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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

おのれ!スーパー 超サイヤ人フォー,

おのれ!スーパー 超(?)サイヤ人フォー, キリハ!
It looks like super saiyan to me...
I think I might have watch too much DBZ Kai this summer

Digimon Xros Wars ep 9

Just a reminder that there WON'T BE Digimon Xros Wars next Tuesday
There will be one hour special for it on the 14th, which they will air both ep 10 & 11.
Then there won't be Digimon Xros Wars for 2 weeks again... It won't air ep 12 until October 5th...

第9話 「ドルルモン、風に駆ける!」

脚本=米村正二   絵コンテ=角銅博之
演出=角銅博之   作画監督=大西陽一

and I found this on 2CH

Friday, August 27, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars CDs

infor from:Columbia Music Entertainment & CDjapan

SINGLE2010/09/29 Release

1.WE ARE クロスハート!  歌/和田光司
3.ドンドコモンで盛り上がれ! 歌/小野田浩二 台詞/ドンドコモン(CV:櫻井孝宏)
4.WE ARE クロスハート! (カラオケ)
6.ドンドコモンで盛り上がれ! (カラオケ)
Track List:
1. WE ARE Xros Heart! Arist: Wada Kouji
2. BLAZING BLUE FLARE Artist: Takatori Hideaki
3. Dondokomon Excited! Artist: Onada Kouji Lines: Dondokomon (CV:Sakurai Takahiro)
4. WE ARE Xros Heart! (Karaoke)
6. Dondokomon Excited! (Karaoke)

Digimon Xros Wars OST CD only provided the image, more song info coming soon :)

Only a small image of "WE ARE Xros Heart" CD...
Both CDs are releasing on the same day :)
So it seems there is ganna be another insert song for Blue Flare, Kiriha's team :)
and a special song for Dondokomon :)
Hmn... I think I'm ganna order "WE ARE Xros Heart" CD :D

Digimon Xros Wars Ep 9 Spoil

Remember, this contents contains Spoil, if you don't want spoil, skip this :)
But it's just a summary anyways lol

Info from: Digimon Offical site @ TV Asahi

ep 9: Dorurumon, Run through the wind!

火 山地帯のマグマゾーンでバグラ軍幹部のタクティモン(声・島田敏)がタイキ(声・高山みなみ)たちに、ドルルモン(声・櫻井孝宏)に関する衝撃的な話を し始めた。なんと、ドルルモンはもともとタクティモンの右腕として幾つものゾーンを攻め滅ぼしてきた天才戦士だったというのだ!しかも、ドルルモンは仲間 になったと思わせておいて裏切ることが得意だという。それでもドルルモンを信じようとするタイキ。すると、タクティモンが必殺技・壱の太刀を繰り出し、タ イキとドルルモンを捕らえた!やがて、牢屋から何とか出ることができたタイキは、バグラ軍の兵士たちを吸収合体してより強力になった“合体エンシェントボ ルケーモン”と戦うことに。すると、ドルルモンは、自らシャウトモン(声・坂本千夏)とのデジクロス(=合体)を志願。“キャノン砲型シャウトモン×2” になり、合体エンシェントボルケーモンに立ち向かい…。はたして、タイキたちはマグマゾーンに平和を取り戻すことができるのか!?

One of Bagra Army's officer : Tactimon(CV:Shimada Bin) starts a very shocking conversation with Taiki (CV: Takayama Minami) and others, ,along with Dorulumon(CV:Sakurai Takahiro) in the volcano Area Magma Zone. How Dorulumon was Tactimon's right hand man, a genius solider that takes over numerous of zones. Also, Dorulumon is known for betray its Nakama/comrad. However, Taiki still believes in him. Tactimon draws out his attack:Ichi no Tachi, and capture Taiki and Dorulumon and others. Aftwards, while Taiki and others are planning on escape the prison, they got caught battling with "Combine Ancient Volcanmon"(?) who got combined and becomes very strong by absorb his Bagra Army. Then Dorulumon asks to Digi-Xros with Shoutmon (CV: Chika Sakamoto) himself. "Cannon style Shoutmon X2" Appears, and stand up towards Combine Ancient Volcamon. Will Taiki and others be able to turn Magma zone back to its peace? !

click here if you want a spoiler pic of what Dorulu cannon looks like :)
PS:I got this image from QQ Group... not sure where they found it...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars ep 8

第8話 「猛将タクティモン、迫る!」

脚本=米村正二   絵コンテ=暮田公平
演出=暮田公平   作画監督=市川慶一

Next ep is about Dorurumon's past :)
Garurumon will also be showing next ep :D

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars Ep 8 Spoil

Remember, this contents contains Spoil, if you don't want spoil, skip this :)
But it's just a summary anyways lol

Info from: Digimon Offical site @ TV Asahi
火山地帯のマグマゾーンでは、バグラ軍が地元デジモンを捕まえて、強制的にコードクラウン(すべて集めればデジタルワールドを支配できる金属片)を捜させようとしていた。捕われの身になった地元デジモンたちを解放するため、バグラ軍と戦うタイキ(声・高山みなみ)だが、突然目の前に圧倒的なパワーを誇る火山型デジモン;エンシェントボルケーモンが現れた! タイキたちはいったん降参したフリをして、自ら投獄されることで、牢獄の場所を突き止めることに。やがて、タイキたちは捕虜となった地元デジモンたちと力を合わせ、脱走を試みる。ところが、そこへバグラ軍幹部・タクティモン(声・島田敏)が現れた! タクティモンはタイキとともにドルルモン(声・櫻井孝宏)も捕まえたと聞いて、自らやって来たのだ。しかも、タクティモンはタイキたちの前で、ドルルモンの過去を話し始めて…! タイキたちに衝撃が走ったドルルモンの過去とは!?

Bakura army forced the captured local Digimon to search for Code Crowd(A metal chip allows you to take over the whole Digital World once you collected them all), in the Volcano area Magma Zone. In order to release the Digimon that got captured, Taiki(CV: Takayama Minami) and others are in a battle with Bakura Amy. However, a volcano type of Digimon with proud and overwhelming power : Ancient Volcamon appeared in front of Taiki and others. Taiki and others pretend they are surrender, allow the enemy to capture them and find out where the jail is located. Afterward, Taiki and the captured Digimon worked together and tried to run away. However, one of the Bakura Army's General: Tacitimon (CV:Shimada Bin) appears. Tacitmon heard that Taiki and Dorurumon (CV:Sakurai Takahiro) were captured, that's why he came over. Then Tactimon talks about Dorurumon's past in front of Taiki and others. What is Dorurumon's past that surprised Taiki and others?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Awwww Kiriha... you want Taiki sooo bad XD
Aitsu no Chikara? or... Aitsu no KARATA? XDDD (running away
Sorry just a more clearer version of the Character Chart in the ep XD

Digimon Xros Wars ep 7

第7話 「火山デジモン、大爆発!」
ep 7 "Volcano Digimon, Explored!"
脚本=米村正二   絵コンテ=土田豊
演出=土田豊    作画監督=直井正博

I heard about the legendary script writer Shōji Yonemura, alot about it on Kamen Rider...etc
alot of laugh in this ep, and I really enjoy this ep :D It's very well done!
Anyways It seems ever since Digimon Savers, it's new generation of Digimon's tradition... to play the intro in the middle of ep lolll XD
The screen shots were messy, I had to finish the ep first then organize it :S
Anyways enjoy ! :D

Here comes AGUMONN XDD