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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars EP 35

第35話 「パワーが吸われる! ハニーランドの狩人たち」

Sorry guys, late again…
Download Link

Nene is moe >w<




GranDeathKuwagamon Honey Mode

Friday, April 29, 2011

[CD] Digimon Xros Wars Insert Song CD#3:タイキ軍合体ソング(TAIKI Army Fusion/DigiXros Song)

Info : vanda.co.jp

No image available yet
•    定価: 1,575円(税込)
•    品種: CD Single
•    商品番号: (C) COCC-16466
•    発売日: 2011.06.22
•    発売元:日本コロムビア(株)
•    JAN: 4988001463009
•    ジャンル: アニメ

  1. Evolution&Degixxos(ver.TAIKI)(和田光司&谷本貴義)/(Wada Kouij & Tanimoto Takayoshi)
  2. Evolution&Degixxos(ver.KIRIHA)(谷本義孝&和田光司)/(Tanimoto Takayoshi & Wada Kouji)
  3. 未定 /(unknown)

Digimon Xros Wars EP35 Summary & EP 36 Preview

ep 35:"Power got absorb! The hunters in Honey Land"
吉田玲子 細田雅弘 細田雅弘 八島善孝

Info TVAsahi

 と、そこへ右手が剣、左手が蛇の女剣士メルヴァモンが現れた! メルヴァモンはタイキたちを助け、ザミエールモンを倒すという目的で意気投合する。タイキとメルヴァモンはともにザミエールモンを攻撃。ところが、イグニートモンがメルヴァモンの弟であることが判明! ザミエールモンは姉弟で戦わせるという、卑怯な手に出ようとし…。


Taiki and others arrive in the 3rd Kingdom of Digital World, Honey Land. It’s a beautiful Kingdom full of scents of flower and honey, but they encounter Digimon are lifeless. Then they witness Lilamon who got stun by a large group of Honey Beemon, and gets her power abort by them. Taiki and others wanted to help Lilamon, but for some reason they all froze there the moment they saw Shoutmon. Ignitemon, the Reptile-Species Digimon has appeared. Ignitemon is able to put out the type of Wavelength that makes Digimon suffer. Meanwhile, Taiki and others tryto save Lilamon, but Zamielmon, the Death Generals who rules Honey Land appears. Shoutmon and others attack him continuously, Taiki and others are falling in danger.
Then, a swordwoman whose right arm holds a sword, and left arm holds to a serpent appears! Mervamon helps Taiki and her goal is also to defeat Zamielmon. Taiki and Mervamon attacks Zamielmon at the same time. They also find out that Ignitemon is Mervamon’s brother! Zamielmon uses its coward tactic, and makes the siblings to fight each other.
Can Taiki and others able to put a stop to such sorrow battle..!?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TV Magazine June Issue


Shoutmon DX Completed!
Taiki and others are struggle while battling against the Death Generals from the 3rd Kingdom, Zamielmon. OmegaShotmon and ZeekGreymon who already Chou-Shinka, they DigiXros. And becomes Shoutmon DX and strikes back.

Next July Issue:

Pirate Digimon

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars EP 34

第34話 「死ぬなグレイモン! シャウトモンDX(ディークロス)誕生」

Sorry guys for keep waiting…

Friday, April 22, 2011

Digimon Keychain ideas?

I'm making Digimon keychains for conventions, I want to hear Digimon Fans'suggestions. If you go to convention and buy a Digimon keychain, which character(s) is your favorite?
I've make a poll on the left hand side. I would love to hear all of your suggestions.
Please let me know, and Thanks all of your help! :)

Digimon Xros Wars ep 34 summary & ep35 preview

info tvAsahi 

ep 34: "Don't Die Greymon! The Birth of Shoutmon DX!"
米村正二 貝澤幸男 貝澤幸男 梨澤孝司

悪 の帝国・バグラ軍の七つの国のひとつ、ヴァンパイアランドを支配するデスジェネラルのネオヴァンデモンが、メタルグレイモンを強制デジクロス(=合体)。 その結果誕生した巨大ネオヴァンデモンは、強力な力を発揮し始めた! タイキ(声・高山みなみ)たちは自らおとりになると決意したキリハ(声・草尾毅)のバックアップを受け、巨大ネオヴァンデモンを倒すカギとなる"白いロッ プモン"を捜しに行くことに…。
 ネオヴァンデモンが持つアンデッド(不死身)の力の源であり、数多くの仲間がその体に吸収されていったロップモ ンたち。ところが、なぜか地下牢に閉じ込められている"白いロップモン"だけは未だに吸収されずにいるという。やがて"白いロップモン"を捜し出したタイ キたちは、"白いロップモン"がネオヴァンデモンのデジクロスを分解するほどの力を持つことを知る。ところが、タイキたちとともに巨大ネオヴァンデモンに 戦いを挑んだ"白いロップモン"は、なぜか強制デジクロスを解除することができない。そんななか、シャウトモン(声・坂本千夏)が「1分後に攻撃しろ」と 言い残し、自ら巨大ネオヴァンデモンへと吸収されていき…!

