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Friday, April 29, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars EP35 Summary & EP 36 Preview

ep 35:"Power got absorb! The hunters in Honey Land"
吉田玲子 細田雅弘 細田雅弘 八島善孝

Info TVAsahi

 と、そこへ右手が剣、左手が蛇の女剣士メルヴァモンが現れた! メルヴァモンはタイキたちを助け、ザミエールモンを倒すという目的で意気投合する。タイキとメルヴァモンはともにザミエールモンを攻撃。ところが、イグニートモンがメルヴァモンの弟であることが判明! ザミエールモンは姉弟で戦わせるという、卑怯な手に出ようとし…。


Taiki and others arrive in the 3rd Kingdom of Digital World, Honey Land. It’s a beautiful Kingdom full of scents of flower and honey, but they encounter Digimon are lifeless. Then they witness Lilamon who got stun by a large group of Honey Beemon, and gets her power abort by them. Taiki and others wanted to help Lilamon, but for some reason they all froze there the moment they saw Shoutmon. Ignitemon, the Reptile-Species Digimon has appeared. Ignitemon is able to put out the type of Wavelength that makes Digimon suffer. Meanwhile, Taiki and others tryto save Lilamon, but Zamielmon, the Death Generals who rules Honey Land appears. Shoutmon and others attack him continuously, Taiki and others are falling in danger.
Then, a swordwoman whose right arm holds a sword, and left arm holds to a serpent appears! Mervamon helps Taiki and her goal is also to defeat Zamielmon. Taiki and Mervamon attacks Zamielmon at the same time. They also find out that Ignitemon is Mervamon’s brother! Zamielmon uses its coward tactic, and makes the siblings to fight each other.
Can Taiki and others able to put a stop to such sorrow battle..!?