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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 68 Summary

ep 68:“Gather Hunters! Digimon Competition in the Southern Island!”
三条陸 深澤敏則 深澤敏則 浅沼昭弘


To hunt a significant amount of Digimon, Tagiru has been working hard. Then one day, Tagiru got an invitation from the Watch Maker old man. It's an invitation to an event to capture a Super strong Digimon. It seems this event gathers the strongest Digimon Hunter, in order to go to the event, it's depends on your intelligence to find out where the location is. Of course, Taiki and Yuu also got the invitation. Tagiru and Taiki feel trouble some by it.Then Yuu found something that looks like a Bar Code on the Invitation. They ask Wisemon to analyzes it, and he finds out that's the coordinate to that specific location in Digi-Quartz, where the Digimon lives in.

 さっそくタイキたちはロコモンに乗って現地へ。そこにはヒデアキ、リョウマ(声・柿原徹也)、レン(声・桑島法子)、アイル(声・潘めぐみ)、ノボル、ケン、ハルキの姿が。強豪が集うなか、遂にイベントがスタートする。密林付近に潜伏し、活動を開始しようとしている超強力なデジモンを見つけ出してハントするというこのイベント。ルールは自由で、力を合わせるも略奪するもハンター次第だという。参加ハンターたちはそれぞれ闘志をみなぎらせながら、必死にデジモンを捜そうとする。そんななか、遂に目当てのデジモンが姿を現した! そのデジモンとは凄まじい熱を放つヴォルクドラモン。果敢に攻撃するタギルたちだが、まったく歯が立たない…。そのときだ! エントリーしていない、ある人物が現れた。その人物とは…!?

Taiki and others rides on Locomon right away towards that location. Over there, there are Hideaki, Ryoma, Ren, Airu, Noboru, Ken and Haruki. As the competitors meet, finally the event has started. You hide in the nearest jungle, and the event will start as they release the super strong Digimon, and this event is to see how do you plan to hunt it. Free rules, it's up to hunters if they want to team up, or predatory. The participated hunters are in their individual fighting spirits, and they will try their hardest to find that Digimon. Then, finally the target Digimon has appeared! That Digimon is Volcdramon that fierce shoots out its heat. Tagiru and others aggressively attacks it, but still too tough for them. Then, the person who didn't enter the competition has appear. That person is...?!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Confirmation of all Leaders

A reminder that Xros Wars is on break this week.
(Which most of you already know, because of Taichi LOL)

Ganna do some Q&A here:
Q: Why haven't you translate the summary for ep.68 yet? TV Asahi already put out the summary on their Xros Was website.
A: I'm waiting for the long summary on the program schedule on TV Asahi site, which it'll be updated tomorrow. If it's update on time before I go out for new years count down, then I'll translate it right away.

Q: Is Taichi ganna show up? I don't see him in the preview.
A: Guess what, 2ch has just confirmed(leaks from to-be-release issue of Otana Magazine) that:
- All protagonists will show up.(I think they meant the goggle boys, and Masaru)
- Taichi WILL SPEAK! (Yes, Fujita Toshiko!)
- Besides Taichi, it seems that the rest of the leaders might just stand there... probably no dialogue, AGAIN this is still not confirm yet.

As usual, special thanks to 2ch for all these info.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[TV-Mag] Feburary Issue

I realize i don't keep tract of the "monthly issue", because I think i have weird orders... because Jap magazine issues are usually either a month or 2 month ahead.

I love how Taichi isn't mention in this at all... Guess what, Kiriha is the only thing I'm looking forward to for this ep now...

デジモン クロスウォーズ

タギルのもとに、超強力なデジモンが手にはいるイベントの招待状が! しかしヴォルクドラモンのパワーは強く、苦戦するタギルたちの前にキリハがあらわれた。はんげき開始だ!

With Tagiru, everyone got the invitation to an event to capture a super strong Digimon! However, Volcdramon's power is incredible, as Tagiru and others are in having a rough time in battle, Kiriha appears. Time to Strike back!

Next month:

Ekakimon Appears!
(Ekakimon: One of the winning original Digimon that was created by fans)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 67

Sorry for the delay, as my twitter mentioned I will be post screen cap later than usual today.

第67話 「子どもだけの世界旅行! 夢のデジモントレイン」


Click here to Download Full Screencap

- eek!! KIRIHAA!
- So it seems like it's not just Taichi that's returning next ep?
- Does everyone's keyhole work? Someone just complained to me that TVAsahi is missing from Keyhole...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[PSP_PV2] デジモンワールド リ:デジタイズ/Digimon World Re: Digitize

2nd Trailer for the Brand New Digimon World Game for PSP release in 2012.

Digimon Xros Wars ep 67 Summary

ep 67:"The World Trip for Kids only! The Digimon Train of Dream"
吉田玲子 暮田公平 暮田公平 榎本勝紀

いた。もともと電車が好きなキイチが蒸気機関車の写真集を見ていたとき、ロコモンがやって来たのがキッカケで、旅が始まったという。しかも、キイチは時計屋の親父(声・草尾毅)からクロスローダーをもらったため、いつでもどこへでもロコモンと一緒に行けるらしい。キイチに誘われたタギルはロコモンに乗り込み、ともに世界旅行へ。すると、車内にはたくさんの子どもたちの姿が! ロコモンはみんなの笑顔を見るとパワー全開になると言い、どんどん元気になっていく。
Kiichi who's in the same grade as Tagiru, shows everyone the his picture traveling over sea. Kiichi said he visited different places around the world. His classmates are half indoubt about it. Then one night, Tagiru witness a flying train flying on the sky. That's a Digimon call Locomon, that Kiichi is riding on it.Kiichi who loves trains, as he looks at the pictures of steam locomotive, Locomon appears, and start their journey. But in order for Kiichi to get the Xros Loader from the Watchman, he's been travelling with Locomon. Kiichi invites Tagiru to ride on Locomon, and travel around the world together. Then, a bunch of kids appears in the train! Locomon says he wants to see everyone's smile, so he's using his full power, he seems even more energetic.

A few days after, students continued to have a sleepy and daze out face. Kiichi has the same expression. Tagiru asks him, Kiichi confessed that he's been riding on Locomon every night to travel. Also it seem that Kiichi seems to be obsess with it, in a spooky smile.Tagiru, Taiki and Yuu who are worried about him, and decided to stop Kiichi, so they plan to ride on Locomon again. However, Locomon suddenly cause intense shaking. It's capture by Ren, the Digimon Hunter who is riding on Pteranomon.

Locomon got force to take away, Kiichi is stunned. Kiichi asks Tagiru to bring him along, and get Locomon back with him, will Kiichi convince Locomon and back to his own self?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

[CD]Stand Up,Insert Song #4 CD

info Digimon-info Site
And special thanks to Jessicat

It seems there are slight date change on the CD releasing date.
Jump Fes has announced CD releasing dates.
Even according to Amazon, the Xros Wars's 4th Insert Song CD:
"タギルチカラ!/Tagiru Chikara" will be release on Feburary 29th 2012,INSTEAD of the January 18th.
(And we still don't know what's the song for "Hey Buddy!"...)
"Music Code III CD" will still be release on January 18th :)

And As the CD of 3rd opening of Xros Wars, "STAND UP!" that everyone has been waiting for...
It'll be release on March 7th, 2012.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 66 + Summary

Sorry for the late summary for the past 2 weeks, next week summary will resume, and will be post in the middle of the week

第66話 「おいしい? まずい? デジモン・ラーメン勝負!」


Click here to Download Full Screencap

TV Asahi Summary:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

[VJUMP]Feburary issue + ep 69 title

AHH TAICHI AH!!! (my head just explored)
He's going to make his appearance in ep 68.
Got a text from Jessicat during class, i couldnt wait to hurry and turn on my laptop to check out the news(Yeah, x10amin and others were all making fun of me for being slow *shaking first)
Ep 69: "Want Friends? Phelesmon, the Devil's Promise"

"As hunter, their battle has gotten into intensify, a brand new rival has appears!
That is the heroes from another parallel world!! What's the true meaning of them participate in these battles?

Yagami Taichi:
One of the chosen children that saved the Computer World(Digital World)"

Monday, December 12, 2011

[CD]Digimon Xros Wars Music Code III Cover

Special Thanks to Jessicat :)

As repeat the CD is release on January 18th, 2012.
So far only the cover is out, but we are still waiting for each music track info.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars ep 65 + Summary

65話 タギルがふにゃふにゃ!?ガムドラモン大ピンチ!!
ep 65: "Tagiru turns soft? Gumdaramon is in big trouble!"
村山功 三塚雅人 八島善孝 八島善孝 

Click here to Download Full Screencap

TV Asahi Summary: