.
Animedia will have another illustrations by Kuwahara Sōta, and a few new pin up visual.