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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Digimon Xros Wars ep 77-79 Summaries(edited)

edited @ 10:25pm: fixed a major translation error on the summary for ep 78

info 2ch


第77話 今明かされる!デジモンハントの秘密!
ep 77:It's reveal Now! The secret of Digimon Hunt
脚本:三条陸 演出:広嶋秀樹 絵コンテ:暮田公平 作画監督:榎本勝紀

One morning, Tagiru arrives in school, and the school has turn into Digi-Qurtz.
Tagiru and others who are surprised by this, so they team up with Ryoma, and plan to hunt Keramon who turns Real World into DigiQuartz.
But Keramon evolves into Chrystalimon and escapes.
Ryoma guesses that someone may have leak the data of Chou-Shinka to the enemy.
Tagiru caught the The Watch Store Old Man who he's been suspicious since before, and ask him what's going on.

第78話 伝説のヒーロー大集結!デジモンオールスター決戦!!
ep 78: Grand Gather of Legendary Hero! Decisive Battle of Digimon All Star
脚本:三条陸 演出・絵コンテ:角銅博之 作画監督:直井正博

從時針屋的老人那裡得知了數碼晶界的母親, 數碼獸捕獵的最終目的的クオーツモン的存在

The Watch Store Old Man explains the parents of DigiQuartz, and the reason there is Digimon Hunt is because its final target is the existence of Quartzmon.
Also, the Watch Store Old man explains in order to prevent all over the world to turn into DigiQuartz, while he increases the number of Digimon Hunters like Tagiru and others, he also went to different dimension and time to summon the 6 heroes who saved those dimensions and bring them here. In order to choose the hunter to use "Brave Snatcher", the weapon to defeat Quartzmon, and fight with the heroes, Watch Store Old man starts to battle to select the finalist.
During recruiting the participants, Ryoma asks to battle with Tagiru.

第79話 燃え上がれタギル!栄光のデジモンハント!
ep 79: Now Burn up Tagiru! The Glorious Digimon Hunt!
脚本:三条陸 演出・絵コンテ:貝澤幸男 作画監督:浅沼昭弘
As Taiki is injured, they are missing one of person out of 6 heroes who they need to collect "Brave Snatcher".
Taiki entrusts Tagiru on his behalf to take his place and defeat Quartzmon.
Tagiru thinks that it's impossible to do it by himself, as he turns weak.


  1. Tagiru isn't counted as a legendary hero. Good one Toei xD

    1. Tagiru isn't legendary because he never saved the world before. But, anyways, Good one Toei.

    2. C'mon TOEI. Why can't they be 7? I mean, Taiki is a hero and why do you guys let him get injured to get the spotlight to Tagiru?

  2. Thanks for posting , but i dont want spoilers XD.
    Skip time :p!

  3. Interesting, very interesting. I still refuse to believe episode 79 is really the end. I mean, what's the point of a few episodes of plot and 90% of filler. They should have made a movie series or something instead of a filler structured season. Maybe, it's just the end of an arc?

    1. couldn't agree more

  4. I've officially lost respect for Toei wtf Taiki injured is real that's just not right and don't tell me Tagiru gets his courage joins the others and stops quartzmon the end?yeah i think i'll skip those eps thanks a bunch toei

    1. Yeah. Toei really sucks if they think the lead character should be the main focus.


    2. So what if Tagisuck is the lead character!,newsflash! he hasn't saved a world and the dumbass attacked metallifekuwagamon without hesitation,i bet Taiki would at least have listened to what he had to say,No Tagiru isn't one of the digimon legends he hasn't saved any worlds he's just a kid who looks up and wants to be like Taiki but he's too thickheaded

    3. I agree w/ CloneWarrior here, I understand that Tagiru is very unlikable, but I think people are taking this way too far up to their heads...honestly, he's the lead character, OF COURSE HE'S GONNA GET SOME IMPORTANT ROLES IN THE FINAL EPISODES...

      Now, granted, yes, I dont agree w/ what they've been doing w/ Taiki, Shoutmon, Yuu, Damemon, and the Rivals so far, but I'm just sayin...it's the end of the Season, and could even be the end of the entire Series, so what do you expect? Dont let your hate for Tagiru blind you to the obvious things of the storyline...

  5. Okay it sounds like there's a part 4

  6. Aw, Taiki's going to be sidelined indeed. :C

    It seems like it's passing of the torch.

    And Ryouma sounds like gonna end up as Tagiru's rival after all.

    1. I agree, Shady.

      Seriously, Taiki is going to be a has-been, just like Taichi was in Taichi in Zero Two.

    2. Osu? That you? LOL.

      Yeah. Who knows? Taiki could also end up handing over his Goggles to Tagiru as well. Daisuke could also have a de javu of sorts if he sees that.

      Also, just to prepare everybody... It's possible or not possible if those in that "list" will indeed appear. Let alone if the non-protagonists would be voiced by their original seiyuus. IIRC, Palmon and Renamon didn't spoke a line at all last Sunday.

    3. Yeah, it's me. ^_^

      I think they will bring back the original voice actors/actresses back into the set, just like Fumiko Orikasa did for Ruki, which is a surprise appearance. Now I hope to see if they could get Taisuke Yamamoto, Araki Kae, Romi Paku, Mayumi Yamaguchi, and Hiroshi Kamiya back to voice Takeru, Hikari, Ken, Jenrya and Kouji. (I really miss Yamamoto-san and Yagamuchi-san's charming voices for Takeru and Jenrya)

    4. I see no problem if they can re-cast the seiyuus you mentioned, as we've seen they were able to get in touch with Taichi's. Though, question is, if they had sufficient budget alloted or left for the dialogue scenes of the mentioned characters.

      Heard Savers suffered limited budget near the end, hence, 48 episodes count.

    5. Isn't the 48 episodes count was because there were many sports event that air on Saver's timeslot in FujiTV? And one of them was the 2006 fifa world cup....

    6. Ah, was that the true reason Savers got 48 episode count instead of the usual 50? I've been hearing back then from some fellow Digimon fans that Savers had setbacks with low than expected ratings, which put a dent on their financial resources.

    7. The ratings are indeed not as good as Series 1-3 and by numbers did worse than Frontier, but if we take the general 3% drop that every anime is suffering, Savers did a lot better than Frontier at ratings. And honestly.. Frontier is like.. only get about less than 10 episode in top 10 while Savers has 22 episodes in top10, very close to 02 (not to mention that Savers did regularly score better than Pokemon and even shows like Naruto).

      The thing that made Savers only had 48 episodes is the same thing like Frontier. They failed at merchandising. It's even said that general Digimon merchandise sell better than Savers' merchandise. And if you don't believe me, look at XW. Very horrible rating (max is 4%, average is 2%. Only scored in top10 once, and that's #10, also they can get to #10 because most major anime didn't air that day (Naruto, One Piece, etc.) and that episode is ep. 30, IIRC that's after earthquake happening in Japan. But XW did well on merchandise, and so they have money to make a sequel, i wonder though wy there's no Death General's toys and also Young Hunter's.

    8. Some corrections. Frontier scored in top10 7 times (14%), Savers scored 22 times (48%), 02 scored 26 times (52%), and the general drop % is 5%.

      Source http://withthewill.net/index.php?topic=829.0

  7. So if the digi-quartz was created by the watchman, then what does that make him? There's no way they can sum all of this up in just 4 episodes... They need a lot more than that. Also, this is starting to seem very pointless x_x create the digi-quartz so people can hunt digimon, so they can eventually end up hunting the digi-quartz istelf, and then gather everyone up to help out, to defeat the evil digi-quartz that was created by the watchman to be defeated? Does anyone else not see the sense in this?

    1. Yea, it's very confusing to me, too...hopefully they can explain all this in these last episodes...

    2. Definitely a worry factor. Not only the old guy, we might not get Ren's background and why his dick-ish behavior. Sure we got Airu, for some episodes, but, not enough, IMO.

      Then again, there's a possibility of rushed writing near the end. Digimon anime aren't exactly stranger to it.

    3. @ Anonymous 03:13

      I don’t think you should be so concerned about the future, these little blurbs don’t reveal everything let alone how each plot point is introduced during the flow of the story. If indeed it is true that the Watchmaker created the Digiquartz then I’m sure the same episode will reveal exactly what he is. The Watchmaker is clearly more then human, this is one secret that Toei won’t be giving away in a mere episode synopsis.

      What I will say is that I think the Digiquartz was a brilliant idea on the part of the writers. We’ve already seen the Digital World in the last season of Xros Wars, creating the Digiquartz was an elegant way to give the show a ‘supernatural/sci-fi element’ even as the protagonists spent most of their time in the Human World. It’s been great to see the old protagonists returning, I’m confident the writers will deliver a suitably epic battle for this team-up.

    4. "The Watch Store Old Man is the creator of DigiQuartz"
      ↑This translation is wrong.

      The creater of DigiQuartz is not The Watch Store Old Man but Quartzmon.
      The Watch Store Old Man explained Tagiru that Quartzamon is the creater of Digiquartz and the last target of Digimon Hunting.

      Sorry for bad English.

    5. @9:51 True... makes sense. But there's still a lot to be covered. 4 eps? Not enough.

      And @Reiji this is exactly what I'm fearing... but for some reason I don't feel as though this series is going to end like that. There has to be a 4th arc, or somethingggg

  8. Something feels not right. I think this season is going to end in a rush.

  9. Bye bye Xros Wars, bye bye underdeveloped characters, bye bye Tagi-suck.

    Glad to know all this Xros nonsense is finally going to end.

    1. I Agree! Go to hell Tagi-suck!!

  10. *glances at 79 summary*

    Well, I should have known there would have been wank. Though I'm not happy with how Xros Wars II was plotted either. The filler could have been used to develop all the characters. Heck, Tagiru could have been involved in all this development if he needs to be the star of every episode. Oh well, there's always fanfic. Better get started plotting, writers!

    *cackles as he plots his own stories* Don't worry, Tagiru. I like you. I just show affection for characters by torturing them, so don't blame me for these plot twists.

    1. Honestly, I think that Young Hunters has more in the way of character development then you give it credit for. If anything, I think that Gumdramon is one of the best Digimon partner’s we’ve seen in years; developing from a uncontrollable trickster to one of the most loyal and dependable members of the cast. Heck, Gumdramon even shows leadership in many episodes; this is exactly what I like to see, a Digimon with sense of independence and motivation – a will of their own.

      I like what the writers have done with Young Hunters, I’m always eager to see new ideas in Digimon, new ways of telling stories. This season has been a great opportunity to include new Digimon, both fan favourites and entirely new creation. Young Hunters should also be commended for its large cast of human characters, giving character development to the new arrivals because it was impossible for the protagonists to explore the same issues.

    2. @Kintor

      Well, I wouldn't say that yet, considering we've only seen Gumdramon's BACKSTORY. We haven't gotten much character DEVELOPMENT from him just yet...he was a soft trickster back then, and he's a soft trickster now. He's just partnered up w/ someone he liked, that's all. But yea, his characterization so far isn't anything THAT great, it's pretty much the same as the characterization of the Xros Wars Digimon, like say, Dorulumon or Baalmon/Beelzemon.

