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Monday, January 31, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars 26 sneak preview

info WTW

Tsuwamon appears =O

[TV-Magazine Feb Issue] X5B reveals

info tv-Magazine

New Digi-Xros is born. Shoutmon X4B and Sparrowmon Digimon Xros. Shoutmon X5B is completed. Defeat one of the officer from Bagramon Army, Blastmon.

Hirata Hiroaki coming to Digimon Xros Wars

info Hirata Hiroaki's blog & 2ch

On Hirata Hiroaki's blog, he mentioned that he will be voice acting for ep 27 and 28 for Digimon Xros Wars.
For those who doesn't know who Hirata Hiroaki is, he played the narrator and adult Takeru in both Digimon Adventure and Adventure 02. Leomon in both Digimon Tamers and X-Evolution.
Hirata Hiroaki info @ ANN
And yes, he was also narrate in the song "Bokura no Dejitaruwarudo/Our Digital World".

It's always nice to see the old cast is back =D

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 25 Summary

第25話 ゾーン崩壊!火花散るタイキとキリハ!
ep 25:『Zone collapse! Taiki and Kiriha Burst-Spark!』

昨年10月2日に放送された『アニメ制作潜入ツアー!!「デジモン」ができるまで』で自作キャラクターをアニメに登場させる権利を獲得した矢口真里。今回、遂に彼女がデザインした愛らしいデジモン「パンバチモン」が登場! なんとその声も矢口自身が担当する。

Last year Octorber 2nd's TV Speical Program: "Anime Production Tour!! To Digimon!"/Mari Yaguchi's original character gets to appear in the anime. This time, her cute design Digimon "Panbachimon" is going to appear. And also she'll be voice acting for it.


Taiki and others are arriving in Prims Zone where the ground with multiple levels of huge Light disks. Rival Kiriha and Evil Empire Bagra Army's officer Blastmon are having fierice battle.However, Prims Zone's ground is getting weaker due to the impact. If Kiriha and others continuie to battle like this, the whole zone is going to collaps. On the other hand, Taiki wants to stop Prims Zone from collapsing, they went to stop Kiriha and Blastmon's battle. Shoutmon X4K helps Kiriha to finish the battle as early as possible. But the ground starts to go down! Blastmon, Shoutmon. Greymon, Mailbirdramon fall down to the lowest level of the Zone. Both team missing target to attackm Bagra Army brings out new troop Valvemon and start to attack fiecely, everyone is struggling...

 タイキたちはバグラ軍に打ち勝つことができるのか!? そして、崩壊寸前であるプリズムゾーンの運命は――。

Will Taiki and others be able to defeat Bagra Army? Also,what is the fate of Prims Zone which it's facing its collapse...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars DVD Rental

Bandai Visual shows that they will start the DVD Rental of Digimon Xros Wars vol 1-3 starting on April 22nd, 2011, and they will release the following volumes for rental every month, total of 12 volumes, The volume contains 4 episode.

I'm trying to figure out what's the difference between DVD Rental and DVD Release, if they start DVD Rental, does that mean the DVD will release as well?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 24

第24話 「落ちこぼれモニタモンズ、がんばる!」

脚本=吉田玲子   絵コンテ=芝田浩樹
演出=芝田浩樹   作画監督=高橋晃

Is this a Brock Moment? -_-

Remember GOC's tease on WTW? Yup, Zenjiro on a Kite =D

Who is the princess? Click Read More to find out =D

Monday, January 24, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars MUSIC CODE II (OST 2)

info amazon.jp

(no image available)

デジモンクロスウォーズ MUSIC CODEII

価格:¥ 2,940
ディスク枚数: 1
レーベル: 日本コロムビア

MUSIC CODE未収録音源のサントラ!?これはほっとけない!!!


9月29日に発売された劇伴アルバム「MUSIC CODE」に未収録の劇伴と併せて、アニメの主題歌「ネバギバ!」(歌:ソナーポケット)のTVサイズを収録。
The 2nd OST CD for Digimon Xros Wars, with new soundtracks that wasn't in the first MUSIC CODE CD released on September 29th, and also the Opening "Never Give up" TV Size.

Panbachimon & info about ep 25

info : http://mantan-web.jp/2011/01/24/20110123dog00m200039000c.html

Mari Yaguchi is going to be voice acting for her own character creation Panbachimon, which will appear in ep 25 of Digimon Xros wars!

Ganna translate just part of the article:


Digimon Xros Wars is the 6th series of TV Animation "Digital Monster" which aired in the year of 99-06.
A story about a first Year Junior High School Student Taiki Kudo, togehter use the power of Digi-Xros(fuze) Digimon together.
After getting "Xros Loader", (Taiki) with his friends together flied to another world "Digital World".
Taiki's partner is a Digimon with Rock Spirit "Shoutmon" tag team, leading a Digimon Army and stand up against enermy...