One of the Death Generals from Evil Empire Bagra Army, whose ruling Vampire Land NeoVandemon force Digi-Xros with MetalGreymon. Result to become Huge NeoVandemon, and begins to exert its strength! Taiki and others decided to be the decoy while let Kiriha to do the back up, to find the key to defeat Huge NeoVandemon: "The White Lopmon"... NeoVandemon's undead type of ability came from obsorting many Lopmons. But for some reason, he never obsort "The White Lopmon" he locked underground. Taiki and others finally finds "The White Lopmon", and find out that "The White Lopmon" has the ability to undo/release Neovandemon's Digi-Xros. Therefore, along with Taiki and others, "The White Lopmon" challeges Huge NeoVandemon to fight, but for some reason, it can't undo Huge NeoVandemon's Digi-Xros. Therefore, Shoutmon leaves words with:"Attack after one minute." and let NeoVandemon abosrt him...! Will Shoutmon's deadly tacti be successfully to defeat Huge NeoVandemon?

Nene:"I can't forgive you for letting Digimon in Honey Land suffer, DIGI-XROS!"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[Manga] Confession? Matrix Evolution Cameo? Millenniummon?

Image Scanlation credit to :K岛& OneManArmy活動記録


This is like my 2nd post about the Xros Wars manga?
Chapter 10 has alot of things that caught my attention.
I haven't caught up to the recent Manga yet, so my knowledge for the manga is here and there
Mostly heard from people.
(PS: Since I haven't read the manga yet... there are some stuff that might be translated wrong...

Monday, April 18, 2011

[CD] Digimon Xros Wars Insert Song CD

info Amazon.jp
No image available yet.

  • CD (2011/6/22)
  • ディスク枚数: 1
  • フォーマット: Single, Maxi
  • レーベル: コロムビアミュージックエンタテインメント
But It'll be release on June 22nd. And It should be the new insert song: "Evolution & DigiXros VER.TAIKI/KIRIHA" by both Wada Kouji and Takayoshi Tanimoto.
But I wonder if there will be another insert song next week for Shoutmon DX.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

[FanArt]Nene and Kiriha Younger ver

I was suppose to do homework...
but I did this instead...
I wanted to try the new mix blending brush on CS5
I was ganna do a Taisora piece request by mikadigitaiorafan
but my sudden drawing vibe after translating xros wars ep 33 last night, inspired me to draw Kiriha and Nene, since they became my newest favorite couple

btw, I wonder when they will reveal Nene and Yuu's past
and of course, Kiriha's too

Saturday, April 16, 2011

[VJump]メルヴァモン /Meruwaamon/Mervamon

info 2ch

edited @ 9:32am: the correction from the comments below for minor name and translation changes

What's the secret behind Mervamon's sword? Could it be a Digi-Xros or some sort?

Well I guess people are right, It seems that Mervamon will be the new Digimon to Nene's team. As in the magazine it says:"Please lend me your strength."

"The battle in Honey land has started.Battle with Bagra Army.
Xros Heart arrive in Honey Land, where it's cover by jungle. However it's a hell world where the Digimon's energy got absorbs. In order to set Honey Land free, Taiki and others stand up to fight."

So I guess they will encounter Mervamon in Honey Land?


Digimon Xros Wars ep 33

第33話 背筋ゾワゾワ!月光将軍のヴァンパイアランド


You may click here to download all the screencaps

- I never knew Lopmon knows how to fly... Then again I remember seeing a pic of Terriermon flying...
- Ladydevimon=> Obasan...
- How many times must you let the enemy take your Xros Loader until you are satisfy, Taiki...
- Sora Mau no Yuusha X5! NICE XD
- Beelzebumon finally stays in the Xros Loader...
- Kiriha went insane attacking NeoVandemon, at the end... NeoVandemon aborts MetalGreymon...
- According to the preview, it seems that it'll be a very emotional ep, the bond between Kiriha and MetalGreymon...

Really wanted to watch the next ep... but I'll be on vocation for 2 weeks... so...yeah...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 33-36

