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Monday, January 16, 2012

[CD]Digimon Xros Wars Music Code III Track List

info CDJapan
The CD is releasing in like a day, I have been waiting for the Track list, and THERE IT IS!
Also some song samples are available at CD Japan
The CD Contains 32 Tracks, and it'll be release on January 18th, 2012.
Support the Industry!!

1. もうひとつの世界 MOU HITOTSU NO SEKAI/Another World
2. STAND UP 〜インストゥルメンタル〜 STAND UP/STAND UP~Instrumental~
3. サブタイトル2 SUBTITLE 2
4. デジモンハンター DIGIMON HUNTER
5. ふしぎな時計屋 FUSHIGI NA TOKEI YA/The mysterious Watch Maker Store
6. デジタルワールドの仲間 DIGITAL WORLD NO NAKAMA/The Friends(nakama) of Digital World
7. スローダウン SLOW DOWN
8. しのび足 SHINOBI ASHI/The Shinobi Foot
9. ゆらめく影 YURAMEKU KAGE/The Flickering Shadow
10. 不可解な事件 FUKAKAI NA JIKEN/The Inexplicable Events
11. 謎を追うクロスハート NAZO WO OU XROS HEART/Xros Heart Chasing after the Mystery
12. さすらう魂 SASURAU TAMASHII/The Wandering Soul
13. 苦悩 KUNOU/Distress
14. トホホな気分 TOHOHO NA KIBUN/Feeling Embarrassed
15. UP↑UP↑ UP UP
16. 追いつ追われつ OITSU OWARETSU/Chasing and Catch up with Each Other
17. おかしなパートナー OKASHINA PARTNER/The Odd Partner
18. タイキのテーマ -piano solo- TAIKI NO THEME/Taki's Theme -Piano Solo-
19. 里の伝説 SATO NO DENSETSU/The Village Legend
20. 迷宮 MEIKYUU/Puzzle
21. 荒涼 KOURYOU/Desolate
22. 誘惑の声 YUUWAKU NO KOE/The Voice of Temptation
23. 渦巻く悪意 UZUMAKU AKUI/The Swirling Malicious
24. 苦境に立つハンター KUKYOU NI TATSU HUNTER/The Hunter Who Stands up in the Difficult situation
25. やさしさに触れて YASASHISA NI FURETE/Gentle Touch
26. 神秘の扉 SHINPI NO TOBIRA/The Mysterious Door
27. デジクオーツ DIGIQUARTZ/Digi-Quartz
28. モンスター登場 MONSTER TOUJOU/Monster Appear
29. おそるべきパワー OSORUBEKI POWER/Fearsome Power
30. STAND UP 〜インストゥルメンタル B type〜 STAND UP/STAND UP~Instrumental B Type~
31. 友情のクロス YUUJOU NO XROS/The Friendship Xros
32. 時を駆けて TOKI WO KAKETE/Leapt Trhough Time


  1. I love the 11th theme, which at first I thought was gonna be the main theme. The acoustic guitar is just awesome :)

  2. Tagiru's theme isn't going to be included?! D:

    1. No, "Tagiru Chikara" and "Shining Dreamers" are gonna be on a separate CD, unfortunately...THAT'S the one I'M really excited for.

      It'll come in February.

  3. Yeah Stand Up Girls... This always make me wanna dance.

  4. Most of these a probably BGMs used in the show.

  5. www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/digimon_xw/character/index.html


    Why does not update the characters ?

    1. Surprisingly, no Kiriha yet indeed.

    2. Psychemon, Dracumon, Opossummon, Watchman and Clockmon are also missing.

    3. its been like 3 months and a half since they started to air Digimon Hunters and they didn't updated the characters section, in the first arc of Xros Wars the y did it weekly