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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[XrosLoader]Upgrade for Code Crown Zero

Courtesy from Digimon Portugal :)

I don't own a Xros Loader and I'm not sure how all these works...

So feel free to correct me or let me know anything you want to add anything you want me to post on here~>.<

"Today, Bandai released a new quest. It is an upgrade for Code Crown Zero. The maps are the same, but some leaders are different and you have more Digimon to catch.

Code Crown Zero

First Zone
§ Battle 1: WarGreymon (GreyKnightsmon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 2: MetalGarurumon
§ Battle 3: Darkdramon (NeoVamdemon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 4: BanchouLeomon (Apollomon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 5: Examon (Shoutmon X3GM is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 6: Gallantmon (Grademon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 7: Omnimon (Shoutmon X3SD is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 8: Gallantmon X (Gallantmon X is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 9: Shoutmon X4 Knight (Shoutmon X4 Knight is owned in this battle)

Second Zone
§ Battle 1: MadLeomon
§ Battle 2: Neptunemon (Lunamon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 3: AncientVolcamon (Dorbickmon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 4: DaiPenmon
§ Battle 5: Chaosdramon
§ Battle 6: Lucemon (Mercuremon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 7: GrandisKuwagamon
§ Battle 8: MusouKnightmon (MusouKnightmon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 9: DarknessBagramon (DarknessBagramon is owned in this battle)

Third Zone
§ Battle 1: Minervamon (Mervamon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 2: Phelesmon
§ Battle 3: Apocalipsemon
§ Battle 4: WaruMonzaemon
§ Battle 5: Diaboromon
§ Battle 6: ? A green Digimon with many eyes and tentacles
§ Battle 7: ZeekGreymon (ZeekGreymon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 8: OmegaShoutmon (OmegaShoutmon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 9: Shoutmon DX (Shoutmon DX is owned in this battle)

It is not possible to make a DigiXros with ZeekGreymon or DX.

This text is mine, I passed all the Code Crown while I was registring. You can publish this here if you want. "


  1. The green Digimon might be Argomon from Savers Movie.

  2. UGH I don't have that toy. It's probably too expensive to be worth importing (plus shipping).

    Plus if bandai ever gets around to making a USA version it /WILL/ SUCK!

  3. @X5SBK Argomon was in Dawn/Dusk and probably the TCG as well.

  4. uhhh, where do you buy one of these code crowns from, cause i know you get SSS DISCOVERY from hobby link japan. But they dont have it. please help, thanks.

  5. Oops, my bad, what i meant was HLJ (hobby link japan) does not sell, code crown zero. Where can i get one. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  6. @Lion
    The Code Crown Zeros was a sort of limited promotion thing that happened earlier this year; with the purchase of a Xros Loader, you would get the Code Crown Zero as well. It wasn't available to buy online like the other two, but you might be able to find it on Yahoo Japan Auctions or similar websites with the use of a middleman/bidding service [sellers in Japan rarely ship outside Japan, and they use bank transfers in stead of paypal as the main payment method]. You'd need to use this keyword: デジモンコードクラウンゼロ

  7. @Jessicat
    Thnx, it helped alot this info, but now i feel helpless now, knowing i cant ever get one now, i really wanted to get an omega shoutmon to make a digi X7. But thnx aniwais really appreciate it.

  8. hii..cn i ask where cn i buy code crown??izzi cn download it??or needed to buy 01,02,03??

  9. I want Code crown zero

    Where is it.

  10. Where is the link to update code crown zero?