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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[Televi-Mag]Octorber Issue

デジモン クロスウォーズ

七つの国のすべてのデスジェネラルをたおしたタイキたちは、バグラ軍の本拠地、大魔殿へ。帝王バグラモンと、ついに最終決戦だ。最強のバグラモンに、タイキたちは勝てるのか? 10月放送開始の新シリーズの情報もあるよ。

Taiki and others defeated all Death Generals from Seven Kingdoms, and moving towards Bagra Army's Head Quarters, The Great Demoic Castle.
Finally, it's the time for the final battle with the emperor Bagramon., will Taiki and others win Battle against the strongest Bagramon?
This magazine also contains the info for the new series that's starting in Octorber.

Next month's preview:

Brand new Adventure!

A friend of mine was in Japan, I asked her to pick up a Televi-Magazine for me, but for some reason she couldn't find it...
but she got both Vjump and NewType~ XD
Anyways, I really want to see more info about this magazine though...
But only if the shipping can be less expensive... I would have order it online....(ganna find another person who's going to japan or HK to find it for me!)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DMO is now open

Well DMO is now open!
Come join the game people XD
I'll be rainmon89/rainmon_intheblue in that game, see you all there!

I’m x10amin and my ID would be KanonnoE/AguChan in the game =3=
Rainmon ask me to post my id here btw XP

Link here: http://www.joymax.com/dmo/


Thanks Lu/maro, from DMS(Digimon Space)!
I've received your Digimon Odaiba Memorial 12th FanArt/Doujinshi(?) letter in my mailbox today! XD
As usual, Lu/maro is amazing >.<
(PS: This FanArt/Doujinshi is in Chinese)
Front cover & Title: 1+1=> Infinite. (Lyric from "Team", sung by Taichi Yagami & Agumon)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Jintrix Set 4

Sorry for the delay update/news.
CDjapan and Rakuten had updated info about Jintrix Set 4, which it's set to be released in November 30th, 2011.

no pic available

There are 81 types of the cards, they includes:
- The Four Legendary Holy Beasts: Xuanwumon(North), Qinglongmon(East), Zhuqiaomon(South) & Baihumon(West)
- ChaosDukemon, Lucemon Satan Mode, The Three Big Angels: Orphanimon...etc and other popular Digimon
- Apollomon, Dianamon...etc plus other New of the Twelve Olympic Digimon!
- Also continues from the 3 set, with complete original Digimon as well.

Total 81 types, common: 56 types , Queen Rare: 12 types, King Rare: 10 types, Gold Rare: 3 types.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 50


脚本=米村正二 演出=岩井隆央
絵コンテ・作画監督=八島善孝 美術=渡辺佳人

Click here to Download Full Screencap

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars 50 Summary

info TV asahi

50話 よみがえる!七人のデスジェネラル総登場!
ep 50:"Revive! The Appearance of all Seven Death General!"
脚本=米村正二 演出=岩井隆央 絵コンテ・作画監督=八島善孝 美術=渡辺佳人

七人のデスジェネラルを全員倒したタイキ(声・高山みなみ)たちは、悪の帝国・バグラ軍の本拠地である大魔殿へ。中にいる皇帝バグラモン(声・草尾毅)さえ倒せば、デジタルワールドは生まれ変わり、戦いで命を失った仲間たちも甦る――。タイキたちは意を決し大魔殿に近づく。そんなタイキたちの前にダークナイトモン(声・小杉十郎太)が現れた! ダークナイトモンはデジモンたちの負のエネルギーを集め、闇の力を結集したダークストーンを作り出したという。その力で、デスジェネラルを次々と復活させるダークナイトモン。心を奪われた状態で甦った7人のデスジェネラルたちは、タイキたちをまるでロボットのように攻撃。タイキたちはΩ(オメガシャウトモン)シャウトモン(声・坂本千夏)、Z(ジーク)グレイモン(声・草尾毅)らをデジクロス(=合体)させたシャウトモン×7で、七将軍に対抗する。そんななか、ダークナイトモンが七将軍をデジクロスさせ、最強最悪の破壊神を生み出した! その圧倒的な強さに、シャウトモン×7は絶体絶命の危機に陥る――。

Taiki and others defeated all Seven Death Generals, and moving towards the Evil Empire, Bagra Army's Head Quarters, The Great Demonic Palace. If they defeated Bagramon who's in there, then they can let the Digital World reborn, and revive their friends who lost their lives in battle. Taiki and others are close to The Great Demonic Palace. At this time, DarkKnightmon appears in front of them! DarkKnightmon uses the Negative Energy gathered from the Digimons, and creates a Dark Stone, which storage up with Dark Energies. DarkKnightmon uses its power and revive the Death Generals once again. The Seven Death General who got revived with their heart that were taken away, attacks Taiki and others like a robot. Taiki and others let OmegaShoutmon and ZekeGreymon and others DigiXros into Shoutmon X7, and stand up to the Seven Generals. At this time, DarkKnightmon DigiXroses the Seven Generals, and creates the strongest, worse destruction beast! Under its powerful attacks, Shoutmon X7 forced to a desperate struggled.

[Jintrix Set 3] New Digimon in the set

Special Thank you to Lucemon from WTW, all of his hard working saving and rename all the cards name! =)

And I've decided to make a new post, instead of update on the one I posted last night, it looks more organize that way.(sorta? loll)

edited @ 1:10pm: edited the list

There are 4 new Digimon in the 3rd set of Jintrix. And the 4th Set is set to come out in November according to a few online shop sites.
If any of them are actually an released Digimon before, please let me know.



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[Jintrix Set 3]ChoHakkaimon, Sanzomo... and more

Edited @ 12:02am: image of Sanzomon

One of the new Digimon from Jintrix Card Set # 3
Which it's influenced by "ZhuBaJie", the pig from "Journey to the West"

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 49

第49話 「タイキの決断! 最強のアポロモンを超えろ!」


Click here to Download Full Screencap

-T_T Beelzebumon's feather
- Damemon!!
- Dkmon is such a dick, so is Chuchumon...