もう一度 デジタルワールドの扉は開く! そして 新しい冒険は始まる!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[TV-Magazine]Janurary Issue

◆デジモン クロスウォーズ

タギルとデジモンがラーメン対決!? タギルのクラスメートのマサルの父、カツジはラーメン屋の店主。店を行列のできるラーメン屋にするため、カツジはフーガモンとオーガモンと手をくむ。カツジの目をさますため、タギルたちはフーガモンたちとラーメンの味で勝負することに!

Tagiru and Digimon are having Ramen contest? Tagiru's classmate: Masaru's father Katsuji owns a Ramen Restaurant. In order to get their store on the matrix on of Ramen Restaurant, Katsuji gets help from Fugamon and Ogamon. In order to wake Katsuji up from his "mistake", Tagiru and others are going to have competition with Fugamon and others with Ramen Flavor shown down!

Next month's preview:

Hot battle in the XX Island
(I can't read the first word... soo blurry!)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 63

第63話 「狙われたタイキ! 超セレブ・スターの雄たけび!」


Click here to Download Full Screencap

-Welcome back Akari
-This ep somewhat confirm Taikari's relationship. :P
- A sudden appearance of Zenjiro that pops out of no where
- And I can't both Akari and Zenjiro moved to another city... that's how they explain why they are not in the 3rd season either...
- Nene next ep
- That double xros really makes me sad and miss Kiriha...
- The way Yuu explains things is too "Takeru-like" LOL

Friday, November 25, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 63 Summary

63話 狙われたタイキ!超セレブ?スターの雄たけび!
ep 63: Taiki is being Target! The Super Celebrity Star's Shout!
脚本:三条陸 演出?絵コンテ:細田雅弘 作画監督:直井正博


Taiki reunites with his childhood friend: Akari who's currently attending Junior High School in another city. On the way home, Akari is lining up in the Super Store to pay, but the register machine suddenly has some effects. Akari won the jackpot of a pair of tickets to a Buffect Party in High Class Hotel. Then, Akari plans to invite Taiki to come, Yuu notices those tickets and decided to follow up. That Buffect-Party was reserved and pack since a year ago. How did such rare tickets will become a lottery to give out in a Super Market?


On the day they meet up, Taiki and Akari are going towards the Hotel. As they receive the bracelet for management, they go into the place Buffect party take place in. On the other hand, Tagiru and Gumdramon want to peek into Taiki and Akari, they go into the world where Digimon live in "Digi-Quartz", and sneak into the Hotel. But, One of the "Rival Hunter" : Ryoma appears. Right away, the lights in the hotel are turned off, and the spot lights fall onto Taiki and Akari. Then, the monitor appears a silhouette of a weird human that looks like a Star, shine with Golden bright light, and a mysterious voice appears.


The owner of this voice, it's from a super celebrity Digimon, SuperStarmon. He said he wants Taiki, who's the "Super Star amoung of the Digimon Hunters", SuperStarmon makes the customer to attack Taiki. Taiki gets ready for battle, and takes out his Xros Loader. At that moment, his bracelet starts to glow, it drags Taiki and Akari into the Digi-Quartz.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Finally news on the D-Arts!
According to hobbystock report on Robot Damashi,
Dukemon's D-Art will be release in 2012, Date is TBA.

Time to save up people! ;)

[Jintrix Set 4] List of New Digimon

Sorry for the lack of the update. Images are taken from wikimon & WTW
Here are the list of New Digimon in the Jintrix 4th set.
Reference from the Scottish Novel: Peter Pan



Continue from Journey to the West:


New Olympic Twelve:


Ofanimon(Without helmet):

Ofanimon Falldown Mode

Sunday, November 20, 2011

[Jintrix set 4]Venusmon & Vulcanusmon

Special thanks to Dorpickmon for bringing this news.
One of the newest Olympic twelve, Venusmon:

More Jintrix 4 info coming soon~

Digimon Xros Wars Manga Vol 1 ~ 3 Get!!!

Hey rainmon, see what I got here… You gonna love hate me for these images

A special DCD Card(Maybe other type of game, no so sure what is it) is inserted with the 1st Volume

Just visit my blog for other images and it will only be uploaded when I am free to do so. Right now I have to concentrate with my assignments :(

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 62

第62話 「デジモンハント大繁盛! 商店街のスゴ腕ハンター!!」


Click here to Download Full Screencap

Appearance Akari and X4 from TVAsahi: