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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 39 Summary

info tv Asahi
クロスハート分裂の危機! 水虎将軍の卑劣なワナ
EP 39: Xros Heart Break up Crisis! Water Tiger General's Despicable Trap

デジタルワールドの第4の国「サイバーランド」で、いきなりドルルモン(声・櫻井孝宏)がタイキ(声・高山みなみ)たちに襲い掛かってきた! なんと、そのドルルモンは偽者。正体は、サイバーランドのデスジェネラルであるスプラッシュモンだったのだ! そんなこととは知らないタイキたちは困惑。さらに、スプラッシュモンによって次々と仕掛けられる卑劣な罠によって、仲間内に生じた亀裂はどんどん大きくなっていく…。


手ごわい敵スプラッシュモンに、タイキたちはどう立ち向かうのか!? そして、やがて訪れるスプラッシュモンとの直接対決。その熾烈な戦いの行方は…!?

In the 4th kingdom of digital world – Cyberland, Dorulumon have suddenly attacks Taiki and others. As expected, that Dorurumon is a imposter. His real identity is Cyberland’s Death General – Splashmon. Without knowing his true identity and has puzzle Taiki and others. Due to Splashmon’s trap, their relationship had gone worst....

On other hand, the real dorulumon is in comfinment and got poisoned by Splashmon, and it's in a very serious condition. Over there, Cutemon and Revolmon appears, and save Dorulumon...

How Taiki and other are going to face against strong opponent Splashmon? And...Finally Splashmon shows his true face to fight. What will happen in this fierce fight...?


  1. As an anonymous poster commented in a previous Xros Wars Episode 39 preview, Splashmon is shaping up indeed to be a dangerous opponent and a very efficient Death General. He starts by destroying his opponents from within---- Using his deceptive skill to shape shift, he can infiltrate the enemy ranks to sow distrust and ultimately cause in-fighting amongst allies. Once the internal rift weakens them, he finishes them off in a literal and physical sense. Splashmon can also be described as a vile and cunning instigator.

    Ah, yes... The true form of Splashmon. This much talked about literal "Water Tiger" form. I think its silhouette appeared in the episode 39's title screen. Some speculated also that its Splashmon doing a Forced Digixros on the real Dorurumon whom he had captured.

  2. Silhouette that appeared in the episode 39's title screen cannot be Dorurumon force digixros with Splashmon cuz we see that Shoutmon X4 is fighting that thing (Water Tiger) along with JetMervamon. Too me Water Tiger looks like digixros between Ikkakumon and Garurumon :)

  3. Got to watch 38 hours ago, and seen the preview.


    Thankfully, the real Dorurumon won't (Hopefully) indeed end up getting Forced Digixros by Splashmon like what happened to poor Metal Greymon back in Vanpire Land. I've seen a glimpse of Splashmon's true "Water Tiger" form, and he's indeed like Garurumon (Though its face looks slightly a bit Chatsuramon or its just my eyes playing tricks.) with Ikkakumon's body mass.

  4. @Reiji
    hhh :D also i am suspicius about last sentance in the summary! It says: What will happen in this fierce fight...? ..maybe something strange will happen, like for example that Garurumon and Ikkakumon end up joining xros heart :)cuz in manga they happen to be a part of xros heart after time skiped :D and i think that maybe ruka will appear..maybe she indead is Rukamon (Dolpsmon in english versions) ..we can expect anything from episode 39 ;)

  5. @Ivo

    Not sure myself how will this fierce fight will go. Though very likely Splashmon is a formidable foe. I mean, all attacks go through him, and made worse that he's a master of deception with his shape shifting ability. We'll see how it will turn out once 39 airs.

    Oh, that Xros Wars manga. Yeah, intriguing its latest chapter was, with Zenjirou and Akari still with Taiki, complete with new outfits.

  6. YAAAAAY!! I've been waiting this and finally appear!!!
    I was so curious why Taiki and Nene turn evil and how they beat Splashmon!! so can't wait to watch it!
    btw Splashmon is good looking but i was annoyed how he tricked them.......

  7. @Ivo

    I'm... Also not sure about Ruka. She's a puppet after all powered/animated by that blue Dripping. For now, she'll probably stay motionless on the floor with a frozen funny face pasted on her. LOL.


    Quoting again that anonymous user in a previous Episode 38 topic, it's likelihood that the evil Nene and Taiki seen in the preview is Splashmon in disguise. He can copy others looks to near perfection, save for those purple eye shadows/markings.

    Then again, there's that black Dripping... Does it turn people evil, as a servant of Splashmon?