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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Digimon Xros Wars ep 76 Clips and ep 77 Summary(Updated)

Phew took a while to upload... Sorry for the delay
Another special service this week, summary and video!
I don't really have time to translate it all. Anyways it's awesome that all protagonists are back.

You can click the CC button on the video to turn on the Subtitles.

I don't want to edit and all that to lose quality and time
so I basically put the 2nd half of the ep
Some major dialogue translations:
Taichi and Masaru are here to save Tagiru and Arresterdramon, and reminded them the bond between each other, and it led them to another level of evolution: Arresterdramon Superior Mode.
And Masaru approves the way Tagiru and Arresterdramon fight is like a men.
Then Tagiru asks Taichi and Masaru who they are:
Taichi:"One day you will know. We'll meet again."
Then vanishes.
Watch Store Old Man: "How can they jump out by themselves like that. They can't just ignore their Nakama that's in danger huh."
Clockmon:"That 'time' is about to come."
Watch Store Old Man:"Probably."

Then in DigiQuartz HongKong:
Kiriha:"Are you OK, Nene?"
Nene:"YOU ARE LATE! Are you trying to show off to me?"
Kiriha:"Huh? No!?(Don't be stupid)"
And Kiriha mention that he couldn't have won win just by himself.
Then Kiriha asked them why did they come help, are they hunters as well?
Mimi and Ruki holds up their DigiVice,
Ruki:"We are not Hunters. We are here to help... I guess. It seems the showdown in Japan is close."

Both Airu and Ren are confused about what's going on.
Taiki:"I don't know. But...(remember Kiriha's words about leaving the most important Japan in Taiki and others' hand). That's right, we don't have time to fight among ourselves anymore."

ep 77:It's reveal Now! The secret of Digimon Hunt

人間たちが暮らす「リアルワールド」を次々と、デジモンたちが暮らす世界「デジクオーツ」と融合させていくデジモン、ケラモンが出現。ケラモンはタギル (声・井上麻里奈)たちの目の前でクリサリモンに超進化し、街中をデジクオーツ化。ブロックノイズ化した人間たちは次から次へと地下へ消え、タギルの両親 も姿を消してしまう…。呆然とするタギルに襲い掛かるクリサリモン。そこへ助けの手を伸べたのはライバルハンターのリョウマ(声・柿原徹也)だった! な んとリョウマは1年前、タイキ(声・高山みなみ)とΩシャウトモン(声・坂本千夏)が悪の皇帝バグラモンと戦う姿を目撃。バグラモンの手によって人間社会 が次々と石化していくなか、必死に逃げて石になるのを免れたリョウマはそれ以来、タイキやデジモンのことばかり考えるようになったのだという。
Kuramon, a Digimon that plans to fuze the world where Human lives in "Real World", and the world where Digimon lives "DigiQuartz" together, appears. Kuramon Cho-Shinka to Chrysalimon in front of Tagiru and others, and turns the whole city into Digi-Quartz. People who got block-nose goes under ground and vanish, Tagiru's parents are also vanished.... Tagiru is stunned, as Chrysalimon try to attack Tagiru. Then Rival Hunter Ryoma saved him! It seems Ryoma witnesses the battle between Taiki, OmegaShoutmon with the Evil Emperor Bagramon one year ago. As Bagramon's hand reaches among the Human Society, and turn everyone into a stone, Ryoma was running away from getting turn into a stone, therefore, he has always believe Taiki and Digimon are real.

ダー の力の秘密を流したと確信。時計屋の親父(声・草尾毅)が犯人ではないかと考えたタギルは、彼のもとへと向かう。一方、クリサリモンを追跡したタイキたち は恐ろしい敵と対峙することになる。その敵とは…やられる瞬間に自分をコピーして逃れる能力を持つデジモン、ディアボロモンだった──!
Tagiru and others join Ryoma's rival hunter, and starts to talk about fighting strategy. Tagiru and others who witness the moment when Chrysalimon Chou-Shinka, there wasn't any human wit him, so he believes that someone shed the secret, the power of Xros Loader to the enermy. Tagiru doesn't believe the Watch Store Old Man is the one, but he still went towards the Watch Store Old Man. On the other hand, as Taiki and others are chasing after Chrysalimon, confronted a frighten enemy. That is... a Digimon that has ability to copy itself in instantaneous speed to escape, Diablomon!


  1. Diablomon again xD

  2. Ryouma is the enemy, it's pretty obvious, after all he is a Vampire! XD

    I'm wondering if Ryouma has been corrupted like Ken or Being controlled like Oikawa? Though it'd be awesome if he was just psycho, if he's the enemy that is.

