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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Digimon Xros Wars ep 70 Summary

廃墟の前にある電話ボックスに火の玉が出現! しかも、受話器からは「た、す、け、て…」という不気味な声が…。その噂を聞き、デジモンの仕業かもしれないと直感したタギル(声・井上麻里奈)とユウ(声・沖佳苗)は、ハントするために電話ボックスを探しに行く。すると、彼らの前にカオルという少年が現れた。自ら「心霊ハンター」と名乗るカオルは、心霊現象の謎を科学的に解き明かすことが趣味だという。

やがて、タギルらとカオルは問題の電話ボックスを特定。動画サイトにアップされた映像で確認したところ、火の玉は電話ボックスに現れた後、向かいにある廃墟のドライブインの中へと消えている。そこで、ドライブインの中を探索してみると、壁に立てかけてあったパネルがガタガタと音を立てて揺れ出し、カオルが持っていた心霊探知機が反応! タギルたちを誘うかのように、パネルの裏にある扉が勝手に開く…。


Fireballs are appearing at telephone box which is located in front of the ruins. Furthermore a strange and freaky voice "H~E~L~P M~E" can be heard through telephone receiver.  After getting know about this rumour, both Taigiru and Yuu are suspected that Digimons are behind of this and they made up thier mind to hunt it.

When they reached the destination, a teen who name Kaoru appears in front of them. Kaoru named himself as "Supernatural Hunter" and he is interested to explain every supernatural incident with science facts.

So three of them have identified the telephone box and compare it with the uploaded video. They notice that after the appearance of the fireballs, it will disappear in the Drive-in ruins. During the exploration inside the Drive-in, a panel on the wall is making rattle noise and keeps shaking. Kaoru's  supernatural detectors are giving response towards it and the door inside the panel opens automatically like inviting them to enter...

They being guided and keeps on explore and finally enter a cave. Inside the cave, a portable gaming device are found. The gaming device are the source of this freaky voice and they are brought into the world where Digimons lives, the "Digi Quartz". In Digi Quartz, Patamon is waiting thier arrival. So what is the intention of Patamon for bringing them to Digi Quartz?

Notes from x10amin
Argh, damn tired now!!! I am not having a good rest for days. So don't complain with this shitty translation as I have no time to check the work. Any good suggestion for improving the translation, please mail it to my gmail mailbox

In the mean time, Happy Chinese New Year & a best wishes to Rainmon. Hope you will get a good place to have your internships : P


  1. sounds interesting to say the least!

  2. Welcome to job! May everything go well!

  3. This episode has a nice little extra unexpected surprise in the end. ;)

    Best of luck to Rainmon on her OJT.

  4. It was an okay episode

  5. oh Patamon, cute as always! i was kinda hoping Yuu would hunt Patamon!

    oh well...

    i havent seen the subbed episode, but i think Airu, got a little more mature with this epsidode...o.o

  6. I honestly thought Patamon would try to make the ghost hunter its partner. I imagined the clockman calling in that final scene hahah