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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars EP25

第25話 「ゾーン崩壊!火花散るタイキとキリハ!」
脚本=三条陸   絵コンテ=土田豊
演出=土田豊   作画監督=八島善孝

edit @ 1:08pm: rainmon's detail spoiler for the ep

Not much image this time

Rainmon's words:

I was pulling late night doing assignment, and since this is one of the rare chance I can pull late night on Tuesday mornings, so I decided to stay up til 5:30 and watch Xros Wars live :P (Yeah, i get to find an excuse to stay up late and watch Xros wars XD)

if my typing is werid, with werid grammar compare to usual, it's cuz i only got one hour sleep...

Thanks again to x10amin for helping me to upload the screen shots again XD

This is an ep that alot of people have been looking forward to.

Now, time for the spoiler for this ep:

- Kiriha defeated Merukyuremon and got the Code Crown
- Blastmon enters and lost count his Code Crown number as he said he will take over Kiriha's Code Crown -_-
- they decided to fight for code crown, whoever wins takes whoevers' Code Crown
- Zenjirou misses Nene, as they arrive in Disk Zone(I swear it was call Prims Zone before...)
- Crazy intense battle between Kiriha and Blastmon, and the impact they cause starts to break the zone
-DeckerGreymonmon appears
- Everyone specially Taiki is overwhelm by his power:"Kiriha's power grows as he goes..."
- PS: Kiriha laughs => like Digimon Kaiser...KENNN >w<
- Blastmon is more worked out than usual, cuz back in the Bagra Army's secret base/Castle, Damemon and Lilythmon told him (while he brushes his teeth and Lilythmon is getting a massarge) that he achieve the least out of the 3 officer. (in Code Crown and working progress, as Blastmon doesn't really do much alot of times LOLLL)
- Due to impact, the moutain in the zone starts to collasp, X4K stops Blastmon, and Taiki tries to convince Kiriha. Kiriha refuses and smack Taiki and Zenjiro with a Deckergremon's tail
- It also kind of foreshadow that Damemon is going to betray Lilythmon/Bagra Army (As I had this conversation with one of the DMS member, he said that accordingn to the Carddass game, Tsuwamon, Damemon's another form is on Darkknightmon's side, as you remember, Carddas did show their Digi-Xros form. Therefore it seems that Damemon is Darkknightmon's spy in the Bagra Army.)
- Blastmon's moment:"Don't forget about me... I have always been here..."
- Somehow X4K's Digi-Xros got separted, Shoutmon fell werid.(As he already mention at the beginning of the ep) - More impact has made the zone collasps and the disk made a huge hole, Blastmon, Greymon, Mailbirdramon and Shoutmon fell deep down Disk Zone.
- Intro
- Everyone is worry about Shoutmon, as Blastmon sent out Valvemon and attack everyone. Kiriha just sit there with Deckerdramon and eats Digi-Noir with a calm face, no worries at all.
- Mailbirdramon's wind is damange, he needs to go back to Kiriha's Xros Loader to get it revive. Shoutmon asks Greymon and Mailbirdramon to team up and climb back up together, got rejected. As they don't believe Shoutmon can be King, speically he got everyone separated while they were in X4K.
- They went apart to find their way out to climb back up, Greymon and Mailbirdramon fell into another hole, but Shoutmon grabbed them and save them.
- Finally they team up and came back up to the land, and X4K again, but same thing happen, Shoutmon slowly loosing focus and about to get separate again, Greymon helped him.
- With the help of Greymon, Shoutmon X4K defeated Valvemon, but Kiriha just left the zone the way it is, and went to Zone Transfer.
- Taiki and others don't know what to do... As Kiriha is the leader of the Zone yet he isn't going to do anything and just left the Digimon and let the Zone collaspes this way.
- "If I'm a King... Can I save everyone? Is there anything I can do... if I'm going to be the King in the future?" Greymon's words echo in Shoutmon's brain, Shoutmon is thinking in his head.
- As everyone is miserable, dunno what's there to do to fix the Zone from Collasping...

ep 26: Welcome back, Beelzebumon XD It's been HOW LONG?

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