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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[VJump]Digimon Xros Wars : Teen Hunters Who Chase for Time Announced(Updated)

Oh my god, this series still can continue for season 2 ?!
Really unbelievable since the storyline is suck at least for now.

Update @ 12:49: Translations

Well, I will put my finger cross and reserve my comment until I watch it.
Click for Larger Image

For the translation of the digimons, just wait rainmon as I am too lazy to do so =3=
BTW Gabumon is appearing in this series


"Starting October 2nd, 'Digimon Xros Wars' will CHOU SHINKA!!
A Brand New World, Friends, Digimon!! Taiki and others' adventures increases its speed/fast approach!"

"Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap/Chases Through Time

A Scoop of a shocking new start!
The Adventure continues!

Staring October 2nd, an raging new start, the brand new anime illustrations approaches with alot of hidden secrets!!

Title Renewal!
What is "Hunter"?
The kids that line up in the illustration,
Are they Hunters?

Characters from right to left:
Tobari Ren
Amano Yuu, Damemon,
Akashi Tagiru, GamuDramon
Kudou Taiki, Shoutmon
Suzaki Airu
Mogami Ryoma

Arashi Tagiru:
Attention on Mysterious Boy and Taiki and others!
Tagiru, Taiki and Yuu who grew up!
They are the ones who holds the key of the story!

Mogami Ryoma:
Friend or Foe? The Teens each holds a Xros Loader!!
The mysterious Digimon in the silhouette and others are their partner Digimon!"


  1. OMG! Yuu looks like he's finally grown up now and that OMG! was for Season 2! =D

  2. Older Yuu? I suppose Damemon survive the events of Xros Wars. Wow... even Gabumon, Dracmon and Opposumon... what the Heck!!!

  3. I actually hope this is real, and they make up for the crappy moments that xros wars had in its first half.

    psychemon or a new recolor.
    Gamudoramon the new mon.

    Shoutmon fastest digimon to be redesigned.

    but it could be fake.

  4. Totally didn't expect that Xros Wars will have second season (with that awful rating, only one episode made it to top 10 and that was because most major show didn't air that day....), i'd rather them to have 3rd arc of season 1, or is this still season 1 3rd arc?
    Shoutmon officially the fastest Digimon that get redesigned (or is it still MetalGreymon?)
    Well.... at least it's not Adventure03/Tamers02 which i wouldn't bother to care.

  5. At Lassst, I'm really happy now...!!!!
    Xros Wars will continue !! xDD
    Or is this mean that in Japan Xros Wars really Popular ?? O.o
    I hope so, because for me Xros Wars is the best season in Digimon xD

    And, Older Yuu OAO
    That's really really a surprise, I love younger Yuu =3=
    Younger Yuu really really cute xDD
    And Shoutmon looks more more Rebellion now xD

  6. To clarify, Xros Wars is the sixth anime SERIES of the Digimon franchise.

    The Seven Kingdoms and the Evil Death Generals is the second SEASON of Xros Wars.

    This new one here is likely the SEVENTH SERIES. Though it could potentially be the THIRD SEASON of Xros Wars.

    Also, would people please stop calling things 01/02/03.

    02 referred to the year 2002.

  7. Unbelievable... Digimon Xros Wars got upcoming new season? Look forward to it!

  8. @CloneWarrior know...for the fact that the second series of Digimon was actually called Digimon Adventure 02 and came out in 2000.

  9. Just hope in the future, they don't downgrade powerful digimon, like what were happened to Huanglongmon and Lucemon Chaos Mode, these two digimons are very powerful digimon!!

  10. @Anonymous

    Digimon Adventure 02 TOOK PLACE IN 2002. Remember? There was a three year timeskip after Adventure.

  11. That is awesome!

    And The Evil Death Generals and The Seven Kingdoms is not a season. It is the second part of Digimon Xros Wars. A season needs to have an introduction, a development and a conclusion (the first part hadn't the last one).

    The story of this season will be in a new world between Digital and Real Worlds. The new main character is Tagiru Akashi.

  12. As what I have told you all before, I could sense there is a 7th season coming up, and like what CloneWarrior said, here it is.

    Umm, though the ratings for Xros Wars is a bit low, partly due too being broadcast too early..I mean people still can watch it online later on. They don't have to watch it exactly as it airs. And Digimon is not only quite popular in Nihon, but also popular among many countries.

    I am One who supports the Japanese , Japanese Cultures and most importantly digimon. I think Xros Wars is okay, but the deaths of Lilithmon and Tactimon are a bit too sudden...I think the Royal Knights-Lucemon Arc and Dark Masters arc are the best arcs ever in Digimon so far...

    If you all understand Mandarin and watched the Chinese Dubbed of Digimon Adventure episode 40, I can tell you it's quite funny,esp the part where Piedmon said the humans are foolish,...,Curtains of the play drawn up.....etc..

    I am happy that Digimon continues. A true Digimon fan will watch the anime until he or she dies.

