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Friday, May 6, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars EP 37-40 Summary

Rainmon: It seems the episode titles I last posted was wrong, since there wasn’t any source… I should’ve known…

37話 弟よ、なぜ!? 敵ジェネラル・ユウの悪夢

Ep 37: “Little Brother, Why!? Nightmare of Enemy General, Yuu”
Taiki and others finds Nene’s little brother, Yuu in Honey Land.
Nene thought that Yuu is controlled by DarkKnightmon, but it’s actually his own will to be Taiki and others’ enemy.
Nene wants to help in battle but she’s lost after seeing Yuu is helping the enermy.


38話 謎のサイバーランド!鋼の街の美少女

Ep 38: “The Mysterious Cyber Land! The Beauty of the Steel City”
In the 4th Kingdom, Cyber Land, Taiki and others imitate Digimon and begin their battle against the Andoromon Army, the manufactured machines. In there, they send out the Army with Whamon type of flying war ship. Inside they discover a girl, Ruka who’s sleeping in the Cold Sleeve Device. Ruka wakes up and explains that she was wandering around the Digital World and got captured by Bagra Army.


39話 クロスハート分裂の危機!水虎将軍の卑劣なワナ

ep 39: “Xros Heart Breaks Up Crisis! Water Tiger General’s despicable Trap”
The Water Tiger General, Splashmon who’s ruling Cyber Land is using his ability that’s able to change his form freely. He disgust himself as Dorulumon whose capture and sneaks into Xros Heart.


40話 陽気な海賊、現る!ゴールドランドの航海!!

Ep 40: “Cheerful Pirates appear! .Set Sail to Gold Land!!”
Taiki and others arrive in Gold Land, and encounter one of Bagra Seven General: Olegmon. Olegmon sings mysterious incantation chant and causes Shoutmon and others switch to Bagra Army’s side.

info : 2ch


  1. Quite shocking.. Gravimon didn't appear before Splashmon and Olegmon?

  2. More shocking is seeing that Shoutmon will be finally affected by a curse that makes him change sides , i would lol if that happens while he's at Shoutmon DX... Then taiki and the others would be royally screwed.

  3. @ Rique

    Umm.. The changing side should be temporary, just like Lilithmon using Ebemon to make Xros hearts turn against Taiki, or Belia Vamdemon using his mental illusion to control the kids, but they eventually came out from their negative thoughts with the help of Daisuke..

    LOL.. Don't be so bad lah..Must have a happy ending for Xros Wars : Xros Hearts defeats Bagura.

  4. Ruka ? she will play very important role in comenig episodes i think :)what do you guys ep 37 Taomon is shown. on which side she will be? :D

  5. THIS sooooo uuuugh... I can't describe what feeling I felt now but OMEGA! For person who make this blog! I'm sooooooo grateful and thank you soooo muuch for update about this!!! I don't think I can repay your kindness (and maybe you don't need it...) but this so important to me and I can't stop saying thank you to you (please, I'm not lying!)
    So there is new character!!? I never thought that O.O
    how can I miss this info!? typical me.....
    What!? splashmon can change her/his form!? gotta save Taiki! and nooo! Dorulumon is my fav Digimon in DXW!
    umm.... I want to say sorry if I bothering you guys with this none sense comment, can't help but post it ><

  6. i think its not ruka its rika from digimon tamers cause taomon appeared in episode 37 preview that would be awesome to see them cooperate with each other i hope to see gallantomon crimson mode too but the series dont go sucky like tamers :)

  7. I believe the person that posted above me is right, because wasn't Rika's japanese name Ruki? it wasn't Ruka I know that for sure well this is coming from a person that cosplayed as Ruka from Yugioh 5D's.. and uses the screen name Ruka on chat rooms on Xat, so I'm obviously too obssessed with her.. xD Oh well it would be interesting to see Taomon again because I didn't really get to see much of her from Tamers, after all they define she has Thousand spells, so does that mean she can almost do anything? Data Digimon tend to be awesome when it comes to useful powers it seems. ^^;

  8. I don't think it's Rika....I think the Ruka is just a side character....Depends on whether the scriptwriter writes about her at the end of Xros Heart's stay in Cyber Zone...Not sure, but I think Taomon has nothing to do with that girl????

  9. SPLASHmon in CYBER Land? Can you say "short circuits"?

    Ruka is the japanese name for Rika, not Ruki right?

    As for the 5C's cosplayer, that's Dueluka, though that Name kind of fails because in japanese there is no L and instead is R then again, how do they spell "duel" there anyway, "duer"?. (If you don't get it, it's duel and luka with a single "L" which in japan would be dueruka)

  10. Ok I just checked wikia and Dueluka's japanese name is:

    デュエ・ルカ (Phonetic: De~yue ruka, english: Dyue・Ruka. Makes me wish Google would also give the romanized version...ok just put it into The Romajinator and got the same as the phonetic x.x)
    Duelカ (duelka) (Much better)

    So yea, nice work around v-Jump!