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Sunday, July 17, 2011

[Vjump] ep 48 title + More Digimon World RE: Digitize info

info 2ch

edit @ 12:57am: Translation for the magazine

7/24 最後の王国、輝く太陽のブライトランド (ピコデビモン)
ep 45:The Last Kingdom, Bright Land of the Bright Sun(DigiMelody: PicoDevimon)
7/31 生か死か、地獄のジェネラル決戦! (ヴァルキリモン)
ep 46 Death or Alive, Decisive Battle of General of Hell (DigiMelody: Valkyrimon)
8/7 タイキVSユウ、少年ジェネラル対決!! (パルモン)
ep 47 Taiki VS. Yuu, The Showdown of the Boy Generals(DigiMelody: Palmon)
8/14 ベルゼブモン、ヒカリに消ゆ! (ティロモン)
ep 48 Beelzebumon, Vanishes into the Light! (DigiMelody:Tylomon)

What is Sanju Riku plan to do with Beelzebumon this time? =A=

as for the new Digimon PSP game
previous post about its info click here

Due to blurry text, I've put question marks on some of the sentences.

From right to left:
On the boy's arm, there is a mysterious machine!!
Found a mysterious machine that's shining its light. This device holds the bond with Digimon, together, take care of them and help them evolve. The most significant of result of its invention(?)

Real World: The main character sees the Human World!(?) The street and town looks the same as the city you see at modern time. You can go into the Digital record!(?) The huge Tower appears within the center of the city, what is that...!?

Character Designer is :Yasuda Suzuhito-san
Who was the illustrator for "Durarara"!! Yasuda-san is going to design the character for this game!!

The Protagonist:
A 14 years old boy likes to ride on a road bike,
trigger by some certain event, and lost in the Computer World!

The progagonist's first and best Nakama, who's also his partner! Its attack is Baby Flame where a fire ball comes from its mouth and splits it out!


Evolves many variations of Digimon.
You train the Digimon and it will evolve! What kind of Digimon, it's all up to how you train it.

The first appearance of PSP "Digimon"!!

When the Digital World and the Real World comes across together...
THe World have reborn!!

Digital World: The world where the Data- live creature, Digimon live! The street of Digimon also have stores! The tower appears in the center seems to be similar to the one in the Real World, are there connections between the two?

The Stage of the adventure between the both world has open its carton .
Two world mysteriously close... appears...(?) As the Real World and the Digital World comes across together causes the mysterious space. The new story has begun. The boy as the progaonist and... starts his adventure in the wide world. (?)

"Have you decided it right away?"

There are more that get you excited as you see it.
Ultra-Impressive battle!!

Illustrates by CG, the battle that feels real! It increases the power as it evolve, how can you surpass the difficutites in the adventure?(?)

Finally, what's the story setting of the these World? Stay tune!


  1. Aw, nonononononono~! Not Beelzemon~!

    Hopefully this does not mean that they're killing off those who are not X7 components or worse, one by one as they get close to the final battle, there will be casualties/deaths on the Xros Heart United Army.

    Magazine-scan wise, the Digitize Agu is like the Savers one but with a smaller head and minus the arm bands. The human design art style looks similar to SMT Devil Survivor ones, though.

  2. that looks pretty cool. i like the design of the new tamer o3o it rocks. i bet the game plays/loads really slow =w= too much graphic.

    i'm curious. v-jump is released how many times? i though it was only once at month @~@ -i really don't know this- if so, when does the info for apollomon appears? x3

  3. Vjump releases on the 21st of every month I think, but usually news comes in a few days earlier

  4. yeah v-jump is once a month, info on apollomon could be in this months issue.

    the tamer looks awesome.

    i love agumon but, i hope you can change partners.

    also hoping for some xros wars characters in the game like the death generals would love to fight dorbickmon.

    Beelzebumon, Vanishes into the Light!
    this worries me, i wonder if he does die, could it be apollomon the one that kills him.

    (revenge for leomonc(tamers)

  5. Great. another Digimon dies because of some crazy marketing plan.

  6. @ Reiji

    Don't worry, I don't think they will be eliminating those Xros Hearts Digimons that are not part of the x7 component. Cutemon's gonna stay for sure especially.

    As for Beelzemon vanishing into the light, I guess maybe 1) he really sacrifices his life to save Xros Hearts OR 2)it maybe he teleported himself into another place?

    Beats me, I am not sure too.

