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Monday, October 31, 2011

[Televi-Mag]December Issue

デジモン クロスウォーズ


Yuu misses Damemon who he lost in the previous battle in the previous season, and he feels depress. Cutemon wants to cheery him up, but Airu, a Digimon Hunter who only hunts cute Digimon appears. Yuu tries to protect Cutemon, then...

next month's preview:

Digi-Quartz's secret!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 59

第59話 「かわいさ要注意! キュートハンター、アイルの罠!」


Click here to Download Full Screencap

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 59 Summary + New Insert Song

A brand new insert song for Yuu:
『Shining Dreamers』
   歌/Artist・岩崎貴文/Iwasaki Takafumi
   作詞/Lyric・三条 陸/Sanjo Riku
   作曲/Music・岩崎貴文/Iwasaki Takafumi
編曲/Composer:大石憲一郎/Oishi Kenichiro

59話 かわいさ要注意!キュートハンター、アイルの罠!
ep 59: CAUSION cuteness! Cute Huter, Airu's trap!
脚本:三条陸 演出:三塚雅人 絵コンテ・作画監督:八島善孝

井に貼り付いた! 驚いた客たちが逃げ出すと、店で衝撃波が爆 発。と同時に、デジモンたちが暮らす世界「デジクオーツ」にある同雑貨店では、デジモンたちが地面から突き出したトゲによって天井に打ち付けられてい た…。すべては可愛いものが大好きなデジモンハンターのアイル(声?潘めぐみ)、デジモンのオポッサモン(声?白石涼子)による仕業だったのだ!

In the busy store where there are alot of girls are in, suddenly the doll on customers hand are shaking, and flies up stick to the ceiling! Customers are scared and run out of the store, the store suddenly explored. At the same time, the world where Digimon lives in "DigiQuartz" appears, and Digimons come out from the ground, through the ceiling. A Digimon Hunter Airu, who loves to collect cute Digimon, along with her partner Digimon Oppossumon, has start their work.

 その後、アイルはタギル(声?井上麻里奈)た ちが通う学校付近へ。そこで、ユウ(声?沖佳苗)の腕にしがみつくデジモン、キュートモン(声?桑島法子)を目撃したアイルは、その愛らしさに心を奪われ る! その矢先、パートナーだったデジモン、ダメモン(声?菊池正美)を戦いで失った傷が未だ癒えないユウは、ひとりで人気のない開発地へ。そこへ、アイ ルとオポッサモンが出現! ユウはアイルが発生させたデジクオーツに突き落とされてしまう。

After that, Airu walks by Tagiru's school. Over there, she witness the Digimon on Yuu is holding, Cutemon, and she wants to take away such cute Digimon's heart! Yuu wh o didn't heal such heavy wound, and lost his partner Digimon, Damemon int he battle back then, he walks into a quiet empty ground. Over there, Airu and Oppossumon appears and opens the DigiQuartz, and cause Yuu to fall into it.

  アイルの狙いは、キュートモンをユウから譲り受けることだった。デジクオーツに落ちたユウを捕獲し、交渉を開始しようとするアイル。するとキュートモンが 現れ、ユウを救うために立ちはだかった! しかし、オポッサモンの風船爆弾で吹き飛ばされてしまうキュートモン。ユウはキュートモンを自分のクロスロー ダーに入れて助ける。しかし、何が何でもキュートモンを奪おうと、攻撃を仕掛けるアイル。ユウとキュートモンは窮地に追いやられるが、そこへタギルとガム ドラモン(声?渡辺久美子)が登場。一度はユウとキュートモンを無事救い出すが…。

Airu's goal is to make Yuu to suffer so Cutemon will appear. As Yuu falls into DigiQuartz, and got captured immediately by Airu, and she starts to negotiate with Yuu. Then Cutemon appears, and he stands up to face Airu in order to save Yuu! But, Cutemon get send fly away by Oppossumon's balloon bomb. Yuu wants to save him by putting him in the Xros Loader. But Airu tries to take Cutemon in anyway possible, so she keeps on attacking. Yuu and Cutemon are being chased without any stops(?I can't think of a better way to describe this), then Tagiru and Gumdramon appears. And saved Yuu and Cutemon right away.


Airu is very stubborn and wants to continue to capture Cutemon. Then other Digimon Hunters: Ryoma, Ren, Tagiru, Taiki. Shoutmon and Dorulumon are being drag into this battle, what will the turn out be?

Monday, October 24, 2011

[Manga]Chapter 16: Sparrowmon in Human Form

Hmn... Just going through the newest Manga Chapter. (Probably most of you already read it)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 58

第58話 「優等生が狙われた! ブロッサモンの微笑」


Click here to Download Full Screencap