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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars EP 18

第18話 「スティングモン、デジモン大密林の勇者」
脚本=三条陸    絵コンテ=池田洋子
演出=池田洋子  作画監督=大西陽一


Other Screenshot

Monday, November 29, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars ep 21 Title

Info TV Magazine & 2ch

ep 21: "Decisive Battle! DarkKnightmon VS Xros Heart!"

The Knight of Darkness, DarkKnightmon cooperates with Nene and gather Dark energies. His goal is to use Darkness Loader, to revive the worse and the strongest force. Taiki and Kiriha joins force together, but they can't stop them, what are they ganna do...

空舞う勇者!×5 CD Info

 info from 2CH

1-1(4:46) 空舞う勇者!×5
1-1(4:46) Hero that dances in the sky! X5
Artist: Wada Kouji/Lyric: Sanjo Riku/Music:Yamashita Kousuke/Music Composer: Yamashita Kousuke
*ANB Anime "Digimon Xros Wars" Insert Song
1-2(4:23) ×4B THE GUARDIAN
1-2(4:23)  x4B THE GUARDIAN
Artist: Wada Kouji/Lyric: Sanjo Riku/Music:Yamashita Kousuke/Music Composer: Yamashita Kousuke
*ANB Anime "Digimon Xros Wars" Insert Song

1-3(4:59) DARK KNIGHT~不死身の王者~
(1-3)(4:59) DARK KIGHT~The king of Immortality~
Artist: Tanimoto Takayoshi/Lyric: Sanjo Riku/Music:Yamashita Kousuke/Music Composer: Yamashita Kousuke
*ANB Anime "Digimon Xros Wars" Insert Song

Friday, November 26, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars ep 18 Synopsis

ep 18: "Stingmon, Hero of the The Great Digimon Forest "

 タイキ(声・高山みなみ)たちは強力なデジモンたちが生息する大密林の世界・フォレストゾーンへ。タイキとシャウトモン(声・坂本千夏)たち、アカリ (声・白石涼子)とゼンジロウ(声・岸尾だいすけ)たちの二手に分かれてしまう。そこで、ドルルモン(声・櫻井孝宏)と探し物のプロであるリボルモン (声・皆川純子)はタイキらをその場に残し、森へと向かう。
 そのころ、アカリとゼンジロウらは森の守護者・スティングモンとライラモンに出会っていた。アカリとゼンジロウがカップルだと勘違いしたライラモンは、 悪の帝国・バグラ軍からの攻撃を避けるため、結界に守られた安全な神殿へとアカリたちを連れて行く。一方、タイキたちはタクティモンに追い詰められてい た。そんな中、タイキはシャウトモンとバリスタモン(声・草尾毅)、ドルルモン、ベルゼブモン、スターモン(声・島田敏)、ピックモンズ(声・桑島法子) をデジクロス(=合体)。こうして誕生したシャウトモン×4Bはタクティモンと互角の戦いを展開する。時を同じくして、神殿にはキリハ(声・草尾毅)とネ ネたちが出現。スティングモンらを攻撃し始めて…!

Taiki and others arrived in the World of Great Dense Forest:Forest Zone, where strong Digimon lives in. Akari and Zenjiro get separated into two from Taiki and Shoutmon. Therefore, Dorulumon and Revolmon who's pro at searching for things leave Taiki and go towards the forest.
At the same time, Akari and Zenjiro meet the Guardian of the Forest Stingmon and Lilamon. Lilamon misunderstand that Akari and Zenjiro are couples, in order to avoid the Evil Empire Bugra Army's attack, she takes Akari and others to a safe area which it's a holy temple surrounded by Aura. On the other side, Tactimon finds Taiki and others. Therefore, Taiki let Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Beelzebumon, Starmon and Pickmons Digi-Xros(= Fusion). Shoutmon X4B appears and begins an even battle with Tactimon. At this time, Kiriha and Nene appears in the holy temple. They start to attack Stingmon...!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Self Introduction

Hai, I am x10amin and from now on I will be helping rainmon updating this blog.
If you feel cannot understand my post, do let me know as my English is quite bad overall.

This is all for now and below is an AMV, enjoy XD

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars ep 17

第17話 「奇跡のデジクロス!シャウトモンX5飛ぶ!」

脚本=木原大輔  絵コンテ=土田豊
演出=土田豊    作画監督=高橋晃

Friday, November 19, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars ep 17 Synopsis

ep 17: "The Digi-Xros of Miracle! Fly Shoutmon X5! "

邪悪な正体を現したルーチェモンがヘブンゾーンに封印されていた闇の力を吸収して巨大化。ネネ(声・桑島法子)を取り込んで、さらに膨れ上がる。ネネを助 けようとするタイキ(声・高山みなみ)に従い、シャウトモン(声・坂本千夏)たちはルーチェモンを攻撃。ネネを慕うスパロウモン(声・菊池こころ)もルー チェモンに激しい攻撃を浴びせるが、まったく効果はない。そこで、タイキはスパロウモンに一緒にネネを助けようと申し出るが、「お前たちはボクらの仲間 じゃない」と断られてしまい…。
 その矢先、ヘブンゾーン全体が揺れ始めた。ルーチェモンがゾーン全体を吸収し始めたのだ!このままではデジモンも街もルーチェモンに飲み込まれてしま う…。タイキたちは慌ててルーチェモンのいる場所へと向かう。しかし、飛べないシャウトモン×4では、上空のルーチェモンに攻撃できない…。そんな中、ス パロウモンが現れた!タイキは協力を申し出るスパロウモンを×4とデジクロスさせることに。こうして新たにシャウトモン×5が誕生し…!