  13. @Digimon Portugal

    Um, no. That isn't the definition of a season. If that was the definition, shows like Iron Chef couldn't possibly have seasons.

    Each Digimon series is split into two seasons: the Fall season, and the Spring season.

    Xros Wars is simply the first one to change the name of the show for the second season.

  14. Here are some news I found from one site regarding the season :

    The October issue of Shueisha's V Jump magazine is confirming on Saturday that the Digimon Xros Wars anime will continue into its second year on October 2. In its second year, the anime will "hyper-evolve" with a new world, new friends, and new Digimon creatures, although it will still revolve around the main character Taiki and his friends. In particular, the new year will deal with a secret hidden in the gap between the real and digital worlds.

    The anime will introduce a mysterious new boy named Tagiru Akashi who will hold the key to the story. Other new Xros Loader-wielding human Digimon partners, who may be friend or foe, will be introduced such as a Ryōma Mogami and Airu Suzaki.

    My comment :

    So, this means that if there aren't any breaks for Xros Wars (I don't think there are), Xros Wars, till the defeat of Baguramon will have 54 episodes. Wonder if the series is still about fighting evil digimons. At least, Damemon turns good.. And I am sad that Akari, Nene and Kiriha isn't in that poster.. Will they show up? Lol. I don't care about Zenjirou. haha.. No more Kiritai, Akatai, Kirine????....

    And the new leader , looks a bit like Zenjirou.. Omg..

    The 2 girls look like the 2 woman with PawnChessmons in Digimon Savers, and I suspect the guy whose partner is Dracmon is in collaboration with the evil digimons...., before he turns good????

    And there are new evil Digimons....???

    Umm, I don't know about Lucemon being downgraded...But perhapsnow, I think maybe SHoutmon X5's power is slightly less powerful than Sussanomon, and maybe OmegaShoutmon is a bit more powerful than Omegamon? All the 7 death generals are more powerful than Lucemon though their attacks look simple..But maybe the Generals' attacks have less openings than Lucemon, Tactimon, etc.........???

  15. @ CloneWarrior

    The characters may change, like happened in Adventure: the main character is Daisuke, but Taichi continues appearing. In The Evil Death Generals and The Seven Kingdoms, the only change we have is that Akari and Zenjirou stayed in the Real World.

  16. @Digimon Portugal

    What does that have anything to do with what I said?

    This change of characters is the start of a new SERIES.

    The Death Generals arc was the SECOND SEASON of the FIRST SERIES of Xros Wars.

  17. @ Digimon Portugal

    Wait,I think it's none of my biz, but Both of you are like the Slappy and Skippy in the "Who's On Stage?" Youtube Video (Animaniacs)....LOL..

    The name of the group on stage is "Who" but Slappy didn't get it and got irritated with Skippy who's trying his best to tell his aunt the answer..

    What CloneWarrior meant is The Evil Death Generals and 7 Kingdoms are the second arc of the First Season of Xros Wars.

    But this one is the 7th Digimon Season, which is also the Second Season for Xros Wars.

    But whether this teens chasing for time arc is the first half or entire arc of the 7th season, we don't know...

  18. @ Clone W and Digimon P

    I think the 3 of us mean the same things... Just that we interpret it slightly differently.. LOL..

  19. Nice...Nice...This is the next season please. Xros Wars or not, it takes place after the first set of events have resolved and technically is the next season, like how Adventure 02 was before it.

    Season 7 FTW!!!

  20. Ugh, you're all missing the point.

    My point is that there are six Digimon SERIES. Six entirely seperate shows (though one is a sequel to another) based on one concept.

    Each of these SERIES is split into TWO SEASONS. Two for Adventure. Two for Adventure 02. Two for Tamers. Two for Frontier. Two for Savers. And two for Xros Wars.

    For every series, the first is the fall season, and the second is the spring season. Each season is between ~20 and 30 episodes.

    These seasons are usually only separated by being ordered separately by the production company, and don't necessarily require a change in the plot.

    Xros Wars however, was actually given a new title for its second season, and had a much clearer separation point.

    Now, there are two possibilities for this new "Teen Hunters" thing.

    It could be a second fall season, and therefore a THIRD SEASON, for Xros Wars. This would make it part of the SIXTH SERIES.

    OR, it could be the FIRST SEASON of an entirely new SEVENTH SERIES, as was the case with Adventure 02.

  21. @ CloneW

    I think this is the 7th Series and also the thrid arc.

    Wait, LOL. I made myself more confused.. It seems the Tagiru isn't the leader. Taiki is still the leader, but Tagiru will get a lot of focus...

    And with only 5 episodes after Bright Land's arc, I wonder if Baguramon is truly defeated at the end of the 54th episode, or the battle with him continues to the 7th series............???

  22. looks like Psychemon to me.

    OMG, DRACMON, please be truth please be truth.

  23. @Pedro

    It's already been confirmed to be true.