      Here's one small problem I have w/ Gumdramon's characterization, though, and it REALLY pushed me at the recent episode: when Tagiru Digivolved Arresterdramon to Superior Mode, it was really centered around "bonds." What I kinda was irked about there was the fact that we barely ever see Tagiru & Gumdramon just...ya know, HANG OUT. Not in battle, but to actually just chill together and stuff. I think this has only happened, maybe, once or twice so far. Almost all the other Digimon in Series 1-5 have at least done that, so stuff like "bonds" would be believable, ESPECIALLY for teams like Takato & Guilmon, or Marcus & Agumon. But for Tagiru & Gumdramon, it's kinda iffy...not to mention the fact that personally, I dont really think ~20 episodes of them together is enough to claim something like that...

      Also, just a side note, but I dont really like how Shoutmon hasn't gotten any developing time to show how much he's matured since Xros Wars as he's now King. Plus he's not really being recognized as king by all these other Digimon. And I miss Damemon's funny remarks, which was something he was KNOWN FOR. But for some reason, he & Yuu are somewhat shafted, and you can tell by seeing just how little Damemon ever gets to talk in non-battle situations.

      Impmon's still probably the best developed Digimon in the entire franchise. Just mentioning that.

    3. @ Anonymous 08:29

      Like I said before, I think that Gumdramon is a great Digimon character because he shows initiative and independence. We see this from the very first episode; it is after all Gumdramon who recruits Tagiru for the hunt, a break with tradition in how these partnerships have been formed in the past. Again in the Pagumon episode it is Gumdramon who comes up with the plan to defeat the swarm of Pagumon and return them all to the original copy. Plus, the Bestumon episode did offer a good insight into Gumdramon’s back-story, to see why he originally feared Shoutmon.

      As for character interaction between Gumdramon and Tagiru, I think that Young Hunters has taken care to ensure that this has happened as well. In fact just look at last episode, we see Gumdramon and Tagiru hanging-out on the roof of the school before noticing the media frenzy surrounding MetallifeKuwagamon. Not to mention the fact that their relationship has been tested, like in the Pagumon episode when the pair had a falling out. I think that is perfectly reasonable we should Arresterdramon Superior Mode, we have seen legitimate character development this season.

      Also, remember that Shoutmon is king of the Digital world, not the Digiquartz or the Human world, there is precious little for him to rule when he is away from his kingdom. But I do think that the writers made the right choice by making Shoutmon more reserved this season. It is a sign of maturity to let the younger generation have their chance in the spotlight. Shoutmon is a hero from last season, his character arc has ended and his objectives have been achieved. Young Hunters is a chance for new characters to rise, for Shoutmon to act more as a mentor figure, allowing Gumdramon to make mistakes and find his own way in the world.

    4. @kintor Well, we know a lot about Gumdramon because he's the partner to the main character, so he's bound to get some spotlight. But I wanted to know more about the Digimon partners of the rival trio and Dobermon, though Psychemon might be developed with what we're going to learn about Ryouma.

      I kind of what to know why Ren is such a jerk or why Airu is...Airu (I have theories about that involving her little brother, but they're probably not canon). Hideaki's backstory decently for his focus episode, but I want to see how he develops from there.

      Plus, I kind of wished for characters that didn't bounce off each other to bounce off each other. There should have been more Shoutmon and Gumdramon hijinks.

      Oh well, there's always fanfic.

    5. @Dave

      Exactly. With the remaining three last episodes and all, Seems those two characters' background might not be able to be revealed or explained to the audience. Sure, Airu may have gotten more air time than who her two team mates, but I think exposition to her is not yet enough, IMO.

      Then again, like you said; Toei's fault is fandom's opportunity to correct it according to their tastes via fan works.

    6. @ DaveTheAnalyzer

      For what it’s worth I think that Young Hunters is doing fine with giving everyone a bit of character development. In my view character development must in some way serve to advance the story. Wasting time on navel-gazing is just going to make the plot of the episode grind to a halt, especially in action heavy anime like Digimon. If details about a characters origin, their home life and extended family, can’t advance the story then it shouldn’t be mentioned at all. The writers of Young Hunters have made the right choice in limiting what we know about these new characters.

