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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars EP 21

Reminder: the next episode of Digimon Xros Wars will air on Jan 11th,2011

第21話 「決戦!ダークナイトモンVSクロスハート!」
脚本=米村正二   絵コンテ=角銅博之
演出=角銅博之   作画監督=八島善孝













This scene let me think of Rapunzel



Let’s summon Shoutmon X5

Yucks, this face id damn ugly

Metal Garurumon Degi-Memory





Grandpa Bagramon


Next Episode

rainmon's words:(Bascially 100% Spoil, it describes 90% of the ep)

So the screen shots I post yesterday was real afterall :O

I'm really dunno how this ep can fit so many things at once...

- ep 21 summary only took 3-5 minutes of screen time...
- Run away from Darknightmon
- hide behind the trash mountain
- Sparrowmon arrives
- Why does Nene work for Darkknightmon

- Darkknightmon Team up with Lilythmon

- Next day, Kiriha appears

- Taiki Punch Kiriha to wake up

- Darkknightmon Arrives

- Karaoke ver of Blue Flare

- Lilythmon arrives

- "We are Xros heart" with X4

- Convince Nene to join the team

- X5 with its insert song "Sora maiu yuusha X5"

- Pinocchimon throw a Digi-Memory of MetalGarurumon throw to Taiki (So it wasn't either Taiki orr Kiriha's loll)

-MetalGreymon vs. Skullgreymon... (loll i should have KNOWN!!)

-Cyberdramon vs. Skullsatamon

- MetalGreymon + Cyber Launcher...

- Metalgreymon + Cyber Launcher, Deckerdramon, MetalGarurumon,and X5 defeats all Tankmon and Guarddromon

- Darkness Loader awaken, Darkknigihtmon aborts Skullgreymon + Skullsatamon, betrays Lilythmon and draws a black hole attack Taiki and Kiriha, and Metalgreymon + Cyber Launcher, X5 and Deckerdramon attacks it and it destroys the tower

- Code Crown appears...(WTF?) and given to the local Digimon

- Bagramon(Ojisan) appears in front of Tactimon

more words:

- New Digi-Xros pose... Animated, Taiki scrolls the Xros Loader and finds the right Digimon to Digi-Xros

- welcome Nene who just join Taiki's team


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  2. @Mattwo
    As for me, I will use imagehost as we still have to consider China's viewer. They could not access to imageshack FYI.

  3. -MetalGreymon vs. Skullgreymon... (loll i should have KNOWN!!)
    Known what?