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Thursday, February 26, 2015

[Mobile] Digimon Soul Hunter

I don't understand Korean, but it seems Korea Bandai is going to release a Digimon Mobile game with the name "Digimon Soul Hunter". This mobile game will launch in summer 2015.

If you can read korean, and if there's any mistake on this news. (Cuz I just used google translate, as ghetto as it sounds LOL). Feel free to let us know by commenting below.



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

[Cyber Sleuth] Opposing Side Royal Knights

There is an opposition between Royal Knights again in Cyber Sleuth, and is divided into 2 sides. Royal Knights in the left side of the above picture want to "eliminate all humans" and the Royal Knights in the right are the protagonists' side. And Alphamon, which is not in the above picture, is not yet been confirmed on which side he is on.

Famitsu and 4Gamers today revealed more details about the opposing side Royal Knights.

Duftmon CV: Norio Wakamoto

Dynasmon CV: Koji Haramaki

Sleipmon CV: Keiji Hirai

Craniummon CV: Yukitoshi Hori

Examon CV: Handa Yuusuke

Non-Royal Knights


Monday, February 23, 2015

[PV]Cyber Sleuth New PV

Bandai Namco just revealed a 7-min long PV of Cyber Sleuth with the most updated info about the game that was revealed in the previous Vjump.

Cyber Sleuth Sound Track + Game play live stream

The 5th edition for the cyber sleuth game (if your purchase the first edition ), you will receive a sound track for this game. 
As revealed from fanmitsu, on March 2nd there will be live stream on the game play for cyber sleuth. 

[S.H.Figuart] Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

As revealed in the New York Toy Fair, p-bandai site has updated this S.H.Figuart.
Price: 7020 yen
Released date : August 2015
Thus SHF is exclusive to p-bandai only. However bluefin may bring this over (since it was in the toy fair)