On ep 25 which will air on Feburary 1st, "Zone collapse! Taiki and Kiriha Burst-Spark!", The eposide is about Taiki and others are going to Prims Zone where the ground with multiple levels of huge Light disks. Rival Kiriha and Evil Empire Bagra Army's officer Blastmon are having fierice battle. Panbachimon who's watching the zone is trembling in front of the local Digimons, and seeing Kiriha and Blastmon's overwhelming power.
Due to the impact, the ground of Prims Zone is getting weaker, if the impact continues, the whole zone is going to collaspes.
Taiki, Shoutmon and others together helping Kiriha a little to finish the battle as soon as possible....
She sung the 12th opening theme for one piece

Sunday, January 23, 2011

[Carddass]Shoutmon New form, Greyknightmon

info WTW

Carddass revealed the Digi-Xros between Darkknightmon + Tsuwamon

and the Digi-Xros form of Greymon and Darkknightmon=> GreyKnightmon

And also it also revealed the Shoutmon's New Form:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 24 Summary

ep 24:"The left over Monitamons, Hang in there!"
吉田玲子 芝田浩樹 芝田浩樹 高橋晃


In Monitamon's hometown Shinobi Zone, Taiki and others got Code Crown, and ready to save the princess that got capture by Evil Empire Bagra Army's Musyamon. However at this time, Shurimon and his men plan to attack the Monitamon's village at night. And wanted to take the Code Crown, and (break the promise?) to exchange the princess. Shurimon and others attacks, (Monitamons ?) can't handle too long. Taiki and others want to save the left over damage village from the enermy, Nene and Zenjirou who pround of found a good place(to sneak in?), along with Dorulumon, and the left over Monitamons from the village to save princess.


On the other hand, under numerous help from Dorulumon, Zenjiro and the Monitamons successfully arriving in the Monitor castle. And, Zenjirou is touched, seeing Taiki and others desperate struggle to fight the enemy, and protect the village, in order to save the princess, he stands up. And challenge Musyamon One on One battle right away. Under Musyamon's attack Zenjirou is in danger. However, the Monitamons haven't have confident on themselves all these time, and Nene who sits on Jet-Sparrow appears for back up...!

Sorry for if there are some translation mistakes... feel free to correct me anytime...

Friday, January 21, 2011

[Youtube]Never Give up!! ver 7

If you haven't seem the new opening sequence for Xros Wars on ep 23, here it is =D

Thanks Carlos for the correction
ver 1: ep 1
ver 2: ep 2
ver 3: ep 3-4
ver 4: ep 5
ver 5: ep 6-8
ver 6: ep 9-22
ver 7: ep 23-

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[VJump Scans + Carddass] Tsuwamon, X3 new forms...etc

info 2ch

Vjump scans reveals that Damemon is a ninja digimon that holds 2 different forms, the other form is Tsuwamon. Damemon is Tsuwamon's fake form.Once it opens up its (? can't read it well) armor, it becomes a high speed ninja.

DigiMelody list: Gomamon, Yukitarumon, X-Vmon and Dracomon. (Alot of nostalgic characters =D)

VJump also reveal in the upcoming new Digi-Xros in Digimon Xros Wars: Super Xros Wars Red and Blue NDSL game(it's coming on March 3rd).
In red, Shoutmon X3 is able to Digi-Xros with SkullKnightmon and DeadlyAxemon into Shoutmon X3 SD

In Blue, Shoutmon X3 is able to Digi-Xros with Greymon and Mailbirdramon as well, into : Shoutmon X3 GM

As in Carddass, they reveal the new mysterious General: Yuu. And yes, he's Nene's little brother.

Also Shoutmon's New form?! Could it be related with ep 26?!

Awesome new Designs! It'll be great if they show that in the Anime as well! =D
Also 2ch also reveal that there will be also Shoutmon X5B!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars EP23(Updated)

第23話 「シノビゾーン、お笑い忍者バトル!」

Rainmon is on her way to do muscle test , wish her a bad luck.
BTW, a special thanks to Burst for uploading all the screenshot =w=

What have you done to Nene, Zenjiro!!


“Make me laugh if you want the Code Crown”

I believe below are ways they have try to make Karatenmon laugh


= =

Akari X Nene



You have satisfied me, take the Code Crown

Next Episode

( Nene > w < )


Rainmon's words:

Thanks both x10amin and Nuclust for posting the screenshots for me.

Click read more for detail description of the ep: