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Thursday, March 31, 2011

TV Magazine May Issue

There are a possibility of Raw shortage for ep 31. We are trying our best to find our way of Raw... If anyone can provide the raw that are 480P or above, it'll be great that if you can share. :)



Brand New Battle in Dragon Land has started!

Taiki comes back to Digital World from the Real World. However, they realize that Digital World is ruled under Bagra Army, and becomes a completely different word. It's divided into Seven Kingdoms, and every Kingdoms are individually ruled under Seven Generals who call themselves: "Death Generals".

Next month:

Chou-Shinka(Superior Evolution)!! Brand new Battle.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars 31 syntheses

There are a possibility of Raw shortage for ep 31. We are trying our best to find our way of Raw... If anyone can provide the raw that are 480P or above, it'll be great that if you can share. :)

info TVAsahi

ep 31: "To the Brand New World! Fire Fierce General's Dragon land"
三条陸 角銅博之 角銅博之 直井正博

今回から放送枠を日曜あさ6:30~7:00に移動し、『デジモンクロスウォーズ 悪のデスジェネラルと七つの王国』と題して、新ステージがスタート! 正義に燃えるタイキたちが、再びデジタルワールドで悪の帝国・バグラ軍を倒す壮大な冒険を始める。

Starting this episode, it will move to Sunday morning 6:30-7:00 am Time slot, with the title "Digimon Xros Wars The Evil Death General and The Seven Kingdom", start its brand new stage! The start of an epic adventure of Taiki and others Full of burning justice, return to Digital World once again and defeat the Evil Empire: Bagra Army.

 悪の帝国・バグラ軍に支配されたデジタルワールドに平和を取り戻すため、人間界に逆戻りしていたタイキ(声・高山みなみ)とシャウトモン(声・坂本千夏)は、再びデジタルワールドへ舞い戻る。今やデジタルワールドからゾーンは消え、皇帝バグラモンの下に置かれた7人の将軍=デスジェネラルが支配する7つの国に再統合されていた。タイキとシャウトモンはその中のひとつ、ドラゴンランドに降り立つ。その直後、ふたりはバグラ軍屈強の兵士であるドラゴンデジモンの大群を目撃。彼らは兵士になることを拒んで脱走した小さなドラゴンデジモン、ドラコモンを捕らえる。ドラコモンを助けるため飛び出すも、すぐさま敵に囲まれてしまうタイキとシャウトモン。そこで、シャウトモンはすかさずΩ(オメガ)シャウトモンに超進化して戦おうとするが、なぜかまったく進化できず…!? そんななか、キリハ(声・草尾毅)率いるブルーフレアが出現。キリハはデジタルワールドを支配する7将軍のひとり、ドルビックモンを捜していたのだ。やがて、キリハの前にデジクロス(=合体)したドルビックモンが現れた!

In order to restore the peace of Digital World that got dominate by Bagra Army, Taiki and Shoutmon flied back to the Digital World from the Human World. But the zones in the Digital World has disappeared, instead it's divided into Seven Countries by Empioer, Bagramon Army and dominated under its 7 Generals. Taiki and Shoutmon arrive in Dragon Land. Soon after, they witness a large group of strong soilders from Bagra Army, that are dragon type of Digimon. They are here to stop a small dragon type of Digimon, Dracomon who was capture and tries his best to escape. In order to help Dracomon to fly away/to escape, Taiki and Shoutmon got themselves sourounded by emermy. Then Shoutmon wants to Chou-Shinka into Ω(Omega)Shoutmon, but he can't evolve at all...!? At the same time, Kiriha who leads Blue Flare appears. Kiriha is looking for one of the Seven General that donimates the Digital World: Dorupickmon. At the same time, Dorupickmon Digi-Xrosed in front of Kiriha and appears in front of them.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars OP2 info

info チョコ・レポート& KKB

Yup, new introinfo has revealed.

