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Monday, May 2, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 37-40 Titles

Ep 37: “The Dangerous Reunion! The Glory of the 3 Officers”
三条陆   土田豊   土田豊   小松こずえ

38话「とぼとぼ歩き!土神将军のマウンテンランド 」
Ep 38: “Walking with Heavy Steps! Earth God General’s Mountain Land”
三条陆   小村敏明   小村敏明   高桥晃

39话「空からの急袭する!キリハの戻る 」
Ep 39: “The Sudden Raid from the Sky! The Returns of Kiriha”
米村正二   小村敏明   小村敏明   大西阳一

40话「ネバギバ?暗い、ツイスト心は 」
Ep 40: “Never Give up? The Dark Twisted Mind”
吉田玲子 贝泽幸男   贝泽幸男 直井正博


  1. @37
    "3" Officers? Does this mean that Tactimon will come back alive??? Or does he got reincarnated as other Digimon???
    The Returns of Kiriha!? So then there'll be some fight between Kiriha and Taiki on 36 or maybe 37???

    Finally things getting more intense like after episode 9 of Digimon Xros Wars :D.

  2. @x5BK

    Intriguing. Very intriguing.

    Dunno about 37, but we may see Gattai Lilithmon (Leaked sketch weeks ago) make her debut in the series.

    Episode 40 maybe Yuu finally revealing himself to our heroes. Hence, with the title; "The Dark Twisted Mind."

  3. Ooops.

    I also agree with the speculations in WtW that probably Yuu might reveal himself by 37, with the "Dangerous Reunion" title.

    "The Glory of the 3 Officers" probably does not mean Tactimon's return/revival. IIRC, Lilithmon and Blastmon still retain their ranks even after they've been shoved aside by the much more dangerous Death Generals. Hence, with the possibility of Gattai Lilithmon appearing by the 37th episode, the "Glory of 3 Officers" might mean that Lilithmon and Blastmon are making their move to prove that they are still a force to be reckoned with by defeating Xros Heart. Even if one of them (Tactimon) was gone, probably Lilithmon and Blastmon still refer themselves as the "3 Head Officers". Might be one way or another for the duo to pay respect/tribute to Tactimon.

    That is, if the two were already aware that he was killed back in 30.

  4. @ Reiji

    Yeah...Actually I think if Lilithmon digixrosed with Blastmon and Evilmons to form Fused Lilithmon, she might be more powerful than the first 2 death Generals, and yes, the "glory" means that Lilithmon wants to prove she can be utilised..She may appear in Gravimon's land or Zamielmon's land.. It can be 2, 2.5 or 3 episodes in HoneyLand...

    But we know that this Fused Lilithmon may meet her ends at Shoutmon DX...I think there's no point for Tactimon to be revived cos his death is already a big impact for Part One of the series.

  5. Ep 39: “The Sudden Raid from the Sky! The Returns of Kiriha”

    So...Does this mean Kiriha had another fight with Taiki? or does this episode means Kiriha will stop acting like a distant and solo prefer-ing lone wolf?

  6. THIS SO MMUUUCH FANTASTIC!! oooh! I getting impatient to see all those episode!!! and still no summary :(.... Oh no Kiriha..he made trouble really hard to work together with Taiki? such big ego-boy! can't wait to see Yuu!

  7. @Intan

    Preview of 36 shows Yuu have been watching the battle vs. Zamielmon. Probably either Nene will spot him or reveal himself Tactimon style after Zamielmon gets killed.


    Yesh, I also agree with your thought on what the "Sangenshi glory" meant. Likely Lilithmon, Blastmon and his Evilmon stooges will show their ugly faces as our heroes are about to depart to Gravimon's Domain...

  8. @ Intan

    Haha..You seems to be as enthusiastic as Ivo...

    @ Reiji

    I kind of suspect the person who narrates the part where the Bagura Army succeeded in conquering the digital world is the voice actor who voiced Kiriha.

    Actually, back in Singapore, I coincidentally have 2 of my previous secondary school friends (or middle school).. One male , one female..

    The male one really speaks like Blastmon and he used to be a little heavy weight..

    The female friend sometimes likes to say in her blog using Chinese , "I want to explode !", whenever she gets enraged when her project school mates don't always co=operate with her..Isn't she resembling Lilithmon?

    Very coincidental..

    But Xros Hearts could defeat Fused Lilithmon in an episode, or Fused Lilithmon can just overwhelm them, and they will only defeat her some time later.

    Yuu looks like a ghost in the preview..

    It's good to have Kiriha, Taiki and Nene as my siblings in my real life.. I am the youngest in my family.. But so far, I will prefer Nene and Taiki more till this point because they are very compassionate..

    And it's funny when Lilamon asked Taiki where Akari and Zenj are..We will definitely see them again in the real world..

    Kind of suspect this Baguramon may evolve further after absorbing all the negative energy, and the plot is going to be a little similar to the Lucemon Falldown Mode plot in frontier, except that maybe the real world is going to be filled with darkness?

  9. Hmm Yuu will be introduced in ep 40. I think that in ep 36 Zamielmon is going to be defeated! ;) in ep 37 ..fused Lilithmon will fight with Mervamon..Chick fight..and probably in this ep Mervamon will SHINKA evolve :D cant wait ;) i have 1 question! :) what Mervamon and Ignitamon said to each other after defeat of Grandiskuwagamon in ep 35 ? :)

  10. What's the source of these titles? Looks like some of them have kanji that is generally only used in Chinese, not in Japanese...

  11. Hey off topic but, I think Taiki should be called Tsurugi

    Funny how much they look alike huh?

