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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[Televi-Mag]March Issue

Once again this week, x10amin will provide you guys the ep summary , As I'm still busy preparing stuff for my OJT. I'll be back and resume next week to keep everyone update.

◆デジモン クロスウォーズ

タギルのクラスメート、ショウタがかいたモンスターがエカキモンのパワーで現実のものに! 雪男や首長竜が合体したUMAモンスターがタギルの学校にあらわれて、あばれはじめた。大ピンチだ!

The monster Tagiru's classmate,Shouta draws has become real with the power of Egakimon! Yeti(Abominable Snowman) and Pterosaurs combines into an UMA monster appear in Tagiru's school, and begins to go on rampage. Tagiru and others are in great danger!

Next month Issue:

XX Settlement!
(I can't read what's saying there...
So small and blurry...)


  1. UMAmon~! Ahehehehehehehe.

    Seriously, Ekakimon is probably a fanartist's ideal choice for a Digimon.

  2. XX Settlments?

    Please explain, that's like the most interesting stuff over there.

  3. 「最終決戦せまる」
    The Last Battle Comes

    1. Last battle? Last battle in the digiquartz? #Puzzled

      I think since Gokumon and Sanzomon appear in Xros Wars, so do Shakkamon and Ophanimon Falldown Mode have a chance to appear too.

      I feel that these days, Shounen Hunters episodes are nicer than its first few episodes generally.

  4. What the hell with that Yeti's green head?

    Shouta has no pikachu cheeks! :D

  5. UMA... remind me of Savers episode 02 where Sayuri think Agumon was UMA, another homage?

    Ekakimon is a fun Digimon, maybe if you modify a Digimon with it you can make it better than Xros Up LOL.

    @AnonymousJan 31, 2012 07:29 PM
    Yes, that's what i loved about the next episode CotW!

  6. woooow! any episode is fun for me ^^ specially with plot and my some my favorite couples <3 Shouta have not bad imagination xDDD hoping he would create a digimon :DDD I bet the kid who draw ekkakimon happy saw his digimon appear

  7. When will Xros Wars have a movie? So far the first Xros and Hunters are the only seasons to not have a movie! :/

  8. what with arresterdramon tail??

    1. Arresterdramon Eraser Mode?

  9. At first I thought it was a mic, which would mean a possible cross with Shoutmon, but an eraser makes much more sense. However, whom would Arresterdramon xros with?

    1. I don't think it is a xros, it looks like that kid drew the eraser on Arresterdramon's tail to erase his previews creation that probably went out of control.

  10. I hope it's not a tagirus gotten weak episode...