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Thursday, June 30, 2011

[TV-Magazine] August Issue

◆デジモン クロスウォーズ


Digimon Xros Wars:
Taiki and others arrive in Canyon Land. They are struggling to fight against the Death General, Gravimon who's able to manipulate the Gravity, but a brand new DigiXros, Shoutmon X7 is complete. It's time to fight back. It contains Shoutmon's special moves.

Next month's issue:

The Strongest Death General
Decisive Battle of Hell!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars 43 Summary

info TVAsahi

43: 強き愛を!デッカードラモン最期の叫び!! 
ep 43: The Mighty Love! Deckerdramon's Final Scream!!


Under Canyon Land's Death General, Gravimon's instigation, Kiriha ruthlessly wants to become stronger, and he's determine to fight Taiki. Kiriha's serious attack forces Taiki to fight back. MetalGreymon Cho-Shinka into ZekeGreymon and Kiriha starts to attack, Taiki let Shoutmon Cho-Shinka into OmegaShoutmon and stand up to fight. But both of their Super-Evolution got defuse. From there, Kiriha can't get MetalGreymon to Cho-Shinka again, so he command his Guardian: Deckdramon to defeat Taiki. But Deckerdramon disobey his command, and plans to help Kiriha remember the importance of Love once again.
Kiriha has changed his whole personality. At the end, will Deckderdramon successfully regain Kiriha's strong love?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars 42

第42話 「キリハにささやく! 峡谷の土神(どしん)将軍、魔の誘い」


Click here to Download Full Screencap

Shining X7

- Kiriha's expression over 9000... This ep he has turned into a totally different person AGAIN. His personality changes almost every other ep for some reason...
- His attacks Nene too... wow... Kiriha has gone mad :/
- Selfish Kiriha:His strategy makes everyone a decoy to the enemy to clear off the enemy in the way, then pushes them away so he can get to the DGeneral...
- Super Seiyan Kiriha!
- Why are you so Vegeta today Kiriha...
- There isn't an insert song in this ep ,but they played "Blazing Blue Flare"'s BGM
- No Deckderamon T^T
- X7 appears!

[Lyrics]WE ARE クロスハート ver.X7

please DO NOT copy my lyrics and post on your own AMV or any other website WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

WE ARE クロスハート ver.X7
歌:和田光司 & 谷本貴義 & 宮崎 歩
Artist: Wada Kouji & Tanimoto Takayoshi & Miyazaki Ayumi
Translation: rainmon

WE ARE クロスハート!
We are Xros Heart!

Kono Michi wa itsumo Gekitou no BAANINGU ROODO
この道はいつも 激闘のバーニングロード
The road is a burning road always full of fierce battles
Kake nukete kitasa Kimi no Yume no tameni
駆け抜けてきたさ 君の夢のために
I'm running on it, for the sake of your dream
Kasaneta Kizuna ga Kirifuda sa Saiko no chikara wo MI·SE·RO!
重ねた絆が切り札さ 最後の力を見・せ・ろ!
The bond we gather together is our trump card I'll show you the last of my power!

[lyric] Evolution & DigiXros VER.KIRIHA

please DO NOT copy my lyrics and post on your own AMV or any other website WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

Evolution & DigiXros VER.KIRIHA
歌: 谷本貴義 & 和田光司
Artist: Tanimoto Takayoshi & Wada Kouji
Translation: rainmon

Ikari wo Kasanete Kita Kono Kiba ga uzuku
怒りを重ねて来た この牙がうずく
The anger keeps on coming back The fang is aching
Tashika ni Kanjiteiru EBORYUSHUN Ashita e no Kagi
確かに感じている エボリューション 明日(あした)への鍵
I can certainly feel it Evolution is the key towards tomorrow
Buchikowase Yurusenai Kago no Ore wo
ぶちこわせ 許せない 過去の俺を
I have to destory and never forgive the me in the past
Sabitsuita Omoi kara Furisutete
錆びついた 重い殻 振り捨てて
Throw away the rusty and heavy shell
Kiseki Yobu Kiri Fudawo Tsukame
Call out miracle and grabs on the trump card
Aoki Hono Michishirube ni shite
蒼き炎 道標(みちしるべ)にして
Let the blue flare be the Guidepost

