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Friday, March 4, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 30 summary

info TVAsahi

第30話 新たなる旅立ち!!東京大決戦!!
ep 30: Brand new journey!! Tokyo Showdown!!
脚本:三条陸 演出:三塚雅人 絵コンテ・作画監督:八島善孝


Taiki and others fly back to the Human world from the Digital World.However, they try to explain to their family about Digital World, yet no one believes it, Taiki and others have lost their way. Amoung that, Digimon Aura appears up on the sky of Tokyo, the "Mysterious Voice" that lead Taiki and others to the Digital World has appear again.Taiki commited to the mysterious voice that he hopes to start innovate the rigth way for the world, the "Mysterious Voice" sighs. On the other hand, Taiki and Shoutmon determine and wanted to go back to Digital World once again. And look for the "Mysterious Voice", and hoping the voice can help them go back.

Soon, Taiki found a Plate that's shape of Digi-Memory. One of the Knights of Justice that protects the Digital World, Omegamon's image has appeared! The "Mytserious Voice"'s true identity is Omegamon. Omegamon knows about Taiki's burning spririts, and he decided to use the power that he has left, and promise to bring Taiki back to Digital World once again. However, Evil Empire Bagra Army are ranging around, one of the 3 officer Tactimon appears, and starts to attack...

This eposide, it'll reveal the history of Digi-Memory! Also during the battle with Tactimon, the first appeareance of Shoutmon's Chou-Shinka/Superior Evolution into Ω(Omega)Shoutmon!
Also in the Toei offical website preview, it also mentions that when Taiki and others went back to the Human World, it's still the same day that they departed to Digital World. And Taiki tries to show his mom the tiny Shoutmon on his shoulder, but no one is able to see Shoutmon but Taiki, Akari and Zenjiro.


  1. Well, I guess this is the second time we see Mrs. Kudou since the first episode. Hopefully her cooking skills have improved the last time we've seen her. >XD

    I look forward to the history of the Digimemory. Probably we may expect throw backs or homages to the past series while this will be explained.

    Now question is, will Tactimon be sent there by Bagramon to insure Taiki will no longer be a thorn to the Empire's side, or he got thrown there as we've seen him blown away back at 29?

  2. @Reiji

    Perhaps Baguramon will send Tactimon to kill Taiki before Taiki returns to the digital world. Also, Baguramon most likely will invade the human world as well.

  3. Chou shinka?? Ins't that warp evolution? A bit early for that? O.O

  4. @Jason. Why did you use kanji and not english like everyone else? It's kind of annoying to have to put stuff in google translate, esp if you already know english....

  5. @Mattwo

    Ok. next time I will talk to you fully in Chinese LOL...... I am a billingual Chinese Singaporean......Just joking... So I guess you definitely not a chinese.

  6. @ x10amin

    I used Chinese Pinyin, because I directly said the kanji words out from the Japanese Digimon Poster. I didn't deliberately use Chinese. So, hope you can understand that. I am a digimon fan afterall. And I did say I am just joking about talking to Mattwo completely in Chinese. I will be writing in English, unless I have to.