  24. This looks pretty much exactly how I expected a new season to look... keep Taiki and Shoutmon, get rid of all or most of the old cast so that a new cast can have new mysteries and a new dynamic, more importantly get rid of all or most of the old Digimon cast so that all of Shoutmon's old DigiXroses are unavailable... Super Evolution will probably be out of the picture as well, at least for a while, although standard evolution is almost certainly back given the rookie look of all these guys. Maybe retcon Damemon ==> Tsuwamon into an evolution? Shift everyone to a strange new portion of the Digital World, and presto, you have a sequel series.

    Yuu as a good guy and continuing cast member makes sense, as he's had the least air time and has never had any DigiXroses with the heroes, so there's still loads of potential there.

    Hunters and Time, huh. Interesting terms - I'd guess that they're specific to the plot of the new series, with "Hunters" being the new "General," and that suggests that time is being affected by whoever the villains are.

    Also, while Xros Wars may have low ratings, I've heard that the toys have sold very well, and that's probably more important.

    Hey, does that 10 2 at the top mean this starts airing at the beginning of October?

  25. wow, so rumors were true! awesome! i'm not sure if i'm 100% happy to see xross digimons again (i still don't like that much the concept of assembled digimons) but hope they bring back the evolution levels as well as the miths and leyends of the digital world, respecting the positions of some digimons xD (like huanglongmon and all) that..guy with the blue t-shirt looks...weird .-. i already dont like it. but i'm happy to see dame-dame again on tv! i thought he'd die in this last episodes ^^U
    shoutmon somehow looks older! Owo

  26. Yes, 10 月2日means 2nd October in Japanese Kanji and Chinese.

  27. Am I the only one who thinks this looks terrible?

    I might be being petty because I had a fan story called "Digimon Hunters." Now they've used "Hunters" for real. Darn. I'll have to change it. I didn't really like it anyway.

    But seriously, this does look bad.
    - Gamudramon looks like a "Xros" between Veemon and Mickey Mouse. And I don't like that name.
    - Tagiru's design looks horrible. He looks like he's trying (and failing) to be Tai. But he doesn't even seem to fit the Digimon series. I can't imagine him in a lineup with the other main Chosen Children/Digi-Destined.
    - Damemon's back? Ugh! Why would anyone want robo poo as a partner? And spoiler alert: I guess he doesn't die!
    - Shoutmon has a bandanna now? He looks like ProtoMan!
    - Psychemon, Dracumon, and Opossumon as partner Digimon? Talk about random choices! I doubt these guys will be able to evolve. Psychemon's just a ripoff of Gabumon. Opossumon is an Armor form of Gatomon, and there is no Armor evolution in Xros Wars from what we know. The only one with a legitimate evolution line is Dracumon, and his final form is basically the king of the Dark Area. Not a friendly guy. (Oh, and one of his forms is Matadrumon, who's already been in Xros Wars.)
    - Time travel? Really? That's an overused gimmick.

    I'm not happy about this. I don't hate Xros Wars, but I was glad we'd be done with it soon. Now this. -_-'

  28. This is great news for those hoping for a 07 without the 3 year hiatus between Savers and Xros Wars.

    Getting a bit of 02 vibes here.

    A revived Tactimon as the final boss? LOL.

  29. I'm glad we're getting new characters, to be honest I was expecting another season but with Akari and Zenjirou alongside, Taiki, Nene, Kiriha and Yuu. I'm curious as to what will happen with Nene and Kiriha

  30. Hey as long as that prick Kiriha's not there, I'm sold.

  31. fuck...guess they make pretty good money on the cards to waste it in another season

  32. I only ask for two things:

    1. Taiki gets ACTUAL character development. (quite frankly he has become my least favorite lead in digimon)

    2.Hopefully this won't turn into a disaster like Zero Two was. (so many subplots so little time.)

  33. @Anonymous who said they're wasting money.

    The reason the toys and cards are selling is because there's a show to advertise them.

  34. I had a feeling that there would be a sequel, since xros wars was essentially a reboot of the series

  35. Does Xros Wars really deserves a sequel?

    Reboot to the series? Didn't they said the same thing about Savers, and Frontier, AND Tamers?

  36. @izumi you re so stupid! your comment sounds like a crying fan of digimon adventure... this new season looks great, is a new concept.
    Remember that this is other season, this is not digimon adventure, opossumon may have his own evolution line, the rules between xros wars and adventure or any other season are totally diferent.
    PD: and... yes you are the only one that think that this is bad -.-, im anonymous but you can call me DigiVVKT if you wanna answer me....

  37. It was too shocking~~
    I want to end watching the series in xros
    war then season 2 comes. What the ..

  38. I'm wondering what Kiriha and Nene will look like.

    I'm interested in what the secret hidden in the gap between the real world and digital world is.

    can't wait to watch this.

  39. @ DigiVVKT: I don't appreciate you calling me stupid. Having a different opinion doesn't make me dumb. We disagree. We still both like Digimon. That's all that matters.

    FYI, I'm NOT one of those fans who wants everything to stay the way it was in Adventure. In fact, Adventure's not even my favorite season. Frontier is. Need I say more? <_<

    Yes, the rules change every season. But now that they've introduced evolution in Xros Wars and kept predictable lines (for example, Chocomon >> Lopmon), I'm assuming SOME of the same rules still apply. That would mean Opossumon would be a form of Gatomon/Tailmon. Could that change? Of course. Do I expect it to? No.

    And no, I'm NOT the only person who doesn't like the look of "Xros Wars 02." I may be the only one here, but there are others. Trust me. I've looked.

    I don't hate Xros Wars. It definitely has its merits. I think Shoutmon's one of the coolest Digimon they've ever introduced and the best main Digimon ever. But the reasons I don't like Xros Wars have NOTHING to do with how different it is from Adventure.

  40. I don't know why everyone is hating on season 2 of xros wars, I mean yeah the first season wasn't the best thing ever and the second one is assumed to be worse, but I'm glad that they're making another season, since I just want to watch digimon, so to all the haters, don't watch it if you don't like it

  41. @Izumi i called you stupid because you are saying things like ´´dont like that name´´ that is ridiculous.

    and well... you sounded like a crying fan...

    you need first see this season and listen the new rules.... in digimon xros wars (manga) appears kazemon and agunimon like normal digimons... i believe that if appear a spirit digimon can appear an armor digimon

    The people that says that digimon xros wars is bad is because only see the first pictures of the season..... is just like digimon frontier.. dont appear digimon partner and many people begin to hate it immediately by DigiVVKT

  42. @ DigiVVKT: I'm not stupid.

    I don't have to like all the characters' names. It's my opinion. But names don't really matter. I hate the name "Beelzebumon" because of who it's associated with, yet he's my favorite Digimon in the whole series.

    Enough with this "crying fan" stuff, please. It sounds to me like "crying fan" means fan who picks apart the seasons you like. You're accusing me of being one of those old-school fans who doesn't like change. I'm not, as I've explained to you.

    When did I say I wasn't going to watch this? I'll watch it because I love Digimon. That's the same reason I've watched Xros Wars until now. I might end up liking it, of course. But right now, I'm unimpressed with what I see. I'm allowed to be. The point of posters is to make whatever they're advertising look appealing. This one doesn't appeal to me, but that doesn't mean I'm going to skip the season.

    BTW, you must have misread my comment about Opossumon. She's an Armor form of Gatomon/Tailmon, but since Armor evolution doesn't exist, I said she probably WON'T evolve. In other words, she'll be a normal Digimon like tons of other Digimon this season. That's the same thing you said.

    You need to learn to respect others' opinions. I never called you stupid. Treat me the same way.

  43. @ DigiVVKT
    How can you call others stupid when ones raise out their comment.

    I have the same opinion with him that I do not hope this series have season two due to this season's very bad reputation. Since the makers already announced it going to on air soon, what we can do is just wait and see whether it is a good or bad for them to have this Season 2.

  44. @Izumi Sorry if i offended you, but your comment soundED like that, now i know that you arent a crying fan, and if the names dont matter, why you have to say that the name dont like you, that is unnecessary.

    and i didnt never say that you never wasnt going to see that season, i said that ´´the people´´ not you.

    I respect other opinions, but your comment ´´Talk about random choices´´ sounds like you are saying that the creators of this really arent thinking and only makes a new season only for make another season.

    I respect the opinions, but only if this opinion brings some good!
    im not saying that criticize a mistake of something is bad, but things like write with irony and say that : dont like that name but its my favorite, are totally unnecessary. is like search some bad to something that you know is too good.

    and again sorry, i never didnt say it. DigiVVKT

  45. Sorry Rainmon no more stupid meesages from me.... DigiVVKT

  46. looks like XrosHeart team got new company

  47. Yeah.. Yeah..No one is stupid. Everyone here has his or her own merits. Chill man..

    Anyway, I forgot to tell you all I really like the idea of Damemon coming back.

    I used to agree with Tactimon that Lilithmon had a bad taste of thinking Damemon is cute. Now, I changed my mind. I like Damemon and I find his face and voice cute. I even put his photo on my Facebook profile, and gave myself an alternative name, Damemon. :)

  48. One more thing that occurred to me since yesterday: The gender balance here is terrible. In Xros Wars we have six humans and two of those are female, which isn't bad, especially given that Yuu wasn't around until the second half of the series. But in the new series here we seem to have only one girl out of six humans. That's ridiculous! Especially if they don't bother to treat her as an equal to the male characters, as per Akari and Nene.

    I don't like the character designs either, but that's nothing new for Xros Wars. I'll give it a go, and maybe in practice it'll work out better than it looks.

