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Thursday, August 21, 2014

[Digivice]Jesmon, [S.H.F]Alphamon...etc

I don't know what title to give, since I'm going to post all of today's update here.

As you all been writing about the new Royal Knights, and yup you all right.
It's infact Hackmon's evolution.
I will translate this later in the day, only doing a quick post here.
If you have time to translate, feel free to inbox me in the fan page or translate in the comment below.
Jesumon/Hackmon has been added to the new release Digivices.

And here's the grand picture of all 13 Royal Knights :)

And the worldview/Outlook, relationship between the 13 Royal Knights and the 12 Olympic 

Haven't translate for a long while, here's the brief summary: 
Royal Knights, they are gathered to manage the world of Yggdrasill,  the 13 Holy knights with name of their pride of being the strongest in the Digital World. For the longest time, there wasn't the 13th Royal Knights. After meeting, Gankoomon seeks the potential on the "Hackmon", who was in the Child Level, after numerous strict training, Hackmon surpass its Adult level, Perfect level, and finally evolves to its Ultimate form: "Jesmon" as the 13th Royal Knights. In front of all Royal Knights, they can't gather completely without Alphamon. As the one loyal to Yggdrasill,  appreciates the ones who chose his ability, with its incomparable overwhelm power, and  in-accordance with the justince he believes in.
Theere's another Cyber World other than the Digital World Yggdrasill dominates: Digital World: Alias, which it's managed under the name of Olympic 12th Digimon. The world that Royal Knights do not interfer with the Olympic 12th. However, if one day Yggdrasill plans to cover virus to the other side of Digital World(Alias)...
Then will there be conflects between the Royal Knights and the Olympic 12th?
(There are some mistakes, feel free to point out, I forgot alot of the Japanese already)

Then S.H.F Alphamon is revealed, and ready to pre-order tomorrow.
It says in description that it may be possible to ship this oversea.

Price: 7344Yen
Release Date: Feb, 2015
Size: 170MM Tall
Parts: Main body, Switchable right hand X 3, Switchable left hand X2, Cape, ORyuken(The sword) and the base
Preorder starts: August 22nd

One part of VJump scan reveals other figures in works:
G.E.M Series(they previously released Taichi/Agumon and Yamato/Gabumon) has announced that Hikari and Tailmon, Takeru and Patamon are in the works.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

[Vjump] Octorber Issue

We don't have the complete scan of Vjump for this month, so I'll be update this post once we get more images
someone on Komica Taiwan forum post this on the Yugioh discussion thread out of random
and showed a scan of this month's vjump, feature the final member of the Royal Knights.
There were total of 12 Royal Knights, but not all of them were revealed, then in X-evolution, Alphamon's appearance as the 13th Royal Knights.
So year by years they have been revealed more
And now they finally revealed the 12th Royal Knights: Jiesumon ( Justice maybe? Not Justicemon probably... They already had that name in Tamers, I don't know the Japanish)
Once again, once I get more info I'll update on this post.

It's your daily homework until it hatches XD

Saturday, August 9, 2014

[S.H.Figure] Imperialdramon

So we were really upset how this figure was only limited release within Japan
Turned out we are able to order it through amazon that release in North America as well.
I don't know about other locations, but do go on your own Amazon site within your country
and see if they ship to your location
So go on the Amazon site, and search for Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Imperialdramon "Digimon" Action Figure""

If you missed any other D-ART figures in the past(Omegamon, Dukemon...etc) You can probably check it out and see if you can still order them from Amazon

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

[Bluray]Digimon Adventure/movie + Digi-egg

First the digi-egg,
The offical Digimon Adventure 15th site has this mysterious Digiegg that you must pet it every day until it hatches.
Once it's hatched, new info of the up-coming Digimon Adventure sequel anime will reveal.
So yah...

Then as the announcement from the Digimon Adventure 15th Special event,
there will be Bluray release of Digimon Adventure and The 8 movies.

They are available for pre-order right now on CDJapan and amazon
You can pre-order them at the following links for CDjapan.
It seems its cheaper over there again.
Digimon Adventure (Digimon: Digital Monsters) 15th Anniversary Blu-ray Box / Animation Digimon The 

Movie Blu-ray 1999-2006 [Limited Release] / Animation

But either way, if you are looking to buy both BD...
You are looking into about $1000+ US, with shipping, taxes...etc.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Future figure releases?

So for those who went to the Digimon 15th special Event.
There's cases display multiple new and old figures.
Some are not even fully colour yet.

Does that mean they are in the works for future release?
For those who bought the Taichi and Yamato figure, if you look behind both boxes, you will see that they already have drawings of the other six characters.
And these non-colour ones for Takeru and Hikari... hmnnn
*look at my wallet, shake fists*


You all know about the Digivices, so I'm just ganna leave a picture here cuz the drawings look nice -3-

Friday, August 1, 2014

[Youtube] Digimon Adventure 15th Live

Thank you WizarmonX kindly for posting this on youtube :)
For those who missed the live event :D
Here's recordd!!