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Friday, May 6, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars EP36 Summary & EP 37 Preview

ep 36:The Laughing Hunter! The Wood Spirit General Zamielmon

吉田玲子 角銅博之 角銅博之 直井正博

女剣士メルヴァモンの弟で、ザミエールモンの手下だったイグニートモンが正義に目覚めた! タイキ(声・高山みなみ)たちはイグニートモンとともに力を合わせ、ハニーランドを支配するデスジェネラル、ザミエールモンと戦うことに。そんななか、タイキはイグニートモンから、ザミエールモンの小さな体の秘密を聞かされる。ザミエールモンはもともと体が大きいが、デジモンから吸い上げたデジハニーなるパワーを食べると、小さくなるというのだ。そこで、タイキはザミエールモンをいったん大きくさせてから倒そう、と考える。そこへ、ザミエールモンからハニー遊園地への招待状が届いた。タイキたちはそれが罠と知りながら、敢えて敵地へ…。作戦を決行する。ところが、ザミエールモンはタイキたちの予想を遥かに超えた大きさにまで巨大化!そこで、シャウトモンとメタルグレイモンは超進化し、Ω(オメガ)シャウトモンとZグレイモンに。さらに両者をタイキとキリハ(声・草尾毅)がデジクロス(=合体)させ、シャウトモンDXが誕生!巨大化したザミエールモンに戦いを挑む!!

Zamielmon’s hand’s man, swordwoman Mervamon’s little brother, Ignitemon’s justice has awaken! Taiki and others combine their power with Ignitemon, to fight against the Death General who’s ruling Honey Land, Zamielmon. From there, Taiki heard from Ignitemon, the secret of Zamielmon’s little body. Zamielmon wants to become even more bigger, he aborts the power that turns into DigiHoney from Digimon, that’s why he’s so small. Therefore, Taiki and others are thinking to defeat Zamielmon before he becomes even bigger. Then, an invitation to Honey Amusement park from Zamielmon. Taiki and others know this is a trap, yet they still dare to come to the enermy’s place… And carry out their strategy. But, Zamielmon turns even bigger than Taiki and others thought! Then Shoutmon and MetalGreymon Chou-Shinka intoΩ(Omega)Shoutmon and ZGreymon. Also both Taiki and Kiriha let them Digi-Xros, Shoutmon DX is born! They challenge Zamielmon who turns huge to fight.

According to 2ch, while Kiriha and others are battling with Honeybeemons, a mysterious boy appears and attack them

37話「弟よ、なぜ!? 敵ジェネラル・ユウの悪夢」
EP 37「Why Brother! ? Enemy General Yuu’s Nightmare」


  1. So the title for Ep 37 is not about the glory of the 3 head officers, but about Yuu's nightmare?

    The purple aura in the last 2 pics seems to suggest a forced digixros?

    Why do Lilith-tan, blastmon and Evilmons look so astonishing?

    Eeks.. Blastmon biting Lilith-tan's robe, and this seems to suggest Blastmon doesn't want Lilith-tan to leave him alone.

  2. it would be awsome if ignitemon would digixros with jetmervamon.

    so lilithmon's sadistic soul mate isn't going to xros with anything,

    and THANK U x10amin

  3. That silhouette... could it be Taomon's ?
    And nice to see Revolmon again.

  4. @ x5SBK

    The silhouette looks like a virus Taomon to me..

    DXW is like a drug to me.. I always can't wait to watch DXW first hand.

    I guess Yuu doesn't really know what he's doing. The pic above seems to suggest he's sadistic about Revolmon being trapped. He's probably brainwashed by the evils. The first thing Yuu get to involve in the digital world is evil..

    Lili-tan seems to discover the purple aura (forced digixros) and just went forward to it.. And Blastmon doesn't want her to leave him behin, and maybe thats how evilmons, Blastmon and dear crazy, bitchy, cunning lili-tan got a forced digixros with them and become Gattai Lili-tan.. Then she will become sadistic and maybe fight xros hearts..

    Not sure where the aura comes from? Is it from yuu's darkness loader or just an aura on its own?

    I am wondering if she didi the forced digixros by chance or purposely..

  5. @Jason

    The hand suggests it's a normal Taomon.

    Yuu is probably faking.

    It's a cartoon. The aura is just for setting the mood or such stuff.

  6. Zeek =/= Z he's not the counterpart to Z'd Garurumon >.> :P

    Also it should be ok to post the preview video right? Previews should be PD and will not lose them any money. Why didn't you?

  7. Wait TV ahashi doesn't have the PV for 37 o.o

    BTW it also seems DKmon is now Bugra, not twilight.

    Twilight is no more?!

    the episode is cooooming ouuut! gotta go Toilet(?)
    aaah, now.... TAOMON APPEAR!!? uh-oh! I hope he/she not in bad side, I think Yuu's outfit bit weird from me but YAY! Finally he appear, my little sister had be waiting for him! but still waiting 2 weeks :( oke oke, I can't wait to hear blastmon and Damemon voice, kinda miss them....
    and I felt nothing special in 36 but I'm still curious about the 35, waiting for the subs :)

  9. @Mattwo

    Yeah, Twilight is only a subsidiary of Bagra.
    Not sure why Yuu wantsto help the Bagra Army.
    Maybe Dkmon has a motive?

  10. @Jason
    Virus Taomon is actually a separate digimon called Doumon. It could be either one but considering that the Bagra-Gun usually uses Virus Attribute digimon as its minions, it could be Doumon.

  11. @anonymous
    Doumon is actually a Data too, there's a virus version of Taomon which only appeared on Digimon D-Project, but in that game pretty much every Digimon have their data, vaccine and virus version.

  12. Yes well it's clearly a regular one. Doumon has blue fur right? You can just barely make out her arm which is yellow.