  49. OMG where is my beloved girl nene
    she is out of the main characters....that's not good.>:|

    but on the other hand am very happy for having second season of xros wars :D

  50. OMG!
    well as always i have some questions! :D
    1. main character has this new blue digimon that looks like spadamon younger brother and he has some red colured X-loader, just WTF? ..Taiki's main digimon is Shoutmon and his Loader is red, Yuu's main digimon is Damemon and his loader is yellow :D so producers obviosuly wanna make me made and confused :) yeey -.-''

  51. @ Anonymous 2:26 am

    Well at least, Lilithmon, like one of the commenters here said before, Lilithmon is a great Villian, The first female villian to be on par with the Male villian. So Proud of Lilithmon.

    @ Anonymous 3:11 am

    I am thinking if Nene and Kiriha may make some appearances in this new series.

    @ Ivo

    Umm, I think Taiki and that Tagiru boy ( with the Blue digimon, Gramudamon sth like that , can't remember the spelling) are the main human characters. I think TWill New World is okay, but I am hoping for a very fast,uptempo opening for this new series..

    I think things are looking optimistic. So, I encourage all of you to look forward to it. ~~~

  52. @Jason
    it would be more logical if that new main kid has samo blue-purple Loader so it matches his partner Digimon ;) but i am just over reacting! new show looks great and if you noticed not only Shoutmon changes, Damemon is also different..look that behind his right hand is something like tail, and Chuuchumon and his seat is not anymore on Damemon back :D i am sure that Yuu will get Yellow Loader in in final episodes of 6 season ;) and he will continue to have it in next series ;) i am really happy to see a bunch of new x-Loaders ..probably there gonna be a lot of new armies ;) can anyone translate what it says on this picture :D

  53. @Rainmon: I'm not a kid, I'm in my 20s. But if I was acting childish, I apologize. I've had a lot of bad experiences on the Internet, and they've left me with some sore spots. I get defensive very easily. But he apologized and I forgive him. And I'm sorry for making the situation worse. No harm done. We're all fans.

  54. I'm just lol-ing at MinaJun voicing another Ryoma. XDD *cough* huge Prince of Tennis fangirl *cough*

    This looks way awesome though, should it be true~ Can't wait! ♥

  55. Ryouma mogami is aboy that looks like a girl, she/he have earrings.

  56. @Jason
    Wow, I really agreed with u, a fans will keep up with Digimon series even though they didn't really like it =D

    Well, shouldn't all Digimon Fans must be happy with this??
    They didn't have to wait for 2 or 3 years.. =D
    I'm really really happy about this news.. xDD
    Well, Xros Wars was my favourite Digimon Season.. x3

    Well, I'm new here, I hope we can get along & sorry if my english is very bad >..<
    And, I want to ask, I already becoming a member here, but what must I choose in "Comment as" when I post a comment?? O.o
    Anybody help me.. T^T


  57. @ Gottis !

    Gottis, you're back to comment ! And the series is true...I didn't watch "Prince of Tennis" though...I wonder if you find some episodes of Xros Wars too heavy? Eg. Like ep 42,43, 34? Beelzebumon's death

    @ DigiVVkt

    I thought Ryouma was a girl initially. Oops. Haha.

    @ Anonymous (Yuuri)

    Umm, just select "Name/URL" under "comment as" and type your name in it.

    I think Xros Wars have the funniest scenes in all Digimon series. Some episodes seem very heavy...It's not really a kiddo show. A real kiddo show is like Tamagotchi and Pokemon... It's a bit like adult show actually to some extent.. They should include more kiddish moments to cool down the heavy tone...

    Adults need some kiddish moments to cool down. (For me at least)...

  58. @ Rainmon

    Yep.. Sorriiiiiii...Understood. Thumbs up. Carry on.

  59. Can you post the names without da sucking oriental order?

  60. @Jason-san
    I will try it.. =D
    And thanks for replying my comment.. =D
    Hope we will get along =D

    And, I agreed with u again Jason-san..
    I think Xros Wars is the funniest digimon series of all.. xD
    Well, the first season of Xros Wars really funny, I love episode 10-11 comedy, where ice devimon became so fool & funny, remembering when in Frontier, the ten warriors having a trouble facing him Lol..
    And Episode 12 when they first met Blastmon.. xD
    And many more funniest moment.. xD

    Uuum, I will try one another, if I'm doing spam or something, please forgive me (_ _)
    And, really really thanks for the info & all ^.^

    Ettoooo, I don't know if my sense is strange or something, but I think Xros Wars is the best season of all, It's story line really really interesting, and the Digimons & humans are all cool too..
    Well, so many people says because they don't like the digixros, but i think they called digixros is better than they called joggress..
    And the mecha is cool too, well I don't really like X7 & DX but X4K, X4B, X5 are cool.. ^.^
    And about the level that they deleted, I think it's okay so we won't have to wait until shoutmon get an Ultimate level and see more stronger enemies..

    I'm really really sorry Raimon-san & all of u if my comment here is annoying or something, I just didn't want people to think Xros Wars is the worst Digimon series

  61. @Jason

    i mean that ryouma if he is a boy, looks like a girl. But i prefer that will be a girl xD

  62. I quite like the DigiXros mechanic, but it looks to me like the new season will have more evolution, and therefore less DigiXros to make up. But with so many more Digimon, hopefully we'll get quite a few more original combinations rather than the same ones over and over again.

