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Monday, February 28, 2011

TV Magazine April Issue Real World Arc(updated)

edit @ 11:01pm: next month's issue preview


One of the 3 officer from the Bagra Army: Tactimon aims for Taiki and Kiriha's Code Crown.
During the battle, Bagramon releases its Super Dimension Stream wind, and blow Taiki and others back to Real World of Tokyo. Decisive battle in Tokyo. Shoutmon SHINKA/Evolves.

As for next month's issue:

The first Country: Dragon Land!

[Sneak Peak]Digimon Xros Wars ep 30 trailer


(If you can't see the video, click here

New shirt, Omegamon Digimemory, Tactimon appears in real world and tiny Shoutmon!!
btw, look forward to see the looks of darkness loader, (i don't believe Nene's X-Loader is the Darkness Loader)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 29 Summary

第29話 タイキ・キリハVSバグラ軍、全面決戦!
ep 29 Taiki, Kiriha VS Bagra Army, Complete showed down!
脚本:三条陸 演出・絵コンテ:細田雅弘 作画監督:梨澤孝司

タ イキ(声・高山みなみ)たちは真の剣士を目指すデジモンたちが正々堂々と腕を競い合うソードゾーンへ。ところがそこへ、グレイドモン率いる悪の帝国・バグ ラ軍の剣士団が現れた。襲い掛かってきたバグラ軍剣士団に、タイキたちはシャウトモン×5(声・坂本千夏)で応戦。バグラ剣士団を倒し、ソードゾーンの コードクラウンを手に入れる。すると突然、どういうわけか瀕死のグレイドモンの体が再構成され、黄金の善グレイドモンに。その姿に屈辱を感じた善グレイド モンは、タイキたちに再び戦いを挑むことを宣言し、どこかへと飛び去っていく。
 やがて、キリハ(声・草尾毅)がタイキたちの前に現れた。キリハ はタイキがいま手に入れたのはデジタルワールド最後のコードクラウンだと言い、そのためにデジタルワールドが変革し始めたことを告げる。ところが、そこへ バグラ軍三元士のひとり・タクティモン(声・島田敏)が到来。タクティモンの壮絶な攻撃に、タイキとキリハは共闘する。しかし、無残にも2人のコードクラ ウンはすべてタクティモンに奪われ、タイキは命までも取られそうになる!そしてタイキたちは突如起こった超次元ストームでデジタルワールドの外に飛ばさ れ…!
Taiki and others comes to Swords zone, where the Digimons in this zone, their goal is to become the real swordsman, as they are competing each other in fair battles. However, Grademon who's leading the evil empire, Bagra Army's Swordsmen appears. As Bagra Army's Swordsmen attack, and Taiki and others uses Shoutmon X5 to battle. And defeat Bagra Army's Swordsman , and gets Sword Zone's Code Crown. All of sudden, Grademon's body got reform after fainting, and turns into a golden and a kind Grademon. The kind Grademon feels humiliated with the body he has now, and declare that he will challenge Taiki again soon, then he flies away to somewhere else. At the same time, Kiriha appears in front of Taiki and others. Kiriha tells Taiki that the Code Crown he just got is the last Code Crown, it's time to start the revolution of Digital World. On the other hand, one of the three officer from the Bagra Army: Tactimon arrives. Tactimon's sublime attack, and battle against Taiki and Kiriha at the same time. However, unfortunately, both of their Code Crowns got taken away by Tactimon, and Taiki is about to get kill... A Super Dimension Stream suddenly appears in Digital World and blow Taiki and others away...!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

[Digimon Dairy]Seiyuu(Voice Actor) Interview Part 3

Diary by Kunimon written on 2011/02/22 12:00

Once again, This is Kunimon.

And continued to provide Seiyuus' interview.
This time, they will answer everyone's question from the blog comments.

Q. The scene that you remeber the most?

[Digimon Dairy]Seiyuu(Voice Actor) Interview Part 2

info: http://blog.tvasobi.jp/entries/view/digimon/11887
Diary by Kunimon written on 2011/02/18 12:00

Thanks for the wait, this is Kunimon.
I will continued to provide Seiyuus' interview.

This time,
They will answer the everyone's question from the blog comments.

The most popular question is,
The way to change your mood when playing more than one roles.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars 28

第28話 「最終兵器発動!がんばれキュートモン!」

脚本=米村正二   絵コンテ=貝澤幸男
演出=貝澤幸男   作画監督=仲條久美

Monday, February 21, 2011

Clear version of the New Poster

info WTW
and special thanks to Reiji for posting this up

Yamato: Kiriha, I am YOUR FATHER!
Kiriha: ...

