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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Digimon Fusion Season 2 + Merchandises

Specially Thanks to Jessicat for the news.
There were news around about the 2nd arc of Digimon Fusion
AAAAnime has showed a list of merchandises for Digimon.
There are some Cellphone char, Landyard, T-shirt, as well as Alphamon Figuart are listed on there.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

New NADE-NADE! 3 Digieggs At Once

Toei finally revealed the third digi-egg on Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Site...wait, this time is 3 eggs at once! And there is only 500000 NADE-NADE!
I suppose next time is the last NADE-NADE. XD

New 25-piece puzzle game, good luck!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

[Otomedia] December Issue

Special thanks to Scchi for the high quality scan 
(Please credit Scchi back if you are posting these images some where else, translations are by both Admin and Editor in this blog)

Headline: We are: Your Santa Claus!

The characters behind the mysterious silhouettes appeared in the Official Site are!?
The secrets about the New Series are revealing bit by bit on the 15th Anniversary Site, 

Interview with Seki Hiromi, who is the Producer from the start of the Digimon series for Taichi and Yamato's xmas.
Q: Any Ideal Plans for Christmas?
T: Taichi was in Digital World in grade 5, if he is in Digital World, he might want to play a soccer games with the Digimon. After returning from the Digital World, he might get burn out, and likely to celebrate Christmas alone.
Y: Possibly go to the large Odaiba Facility rock style Live. Maybe interested to play up there.

Q: Which one of the most Christmas present does he want?
T: Opera glasses to watch soccer games or knee pad that has quilting patterns.
Y: A pick for Bass Guitar.

Q: What's the one present that he wants the most from Santa?
T: When Taichi came back from the Digital World, he might wish to adventure with Agumon again.
Y: After Yamato has returned from the Digital World, he wishes his dear Takeru and their mother to live happily together.

In this magazine scan, in the long paragraph thingy,
it mentioned that there's a strong connection with the original Digimon Adventure series, perhaps the sound of the Digivice, Taichi, and Hikari's whistle, let these nostalgic sound bring the memories back to the fans. These could be keywords hints that has something to do with the new season.
Arai Shuhei will be the new producer for the new season, many planning on different type of approach in the upcoming season, and shall be reveal soon.

[V Jump] January Issue (Updated w/ Cyber Sleuth)

This is part of this month's V Jump, revealing 8 chosen children stand beside their partner Digimon. Although this is very meaningless by showing us Digimon's silhouette, it still may be helpful for anyone who couldn't recognize the children's silhouette...

Thanks to 酷酷太一 from Baidu Tieba for the scans, don't forget to credit him if you are going to share the images.

Aside from 8 children & digimons' silhouettes which we know already, and some promotion about G.E.M. Series Taichi & Agumon and Yamato & Gabumon's re-release in early Feb. 2015 [Preorder at AmiAmi], there is a news that confirmed that Digimon products will exhibit in MegaHobby EXPO in November 29. Looking forward for more news.

Cyber Sleuth info

Image also credited to 酷酷太一.

Images credited to 真红莲X from Baidu Tieba.

Images credited to Tsurugi_ from Baidu Tieba

And this is a scan of this week's Shonen Jump.

Omegamon appears by the calls of a mysterious girl (Seems to be Shiramine Nokia)
Omegamon is in Super Ultimate form and the strongest Digimon again...

Somehow Mirei Mikagura from Re:Digitize appeared in Cyber Sleuth too...I wonder if there's a connection between Cyber Sleuth and Re:Digitize or is it just some kind of a joke.

Digimon products will also exhibit in Jump Festa this year, looking forward for more news as always.

Two Hacker Organizations
  • A group of ferocious hackers who went rampage...
  • Hacker Organization "Demon" Leader  "Shu KEN"
  • Hacker Organization "Saxon" Officer "Fei" 
An old detective specialized in search of crime: Matayoshi Gorou will help the protagonist in the game.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

[Digimon Adventure Collection]DA flee porch + DigiBits collection

More items are release in the Toei online shop 

I'm not sure what they are... but I think it's some kind of bag and scarf?
The designs are pretty adorable :D