Tonight, the Miracle Digi-Xros(= Fusion), Shoutmon X5 appear for the first time!
Lucemon, who's true identity is evil release Heaven Zone's sealed and absorb the Dark Energy, and becomes huge. Nene is captured and trapped in the balloon. In order to save Nene, Taiki, follow by Shoutmon and others attacks Lucemon. Sparrowmon, who yearns Nene attack Lucemon fiercely, yet no effects at all. Then, Taiki asks Sparrowmon to join him and save Nene together, however she rejects it with : "You are not my Comrades! "
At this time, Heaven Zone starts to shake, Lucemon absorbs the whole Heaven Zone! If this continues, he's going to be devour the street and the digimon... Taiki and others rushes towards Lucemon's place. However, Shoutmon X4 can't fly, he can't attack Lucemon in the sky... At this moment, Sparrowmon appears! Taiki keeps on asking Sparrowmon to help, and Digi-Xros with X4. Therefore, a brand new Shoutmon X5 is born!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

[NDS]Digimon Xros Wars Super Xros Wars Red and Blue (update)

info from 2ch

デジモンストーリー 超クロスウォーズ レッド版 ブルー版


Digimon Story Super Xros Wars Red & Blue
The game will be coming out Spring 2011, it's an RPG game. There are about 350 Digimon in this game. You get to choose the Red ver of the game or the Blue version of the game.
Perhaps you choose Xros Heart or Blue Flare? What about Twlight? :O

Edit @ 12:00pm: some images
Edit @ 9:17pm: Translation

Spadamon is the main Digimon:
" Let's Go Spadamon!
Taiki is the protagonist for this NDS game,
Spadamon is a mysterious Digimon who lost his memory
He's friendly and likes sweet stuff!
Blue and Red has total of 350 Digimon in the game.
Blue version contains Dragon and Machine type of Digimon,
as Red version contains (Blurry text...) monster type(?), and many more!
Mysterious melody leads Taiki and others to a mysterious zone. They encounter Spadamon there.
After battle, it increases comrades and melody.
After aborting the data(?), it increases Digimon's stats.
What melody will bring out what kind of Digimon!!"

Yagami Taichi?!

saya sent me the photo~

Taichi is in the 3rd set of Carddass?! o.O
The Legendary General :O
The fact that we see so many digimon from the previous 5 season, I'm not surprise at all that Taichi is ganna be there too XD
Not sure about the anime though
And Taichi is ganna Digi-Xros Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon into Omegamon in the game :)
and a new Digi-Memory card revealed up there as well: Darkdramon :O
REMEMBER: this is for the Carddass, I didn't say anything about anime :/

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars ep 15-20(Updated)

Remember, this contents contains Spoil, if you don't want spoil, skip this :)
But it's just a summary anyways lol

PS: there are most likely several error in the translation... please just use it as reference...

ep 15:" Heaven Zone, the Paradise of Trap!"

 天使系デジモンの住むヘブンゾーンに飛ばされたタイキ(声・高山みなみ)たち。ヘブンゾーンは悪の帝国・バグラ軍も手が出せないほど警察の力が強く、防 衛力に優れているため、独立を保っているゾーンだった。しかし、警察長官でもある大統領スラッシュエンジェモンとその配下にある警察の管理は度を越してお り、些細な罪に対しても厳しい罰が与えられることなど日常茶飯事。タイキの仲間であるドンドコモンも騒音を立てた罪で捕らえられそうになるが、間一髪のと ころで地元デジモンのルーチェモンに助けられる。
 ところが、再びやってもいない罪を問われて警察に捕まったタイキたちは、公開で罰を受けるこ とに…。すると刑の執行寸前、真犯人のキュピモンが名乗り出 た!警察はキュピモンを死刑にしようとするが、反発したタイキはシャウトモン(声・坂本千夏)たちをデジクロス(=合体)させて対抗。しかし、形勢は不利 で…。タイキたちはこの絶体絶命のピンチを切り抜けることができるのか!?