Friday, June 24, 2011

[Lyrics]Evotluion & DigiXros VER.TAIKI

please DO NOT copy my lyrics and post on your own AMV or any other website WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

Evolution & DigiXros VER.TAIKI
歌:和田光司 & 谷本貴義
Artist: Wada Kouji & Tanimoto Takayoshi
Translation: rainmon

Atsui Chikai ga Kokoro ni kureta
Such pledge with burning passion has given my heart
Jikuu wo Koeru Kiseki no EBURYUSHUN
The miracle Evolution travel through space and time
Yuuki to Yuujou Kake hashi ni shite
勇気と友情 架け橋にして
A bridge builds with Courage and Friendship
Mirai no Jibun ni ae
I will go meet my future self
Tamashii Furueru Tomo no Jounetsuga Nemureru nanika wo Okosuze
魂震える友の情熱が 眠れる何かを起こすぜ
Somehow such passhioned friendship has moved my soul and awake up from my sleep

Thursday, June 23, 2011

[lyrics]Twill- New World

please DO NOT copy my lyrics and post on your own AMV or any other website WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

I'll put up the translated lyrics for both versions of "Evolution & DigiXros" and We Are Xros Heart ver. X7 soon

New World

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 42 Summary

42話 キリハにささやく!峡谷の土神将軍、魔の誘い
ep 42: Whisper to Kiriha! The Invitation of the Devil from The Earth Gold General of Canyon.
脚本:米村正二 演出:貝澤幸男 作監:小松こずえ 美術:渡辺佳人

 タイキ(声・高山みなみ)らは、グランドキャニオンのように岩山の大地が広がるデジタルワールド第6の国「キャニオンランド」へ。キャニオンランドでは、デスジェネラルである「土神のグラビモン」の指揮の下、悪の帝国・バグラ軍が大量に集まり、タイキたちを倒すことに意欲を燃やしていた。タイキたちはさっそく作戦を立てることにするが、そこへキリハ(声・草尾毅)が思わぬ宣言をする! 自分が指揮を執り、奇襲攻撃を仕掛けるというのだ。結局、タイキたちはキリハに従って行動するが、グラビモンは作戦の裏を読み、逆にタイキやキリハを追い詰める。やがて、非情な強さを手に入れたければタイキを倒せ、とキリハに迫るグラビモン。ある理由から強さにこだわるキリハ。

Taiki and others moving towards Digital World's 6th Kingdom, "Canyon Land", a wide land with rocky mountains, just like a Grand Canyon. In Canyon Land, the Death General there "Gravimon of the Earth God" has fired up and want to defeat Taiki and others, under its lead, it gathers up a large group of Bagra Army, the Evil Empire. Taiki and others stand up to fight right away, but unexceptly Kiriha declares his plan to Taiki to others! He says to let him command the group, and give the energy a surprise attack. Therefore, Taiki and others follow Kiriha's plan, but Gravimon see through their plan, conversely, it corners Taiki and Kiriha. In order to get close to Kiriha, Gravimon wants to defeat Taiki ruthlessly with its great power. Kiriha has a reason to become stronger.
Towards Gravimon's devil whisper, what will Kiriha do?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[XrosLoader]Upgrade for Code Crown Zero

Courtesy from Digimon Portugal :)

I don't own a Xros Loader and I'm not sure how all these works...

So feel free to correct me or let me know anything you want to add anything you want me to post on here~>.<

"Today, Bandai released a new quest. It is an upgrade for Code Crown Zero. The maps are the same, but some leaders are different and you have more Digimon to catch.

