もう一度 デジタルワールドの扉は開く! そして 新しい冒険は始まる!

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[TV-Magazine] July Issue



The Attacks of Balistamon !

Taiki and others arrive in the 5th Kingdom, Gold Land. Over there Balistamon appears, and becomes this Kingdom's Death General, Olegmon's Subordinate. Balistamon returns to its original form and went back to Taiki, and then attacks Taiki.

Next Month's Issue:

A Brand New DigiXros!

(I guess it's X7 time? What is X6 then?)

[Carddass] DCD pic of the 5 New Generals

Sunday, May 29, 2011

[DVD]Digimon Xros Wars DVD vol. 7

メディア DVD 発売日 2011年08月26日
ジャンル TVアニメ 税込価格 レンタル専用商品です
スペック カラー/(予)87分/ドルビーデジタル(ステレオ)/片面2層/16:9(スクイーズ)/ビスタサイズ
品番:BCDR-2827 レンタル専用
発売元 バンダイビジュアル
販売元 バンダイビジュアル


[CD]Evolution & Digixros(updated with 3rd tracks)

edited @ 10:35am: update with the name of the 3rd track
CD image has released:

  • CD (2011/6/22)
  • ディスク枚数: 1
  • フォーマット: Single, Maxi
  • レーベル: 日本コロムビア
1. Evolution & Digixros ver.TAIKI
2. Evolution & Digixros ver.KIRIHA
3. WE ARE クロスハート!ver.×7(We are Xros heart! ver. X7) 
4. Evolution & Digixros ver.TAIKI(純カラ)
5. Evolution & Digixros ver.KIRIHA(純カラ)
6. WE ARE クロスハート!ver.×7(純カラ)

Digimon Xros Wars ep 39

第39話 「クロスハート分裂の危機! 水虎将軍の卑劣なワナ」

edit @ 10:27 am: More screen cap

--> Click Me < To Download Screencap--

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 39 Summary

info tv Asahi
クロスハート分裂の危機! 水虎将軍の卑劣なワナ
EP 39: Xros Heart Break up Crisis! Water Tiger General's Despicable Trap

デジタルワールドの第4の国「サイバーランド」で、いきなりドルルモン(声・櫻井孝宏)がタイキ(声・高山みなみ)たちに襲い掛かってきた! なんと、そのドルルモンは偽者。正体は、サイバーランドのデスジェネラルであるスプラッシュモンだったのだ! そんなこととは知らないタイキたちは困惑。さらに、スプラッシュモンによって次々と仕掛けられる卑劣な罠によって、仲間内に生じた亀裂はどんどん大きくなっていく…。


手ごわい敵スプラッシュモンに、タイキたちはどう立ち向かうのか!? そして、やがて訪れるスプラッシュモンとの直接対決。その熾烈な戦いの行方は…!?

In the 4th kingdom of digital world – Cyberland, Dorulumon have suddenly attacks Taiki and others. As expected, that Dorurumon is a imposter. His real identity is Cyberland’s Death General – Splashmon. Without knowing his true identity and has puzzle Taiki and others. Due to Splashmon’s trap, their relationship had gone worst....

On other hand, the real dorulumon is in comfinment and got poisoned by Splashmon, and it's in a very serious condition. Over there, Cutemon and Revolmon appears, and save Dorulumon...

How Taiki and other are going to face against strong opponent Splashmon? And...Finally Splashmon shows his true face to fight. What will happen in this fierce fight...?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

[Others]Kumiko Watanabe is coming to Anime North 2011

According to Anime North's site, Kumiko Watanabe is coming to AN this year ! Excited!!
Kumiko Watanabe is the voice actor for Tomoki Himi and Takuya's little brother, Shinya Kanbara, both from Digimon Frontier.

Already got both of my Digimon Frontier CDs: "Best Parade" and "Chrismas Smile" ready for her autograph!! XD
I wanted to bring my "Digimon Memorial Animation Chronicle" Book, but I don't want it to get ruined D:

And also, I'm going to be in the Artist Alley selling artworks this year at Anime North as well,
if you are also attending AN in the up-coming weekend, feel free to drop by and say hi :)
I'll love to meet you all :)
and yes how could I sell artwork that doesn't contain Digimon ;)
Currently working on a huge Digimon posters.
If requested, I can do a Tomoki Fanart for Kumiko to sign, for anyone that's interested.

Also, special thanks to those who voted and gave their ideas for the key chain idea.
It's very helpful and yes I have already started to work on those, and hoping to finish them all before FanExpo in August.

Anyways! I'm very excited.
I hope to see and meet more Digimon Fans , and also if there is a Digimon Cosplay photo shoot, and Panel, I'll be there too :)

VJump July Issue Scans(updated)

info 2ch & wikimon & K島
edit @ 9:56am: Anime News and 5 New Generals' VJump page
you can find the translation for the text though my previous post

and Angelwomon who's General is Hikari

the page with 5 new generals for the Cardass game

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 38

第38話 「謎のサイバーランド! 鋼の街の美少女」


Click here to Download Full Screencaps
I LOL @ Splashmon's imagination of Kiriha and Nene's argument:
Kiriha: "Don't get close to me, cockroach head!"
Nene: "What about you? Your hair grew soo fast, it's like as you are wearing a wig!"
and Ruka mistaken Dorulumon as a dog, Gaomon number 2 XD
Good job Directors loll