    Kuramon causing trouble, it would be nice to see Omegamon appear and wipe out the Diablomon or his copy's so that x7 can destroy the original, teamwork.

    1. Yeah, seen the next episode summary on Tumblr. Probably another homage, Off-screen character in the previous season becoming an active one in the present one. Also he's a witness of the final battle against Bagramon. Since that day, he's... "Fixated" towards Taiki.

  3. As happy as I am for the returns of not only the Digimon Leaders, but other characters as well, there are a few things that bug me about this new news of Ep. 77, especially considering it SOUNDS LIKE it's going back to filler, but it'll be a GOOD FILLER, like how the Betsumon Episode was. I REALLY hope that that episode lives up to its title, "The Secret of the Digimon Hunt." They need to explain so many things about this story that, oddly, they SHOULD HAVE STARTED EXPLAINING AT LEAST 3-5 EPISODES IN!

    And I like how NOW they decide to finally have Ryouma explain about his involvement w/ knowing Taiki...by the way, it's not like Ryouma's anyone special in that matter, considering the Digimon were pretty visible to everyone, I think. Unless they also explain exactly how people lose their memories of these things. (We dont want another ZeroTwo error...) And sounds like, hopefully, we'll get more in-depth on just WHO made XrosLoaders first, the Watchmaker or Bagramon.


    1. everyone was turned to stone and only saw some weird things in the sky (the digimon leaving) when they came to,which they probably wrote off as a illusion, and the damage was probably blamed on terrorists like in Adventure.

  4. "Secret of the Digimon Hunt" to be revealed next episode.

  5. When you have a while, would you be so kind to translate the rest of the end of the chapter? Watchmaker's words, and Ren and Taiki saying a couple of sentences of what just happened.

    Thank you very much and I hope you keep up your awesome work ;)

    1. Ren, Airu and Taiki were just confuse and didin't understand what's going on. Airu asks what was that and Taiki said he don't know.

      About the Watchmaker, I don't know. I never understand anything he says, xD

    2. Yeah I miss those parts, I have added those translation up now :)

    3. Thank you very much both!!! This seems it's gonna be really interesting right? I can't wait for next episodes ;)

  6. I think I wet myself when I saw Rika and Mimi.
    That means more people besides the goggleheads are returning! w00t! PleasemakeMattandKarishowupnextToeikthanx!

  7. Masaru approve Tagiru as a man...? .... Damn it.. well Tagiru i'll approve you just because of him.
    Yeah, i kinda surprised to hear Taichi's voice, it sound more woman than young boy who hasn't matured yet.
    Glad to hear ShineGreymon still calling Masaru with aniki.
    Heh, so i remember right that Mimi doesn't talk this time, only Ruki. I hope the other xrosover character VA will train themself so that they'd still sound like the character who's voiced by them.

  8. It's my war game all over again

  9. Episode 77 related comments:

    Ah, here we are...

    Ryoma witnesses the battle between Taiki, OmegaShoutmon with the Evil Emperor Bagramon one year ago. As Bagramon's hand reaches among the Human Society, and turns everyone into a stone, Ryoma was running away from getting turn into a stone, therefore, he has always believe Taiki and Digimon are real.

    This is the mystery now, as a translation in Tumblr stated that "he was spared." also.

    If so, does that mean he was chosen by Bagramon as a replacement for Kiriha, who was back then, fully joined Xros Heart, thus, making the Blue Flare General a lost cause? Rainmon also posted that Ryouma could be the suspected Hunter "tainted with an evil presence." (Perhaps influenced by the late Bagra Emperor?) Rises also the likelihood that Ryouma could have been also the one who leaked the Xros Loader secret to Quartzmon.

    1. If what you say here's true, this will make a VERY INTERESTING PLOT POINT. Although, unfortunately, this wont be as great as it would be if it had been slowly hinted throughout the Series.

  10. xros Wars hunter is set before season 2?

  11. Ok i now can say RESPECT!

    I liked listening to Ruki again! I was all like "AHH! OH MY GOD!! THANK YOU!!"
    But i didn't like how Taichi sounded, it looked like it wasn't his.
    And i heard that it was the same V.A. But well he still rocked when he said Matanee "We'll meet again"

    Although i now wished they started with the plot like in episode 10 or 11 so we could have more to come. Or maybe its still not the end. Maybe Ryouma will go crazy "even more" and burst in the Digital World so he can become a BRAND NEW AWESOME VILLAIN! So the battle will continue there!
    I sure hope something like this will happen!! ^_^

    Lets wait for the next episode so we will love it! :D

    1. Ryouma must have one heckuva set of cajones if he'll have the guts to go against all friggin five previous, experienced and powerful protagonists all by himself. Not to mention Taiki himself and Tagiru with Arresterdramon SM in tow.

  12. Hei hei.. Where is takato.. I miss him..

    Why tagiru??? I hope the last hero is Taiki.. Omega Shoutmon Blast Mode?? Will be?? hahahhaa..

    I hope so..

  13. it's so not fair to give Tagiru all the shine. Taiki deserves the credit.. He toppled an evil kingdom for gods sake! HE should be the leader... He is so in sync with the other leaders. Tagiru seems totally out of it. Well since Taichi encouraged him and Masaru approved him (they both are neglecting Taiki! i am so sad for him T^T) i gonna try my best liking him.. SIGH.

    1. Tagiru is nowhere close to becoming a legend like Taiki so don't worry. And, since Masaru, the greatest Man in the history of universe along with Chuck Norris, approved of Tagiru, he deserves some respect.

  14. Taiki will have his time to shine next week aww yeesss Taiki and shoutmonx7 superior mode plus the full xros heart team and possibly every digimon hero going this has to get another season couse i don't think digimon fans will let toei end the series now

    1. there won't be superior mode for shoutmon x7 anymore but he'll still kick some ass.

      And I agree, there should be another season with previous characters. Hopefully Toei is just taking a break to come up with something even more awesome.

  15. ONORE DIKEIDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The only reason for watch this season is a crossover.

  16. Did anyone else notice that the bug-catcher kid is in the next ep too? He's in the scene where Zenjirou nudges Tagiru.

  17. Well, after this episode I really think this is the end of Digion Xros Wars, and of Digimon itself. I don't think after all-of-them returning to fight together there would be another arc, not even another season in a few years... It hurts me a lot thinking of it, but I really think it's true... I just hope the manga and games creation continue for longer.
    What do you think? Is it the end for you?

    1. Also, if all-of-them really return, so we will have two Hikaris and two Takerus??? Considering they were part of the main group (digidestineds) of both Adventures 01 and 02... So, I don't think everyone will appear, just some people, like Mimi and Rika did, Yamato and Kouji may appear aswell, and Ken also... But I'm not sure, it's just some 'guessing'...

    2. Felipe, you're terribly mistaken. There's absolutelly no mention of a definitive end of DIGIMON as anime. End of Xros Wars? Maybe. No more digimon anime? Nope.

      Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger also brought back many past rangers from previous series, which led some to think Sentai would be ending in 2011 (some people were even crazier and expeculated that the Gokaiger Vs. Gavan movie was intended to promove the revival of the Metal Heroes, and they'd take Sentai's timeslot)

      The year is 2012, Gokaiger finished its broadcast run, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters premiered the following week, and currently there's no sign of Sentai ceasing production anytime soon.

      Seriously, why the heck every time there's an anniversary series you people keep on speculating it may be a farewell party of sorts?

    3. If this is not the end yet, I hope next season WON'T have such a terrible writers that write such an empty plot like hunters had. The second arc of Digimon Xros Wars became such a novel, what made XW one of the best digimon seasons ever. A digimon sacrifice was really a sacrifice (even if in the end they return), not a "heal-myself-after-a-couple-scenes-in-the-same-episode" sacrifice (Don't you remember White Lopmon? And Belzebumon??).
      XW 2nd arc made me cry in many moments, it wasn't a season for young kids like Adventure, it had drama, was just like a soap-opera for older kids, teens and even adults. It's such a pity to see all of this being thrown away in the 3rd arc (Hunters). The appearance of the previous chars saved something, the end of this arc is being such a great end for a great season (Xros Wars itself), but not for a horrible arc (Hunters).
      The idea of digi-quarts was truly incredible, but that lack of creativity turned what should be a super great arc in a season just to make those contest winners (fan-made digimon) appear on the TV.

      I think digimon franchise is over, I really don't want to, but this is what I think. I really want some new season or arc to save it, but Hunters took all my hopes, out and off.

      Writers, you messed up with something worthy. What a shame, what a pity.

    4. And I'm sorry, but I really can't stand that red fur on Tagiru's head. Is that supposed to be hair? Hahaha, it's ugly >.<

    5. I really can't stand arrogant people like you.

    6. I wasn't beeing arrogant. If I was, sorry, I didn't mean to.
      I was just saying all that was in my head fighting to be spitted out.

  18. Whether this is the end or not, I hate to admit that this whole chain of events is lackluster at best. Despite how amazing of a fan-service this is, this season failed to build up to this in the least bit. It might as well have been on hiatus. I love each season of Digimon, and I can find something great in them all: except Hunters. I watch Digimon because I love it; I wouldn't even stop if it sucks, which I clearly haven't. I don't even bother watching the subbed versions anymore because I know there is nothing integral to the plot. I won't bore the rest of you with the same things you hear from others, but I'll say this: Digimon and the episodic format it has adopted do no work. Unless a show has is started episodically, or conceptually allows for an episodic format, people won't respond too favorably. Digimon is not Law and Order nor CSI. It is a show that presents characters who investigate a clouded figure, whom becomes even more obscure throughout the season's progression, until the smoke in mirrors has cleared and the bad guy must be beaten. The NBC show Heroes presented a very similar plot line with Super-powered humans in it's latter seasons. Once the show scrapped its ideas after the writer's strike, it adopted an episodic format that alienated fans and didn't provide a steady development for newcomers. This is what Digimon has dissolved into: an aimless show with hints of plot progression, which are disjointed and almost irrelevant at best. I in a vacuum, I love what just happened, but I can't wholly support this season's haphazard storytelling and bastardization of my favorite Digimon heroes: Taiki and Shoutmon.

    1. Very well said.

    2. The MotW/"story starts and ends in a single episode" is not really a bad concept, it just wasn't very well executed in Hunters.

      Dekaranger for example, did a fine job with this episodic format.

    3. The British sci-fi/monster show "Primeval" is a other good example of MotW being well executed (in it's first 2 seasons anyway). It also has a similar format to early Tamers/Savers, with monsters from another world/time materializing in our world and a select group of protagonists working to stop this with an overarching story and heavy character interaction/development to tie it all together.
      It's those two latter points that Xros Hunters really failed at.

  19. In relation to the entry about this week's episode, it was divulged that all that's happening was due to an evil Hunter. Which, if one had watched the clip with Taichi, Masaru, Mimi and Ruki appearing, there's pixelated squirming on the ground near Ryouma's foot, and the boy smirking evilly after that. Likely suspect is him as the Evil Hunter who might have also leaked the power of Chou Shinka to Quartzmon.

    Now, next episode also will cover Ryouma's past. It was stated that he was also a witness in the first season's final battle between Xros Heart and Bagramon.

    Just as every other human got petrified into stone, he, at some mysterious reason "was spared" from such fate. Since that experience, the only thing that was in his mind was Taiki.

    If he was spared by Bagramon, maybe because he was chosen by the late Bagra Emperor as replacement for his previous choice, the turned out to be "lost cause," Kiriha; When the latter had a full change of heart and officially joined the Xros Heart.

    Ryouma at start, unbeknownst to be viewers that he may have some serious personal issue; It could range from the woe of living in an unjust and cruel world that may have hurt him a lot etc.

    Bagramon might have sensed a great welling of negative emotions brought about by mentioned dilemmas; Probably as well as the boy's hidden desire for the world to be erased and replace it with a euthopia of his dreams.

    Ryouma might been considered by Bagramon then to be spared and ultimately chose him to become his newest human servant or General. However, possibly he was not given a Xros Loader before because of Taiki's sudden return, which shifted Bagramon's attention to finish the "pests" once and for all.

    Ryouma's fixation to Taiki could be a mix of both hidden grudge and respect; Resentment brought out by and to Taiki for ridding him of Bagramon; The only entity that has the power to make his desires a reality and respect, Respect for his strength and power that defeated an all powerful being like Bagramon.

    A year later, probably he saw another chance with Quartzmon to make his dream a reality; To erase/replace the world which he see as flawed by merging it with the DigiQuartz.

    Then again, this could be a farfetched personal assumption of mine about our girly and still mysterious Rival Hunter, LOL.

    1. The "Evil Hunter" is definitely Ryouma! Yes, I am very sure! You all are correct!

      Metallifekuwagamon was saying the "Evil Hunter" is all along giving data of Digimons being "hunt" to the "EVIL"..

    2. Definitely Ryouma will be the bad guy.

      MetalifeKuwagamon was running from a hunter that steal his data (the data will be given to an evil Digimon [Quartzmon]). Ryouma act all mysterious on episode 76. Also when Ren captured PicoDevimon he asked if it's okay for him to be the one who get it, and Ryouma said "it's okay if you guys get many Digimon, as long as i can know the data of that Digimon.", definitely a hint.

  20. I believe the reason all of the timelines are being synched are the multiple dimensions Izzy spoke about in series 2. each world parallel and connected by digimon. The digiquarts in my opinion must be the result of these worlds merging. It may be much much larger than you think. I don't want to say this is the last one- considering that Re-Digitize could be turned into an anime after Xros Wars, but considering it could mean the destruction of the multiverse as we know it- in the dust how silly would it be to see yet another world of Digimon.

  21. I'm almost 100% certain that the Old Man Watchmaker is one of Gennai's kind, if not Gennai himself. This would also explain how the other seasons became connected. Check the wiki page for a refresher: http://digimon.wikia.com/wiki/Gennai

  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoEN2Emej78&feature=related

    As i was saying Hunters is just Bull! Look at this Masterpiece of Adventure!! And no this is not necessarily nostalgia!

  23. I like how Akari is wearing her second outfit from the Xros Wars manga.

  24. there will be a new arc of XW hunters????

  25. Here is the song Legend Xros Wars guys!!!


    1. Wow. Just wow... Epic, Hearing this makes me imagine it playing in an epic final battle between all Goggle Boys and their partners vs. Quartzmon. Heck, to make it even better and blood pumping, All Goggle Boys and their Digimon versus Quartzmon and an evil team up between all the past Digimon villains like Vamdemon, Dark Knightmon, Lucemon FM, Belphemon etc.

    2. Minus Taiki, of course. Because putting a bunch of hot-headed characters together and taking out the only level headed one is an excellent idea...how I wish I could portray my sheer amount of sarcasm online.

      Seriously though, I completely agree with you about the song!

    3. Yeah, taking out Taiki is sort of sad, but when you think about the fact that Shoutmon's VA has to juggle two of the similar voices between Shoutmon and Agumon/Wargreymon, it seems like the best course of action. Of course, that may or may not be the reason why, but eh.

    4. I don't really like the song. The lyrics are great and full of references, but the whole track is...meh.... I expected better melody.

    5. @ Anon 5:33PM

      I don't think that's the reason (we've had characters interact with similar sounding voices in different anime and cartoons before), it wouldn't surprise me if they took Taiki out of the equation so that Tagiru and Gumdramon could shine without being in their shadow.

      As for the song, it could've been better. Like the anon above me said, it doesn't have a good melody to it and along with that, the lyrics don't really flow well together. So overall, it just feels underwhelming compared to the rest of the tracks on that CD.

  26. SkullKnightmon + DeadlyAxemon are in Ryouma's Xros Loader. This Arc will end with DarkKnightmon appearing out of Ryouma's Xros Loader. Most likely when Bagramon was destroyed an injured DarkKnightmon found Ryouma and went into his Xros Loader to heal and plot revenge. Plus DeadlyAxemon is the most useful digimon ever, he is The Interdimensional Axe (Which might be somehow related to the previous seasons showing up.) My guess is still that Clock-Man = SkullKnightmon disguised and Clockmon = DeadlyAxemon.

    1. Most likely the song "legend Xros Wars" will be played again in Episode 79.

      What's for sure is the past villians will not appear, except one out of the 2 possible digimons, if there are.

      Episode 79 is the final episode for Xros Wars.

      The story should link the final villian, Quartzmon to where the story last ended in Episode 54.

      And maybe there's a twist somehow. Quartzmon is just a preliminary form (made up of various copies of stole digimon data from Ryouma) of that past villian???

      Just my guess only.

    2. @Jason

      It'll be interesting if Quartzmon utilizes also the data of defeated past Digimon villains for nostalgia's sake. ;)

  27. http://i.imgur.com/dB0nr.jpg
    I hope to be a good end, after all this ..

  28. dude if rymoa IS the main villan i am going to watch him get his ass beat by the originals minus davis i never liked him.

    1. Davis was one of my favorites along with Tai. xD Bahaha I thought they made a season 7 with that? Like continued

  29. so is digimon xros wars ending like this? so far, the whole storyline of the third installment is nothing else but fillers(shit). There wasn't really a mean for each episode. Almost each episode produces the same thing. Now they want to end the whole god dammit thing by bringing the old characters to join some final battle? wtf.... think we need a probably explanation to that .. and also what is with taiguru being the main key to this story thing ... ~ never really try to answer that question ... digimon has failed once again. !