Code Crown Zero

First Zone
§ Battle 1: WarGreymon (GreyKnightsmon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 2: MetalGarurumon
§ Battle 3: Darkdramon (NeoVamdemon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 4: BanchouLeomon (Apollomon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 5: Examon (Shoutmon X3GM is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 6: Gallantmon (Grademon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 7: Omnimon (Shoutmon X3SD is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 8: Gallantmon X (Gallantmon X is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 9: Shoutmon X4 Knight (Shoutmon X4 Knight is owned in this battle)

Second Zone
§ Battle 1: MadLeomon
§ Battle 2: Neptunemon (Lunamon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 3: AncientVolcamon (Dorbickmon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 4: DaiPenmon
§ Battle 5: Chaosdramon
§ Battle 6: Lucemon (Mercuremon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 7: GrandisKuwagamon
§ Battle 8: MusouKnightmon (MusouKnightmon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 9: DarknessBagramon (DarknessBagramon is owned in this battle)

Third Zone
§ Battle 1: Minervamon (Mervamon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 2: Phelesmon
§ Battle 3: Apocalipsemon
§ Battle 4: WaruMonzaemon
§ Battle 5: Diaboromon
§ Battle 6: ? A green Digimon with many eyes and tentacles
§ Battle 7: ZeekGreymon (ZeekGreymon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 8: OmegaShoutmon (OmegaShoutmon is owned in this battle)
§ Battle 9: Shoutmon DX (Shoutmon DX is owned in this battle)

It is not possible to make a DigiXros with ZeekGreymon or DX.

This text is mine, I passed all the Code Crown while I was registring. You can publish this here if you want. "

Monday, June 20, 2011

[VJump] August Issue

info K島
(Special Thanks to Elfen for the News)
I'll translate the major parts in this magazine unless further translation request.
From right to left:

Don't under estimate my tactic.

This guy isn't easy to deal with.

The Earth God General: Gravimon
A strategy guy who likes to use cruel tactic.
Its white tentacle hands on his back can control the gravity freely.

The Crisis of General alliance breaking up?
Gravimon's scary plan!
In the new world, Canyon Land, Gravimon leads a large amount of army and attacks!
Generals(Taiki and others) are out to their limit while taking the challenge, are there any chances of winning?
Also, what's the terrible trap hidden within the battle?

Already translated the title for ep 42-44

Sunday, June 19, 2011

[Manga] Chapter 12: Digimon in Human Form? Adventure in Human World?

info 2ch

This is like my 3rd post about Manga.
Again I haven't caught up to the latest chapter, but a few screen cap for this chapter is very intesting. I might be wrong about some info within the story in the manga.
It seems that Taiki and Akari are taking Shoutmon, Balistamon, Cutemon, Dorulumon, Tailmon and Wizardmon back to the real world.
And with Wizardmon's magic, the Digimon are turning into human form.
Not ganna lie, it's pretty cute/handsome/hot! (Yeah...)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

[Vjump]Digimon Xros Wars ep 42-44 Titles

2ch has info for another break for Xros wars, and the title for ep 44.
6/19 休止 /Break

6/26 キリハにささやく!峡谷の土神将軍、魔の誘い (ディノレクスモン)
ep 42: Whisper to Kiriha! The Invitation of the Devil from The Earth Gold General of Canyon. (DigiMelody: Dinorexmon)

7/3 強き愛を!デッカードラモン最期の叫び!! (アグニモン)
ep 43: The Mighty Love! Deckerdramon's Final Scream!!(DigiMelody: Agunimon)

7/10 休止 /Break

7/17 きずなのX7!グラビモンとの壮絶バトル!! (ネフェルティモン)
ep 44: The bond of X7! The Sublime Battle with Gravimon (DigiMelody:Nefertimon)

Friday, June 17, 2011

[Audio Samples] Evolution & DigiXros

Due to Canada post is still on strike, my CD probably won't arrive til another few weeks...
I have to listen to the Audio Samples to get the sneak peak of the CD.
ALSO: If you pre-order and get the First Edition for this CD, it comes with a poster.
Speical Thanks to Jessicat for the news :)

CDjapan has offer Audio Sample for Digimon Xros Wars Insert Song: Evolution & Digixros.