Tohma: And I am YOUR MOTHER!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars 28 Summary

info TVAsahi

第28話 最終兵器発動!がんばれキュートモン!
ep 28: The Ultimate Weapon Active! Hang in there Cutemon!
脚本:米村正二 演出・絵コンテ:貝澤幸男 作画監督:仲條久美

スイーツゾーンの地下に落とされてしまったタイキ(声・高山みなみ)たちは、そこが悪の帝国・バグラ軍の巨大機械デジモンを作る工場であることを知る。バ グラ軍たちは地元デジモンたちをこの工場で働かせていたのだ。自分の両親もこの工場で働かされているのでは!?――そう確信するキュートモン(声・桑島法 子)。そこで、タイキたちはキュートモンの両親を探し出し、捕らえられた町のデジモンを開放する作戦を実行する。ところがそのころ、工場では究極の破壊デ ジモン、ブレイクドラモンが完成を目前に控えていた。すぐさまブレイクドラモンを壊すべく、攻撃を開始する一同。ところが、そのブレイクドラモンが目覚め てしまった!シャウトモン×5で対抗しようとするタイキたち。ところがそこへ、キュートモンの両親を人質に取ったこのゾーンの統治者・マタドゥルモンが脅 しをかけてきて…。

Taiki and others fell into Sweets Zone's underground, and hear about Evil Empire: Bagra Army is making a huge Machine Digimon in the factory. Bagra Army is forcing the local Digimon to work in the factory. "My parents are working in this factory, then...!?" Cutemon believes in that. There, Taiki and others start the strategy to finds Cutemon's parent, and release all the local Digimon that got capture. However at the same time, Factory's ultimate destruction Digimon Brake/Breakdramon is about to complete. Must destory Brake/Breakdramon, everyone attacks together. However, Brake/Breakdramon wakes up! Taiki and others uses Shoutmon X5 to go against him. But on the other hand, the zone's leader Matadurumon is using Cutemon's parents as hostages and threaten Taiki and others...

[Digimon Diary]Seiyuu(Voice Actor) Interview Part 1

Diary by Kunimon on Feb 15th, 2011 20:00
Hello, this is Kunimon.
Thanks for the wait!
Finally, Seiyuu's interview reveals!

 アカリ役の白石涼子さん  後列右から、キリハ役の草尾毅さん、
The front row from right side=> Sakamoto Chika who plays Shoutmon, Takayama Minami, who plays Taiki, Shiraishi Ryoko, who plays Akari.
In the back row, Kusao Takeshi, who plays Kiriha, Kuwashima Houkko, who plays Nene, and Kishio Daisuke, who plays Zenjiro.
Takayama-san is holding Digimon's favorite food, "DigiNoir"!

Friday, February 18, 2011

[Vjump]New looks, OmegaShoutmon, brand new adventure

Brand new Aventure, Brand new poster:


The new Shoutmon Form is OmegaShoutmon

It seems all the rumors are real then
Akari and Zenjiro will no longer travel with Taiki, Kiriha and Nene after Real World Arc
The new general, who's I think that's kind of like fusion with Mugendramon or something?
Also starting from April, Xros Wars will move its timeslot to Sunday at 6:30am...
seriously ... why? WHO WAKES UP AT 6:30 AND WATCH ANIME?!(Although I did that when Frontier was on YTV back in 2002 at 5:30 am)
Thanks whoever decided to do this... seriously THANK YOU, sarcasticly...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 29 Summary

info 2ch

第29話 タイキ・キリハVSバグラ軍、全面決戦!
ep 29: Taiki, Kiriha Vs Bagra Army, complete battle!


Taiki and others arrives in Sword Zone, Grademon who's leading the Bagra Army's swordsman are attacking them.
Taiki and others manage to defeat Grademon, and gets the code crown.
Afterwards, Grademon's body somehow glows golden, and revives into a kind/good Grademon, then he went somewhere else.
At the same time, Kiriha appears, and he has something to tell Taiki.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars 27

第27話 「スイーツゾーン!甘党デジモンバトル!」
脚本=米村正二 演出=三塚雅人
絵コンテ=小村敏明 作画監督=竹田欣弘

Moe moe Akariii!! XD

Oh? Hirata Hiroaki is Matadurumon eh? =D