主題歌…『New World』 

挿入歌…デジモン合体ソング 『WE ARE クロスハート!』

The intro is sung by Twill, the first female singer(s)/band to sing Digimon OP.
CD single will be releasing on June 8th, 2011.
Click here for one of their PV song
Wikipedia about トゥワイル/Twill
Twill Offical Site

Friday, March 25, 2011

クレヨンしんちゃん×デジモン オラがスパイで、ほっとけないSP

It's mostly recap, except you get to have some sneak peak of the new intro/ed song.
Not sure which one it is. But the song seems to be sings by a female and a male. Or maybe more. I'm not quiet sure.
The song ends with the lyric: "君を超えて明日のそ先へ/Kimi wo Koete asunoso saki e~" something like that...
There are about 51 screen caps, if you want all of them click here.

They purposely put that in...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

[Vjump] New Generals(updated translation)

info WTW/DigiStarLight

As promise, I will translate the paragraph underneath of this Carddass info page of Vjump.

"Travel through time, the strongest heros are gathering in DCD! With their burning souls, the ultimate battle has started!!!
Previous Anime's protagnosts are fighting to become the strongest.
With their strong partners, protagonists from previous seasons are praticipaid in the battle!
It's a fiece and an intensive battle with 'your Alter Ego'/The you in the game!!
They are General just like you, fight in the burning battle and become the Strongest General!"

I guess you probably already know from seeing the image, they are the partner Digimon for each of the Generals in the Carddass game

Sunday, March 20, 2011

[MV]Sun Goes Down

Since Xros Wars is still on break, enjoy this AMV :)
saya X rainmon Partner AMV #2: Sun Goes Down
This AMV has also submitted to Toronto's Anime North 2011 for the AMV contest :)

More download link click here

sun goes down
(Digimon Adventure 02 ep 50 insert song)
Lyric: Fujishige Masataka
Song: Fujishige Masataka
Composer: Korenaga Kouichi
Arist: AiM

Typelettering: Nuclust
Translation: saya & rainmon
rainmon's words:

At last, I completed this AMV, I was planning to finish this last year, for Digimon Adventure 02 10th anniversary. 02 is probably one of season that they stay with their digimon partners, by their side always. Everytime I see the Digimon endings of protagonists are tearing as they are leaving their partner or Digital World, it always makes me cry. As for the last ep of 02, everyone works as one, and plus its touching insert songs: "Bokura no Digital World", "Butter-fly" that ends the ep, and of course, "Sun Goes Down". While everyone looks at the sunset, what are they thinking about? Under such pretty sunset, it means it's the end of day, and the start of tomorrow. You will constantly start to recall the things you done today, the things you experience today. I tried to include every single protagonst from the Digimon Series thurs far in this AMV, such great song and so many scenes in Digimon Series that are memorable, I want to show everyone's various adventure, how they share their laugh, angry, sad and crying together, with their friends, and us, the audiences. I hope everyone can feel it through this song's mood, rythem and the lyric, and let's recall our childhood days with Digimon!

saya's words:

As our goals are simular, I want to complete my translations for all of Digimon songs, and as with my parnter rainmon, she wants to make all Digimon Songs into AMVs. Now we are presenting our newest piece: "Sun Goes Down" by AiM.

"Sun Goes Down" is a beautiful song with slightly depressing style of lyrics, a slow rhythem song as well. It's suitable for the blue sides of Digimon series. As usual, we discuss what scenes we should use for every sentences, but the difficulty is, "not enough time". Because there are so many great scenes that we wanted to put in, but the lyrics itself are very limited, we had to shrink alot of scenes. The scene I suggested are the Akari turning emo, Okikawa turns into butterly, and also Taichi going back to real world then back to Digital World in ep 21, every scenes are essens to Digimon Story plots, it's so hard to delete or crop scenes. Digimon is consider a Children series, but it has some magic to attract us, who has already grown up, and became an adults already, because its stories has deeply move us.
Therefore, we hope this AMV will bring you such touch emotions once again across the age, the country and time.