  • CD (2011/6/22)
  • ディスク枚数: 1
  • フォーマット: Single, Maxi
  • レーベル: 日本コロムビア
1.Evolution & Digixros ver.TAIKI
 歌/和田光司、谷本貴義 (Artist: Wada Kouji, Tanimoto Takayoshi)
2.Evolution & Digixros ver.KIRIHA
 歌/和田光司、谷本貴義 (Artist: Wada Kouji, Tanimoto Takayoshi)
3.WE ARE クロスハート! ver.×7
 歌/和田光司、谷本貴義、宮崎歩 (Artist: Wada Kouji, Tanimoto Takayoshi & Miyazaki Ayumi)
4.Evolution & Digixros ver.TAIKI
5.Evolution & Digixros ver.KIRIHA
6.WE ARE クロスハート! ver.×7


Don't ask me when or where you can download it, but I can grantee you that you can hear the song if you buy the CD yourself.
again, support the industry, don't be cheap if you love the show.

[DCD]Mega Darkness Bargramon/メガダークネスバグラモン

DCD blog has shown a pic of Mega Darkness Bagramon.

Did he obsorts his minions to turn into this form?
He looks even more evil/ "BAD ASS" now

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[CD]Digimon Xros Wars Vocal Album(update a few track lists)

info Amazon.jp

edit @ 4:19pm: A few Track list updated.
デジモンクロスウォーズ ボーカルアルバム(Temporary name)
Image coming soon
  • CD (2011/8/24)
  • ディスク枚数: 1
  • レーベル: 日本コロムビア
  • ASIN: B0055XB9KW
  • Catalog Number COCX-36904

「WE ARE クロスハート!」 歌/和田光司
「ドンドコモンで盛り上がれ!」  歌/小野田浩二・台詞/ドンドコモン(CV:櫻井孝宏)
「空舞う勇者!×5」 歌/和田光司
「×4B THE GUARDIAN」 歌/和田光司
「DARK KNIGHT~不死身の王者~」 歌/谷本貴義
「Evolution&Digixros ver.TAIKI」 歌/和田光司&谷本貴義
「Evolution&Digixros ver.KIRIHA」 歌/谷本貴義&和田光司
ほか(曲順未定) /And others(Track Order Undecided)

No image or much info has been release except the release date and contains the follow artists:
Wada Kouji, Takatori Hideaki, Tanimoto Takayoshi and Sakurai Takahiro and various artists.
Note: Takatori Hideaki Performed for the Theme for Blue Flare : Blazing Blue Flare
and Sakurai Takahiro performed Donkomon's chara song
both artists were featured in "We Are Xros Heart" album.

So I bought those CD already, and if they contain like 1 or 2 new songs just to release this CDs... that means I have to buy a CD with the same songs again... I should have known... -_-

Monday, June 13, 2011

[Random] Gundam... Adventure? WHAAA

Just something random we found on internet.
Apparently the new Gundam AGE is being make fun of alot lately.
It's a story of the Green hair dude, battling along with his Son and his Great son...
Anyways, this isn't a Gundam Blog, but I figure I post this just for fun.
Whoever gets the joke, enjoy! XD

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars 41

REMINDER: Digimon Xros Wars ep 42 will Air on June 26th, 2011.

第41話 「金賊(きんぞく)のオレーグモンが笑う! さらばクロスハート!」


Click here to Download ScreenCaps

X7 from the commercial

- X4S awesome!
- LOL at Shoutmon Calling Greymon: "Greymon Ou-san"(Old Man Greymon)
- Shoutmon: "It wasn't a consistent! From the moment I saw you, I knew I have to help you, you and I are destine to be together, as partners! Do you like it before I fix you or after I fix you? Which one Do you like the most? Tell me your true feelings! I will protect you, I will protect your feelings!"
- Balistamon:"I love the me after Shoutmon Fixed it. It's the real me. I like it, I'm Balistamon!"
- Very touching ep, alot of sweet moments.(Yes i admit I purposely to add a few extra words to make these dialogue more bromance...)
- Sparrowmon: "I can't remember anything when I was being control..."
Nene:"Really now?"
Sparrowmon:"What's with the scary look o.O"