  63. @ Ivo

    Shoutmon gotta yellow scarf and black belt.

    @ Izumi

    No, you are not childish.... It's nothing and please con'd to comment about Digimons :)

    @ Yuuri

    You seem to be very polite :) I'm friendly, but I am sometimes a bit blunt/ Straight-forward. I 'll try my best to be tactful.

    @ DigiVVKT

    Let'see whether he/she is a boy or girl. LOL.

    @ Anonymous 9:34 am

    Yeah, I agree with you. Actually, many ppl are disappointed about the absence of Zenjirou, Akari, and especially Nene and Kiriha.. I mean Nene is so kind, and Akari is so sweet in the anime.. I like the Darkness Baguramon battle coming up the best, but sigh, I really can't get over the :YATTA! ARIGATO Kiriha!". Kiritai. Haha. I would want to paste that scene over my head forever.

  64. Judging from the translations, it seems like there is definitely a time-travel gimmick, and it sounds like this is going to be used to age Yuu up a few years. I wonder what implications this has for Taiki and the rest of the cast, though? Is Yuu from the future, or has Taiki been sent forward to the future, where all of his friends are older? It'll be an intriguing fresh start, and combining Digimon and time-travel sounds like fun.

    Say, do you think this could have anything to do with how super evolution was described as a temporary way of gaining a future evolutionary form? Maybe evolution in the new series is done by manipulating time, and that's why it reverses after every battle!

  65. Among the seiyuu listed, there's only one man, Kikuchi Masami. This amuses me. >_> It's like Tamers, all over again, with Leomon, Guardramon, Ryou and Cyberdramon being the only mains with male seiyuu. (And Yamaki of course.)

  66. @ Gottis

    I can't believe Kikuchi Masami played Damemon, Kurata and Belphemon.

    All these 3 voices sound so distinct...Haha...

  67. @Jason

    Lol..I'm not that polite, well, I just don't want to made others angry just because of my opinion..Especially Rainmon-san..Lol..
    Well, just be yourself Jason-san ^..^
    And, You're really friendly ^.^
    Hope we can be a good friends from now on Jason-san =D
    Jason-san, Which season that u like the most?? =D

  68. @ Yuuri

    May I ask you which country are you from?

    I am from S'pore... But I prefer to be a Japanese. :) I am only 2 and a half months younger than Rainmon.

    Yep, we can be good friends....

    Umm, I think Digimon Tamers is the least appealing season for me. All the rest have their merits.

    Quite hard to say..

    I think the season I like most is............

    Digimon Xros Wars overall....


    got Baguramon, Dkmon!

    And also, YATTA, Arigato Kiriha!

    I like the Lucemon arc in frontier and Dark Masters arc in adventure.

  69. @Jason-san

    Of Course..I'm from Asia, but not from Japan..Lol.. =D
    Lol, I too prefer to be Japanese too, it will be very interesting if we can choose whatever we like bfore we born, Lol.. =D

    Wow..2 and half month youger than Raimon-san???
    So, How old are u?? O.o
    Sorry, I must say my ages first, I'm 16 years old.. ^.^

    Ehhehehhe, Really really glad to hear that.. =D

    Hehhe, I think Frontier is the least appealing season for me.. =3
    Maybe bcause of the Royal Knights..Lol.. =D

    Lol...We have the same favourite season here xD
    I really really Love Xros Wars x3
    Well, because Xros Wars really have many Cool Digimon xD
    And I Love DarkKnightmon too xD
    Well, My Favourite Digimon in Xros Wars are Tactimon, DarkKnightmon, Lilithmon, Blastmon, Beelzebumon, Ba'almon, Dorbickmon, Apollomon Whispered, NeoVandemon, and more xD

    I think Xros Wars humans character are the coolest & cute too xD

    I like Lucemon Arc in Frontier, Yggdrasil Arc in Savers, Arukenimon Arc in 02 (lol)...

    Well, What're your favourite Digimon Jason-san?? =D
    I'm sorry if I asked too much... (_ _)

  70. See I would have been fine this if Taiki wasn't there. No offences but he's comes off the least interesting and most boring digimon lead I've seen. There is virtually little to no focus on his character, and We get little to no back story from him. People accused him of being a Gary-Stu and it's easy to see why, He seems to be good at everything and have little negative qualities. He thinks up strategies on the fly that always seems to work no matter how ridiculous they are. And it's NOW that Taiki's starting to realize that being being overly trustworthy could and will come back bite him in the ass, but has come 30 or 40 episodes too late. People might think that Taiki is getting development in the new series, but that leads me to believe that Taiki have wasted most if not all of his screen time accomplishing nothing character wise.