Nuclust's Words:
I hate Aunty R
I hate Rainmon :/
I am rainmon Black :/

Digimon Xros Wars DVD vol 4

no image available yet,
but it's set to release on May 27th.
It contains ep 13-16.
Since most of you already seem the ep, I'm not going to translate the summary below :)

品番:BCDR-2824 レンタル専用

サンドゾーンの遗迹から出てきたタイキたちは、バグラ军の“刺客”と异名をとるバアルモンに铳撃される。そんななか、キリハとネネと戦っていたブラストモ ンが缲り出した技の冲撃波で、タイキとバアルモンは地下に埋もれる女神の神殿へと落下。タイキが崩れた女神像に手をかざすと、像が光り辉き始めた! 思わず息を呑むバアルモン。女神像が放つ光は“戦士の光”と呼ばれ、その光に包まれた者は“女神の戦士”として选ばれたことを意味するのだというが…。
バグラ军の三元士のひとり・リリスモンの猛毒に倒れたバアルモン。タイキは突如现れたファラオモンの指示に従い、クロスローダーを使ってバアルモンを复活 させる仪式を行う。その间、シャウトモンたちはムゲンドラモンらと戦うが、デジクロスできないため苦戦を强いられる。一方、意识が戻ったバアルモンはタイ キに复活の仪式を中断させ、クロスローダーを持ってシャウトモンたちを助けに行かせる。しかし、仪式の中断はバアルモンの死を意味していた…。
天使系デジモンの住むヘブンゾーンはバグラ军も手が出せないほど**の力が强く、独立を保っているゾーンだった。しかし、大统领スラッシュエンジェモン と**の管理は度を越しており、些细な罪に対しても厳しい罚が与えられることも日常茶饭事。しかもタイキたちはやってもいない罪を问われて**に捕まり、 公开で罚を受けることになってしまった!
新大统领に心优しいルーチェモンが选ばれた。ところが、大统领の证である"指导者の指轮"を授けられると、ルーチェモンの态度が激変! 暗の空中神殿を呼び出して、そこに封印されていたコードクラウンを手に入れると、本来の姿である悪魔・ルーチェモンフォールダウンモードに…。ルーチェモ ンはバグラ军の三元士であるリリスモンの配下だったのだ!

Friday, March 18, 2011

[Vjump]Digimon Xros Wars ep 31-34 & New General on Super Digica Taisen

info 2ch

・ドルビックモン ドラゴンランドを支配するデスジェネラル!火烈将軍の異名を持つ。
・ネオヴァンデモン 月光将軍と恐れられる、ヴァンパイアランドの支配者。その力は謎が多い。
・オメガシャウトモン 絆の力でシャウトモンの潜在能力が開花!熱き魂で悪に立ち向かう!!
・ジークグレイモン メタルグレイモンが超進化した姿!その力で、キリハの信念を体現する。

When Taiki returns, many months have passed in the Digital World.
Their evil is beyong the 3 officers, that's Death General(s)!!
- Delphicmon: the Death General that domintate the Dragon Land. With the nick name of Fire Fierce General.
- Neovamdemon:a feearsome Moon Light General who dominates the Vampire Land. His power is still a mystery.
- OmegaShoutmon :with the power of the strong bond, his potential bloom. Stand up against evil with its burning soul!!
-Ji-kuGreymon: Form of MetalGreymon's Chou Shinka(Superior Evolution)! Its power represents Kiriha's beliefs.

4/3 怒濤の新世界、ドラゴンランド! (ガードロモン)
4/10 竜の誇り、吠えろ超進化! (ガルダモン)
4/17 背筋ゾワゾワ!月光将軍のヴァンパイアランド (パンダモン)
4/24 死ぬなグレイモン!シャウトモンDX誕生 (パロットモン)

4/3 ep 31: Raging New World, Dragon Land (DigiMelody: Guardomon)
4/10 ep 32: The Pride of Dragon, Roar Chou-Shinka! (DigiMelody: Garudamon)
4/17 ep 33: Chill down to the spine! Moon Light General's Vampire Land (DigiMeldoy: Pandamon)
4/24 ep 34: Don't Die Greymon! The Birth of Shoutmon DX! (DigiMelody: Parrotmon)

pic of ShoutmonDX

Also, as in Super Digica Taisen News,
other than Taiki, Kiriha, Nene and Taichi,
Ishita Yamato, Motomiya Daisuke, Matsuda Takato, Kanbara Takuya and Daimon Masaru are the New Generals of the game.

(Once I get the bigger and clear version of this page, I will translate the paragraph underneath)

It's good to see the old characters are back :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

[OST]Digimon Xros Wars Music Code II

info Amazon.jp
the CD image is out =D

CD release date: 2011/3/23
Number of Disc: 1
Music Time: 74 minutes

1. プロローグ (Puroro-gu/Prologue)
2. 新たなる冒険へ (Arata naru Bouken e/To the Brand New Adventure)
3. サブタイトル(Sabutaitoru/Subtitle)
4. 闇の力(Yami no Chikara/The Dark Power)
5. 危機迫る(Kiki Semaru/Danger Approach)
6. ネバギバ! (テレビサイズ)(Neba giba!(Terebi Saizu)/Never Give Up!(TV SIZE))
7. 新しい世界(Atarashii Seikai/The New World)
8. キュートモンの思い(Kyouutomon no Omoi/Cutemon's thoughts)
9. ゼンジロウのマンボ(Zenjirou no Manbo/Zenjiro's Mambo)
10. 謎めいた視線(Nazomeita Shisenn/Mysterious Eyes)
11. 帝国暗躍す(Teikoku An Yakusu/The Empire Behind the Scene)
12. 潜入(Sennyouu/Infiltration)
13. 反攻作戦(Hankou Sakusen/Counter Attack Battle)
14. デジメモリ発動! (Deji memori Hatsudou!/Digi-Memory Activate!)
15. 逆転勝利(Gyakuten Shouri/A Comback Win)
16. 小さなデジモンたち(Chiisana Dejimon Tachi/Small Digimons)
17. 語らい (Kata Rai/Talk)
18. 明日に続く道(Asahi ni Tsuzuku Michi/The Continuous Road to Tomorrow)
19. アイキャッチ(Aikyaachi/Eye Catch)
20. メインテーマ -Piano solo-(Mein Teema-Piano solo-/Main Theme-Piano solo-)
21. 幻惑(Genwaku/Bewitching)
22. 闇からの誘い(Yamikara no Sasoi/Invitation from the Darkness)
23. ×4Bの絆(Kurosu fo B no Kizuna/X4B's Bond )
24. 星空(Hoshi Sora/Starry Sky)
25. 恋心(Koi Kokoro/Love)
26. 狡猾なる帝国(Koutaku naru Teikoku/Tricky Empire)
27. 急転(Kyouuten/Jump)
28. 勇気のモーメント(Yuuki no Moomento/The Moment of Courage)
29. 追撃(Tsuigeki/Pursuit)
30. ×5のテーマ(Kurosu Fai no Teema/X5'S Theme)
31. 信じる心(Shinjiru Kokoro/The Heart that believes)
32. 破局へのカウントダウン(Hakyouku no kauntodaun/Countdown of Catastrophe)
33. デジタルワールドの光と影(Dejitaru Waarudo no Hikari to Kage/Digital World's Light and Shadow)
34. キリハ~蒼き炎~(Kiriha~Aoki Honoo~/Kiriha~The Blue Flare~)
35. 風雲(Kazegumo/Threaten Situation)
36. 友よ(Tomoyo/Friends)
37. 決戦のとき(Kettsen no Toki/When it's Decisive Battle)
38. 激闘(Gekitou/Fierce Fight)
39. 仲間のために(Nakama no Tameni/For Friends)
40. 勝利への戦い(Shouri no Tadakai/Fight for Victory)
41. 凱旋(Gaisen/Triumph)
42. Never Give Up
43. トレイラー・ミュージック(Toreiraa・ Myuujikku/Trailer Music)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

[D-ARTS] Beelzebumon (Update)

Speical Thanks to Kazumi!!

