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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars EP 26

第26話 「シャウトモン、キングの証!」
脚本=三条陸   絵コンテ=角銅博之
演出=角銅博之  作画監督=大西陽一

Today’s Spot Light: X5B

I am too lazy to post up all the screenie one by one, just click the link below to view all available image. Feel dissatisfy of my lazy attitude? Then just wait rainmon to repost it : P


  1. LOL. Blastmon seems to still live. Poor big crystal lug, only his head remains. I guess it might take him a long time to regenerate is body.

  2. So, what's the deal about lunamon? Did she joined Xros Heart, or did she just hang around?

  3. Did XVmon appear?

  4. Yeah, I was wrong. Blastmon didn't die yet,but was badly injured.

  5. I am guessing as well Xros Heart's Code Crown count has shot up from 7 to 29 after beating Blastmon. Making them the front runners in the quest to gather all the remaining Code Crowns.

    That as well gives them a big red target marks on their back for the other two interested factions.

    Not to mention, Dark Knightmon's still out there.

  6. @Reiji

    Maybe Dark Knightmon will become a good guy one day...., what you think? He isn't interested in the code crowns, but I don't know why he's so interested in eliminating the Bagura Army. Does he has any connection to the Royal Knights?

    I hope there are new villians other than Dark Knightmon and the Bagura Army. I think it's a pity that Leviamon only comes out as a digimemory. They should show all the seven great demon lords as villians.. That would be more interesting. Episode 25 and 26 isn't so interesting, to be honest....

  7. @Anonymous

    Right you are, Dark Knightmon was earlier speculated by others as well to do a heel-face-turn later on. Though before that, he could probably get beaten up badly by Bagramon or anyone else who's powerful enough to combat him on the side of the Empire.

    As for a.. Fourth faction, it's interesting if that comes up in later episodes. Though for now, I get the feeling that the battle would be still between the known armies in the show.