  71. Taichi Yagami from Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 is an even bigger Gary-Stu IMO

  72. Taiki, IMO, is the most interesting lead ever. He's not a cookie cutter; he's intelligent, strategic, charming and doesn't try to push his own beliefs on his friends, like Taichi, Daisuke, Takuya (no matter how much I love him) or Masaru. He listens to his friends, like Takato, BUT he isn't overly naive, and he's smart enough to call the enemy digimon out on their own game UNLIKE Takato. Takato, IMO, is a sweet little kid, but he's just that, a KID. Taiki is 13, not 10, and it shows. Maybe Taiki hasn't gotten all that much character development, but hello? He's already a very established person, all in himself. He doesn't really need fleshing out.

    People aren't complaining about Nene's lack of anything, are they? She made some wrong choices, got manipulated, yes... But other than that, she's been dead set on finding Yuu and save him. Other than that, she hasn't developed much at all. But people aren't bitching about her, are they?

    Kiriha's the guy who's gotten the most development, but still people say 'oh god get him out of here focus on Nene instead!!'. But hello? He's far more interesting than she is. I don't know if it's the short skirt or the boobs that make the fanboys go gaga at her and hate Kiriha, but... Nene's cute enough and a sweet character, but Kiriha is far more interesting and Taiki's far more solid. Really.

  73. I never said anything about Nene,(what can I say about Nene other than she devolved into the "token girl" in fact looking at the manga I can't tell whether she's a character or a walking talking fanservice. )

    Kiriha's development made no sense to me. Sure he had "daddy issue" even though all he ever told him was to toughen up misinterpretation or not, but how can that possibly justified his action in eps 43? Randomly raging against the others and causing t the death of Derkerdramon, next thing you know Derkerdramon communicates with Kiraha through some magical BS power that he just conveniently acquired then Kiriha does a complete 180 and becomes good again. And I'm supposed to sit there and buy that...give me a break!

    Everything you just said about Taiki further proves my point. That doesn't make him a character, that makes him a ROBOT pretending to be a character.

    Takato on the other hand was indeed a naive kid. A Kid with a dream of creating his own Digimon. That dream came true in the form of Guilmon. It was then that Takato realizes the consequences of creating a digimon. Accepting the responsibilities of those consequences was another matter and was part of his character arc, and what made him believable as human. Which is part of the reason why I hold Tamers in such High regards.

  74. @ Yuuri

    I am 22 years old...

    Ummm, actually, I watched the Chinese dubbed of Digimon Adventure , Zero Two, Tamers, Frontier. Singapore broadcasted the Chinese dubbed of Adventure starting March 2000, Zero Two since July 2001, Tamers since Mid of 2002, and Frontier since July its Mandarin Channel (Channel 8).

    I was pretty disappointed that Frontier ended airing in S'pore on June 2004. (Chinese Version). There are no more episodes of Digimon after that. The Chinese dubbed are not bad.

    I like Lucemon and Piedmon the most when I was about 15?

    I like Baguramon and Dark Knightmon the most, maybe?

    Sometimes, I rewatched the Chinese dubbed online.

    One of my favourite scenes is in Digimon Frontier ep 45, where some local digimons in the SNow area tried to fight the Royal Knights, and Rhodo Knightmon just twisted his body to reflect their attacks.

    So, my friend (same age as me) said : This crusadermon is very effeminate. Dynasmon and him looked like husband and wife. Rhodo Knightmon always like to say 太美丽了(too beautiful).

    He said his younger bro laughed seeing Rhodo Knightmon doing all that... LOL.

  75. @Jason-san

    I never expected that u already 20+ years old.. =D

    Uuum,is in Singapore there isn't a DVD of Digimon series?? U can watch it through it
    And, If i'm not mistaken Singapore use 2 language, English & Mandarin, Right??
    Well, I don't really like if Digimon is dubbed from other country except Japan..Lol..
    It's just seen very strange..Lol..

    So, in Singapore Digimon stop airing after frontier?? O.o
    That's such a dissapointing..
    There are no Savers there??

    Lol...When I was around 12, I like Black Wargreymon & Dynasmon the most..Lol..
    But when Xros Wars airings, I like Tactimon, DarkKnightmon & Tsuwamon the most.. Lol

    Bagra Brothers are the best..Lol =D
    I love them too =3

    Woow, u still can find Chinese dubbed Online??
    I think it's must be hard one, bcause the spanish & english one are the one easy to find..

    Wooow, That's episode is the exclaimed one...
    It was the first episode that Royal Knight have a problem fighting Kaizen Greymon & Magna Garurumon.. =D

    Lol..Your Friend isn't false, at first I think RhodoKnightmon is female, bcause of his colour
    But, when I heard his voice, I'm really really surprised OAO
    And, Dynasmon & RhodoKnightmon can be a nice couple since they were care each others..Lol

    Well, Jason-san, do u like others anime too??

  76. Ruka~Ancient Fairy DragonAugust 20, 2011 at 8:44 AM

    Isn't that Psychemon the recolour data version of Gabumon? ^^;; but I'm surprised Taiki, and Shoutmon stay for another season does that mean Last season Defeating Bagramon didn't fix the Digital World? Shoutmon hasn't became King yet? Or is he now King?