Taiki and others fly to Heaven zone where Angel type of Digimon live in Heaven Zone tries to avoid evil empire Bugra Army to come in, they have strong and high defense police team into divide parts in the zone(?). However, the chief of police Slash Angelmon and his crew, goes over their management limited, they strictly punish the Digimon the tiniest mistakes. Taiki and others got arrested because Taiki's friend Donkomon made a noise. At this moment, local Digimon Lucemon came and helps them.
However, Taiki and others got arrested by police again and consider as criminals, and they get send to punish in open public. Before the punishment starts, a real crime Cubicmon shows up! Polices are about to give Cubicmon death sentence, Taiki and others are against it, and let Shoutmon and others Digi-Xros. However, the situation isn't going well... How will Taiki and others overcome this danger?

第16話 黒騎士デジモン、参上!
ep 16: Black Knight Digimon, Arrive!
三条陸&石井健太 角銅博之 角銅博之 市川慶一


Heaven Zone's Digimon recommend Lucemon to become their new leader.
However, the moment when elect person Shakkoumon let Lucemon to be the leader position, Lucemon suddenly changes its appearance, And seal the holy temple in the middle of sky of darkness, from there, Lucemon got the Code Crown.
His true form is member of Bugra Army, Lilythmon's men.
At the same time, Pursuing the power of darkness, Darkknightmon attacks onto the

ep 17: "The Digi-Xros of Miracle! Fly Shoutmon X5! "
木原大輔 土田豊 土田豊 高橋晃


Lucemon changes its form after aborts the power of darkness
Taiki and others couldn't stop lucemon running away. Lucemon holds "Jigoku- Gehena-" and traps Nene inside.
In order to save Nene, Taiki tries to team up with Sparrowmon through Lister, however Sparrowmon doesn't accept it.

ep 18: "Stingmon, Hero of the The Great Digimon Forest "
三条陸 池田洋子 池田洋子 大西陽一


Taiki and others arrive in the forest area:Forest Zone where strong Digimon live in there.
However, upbove the sky in the zone, something drags Akari and Zenjiro away.
Akari and Zenjiro are crying while getting drag by a huge bug deep into the forest, while encounter the Protector of the Forest: Stingmon.

ep 19: "The Legendary Deckdramon, on the move! "
三条陸 三塚雅人 三塚雅人 竹田欣弘


Nene and Black Knight: DarkKnightmon wants the Legendary Protector: Deckdramon to join their team. However, Nene realizes that the incident in Heaven zone where Taiki saved her, she decided to repay him back by asking Kiriha's help.

ep 20: "Dust Zone, Grand Locomon's Big Scrap City!"
米村正二 貝澤幸男 貝澤幸男 小泉昇


Taiki and others are running behind Nene and arrived in a scrap city, Dust Zone, and attack by local Digimon, and they took away the Xros Loader.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars ep 16 Synopsis

info from TVAsahi

第16話 黒騎士デジモン、参上!
ep 16: Black Knight Digimon, Arrive!

ヘブンゾーンの新大統領に心優しいルーチェモンが選ばれた。これでヘブンゾーンにも真の平和が訪れる…! ところが、国民たちの期待は一瞬にして裏切られる。選挙管理委員のシャッコウモンから大統領の証である"指導者の指輪"を授けられると、ルーチェモンはこ れまで隠していた邪悪な正体を現したのだ! "開放の呪文"を唱えてヘブンゾーンを割り、闇の空中神殿を呼び出すルーチェモン。その空中神殿の中にこそ、ヘブンゾーンのコードクラウンは隠されてい た。ルーチェモンは封印されていたコードクラウンを手に入れると、それまでの愛らしい姿から一転、本来の姿である悪魔・ルーチェモンフォールダウンモード になる。なんと、ルーチェモンはバグラ軍の三元士であるリリスモンの配下だったのだ。愕然とするタイキ(声・高山みなみ)たち。そこへ、邪悪な暗黒騎士 ダークナイトモンとネネ(声・桑島法子)が現れた!

Lucemon with its kind heart, got chosen to be the president of the Heaven Zone. It also means that Heaven Zone will get its real peace. But, the moment where the citizens are hoping for turned into a betrayal. Election Committee Manager Shakkoumon provides the President's Prove : "The Leader's Ring", Lucemon's hidden true identity reveals! Lucemon sings out the "Free Spells", Heaven Zone falls apart, he calls out the Holy Temple within the Dark Sky. The Holy Temple in the sky has hidden Heaven Zone's Code Crown. Lucemon release the spell and gets the Code Crown, such a cute form suddenly changes into its original devil form: Lucemon Falldown Mode. And Lucemon is one of the Bugra Army's officer, Lilithmon's subordinate. Taiki and others are very shocking about this, and don't know what to do. On the other hand, the evil Darknightmon and Nene appears.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars 15

第15話 「ヘブンゾーン、楽園の罠!」

脚本=吉田玲子  絵コンテ=芝田浩樹
演出=芝田浩樹  作画監督=直井正博

Enjoy the new insert song: "X4B, The Guardian"
They also played the BGM ver of the song in ep 14, when Baalmon sits there and realized the importance and bond between comrades.
The song is soo good XD
Looking forward for Dark Knightmon song as well