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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars EP23(Updated)

第23話 「シノビゾーン、お笑い忍者バトル!」

Rainmon is on her way to do muscle test , wish her a bad luck.
BTW, a special thanks to Burst for uploading all the screenshot =w=

What have you done to Nene, Zenjiro!!


“Make me laugh if you want the Code Crown”

I believe below are ways they have try to make Karatenmon laugh


= =

Akari X Nene



You have satisfied me, take the Code Crown

Next Episode

( Nene > w < )


Rainmon's words:

Thanks both x10amin and Nuclust for posting the screenshots for me.

Click read more for detail description of the ep:

- Arriving in Shinobi Zone, and The elder from Shinobi Zone told Taiki and others that they heard alot of about them and show them their adventures were capture in the Monitamon TV, which Akari commented that it's low quality.
- Elder said Shinobi Zone is a place where Monitamons to train, and only the Elite can go out of the place, and Taiki and others can only stare at Nene's Monitamons with a doubting look.
- Elder explains that Bagra army just arrived, due to Shinobi Zone has weak soilders, Bagra Army took over the Castle (a Monitor Castle) and the princesses got capture, the only way to exchange the life of the princess is to give Shinobi Zone's Code Crown.
- Cut to Musyamon is watching human world's live action Sumurai Drama, and got angry at Shurimon because the Monitamons haven't get any Code Crown yet.
- Looking at so many unsuccessful training in the Zone, everyone sighs, as Shurimon comes and attack the elder and others, and ask them how come they haven't get the Code Crown. Nene calls out Sparrowmon for defends, Taiki is about to attack back, but Elder stopped him and tells Shurimon that he's still working on getting the Code Crown and ask him to wait. As he pulls out a DVD(?) it's a newest Kindo/Samurai Live Drama for Musyamon. As Shurimon finally agrees and fly away.
- The elder explains that the Code Crown is in the hand of Karatenmon, hearing the princess got capture, Nene decided to help, in her mind, is her brother that got capture by Darkknightmon, and the past. Akari and others try to stop her, but Nene refuses. Akari realizes what's in Nene's mind, she really wants to help her, and want to know Nene better.
- Shurimon hands over the DVD(?) to Musyamon, and Musyamon is very happy, but he's also worry that Blastmon is going to get very angry, at the same time, the big screen TV where he watches the Drama beeps, he was worried for second and look, it's Etemon. Musyamon heard the way to get Code Crown and report it to Musyamon, and Musyamon told them to come up with a plan and follow Taiki and others.
- On the way, Taiki asks what to do to get Code Crown, the Elder explained that it's hard to explain, he will explain once they get there.
- At the same time, Etemons are hiding on the trees waiting, watching Taiki and others.
- New intro scenes, awesome beginning! From Shoutmon, merge with Blasstermon into X2, merge with Dorulumon into X3, Merge with Starmon and Pickmons into X4, then merge with Beelzebumon into X4B, then off the center focus of the screen, as X5 flies towards the screen, Logo shows up! =D
-> In the background, it's Taiki's Digi-Xros Pose =D
Awesome new Opening scenes!!
- > The old scene where from X2-X4, they changed it into X2, X2 with Star Axe, then X3, X4, X4B and X5's Digi-Xros Scenes.
-> The following pic is the new Scene for the lyric :"Never Give UP!!" Awesome pic for desktop image for sure =D

- On their way, Nene asks Akari why does she care and worry about her so much, she doesn't want to get Akari involve, but Akari says that she can't leave her alone since Akari can tell that she's been worrying about her little brother, and Akari herself also has brothers, she knows how worry she must been. Nene remind silent, Akari says if there are anything Nene wants her help with, she will be happy to help.

- As Akari said so, they arrive in the Karatenmon's Company(? still don't know what word to use...), but the Company is at the top of the cliff, Zenjiro goes behind Taiki, and knock on his goggle:"Common General, think of something." (is that fan service...)

- Taiki Digi-Xros Shoutmon with Sparrowmon into Shoutmon Jet-Sparrow and fly up, and a bunch of chibi-pickmons forms a large chain, as Shoutmon Jet-Sparrow flies up, everyone climb on the chain to go up there, except Dorulumon, he jumps up step by step with Cutemon. Chibi-Pickmon can't hold on anymore (They are soo cuteee!) , they borke all, as everyone is falling, Akari tries to grab Nene in the mid-air, but couldn't. Zenjirou takes the initiative and grab her *cough. Taiki tells Shoutmon Jet-Sparrow to blow heavy wind(Didn't quiet hear the attack name), and everyone got push and land on the cliff safely. Nene punches Zenjirou as she complains that he's too close to her, and Zenjirou got sad from rejection from Nene, he realizes he's on the edge of the Cliff, and falling off, he shows his sadness and and all these drama, and a bunch of Etemon hold hands and form a chain and save Zenjirou.

- Etemon introduce themselves, as they take Shoutmon's mic and started to sing(Seriously, anyone who sees this scene and hear the rock and roll music, you will kind of thought of season 1... but no, not the same music...)blah blah blah, Shoutmon says he's goal to be a "King" and Taiki is the General that will leads/helps him to be the King.

-Etemon follows Taiki and others as they continued walking, and saying they are their fans, and Taiki and Shoutmon both agree that they are not bad guys, but Nene mumbles: "You guys are too NAIVE."

- They arrive in Karatenmon's company, and Karatenmon ready to take the challenge. The Elder explains that the way to take the challenge is make Karatenmon to laugh. Akari also realizes at the same time that, she never seem Nene smiles.

- Everyone up to take the challenge... BLAH BLAH BLAH Taiki performs different Digi-Xros: JijiShoutmon, Shout-cutemon, Shounitamon, DonShoutmon, PawnShoutmon... in one of the Digi-Xros, Nene started to laugh for a little, Akari said that she finally smiles, Nene blushes.

- Everyone is looking who hasn't perform yet, they look at Dorulumon, Dorulumon freezes for a second and digs a hole and hide underground:"I'm not doing this!" (Cute loll) Akari has been watching Comedian shows, so Taiki asks her to perform, but didn't work either.

- Nene decides to perform, she asks Akari to be her partner, they did Comedian on stage. Finally they make Karatenmon laughs, (alot of funny poses and alot of Moe part of Nene and Akari)

- Finally, Karatenmon laughs, he gives the Code Crown to Taiki and others, but Etemon takes it right away, and uncover themselves as Musyamon's men, (with Ninja cloth...)

- Taiki Digi-Xros Ballistamon and Bastemon, as they dance, and attacks Etemon, (I think Taiki has too much fun doing different kind of crazy Digi-Xros), then he Digi-Xros Shoutmon with Starmon and Pickmons, and defeated Etemon(There goes the powerful Etemon... It's been a while since Shoutmon use Rare Star Sword in battle.) Also explainsn why must they make Karatenmon laughs to get the Code Crown.

- "I can't leave you guys alone!" Nene says, as they are all going towards the Castle to save the Princess.

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