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Friday, January 27, 2012

Digimon Xros Wars EP 71 Sypnopsis

時には伝説の戦士オメガモン、時にはシャウトモン(声・坂本千夏)…と、着ぐるみを着て別のデジモンになりきる怪盗ベツモンが現れた! ベツモンは一時期、デジモンたちが暮らす世界「デジタルワールド」を騒がせたお尋ね者。変装自体はバレバレだが、モノマネも上手く、不思議と周りを騙してしまう。タギル(声・井上麻里奈)はベツモンをハントしようと息巻くが、相棒のガムドラモン(声・渡辺久美子)はなぜか非協力的…。しかし、ベツモンの被害に遭ったリョウマ(声・柿原徹也)らライバルハンター3人組と手を組むことになったタギルたちは、さっそくデジモンたちが暮らす世界「デジクオーツ」へと繰り出す。


Sometime he is Omegamon, the legendary warrior and sometime he is Shoutmon. He, Differentmon is a thief who always pretend like other digimon thru wearing costume. Differentmon are most wanted digimon in digital world. Although outlooks is odd but due to his skills, he manage to lie others without any issues. Taigiru is trying to hunt out Differentmon but Gumdramon seems are not in condition ... Taigiru has team up with Ryoma and his mates who have business with Differentmon and travel to Digi Quartz.

They are having hardtime with Differentmon as he keeps changing costume... In the mean time, Taiki, Gundarmon and Differentmon who are wearing Dark Knightmon Costume is apperaing in front of them. Both Gumdramon and Differentmon are friends since long time ago.

Differentmon is unable to remember who Gundramon is and start to attack Gundramon!!! Stay tune to the episode to know whether Gumdramon are able to retain his freinds with Differentmon.


  1. The Betsumon episode's going to one another fun one to watch. Especially with his cosplay antics that will likely freak out both Xros Heart (Especially Yuu with the Dark Knightmon cosplay.) and Rival Trio alike.

    Hope Rainmon's doing very well with her OJT.

  2. ooowooo! Hope this episode will be fun >w< the other "mates" ?? maybe Yuu and Taiki :D ?? And another epic face of Ryouma and Ren xD

    1. Well, seems there's another AiYuu in it. :p

  3. So apparently, Betsumon isn't a former friend who had become evil that Gumdramon had to cut ties with, which was my initial impression from the summary of this episode. That would be interesting to see, and I'm already betting Betsumon's going to join Tagiru's gang. Just hope he isn't a lecherous scamp, judging from the preview.

    Nice to see more screentime for Ryouma's group, and the comedy that would be present for some of the characters who aren't comedic. Like Psychemon, for instance. Hope we get a character moment with that Digimon, since he hasn't gotten too much focus lately. Hopefully, there would be a time in the future where he and Gumdramon team up like rivals usually do.

    It'd be interesting to see how Yuu and Airu's relationship would develop in that one scene, but I hope she has some moments of competency in this episode and future episodes. I always thought the pair would gain mutual respect for each other as trapmasters, and there would be a situation where they put their heads together in order to see that. That wasn't the case with the last episode, but hopefully something to that matter happens in the future and it isn't Airu always being a Damsel in Distress while Yuu comes to the rescue as a Ninja with Shiny Hair.

    1. I say this, I hope this is a good episode

    2. Yuu's got a ton more talent than just traps >.>

      I will say that there's no way they can be any more than just friends in the canon, because Airu's such a handful.

      Course, maybe handling girls like that is one of Yuu's many talents? :P

  4. Hopefully some characterization on Gumdramon & maybe Tagiru comes into play this episode...

    1. Hey Tagiru isn't that much bad anymore