  7. I don't think we have to read "vanishes into the light" as a metaphor, and I think it'd be unfair to give away Beelzemon's death in a title. 'Light' doesn't sound like too bad a thing, even if it's associated with Apollomon. What I'm hoping for is that this episode will have something to do with Beelzemon's goddess turning out to be real.

  8. Well it could be worse belzemon and deckerdramon could be cerebumon, who only existed to sacrifice himself...

    As for the new game, not really exited because if it comes out in english it will take AGES...

    But after seeing http://corp.toei-anim.co.jp/english/film/digimon_xros_wars.php


  9. #Jason

    Even if Beelzemon is indeed going to perish, probably he and Deckerdramon (Or whoever else is gonna get killed.) might be revived after Bagramon's defeat.

    I mean, remember back in 39 when Taiki got most of the Code Crowns, and former deceased Bagra Zone Commanders being resurrected in their pure and uncorrupted forms?


    Yeah, hopefully that IMDB list is not true. I mean, the names are very far off, I'd probably prefer Taiki being renamed "Ikki" or his original Japanese name retained like Takato and Takuya rather than "Gerry."

    Not mad at the list, but rather laughing my sides when I read it. >XD

  10. @ Reiji

    Haha.. That was Episode 29 in Sword Zone. You know it , but you've typed wrongly. It's okay. :)

    I can understand why you're laughing when you read the list, Big Brother. Well, perhaps Taiki should be renamed as "kiki" and Kiriha renamed as "haha".

    For me, I will prefer the Japanese version to everything for Digimon.

  11. OMEGA! NEW GAMES!!!! I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna IT!!!!!! Gheez! but why is PSP!? God! you making me hard to choice what I should buy =.= I love the new boy but then....Agumon again? gheez, was hoping there is new main digimon with red and black color (Like Reiji! upps! he's human not Digimon :D)
    Oh no! gotta feeling Beelzebumon end up like Deckerdramon, gheez! I never thought there will be event about him >< and yeaaah! Valkrymon making debut! I like him :D

  12. @Jason
    Wahahahaha I like your rename version but seriously I hate the DUB version cuz it ruins everything, I ALWAYS love the Japanese version XD

  13. I guess the one reassuring thing about a dub is that they won't be able to mess around with the Digimons' names, as apparently it's too hard to edit the Digivolution sequences. That said, I do think it would be possible to dub Xros Wars well; I do think most of its action and humour are simple enough to have cross-cultural appeal.

  14. thanks for the answer :) now i can stop looking at wikimon's front page every day xDD

    for the beelzemon thing, maybe they'll make a "light" version of beelzemon, since almost lilithmon and daemon used to be good angels, maybe now it's beelzemon's turn 83 just a suggestion.

  15. ah fuck seriously?
    beelzebumon's turn to die?!

  16. @ Intan

    The dub version is like...... (You know, I know, Reiji knows) It's just between the 3 of us so far.

  17. Can't fetch a copy today in Hong Kong ...
    I visit Mong Kok "Animate" today
    and the shop said that all the airmail VJump sold out and need to wait ship version(which is slower and cheaper).

    The other shops "Media Factory" and "Japan Pop" said that Vjump not arrived yet(of coz they will have it on shelf on 21st every month).

    Well, Vjump this month (September) is a Jumbo Volume(特大號).Perhaps the gift is very attractive.

    I just want to read the Monster Hunter Cat Comics and Digimon news

    Hong Kong is rainy this week, I dun feel like going out...

    I'll try to get VJ ASAP

  18. @ Elfen

    You are from Hongkong? Cantonese? I am excited about September as my B'dae falls on mid September, and Xros Wars's most exciting/Final part also falls on September. I was born in 1989, and just like many Digimon Fans born around my time, I have been a fan of Digimon for 11 years.

    You mean the V-Jump will be thick for its September Issue? That's good. I really want to see how Baguramon fight and want to know what exactly will happen to Lilithmon.

  19. Looking forward to that next XW manga chapter. :)

    Anyways, below is the link containing a much bigger size of that magazine scan; Hopefully the texts there are much clearer/legible to read/decipher.


  20. @ Reiji
    nahh it's the same size as the original one i have, photobucket shrank my image size loll
    Do you want the original size?

  21. @Rainie

    Ah, I see. LOL. Anyways, thanks for the offer. Though I'd probably wait for the new scans in future issues. :)

  22. Wasn't there a digimon PS1 game on the PSN? So this wouldn't be the first if that were the case :P