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Sunday, July 31, 2011


(Also I forgot to mention that, August 1st is also the 2nd anniversary of this blog. Since this blog was created on the 10th Odaiba Memorial Anniversary :P)

Digimon @ CASO: Odaiba Memorial 12th
& Digimon Tamers Anime 10th Anniversary MV: The Biggest Dreamer
Chinese Sub:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCn69nljsaI
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?kau8o2x5y5o9n37

MV: rainmon
translation: saya & rainmon
T/L: leboshi & rainmon

This year is Digimon Tamers Anime 10th anniversary, also Odaiba Memorial 12th anniversary as well :)
Digimon opening project #3 :)
therefore I made the opening theme of Digimon Tamers Opening AMV :)
Enjoy :)
AMV 2 coming soon :)

Click here to download

Chinese-sub click here
or visit here

It's August 1st, and it's Odaiba Memorial day =D
If you are a true Digimon Fan, I'm sure you know what that day is =D
I'm always busy 2 weeks before Odaiba Memorial day to do the pre. (AMV or whatever I do XD)
This year is extremely busy. ConBravo, FanExpo...etc
But I still managed to finished this AMV before ConBravo last weekend.

Since my amv will be team up with saya and leboshi and they are not part of Tsubasa-sub. Tsubasa-sub members was originally form from CASO anyways, so all AMV will be name under [CASO] from now on.

[OdaibaMemorial12th][FanDub]WE ARE クロスブラー X3

BraSenshi for Odaiba Memorial 12th Anniversary
We Are Xros Bra!X3
by BraBlack&BraWhite&BraLavender



CD image: rainmon


Evolution & Digixros ver. TAIKI
Artist: BraBlack & BraWhite

Evolution&Digixros ver.KIRIHA
Artist: BraWhite &BraBlack


WE ARE クロスハート! ver.×7
Artist: BraBlack & BraWhite & BraLavender

BraSenshi members are still unknow and supposes to be mysterious(and yes i just reveal 3 members's identity...)
Also part BraSenshi members also the members who subs Xros Wars manga in Chinese :/

[TV-Magazine] September Issue

◆デジモン クロスウォーズ

◆Digimon Xros Wars
Taiki and the gang have reach the 7th kingdom – Bright Land. Due to Yuu's Trick, they have fallen into the world of darkness, hell's field.The fights between the generals, Taiki and Yuu have begin in Digital World's hell.

Digimon Xros Wars 46

Download Screenshot

From x10amin
Just to busy to post up all the screenies, just grab it from the link above.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 46 Summary

info TVAsahi
(Been very busy, if any translation error let me know)

Death or Alive, Decisive Battle of General of Hell
≫脚本=三条陸 演出・絵コンテ=細田雅弘 作画監督=竹田欣弘 美術=渡辺佳人


In Digital World's last Kingdom "Bright Land", Taiki and others fall into the Hole of Darkness, along with Nene's little brother Yuu. Taiki and others spots the White Castles and go into it, through the cystal at the back of the Trone, they are able to communicate with Yuu. For some reason, across the Hell's Field, The Black Castle which it's opposite of the White castle, Yuu's team: Twilight, starts to set up for battle.Yuu propose to determine the winner with both of their team, and he will take over Taiki's White Castle. But, the rule says:"Attack with both castle as target, whichever Leader-General Taiki or Yuu will die first loses." Such ultimate rule!
As usual, Yuu thinks the battle in the Digital World is just a catching game, he thinks everything is just virtual... Over there, in order to help Yuu realize he's mistaken, Kiriha plans a strategy. Taiki and others agree, and starts to take action towards Yuu's "Practice battle".
At the end, will Kiriha's strategy be able to change Yuu's way of thinking?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars 45

BTW: It's not Apollomon "Wyss Mode", it's "WHISPERED!" Sorry for my previous translation mistake on the summary.

第45話 「最後の王国、輝く太陽のブライトランド」


Click here to Download Full Screencap

Friday, July 22, 2011

[CD]Evolution & DigiXros VER.TAIKI/KIRIHA + Poster

The CD has finally arrived XD
Due to Canada Post was on strike for almost a month, my CD Didn't ship until the beginning of July. And it has finally arrived in my house today. (Which it's exactly a month after it releases.)
Although I didn't manage to get the First Press, but I did order in-time just to get the poster.
Jesscat told me the poster is not the CD cover, nor a new fanart, so I figure it's probably the official Digimon Xros Wars poster that you see every where.
And yup!
CDJAPAN has great service as always, tape my CD along with the bubble wrap around it to the box, and the Poster was wraped with 2 layers and thousands of tables. Even the box was well sealed. Took me a bit longer than usual to open it, but it's all good, cuz everything is well pack :)

("P" is the poster)
The width of the poster is same size as the height of the xros wars calender
And yes, it's a very big poster :)(sorry for the white door background)
I gatta laminate this poster next week... I ALREADY BENDED ITTT T_T

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vjump Sept-Issue + Digimon Xros Wars ep 45 Summary

edit @ 2:01pm: wyss mode => Whipsered. ( I was half asleep while translating that last night ~_~)
info TV Asahi + K島(Special Thanks to elfen)

Might as well put them together.

“I’ve been waiting for you...

The Black Apollomon? What's going on with this form of his?

The change of the Kind Flame God.