    Ironicly Zenjiro's last name is Tsurugi lol.

    Here's a color pic:
    For comparison:

    I suppose their vest and shirt are inverted (and Tsurugi's is orange) but What about V-Tamer and Adventure?

    I still wish V-Tamer was in the DS games Legend Tourney instead of Next (incorrectly called V-Jump)

  12. @ Ivo

    But I think Gattai Lilithmon is a very powerful Mega level digimon, more powerful than the first 2 generals, I think. Mervamon's just a normal mega digimon. Not sure if Mervamon's gonna evolve, but she can't beat Gattai Lilithmon on her own. But I think may need at least SHoutmon DX to defeat Gattai Lilithmon. Lilithmon is the first major female villian ever in the Digimon ANime.

    Ignitemon said he's sorry that he helped Zamielmon because he's scared of the Bagura Army's power, and Mervamon wants him to fight with them against the Bagura Army.

    @ Anonymous

    Actually X10amin already has said on top of her blog that we shouldn't ask where are the sources of any info posted here.. Just believe..

    @ Mattwo

    Looks like you have everything about digimons udner your hands.. LOL..

  13. Mervamon is a second tier Mega, actually. Mervamon is the evolution of Minervamon, who was already a Mega.

  14. @Anon1 Maybe it's Hiragana? Wikipedia said it was similar to Chinese

    @Anon2 Please take your childish BS out of here and let the door hit you on the way out!

    Xros Wars digimon and re-molded digimon do NOT have stages.

  15. @Anon1 actually:
    Kanji (help·info) (漢字?) are the logographic Chinese characters that are used in the modern Japanese writing system along with hiragana (ひらがな, 平仮名), katakana (カタカナ, 片仮名), Indo Arabic numerals, and the occasional use of the Latin alphabet (known as "rōmaji"). kanji (漢字) literally means "Han characters" or "Chinese characters" and is the same written term used in the Chinese language to refer to the character writing system.

  16. In modern Japanese, katakana is most often used for transcription of words from foreign languages except Chinese[4]

    (It should be noted that katakana is also used as the informal written language, thus many kid's TV shows and video games use it. If I had to guess, these episode names were NOT written in katakana)

  17. @Jason I actually never read next (still on v-tamer).

    I thought of it when I saw his sprite in digimon world dawn.

  18. @ Mattwo

    Umm.. You don't need to be too harsh on Anonymous.. Yeah, though Xros Wars Anime digimons don't have stages, we know that those death generals, 3 head officers, Dark Knightmon and Baguramon are definitely more powerful than typical average Mega Level Digimons..

    If you read Mervamon's Wikimon profile, you will realise that she's actually a Minervamon who has become more mature as time passes by...

    And let's welcome anyone to comment about Xros Wars here..

    Sometimes, it's funny when people take Reiji's and Ivo's comments/spoliers and post it on WTW... They should comment here as well, but it's up to them.. Hahaha..

    I like the way Neo Vamdemon kept saying "Giga Cardiac Raid" and I always say it out..Haha, because it boosts my self-esteem...(Makes me think I am powerful.. boosts my confidence)..

  19. Mervamon's a mega level digimon, and is a matured Minervamon though Xros Wars Anime don't specify digimons levels.

  20. Doesn't make her a second stage mega (super mega?) Just look at Babamon (cursed rosemon).

  21. But if she really is a Minervamon that makes her role in the Olympic 12 even more debatable (or perhaps it solidifies it?). Would that mean she still counts as Minerva and /not/ a seventh entry?

    On a side note: I noticed that all of the 6 before her use the Roman names (aside from of course Apollo who's name is the same in both greek and roman myth, but would still count, though really they should've called him Heliosmon to avoid confusion...)

    Aside from her place already having been taken that is part of the reason I wouldn't accept her in the 12 in the first place... her name isn't even greek!

    Mostly off topic to this post but on the subject:

    If they use the pantheon I think they're using the remaining 6 are:

    Jupitermon, Junomon, Bacchusmon (LOL that'd be a laugh), Venusmon (GODDESS OF LOVE! Maybe she will help Akari make Taiki pick her over Nene? :P), Ceresmon (not to be confused with Crescemon), and Vulcanmon (not to be confused with volcanomon).

  22. I am guessing about the episodes, 37-40.

    Episode 37 : We will see Gattai Lilithmon and she's going to avenge for Tactimon. She will probably battle Xros Hearts.

    Episode 38 : Gravimon's mountain land could be all steep up, and his castle is on top of the land which is all mountain....

    Episode 39 : Probably Kiriha got separated from Xros Hearts earlier, and then he just appeared in the sky, and command Metal Greymon to shoot at the Bagura Army from the sky..

    Episode 40 : Either talking about Kiriha or Yuu...Dark twisted mind... Both suit the theme...

  23. @Jason Or DKmon! Seeing as he's the one who corrupted Yuu.

  24. AWWWW NOO! I miss this a LOT!!! maybe if I comment, I will beothering but THANKS Everyone! I kinda get alot Information (cuz I'm slow update type)
    sorry for distrubing but YOU ARE IN AKARI SIDE!? I'm so happy!! so Venusmon will help her?? I wish it hapen, Taiki! you belong with Akari! Nene there is still plenty guys for you! don't take Taiki! he belong Akari!
    enthusiastic? gotta check on dictionary! but I'm not very knowledge but I will learn a lot from him!

  25. @Mattwo - The first anon is right. Some of the characters in the titles posted are only used in simplified Chinese, not as kanji. For example, 军 should be properly written as 軍 in Japanese.

  26. @anon Actually that's kind of like the japanese written language too. The informal one doesn't draw the whole character...