  77. @CloneWarrior 02 was a direct sequel to Adventure. In power rangers would you then consider the mid season character change to herald a new series? No? What about Alien Rangers, which was still considered part of Mighty Morphin?

    In reality there is no set guidelines as to what separates series from season.


    What makes a season a season is the number of episodes or when said episodes orginally aired.

    With all the breaks in between for Xros Wars, it'd have to be the former. That is if you can consider this to be a season and not a series.

    What makes a series separate from the others is the name, not the cast.

    Another couple of examples: Star Trek Deep Space 9 was set some time around when Next Generation was in it's last season, and Worf was in it.

    Kamen Rider Agito was based on the same continuity as Kamen Rider Kuuga, even taking place after Kuuga, and the villains from Kuuga were still around but obviously a lesser threat due to Kuuga taking out the big bad.

  78. @Jason you used the word "Arc" in two very different ways.

    The later of which would be the actual meaning. I know in the Kamen Rider shows I've watched most story arcs are only two episodes long.

    Story Arcs do not refer to the overall plot but rather the current plot.

  79. @ Yuuri

    Singapore did broadcast Digimon Savers as Digimon Data Squad only in English, which is ok, but the Japanese version I saw in Youtube is better.

    I watched Inuyasha, Shaman King, Dragonball, Kindaichi......other than digimons....

    @ Intan

    Really???? Haha... Cos I don't make much friends in my country... I always believe I am unpopular, but I din know here has changed my perspective...I'm friendly actually, but I respect people's choice of how close/not close they want to connect with me. I respect other people's choices.


    Lol. I don't know what to say....

  80. @Jason-san

    That's all are Old Anime..Lol..
    But It's okay.. =D

    You're very right Intan-san..
    We all must be glad & happy bcause we shouldn't wait for years just to see next season.. xD

    They said It took time 4 years after Xros Wars right? Then Taiki in 7th Grade, 7+4 = 11th grade..
    This mean Season 7 would be the first that the chara is in High School.. ^..^
    And how old are Yuu??
    I bet he's 2 or 1 years younger than Taiki..

  81. @Intan-san

    Ehehhehe..It's alright..
    I like to call anyone with -san.. ^..^
    I must respect others more than me.. =3

    Ehehhee..Same like me..I'm 16 years old too.. =D
    Are u 17 this years??

    Nooo..Masaru isn't in high school
    Masaru is Junior High School..
    At episode where Touma took care of Chika, because Masaru has a test, it tells that Masaru still in Junior High School, if i'm not mistaken, 2nd year junior high school
    That's right, boys really really quickly became higher, just like my friends
    And looks like Yuu is taller than Taiki O.O
    His legs is so long.. O.O
    Ehehhehe..Yeah, Taiki supposed to be more taller than anyone, since looks like he's the oldest one Lol =)

    Nice to meet u too, Intan-san
    Hope we will be get along since now =D
    Lol, I must be very lucky to be make a friends with Intan-san, Jason-san, Rainmon-san, Ivo-san, Reiji-san (even though I still never talk with Rainmon-san & Reiji-san, Lol)
    But still, I want to be friends with all people in this blog ^..^

    Uuuum, I have Yahoo, Facebook, & Twitter (well, didn't use Twitter too much)
    But, I must be the one to ask u, may I know any of your messenger or something that could made us communication?? =D

    Sorry for my bad english (_ _)

  82. @Intan-san

    Yaay!! x3
    Noooo, U didn't act like a kid, well, I like someone with your type (attitude) x3
    Well, I'm the one that still act as a child =3
    But it's okay, all people are different from each others, right?? =D

    Uuuum, Which one u use the most?? =D
    And, Of course, Want to talk with u too.. xDD
    Look Forward to it.. x3

  83. Well, isn't Shoutmon looks more mature? I wondering he's wandering Digital World in the end of Xros Wars? (put aside the lame joke there)

    What's with the protagonist beside Taiki? I don't like him at all. The design are soo poor. And wtf with those blush on his cheeks!! God...

    I'm happy they'd shown Taiki and Yuu again (damn, that grey haired chick's hot...), but i wanted to see Nene, Akari and Zenjirou again. And yep, I'm not into Kiriha. But it's really iritating seeing Zenjirou wield a swords from DigiWorld. He's the first man ever to do it. So I wanted Anime Team to make more development for him soon. And about Taiki the Gary Stu, i'm also hope he got character development, and not only play the leading man who always know what he should do. At least, be more like Tai and Davis a little.

    Well, it's avoidable. I was hoping they would make another sequel after the 2nd series of adventure. Too many subplot given in a little amount of time. Maybe in the next series...

  84. That "grey-haired chick" is a guy...awkward.

  85. i don't think tagiru and arresterdramon, and taiki and omegashoutmon stand a chance against all these digimons:
    can't wait for that episode (when they all meet at one point) = mayhem in the digiworld