D-Arts ベルゼブモン


10月に行われたTAMASHII NATION 2010でも注目を集めた、ベルゼブモンが早くもD-Artsより登場します。

・ショットガン x 2

The Beelzebumon D-Arts that's going to release on June has some update:

It comes with:
Beelzebumon itself
Shot Gun x2
Face Change
Hand pose

and it seems you also get parts to change for you to get it to Burster Mode!(Yes, the wings!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


info:TV Dogatch

日本のみならず、海外でも60ヶ国以上で放送された、大人気『デジモン』シリーズ。その最新作として2010年7月からテレビ朝日系で放送されている『デ ジモンクロスウォーズ』が2011年4月、さらにスケールアップ!『デジモンクロスウォーズ~悪のデスジェネラルと七つの王国~』とタイトルも新たに、4 月3日(日)より、日曜あさ6:30~7:00枠に登場する!

Not only Japan, it broadcasts over 60 countries over sea, the popular "Digimon" Series. Its newest work "Digimon Xros Wars" which aired on July 2010 on TV Asahi, ,it has further scale-up, starting Apirl 2011! With its new title:"Digimon Xros WARS~Evil Death General and Seven Kingdom~", and will be air on Sunday, April 3rd from 6:30-7:00 a.m..


4 月からスタートする『デジモンクロスウォーズ~悪のデスジェネラルと七つの王国~』は、デジモンたちが住む謎の異世界「デジタルワールド」で起きた"ある 異変"をきっかけに始まる壮大な物語。前シリーズで主人公タイキ(声・高山みなみ)らが人間界に飛ばされた後、デジタルワールドではその覇権を巡り、大き な戦乱が巻き起こった。激しい戦いを経て、やがてデジタルワールドはバグラモンを皇帝とする悪の帝国「バグラ帝国」によって統合。最終的に「月・火・水・ 木・金・土・日」をモチーフにした、七つの王国に分けられた!その七つの王国を支配するのは"デスジェネラル"と命名された、恐ろしい七人の将軍たち。皇 帝バグラモンの下に鎮座する彼らによって、デジモンたちは厳しい生活を強いられていた。
人間界にいたタイキと、そのパートナーのデジモンである シャウトモン(声・坂本千夏)は、デジタルワールドの平和を取り戻すため、仲間たちとチームを結成。友情を育み、危険が待つ七つの王国へ。デスジェネラル をひとりづつ倒して王国を開放し、デジタルワールドの平和を達成していく!

[Digital World got reform into Brand New 7 Kingdoms!]

In "Digimon Xros Wars~Evil Death General and Seven Kingdoms" that starts in April. An epic story starts with mysterious parallel world "Digital World" that inhabit Digimon with "its change". While main character from the previous season Taiki (CV: Takayama Minami) flown to the Human World, Digital World surrounded by its domination(by Bagra Army), and starts huge wars. Soon after such the heavy battle, Bagramon who calls himself as the Empior/King with his Evil Empire "Bagra Empire" dominate the Digital World. And finally turns it into motif of "Getsu, Ka,Sui,Moku, Kin,to, nichi*", and divided into seven Kingdoms. These seven Kingdoms are ruled under the name of "Deaths Generals", seven threaten Generals. They serve under Bagramon who they call the "King/Emperor", and have other Digimon live in a touch situation.

Taiki who came from the Human World, with his partner Digimon Shoutmon(CV: Sakamoto Chika), in order to help Digital World return to peace, they team up with their friends. Grow their friendship, and go towards Dangerous Seven Kingdom that's waiting for them. Defeat the Death General, and restore the kingdom, and able to restore the peace of Digital World!


『デ ジモンクロスウォーズ~悪のデスジェネラルと七つの王国~』で描かれるのは、少年タイキとシャウトモン、そしてその仲間たちとの喜怒哀楽あふれるドラマ。 仲間のために怒ったり、泣いたり、あるいは一緒に喜んだり...。時に、仲間を思う心が原動力となって、彼らは今までになかった力を得ていく。
何 といっても最大の見どころは、仲間への思いが高まったときに、シャウトモンが強大なパワーを持つ「Ω(オメガ)シャウトモン」に進化、成長する点だ。ほか にも、シャウトモンと同様、仲間へのアツい思いで一気に超進化、飛躍するデジモンも登場予定。デジモンたちの超進化でさらにバリエーション豊かになるキャ ラクター、その土台となる友情や勇気といった豊かな感情描写にぜひ期待してほしい。

[While thinking of their friends, Digimon achieves the "Chou Shinka/Superior Evolution"!]