info tvAsahi/2ch

第33話 背筋ゾワゾワ!月光将軍のヴァンパイアランド
ep 33: "Chill down to the spine! Moon Light General's Vampire Land"
悪の帝国・バグラ軍のデスジェネラルのひとり、ネオヴァンデモンが支配するヴァンパイアランドにやって来たタイキ(声・高山みなみ)たち。夜の闇に包まれ た不気味な国で、タイキたちはロップモンというデジモンに遭遇する。この国ではネオヴァンデモンとその部下たちが、チョコモンからロップモンに進化したデ ジモンたちを日々ヴァンパイア城に捕えるという横行を繰り返していた。そこで、タイキたちはロップモンたちを救うため、ネオヴァンデモンらを倒すことを決 意。不死身の敵を相手に戦いを仕掛けようと、ヴァンパイア城に潜入する。ところがそこで、タイキはネオヴァンデモンにクロスローダーを奪われてしまい…。
  やがて、ネオヴァンデモンはレディデビモンらを吸収して巨大化。さらに、これまでキリハとともに戦いを切り抜けてきたメタルグレイモンまでも吸収し…! 絶体絶命の大ピンチ――タイキたちはどう対処するのか!?
Taiki and others arrive in Vampire Land, where it's ruled under one of the Evil Empire: Bagra Army's Death General, NeoVandemon. The kingdom is sourrouned by its eerie darkness, Taiki and others meet a digimon name Lopmon.The handsman of NeoVandemon from this kingdom have been non-stop capturing any Chocomon that can evolve to Lopmon to the capstle. Therefore, Taiki and others wants to save Lopmons, decide to MUST defeat NeoVandemon. They are against numerous undead Enermies, in order to sneak into the Capstle. But then, NeoVandemon takes Taiki's Xros Loader away...
Then NeoVandemon obsorts LadyDevimon and becomes bigger. Also, he even abosrts MetalGreymon Who was battling with Kiriha...! At this despearate Danger , what should Taiki and others do!?

第34話 死ぬなグレイモン!シャウトモンDX誕生
ep 34: "Don't Die Greymon! The Birth of Shoutmon DX!"
With the power of Undead, NeoVandemon revives, and force Digi-Xros with Metal Greymon.
They also find out that the Lopmons that were captured was obsorted by NeoVandemon.

第35話 パワーが吸われる!ハニーランドの狩人たち
ep 35:"Power got absorb! The hunters in Honey Land"
Taiki and others arrive in Honey Land, where it's sourrounded by its sweet scents.
However Honey.
However, the Digimon in Honey Land are very weak and close to dying.
As Taiki and others wondering about it, One of the Death Generals, Zamierumon appears in front of them.
Taiki and others was a bit disappointed with its figure that's like a flie, however Zamierumon's handsmen: a huge bunch of Bugs Digimon immediately uses Super Sonic, and Taiki and others are suffering from it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

[Telebi Mag] TV magazine May Issue Scan (Updated)

edit @ 10:51: Translations

"Huanglongmon: Dorubickumon's royal handsman. Who directs the Dragon Digimon Army. Its hotline heat sweeps, quicky burn down all the enermies.

Dorubickmon: The General(Death General) that rules the first country in Digital World, Dragond Land. He's able to control the ground shape however he wants.

DigXros=> Ultimate Dorubickmon: Dorubickmon and Huanglongmon DigiXroses, plus obsorbing the whole army Dragon Digimon all together. Becomes an ultimate dragon Digimon with huge wings.

Brand new Battle in the Mysterious World.
Metal Greymon Chou Shinka, JikkuGreymon Appears!

Shoutmon X5: Taiki and others saved their friends who was captured by Bagra Army. They Digi-Xros and fight back.

Dracomon: A soilder from Bagra Army, and escaped from them, becomes Taiki and others' friends.

MetalGreymon: Attacked by Ultimate Dorubickmon, and falls down. Heart connects with Kiriha, Metalgreymon......(watermarks covered it...)
Choushinka => Jikkugreymon: Without Digi-Xros, MetalGreymon's Chou-Shinka form. WIth the power of Order of the Magnitute, it can blow up the enermy.

Taiki and others return to Digital World.
Bagra Army has dominated it,
it has become completely different world.
Brand New Country, Dragon Land, the battle has started.

This is the New Digital World!
Donimated by Bagra Army, and reborn!

Seven General(Death General), use Darkness Loader and Digi-Xros.
After defeating the country's Death General, new road has open.
The sky of seven country, it has their individual flag. After defeating the Death General, the flag will lead the light of the road to the next Country will appear.
Dorubickmon: Seven Generals are given Darkness Loader by Darkknightmon. You can Digi-Xros with its power.

The flow time of Digital World and Real World are different.
Taiki went back to Real World from Digital World. How many months in Digital World has passed, yet it's only a few hours have passed in Real World.

Mini Shoutmon:
Shoutmon becomes smaller, other than Taiki, no one else can see him, feel him or hear him.

All 108 Code Crown are in the hands of Bagramon, and Digital World is reborn, and dominated by Bagra Army. The secret of the Brand New World has revealed.
Zones has diappeared. Bagra Dom Hall and seeks for the Seven Kingdoms/Countries.

Code Crown:
The prove of the ruler of the Zone. It was in one before, until it was crush and splited into 108 pieces.
Death Generals are ruling their individual countries. Darkknightmon gather the Generals, also, Bagramon to Region Supreme.

Taiki's Comards are captured by Dorubickmon.
Trapped in the ball with mysterious power, they can't escape outside. Dorubickmon uses them as hostage, to lure Taiki and others."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Speical Thanks to My friend Hypoo pointed it out. Apparently there some minor difference in the opening for ep 31 and 32.
ep 31:

ep 32:

On the screen where it lists insert songs, there were something drawing out on the sky.
ep 31 was a heart

and ep 32 was a circle

And also it's missing one staff column of : Series Composer: Sanju Riku

Pretty cool huh~