もう一度 デジタルワールドの扉は開く! そして 新しい冒険は始まる!

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Friday, September 30, 2011

[TV-Magazine] November Issue

デジモン クロスウォーズ

いよいよ新シリーズ! 現実世界にある、デジモンたちがいる異空間、デジ クォーツ。そこでは、デジタルワールドからおちてきたメタルティラノモンがあばれていた。デジクォーツにまよいこんだタギルは、パートナーのガムドラモン を超進化させる。前シリーズの主人公、タイキとシャウトモンも登場するよ。

Finally enters the new series! A parallel dimension where Digimon lives, "Digi-Quartz" appears in the Real World. Over there, MetalTyranomon falls from the Digital World. Tagiru enters Digi-Quartz, and let his partner Gumdramon Chou-Shinka. Protagonist from the previous series, Taiki and Shoutmon will also appear in this new series!

Next Month's Preview:

Chou-shihnka: Arresterdramon

New Insert Song for the series

According to TVAsahi's site

『タギルチカラ!』 “Tagiru Chikara/Tagiru's Power!”

歌.演奏:サイキックラバー(Psychic Lover)



Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Introduction] Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time

Both TV Asahi and Toei's site have updated, with chara bio, and summaries.
info Toei Digimon Xros Wars Offical Site

It's been a year since the victory from the battle caused by the Digital World, Human and Digimon combine their power together...
Story starts from the Basket ball team "Xros Heart"'s member, Akashi Tagiru , who wants to surpass the Sempai that he respects, Kudou Taiki, and his classmate Amano Yuu, and his goal is to become the Top Star of their team.
But while Taiki is enjoying his peaceful days, mysterious kids appears in front of him. The kids says:"Whatever happen in this street right now, do not interfere!" with after such warning contains such deep meaning, they left.

Tagairu notices the city has some abnormal activities that he doesn't know about, he decided to visit the game center that one day. Over there, Tagiru witness the time somehow mysteriously changes. He can sense, someone is wiggling.
Tagiru hears a voice of someone is hurt, and enters into the distorted space "Digi-Quartz".
This is a world has different time flow than the Real World.
Tagiru sees 3 boys and girl in the Digi-Quartz, and seems like they are calling out the monster "Digimon", and hunt them. They are the mysterious kids who appears and gave the warning to Taiki, The three people, Ryoma, Ren, Airu.

Tagiru meets Gumdramon, the owner of the voice who he heard in the Game Center, and whose hunting by Ryoma and others, and hping Tagiru can help him.
Tagiru and Gumdramon gets along right away, and decided to participated in the Digimon Hunt.
Tagiru becomes the Legendary so call "Digimon Hunter", and visits the watchmaker store. Tagiru somehow receives the Xros Loader from his dad who owns the weird Watch Maker store.

Tagiru finally arrives in "Digi-Quartz", encounters MetalTyrannomon.
he wants to try out Digimon Hunt, Tagiru and Gumdramon are in great danger from MetalTyrannomon's counter attack.
At this time, Xros Loader starts to shine, and Gumdramon Chou-Shinka into Arresterdramon! With his overwhelming power, Arresterdramon defeated MetalTyrannomon, and successful passing Tagiru and Gumdramon's first Digimon Hunt!

The Boy Hunters, hunts the Digimon that continuously appearing in Human World, Taiki, Tagiru and Yuu's brand new adventure has started!

Monday, September 26, 2011

[FanArt] Suzaki Airu

Why am I still up... it's 4am...
I can't sleep anyways so I painted this
btw the contrast on my laptop is low, so for some computers this piece might look darker.
I just messed with some of the tool for SAI... AHAHA this piece didn't turn out good OTL
Seriously... I can't paint... =_=
oh well... enjoy...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yeah…Kiriha In Commercials

I have make this sh*tty image some time ago and now Rainmon requested me to post this sh*t up, have fun =3=

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 55 Summary(Updated)

I won't have time to translate this week, ganna finish this now.
Updated@ 11:58pm: ep 55 Trailer

info tvasahi

55話 おれたち、デジモンハンター!
ep 55:We Are, Digimon Hunter!
≫脚本=三条陸 演出・絵コンテ=貝澤幸男 作画監督=竹田欣弘 美術=未定
『デジモンクロスウォーズ』の新章『時を駆ける少年ハンターたち』が遂にスタート! 舞台は、デスジェネラルたちとの戦いから1年後の世界。タイキ(声・高山みなみ)は学校の後輩となったユウ(声・沖佳苗)、タギル(声・井上麻里奈)とと もにバスケットボールチーム「クロスハート」を結成。平和な日々を過ごしていた。そんなある日、タイキは空間が揺らぎ、モンスターのような影がよぎるのを 目撃。その直後、リョウマ(声・柿原徹也)、レン(声・桑島法子)、アイル(声・潘めぐみ)ら謎の人物3人と遭遇し、「これから街がいろいろ騒がしくなり ます。オレたちだけのゲームが始まる」と宣言される。彼らの言葉が意味するところとは一体…!?
 その翌日、タギルは死にかけたデジモン、ガムドラモン(声・渡辺久美子)の声を聞く。それをキッカケにタギルは、デジモンたちが暮らす世界「デ ジクオーツ」のゲームワールドへ。そこで行われているデジモンハント(=狩り)に魅せられたタギルは、ガムドラモンと手を組み、デジモンハンターへの道を 進み始める――! 

A brand new Chapter of "Digimon Xros Wars": "The Boy Hunters who Leap Through Time" is finally starting! Its stage will take place a year after the battle with the "Death Generals". Taiki, and Yuu who has become his school Junior, along with Taigiru forms a basket ball team "Xros Heart". They are back to their peaceful every day life. One day, Taiki witnesses the space is fluctuating, and a shadow that's like a monster. After that, he encounters three mysterious people, Ryoma, Ren and Airu, and says:"Starting now, this town will become very noisy. The game that's only for us has begun." The stuff they said, what do they mean?
The next day, Taigiru hears a Digimon that's about to die: Gumdramon's voice. With this chance, Taigiru went to the Game World where Digimon lives "Digi Quartz". Taigiru gets attract by Digimon Hunting in that place, decided to help Gumdramon, and begin his road to become a Digimon Hunter.

Digimon Xros Wars ep 54

第54話 「栄光のデジクロス、つかめ!おれたちの未来!!」


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