"Digimon Xros Wars~ Evil Death General and Seven Kingdoms" is about a boy name Taiki and Shoutmon, a drama of feeling different emotions with their friends. (R:Why do I think differently when it comes to the word "Drama"). For friends, they get Angry, they cry and laugh together. There are times, their thoughts of friends and force themselves, turns into an unexpected power.
The Must See thing is when they are thinking of friends sake, Shoutmon is holding its strong power and evolve into "Ω(Omega)Shoutmon", as its grow point. In addiction, as for Shoutmon, he's ganna appear with his Chou Shinka/Superior Evovlve influence from his friends' passionate thoughts. Due to Digimons' Chou Shinka/Superior Evolution, it creates more variation of characters, as we are looking forward to see the story illustrates base on an emotional portray full of friendship and courage.

【デジモンを指揮する子どもたちこそがヒーロー! 指揮官同士の戦略・戦術的な攻略戦を描く】

タ イキたち少年は指揮官=ジェネラルとして、自分の軍のデジモンたちの特性を考慮しながら、彼らを戦術的・戦略的に駆使して戦う。それを可能にするのが「ク ロスローダー」というアイテムだ。一方、敵のデスジェネラルたちも「ダークネスローダー」というアイテムを使い、敵のデジモンたちを思いのままに操ってく る。そんななか、タイキたちは敵の弱点を探って攻略ポイントを突くなど、戦略性あふれるバトルで敵を粉砕していく。指揮官同士の手に汗握る戦略・戦術的な 攻略戦を通し、真のヒーローともいうべき子どもたちの活躍を描く『デジモンクロスウォーズ~悪のデスジェネラルと七つの王国~』。ますます子どもたちが夢 中になること間違いナシだ。

[The kids that direct the Digimon as Hero! Illustrates General's battle strategy and tacits in battle.]

Taiki and other boy are Shikikan=>General, consider their own army of Digimon's specialties, apply to their battle strategy and tactics and use on battle. This can only be use on an item call "Xros Loader". On the other hand, enemy Death Generals uses item call "Darkness Loader", and manipulate the mind of the enemy Digimon. With that, Taiki will find the enemy's weakness, conqur the weakness, and smash them all with his battle strategy. Though the battle strategy and tactics on battle gripping between the Generals, "Digimon Xors Wars~Evil Death Generals and Seven Kingdoms" illustrates the action of the True Heroes.There is no doubt that the audiences will be into it even more!

『デジモンクロスウォーズ 悪のデスジェネラルと七つの王国』
2011年4月3日(日)スタート!毎週日曜 あさ6:30~7:00放送
最終更新 2011/03/09 17:30

"Digimon Xros Wars: Evil Death Gnerals and Seven Kingdom"
Starts on Sunday, Apirl 3rd, 2011.! Air on Every Sunday from 6:30 a.m. -7:00 a.m.

*"Getsu, Ka,Sui,Moku, Kin,to, nichi", It's Japanese for "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday", the Kanji for those individual days mean:"Moon, Fire, Water, Tree, Gold, Soil and Sun".

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 30


Reminder: New Episode of Digimon Xros Wars (Season 2) will be on Sunday April 3rd

第30話 「新たなる旅立ち!!東京大決戦!!」

脚本=三条陸    絵コンテ=八島善孝
演出=三塚雅人   作画監督=八島善孝

- Omegamon Digi-memory left with Akari and Zenjiro. There might be a chance that they will go back to Digital World, because you need Omegamon to open the gate.
- Yuu doesn't seem like he's controlled by Darkknightmon, because with the tone he has, and the way he talk, he really wants to meet Taiki.
- 2 weeks and half weeks til new xros wars OTL