The Sun General: Apollomon
He's able to control the flame, an incandescene Digimon.
The flame he pulls out can purify everything.

Clash at Bright Land!
A Death General with Great Pride!
Death General: Apollomon holds a heart of Justice, he propose to Taiki and others to defeat Bagramon!
But even he doesn't know the hidden darkness within his body...

OmegaShoutmon:'Aren't you suppose to be enermy?' ”

Already translate the ep titles,
and Carddass page will translate only by request.

45話 最後の王国、輝く太陽のブライトランド
ep 45: The Last Kingdom, Bright Land of the Bright Sun

デジタルワールド最後の国となる第七の国「ブライトランド」に辿り着いたタイキ(声・高山みなみ)たちは、デスジェネラルであるアポロモンを倒そうと意気 込む。ところが、アポロモンはタイキたちに「ともに戦い、デジタルワールドを支配する悪の帝国・バグラ軍の皇帝バグラモンを倒そう」と話を持ちかける。本 当は正義のデジモンだと告白するアポロモンを信用したいタイキだが、キリハ(声・草尾毅)とネネ(声・桑島法子)は認めない。そんな中、キリハがアポロモ ンに攻撃を仕掛けた! ところが、砲撃は意図せずタイキに向かってしまう。 体を張って、その砲撃を阻止するアポロモン。その姿を見て、キリハやネネもアポロモンを信用しようと決意する。そんな一同を突如、ユウ(声・沖佳苗)とツ ワーモン(声・菊池正美)の超重力が襲った! バグラモンがアポロモンに組み込んでいた悪のプログラムが発動し、ユウたちを招いたのだ。しかもそれと同時に、正義のアポロモンの中に潜んでいた悪の戦士 ウィスパードが覚醒。だが、ウィスパードを倒すことは同時にアポロモンをも倒すことになる…。激しい葛藤に襲われたタイキは、クロスローダーを操ることが できなくなってしまい…!?

Taiki and others arrive in the last Kingdom in the Digital World, the Seventh Kingdom "Bright Land", and very enthusiastic planning on defeating the Death General there, Apollomon.
But, Apollomon proposes to Taiki and others "Let's fight together, defeat the Evil Empire·Bagra Army's Emperor Bagramon, who rules the Digital World."
Taiki believes that he can trust Apollomon's confession, but Kiriha and Nene don't agree on that.
During that time, Kiriha starts to attack Apollomon.
The cannon attack was suppose to be aiming towards Taiki. Apollomon comes forward and stops the cannon attack.
Seeing Apollomon's action, Kiriha and Nene decide to trust Apollomon as well.
At this time, Yuu and Tsuwamon suddenly appears, and attacks using super Gravity!
Bagramon activates the Evil Program that he inserted into Apollomon, and let Yuu and others to come here.
Then, The hidden Evil Warrior within the Justice Apollomon , "Whispered" is awaken.
However, to defeat "Whispered" also means they will have to defeat Apollomon as well.
Taiki is struggled by such intense conflicts, and he can't use the Xros Loader anymore.
Taiki losts his will to fight, what will be his destiny along with his friends?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[Manga] Chapter 13: Ulforce V-dramon, Demon Lords

You know what... I'm just post Manga news from now on...
info shinoujp
I'm very busy tonight,
I'm just ganna post a few screen cap, i'll read later.
Any translations or question, i'll answer later.
There is a new Character name Tatsuya, who apparently was Taiki's rival?
And yes Ulforce V-dramon and The Seven Great Demon Lords are introduced as well.

[PSP] デジモンワールド リ:デジタイズ/Digimon World Re: Digitize Site Open

Yup, Bandai Namco's "Count Down" is done. The site is officially open!

According to the Kanji, Re:Digitize is "復元", in another words, "back/Restore/recover".
The intro says:


"Everything is back to the start of first generation.
Let the world Re:Digitize(back/Restore/recover)."

Whatever word that fits in.
Not much news reveal, except this is a single player RPG game. Price and release date is still unknown.
Ganna wait for more info!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

[Vjump] ep 48 title + More Digimon World RE: Digitize info

info 2ch

edit @ 12:57am: Translation for the magazine

7/24 最後の王国、輝く太陽のブライトランド (ピコデビモン)
ep 45:The Last Kingdom, Bright Land of the Bright Sun(DigiMelody: PicoDevimon)
7/31 生か死か、地獄のジェネラル決戦! (ヴァルキリモン)
ep 46 Death or Alive, Decisive Battle of General of Hell (DigiMelody: Valkyrimon)
8/7 タイキVSユウ、少年ジェネラル対決!! (パルモン)
ep 47 Taiki VS. Yuu, The Showdown of the Boy Generals(DigiMelody: Palmon)
8/14 ベルゼブモン、ヒカリに消ゆ! (ティロモン)
ep 48 Beelzebumon, Vanishes into the Light! (DigiMelody:Tylomon)

What is Sanju Riku plan to do with Beelzebumon this time? =A=

as for the new Digimon PSP game
previous post about its info click here

Due to blurry text, I've put question marks on some of the sentences.

From right to left:
On the boy's arm, there is a mysterious machine!!
Found a mysterious machine that's shining its light. This device holds the bond with Digimon, together, take care of them and help them evolve. The most significant of result of its invention(?)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars 44

第44話「きずなのX7! グラビモンとの壮絶バトル!!」


Click here to Download Full Screencap

forgot to put Nene's new cos up