      With that that said, I think that we are seeing character development from the rival team. In particular, I’m impressed with the amount of screen time that Airu has gotten so far, if anything she’s becoming one of the main protagonists. On the other hand Ren is clearly amoral; we see that in the way he manipulates people and Digimon for more power, like in the Kendo episode. Of course, as has been hinted throughout the show there is clearly more to Ryouma then being Tagiru’s apparent rival, his connection to Quartzmon suggests to me that Ryouma may become a full-fledged villain before this season is over.

    7. Its going to be LEGEN...wait for it...DARY!!March 9, 2012 at 12:33 AM


      Are you a robot? Cause saying the same things over and over again isn't gonna make this season better!

      "especially in action heavy anime like Digimon" are you serious?
      Wasn't you the one who said that Digimon is for children and is depending on showing kids go to a new school and the hard times of school? Well its your words not mine!
      Now tell me! Are you sure you are not a robot? or even something like Cleverbot?
      Think about it!

    8. @ Anonymous 12:33

      Calm down, Digimon is both an action heavy anime and a form of entertainment designed with children in mind as its target audience. To that end, the writers must be careful not to include too much detail, for unnecessary back-story will muddle the issue of the episode. We know just enough about each character to understand what they experiencing, nothing more nothing less. Additionally, the action (usually battles between Digimon) help to mitigate the severity of the story, by keeping events fun and making sure the audience doesn’t dwell on things too long. I personally think that Young Hunters does a good job of balancing character development with the flow of the story.

    9. @ 12:33

      Calm down, Digimon is both an action heavy anime and a form of entertainment designed with children in mind as its target audience. To that end, the writers must be careful not to include too much detail, for unnecessary back-story will muddle the issue of the episode. We know just enough about each character to understand what they’re experiencing, nothing more nothing less. Additionally, the action (usually battles between Digimon) help to mitigate the severity of the story, by keeping events fun and making sure the audience doesn’t dwell on things too long. I personally think that Young Hunters does a good job of balancing character development with the flow of the story.

    10. "In my view character development must in some way serve to advance the story."
      "If details about a characters origin, their home life and extended family, can’t advance the story then it shouldn’t be mentioned at all."

      Well, most of what has happened in this series is exactly this: Character development that doesn't advance the story. You're contradicting yourself.

    11. @ G-SANtos

      No offense, but I think that you’re wrong about Young Hunters – I say that the character development we have seen does serve to advance the story. We have seen first hand how character development advances the plot; the bond between Tagiru and Gumdramon unlocks new levels of evolution, while Yuu’s selfless sacrifice for Cutemon is what brought Damemon back to life. Even the minor characters serve their purpose well, driving individual episodes as they develop then departing the show when they are no longer needed. Character development is handled well in Young Hunters; all I’m saying is that we don’t need to know every trivial detail about a characters life because that would be boring.

    12. @ G-SANtos

      No offense, but I think that you’re wrong about Young Hunters – I say that the character development we have seen does serve to advance the story. We have seen first hand how character development advances the plot; the bond between Tagiru and Gumdramon unlocks new levels of evolution, while Yuu’s selfless sacrifice for Cutemon is what brought Damemon back to life. Even the minor characters serve their purpose well, driving individual episodes as they develop then departing the show when they are no longer needed. Character development is handled well in Young Hunters; all I’m saying is that we don’t need to know every trivial detail about a characters life because that would be boring.

    13. That's not what I meant. I didn't say "all", I said "most". The characters of the week have development, which mostly served no purpose in advancing the plot, and yet were shown.

    14. @ G-SANtos

      Fair enough, I understand what you’re saying here. However, I think that the ‘characters of the week’ are worth defending because they do advance the story. Looking at each character individually their respective episodes are built around them, as these characters are the only ones who can handle the emotional issue of the episode. Once the development of these characters is complete they then leave the story, as it should be. Even so, we do see the main cast receiving character development as well, alongside the more pressing concerns of each episodes immediate plot.

    15. @Kintor

      If Hunters is doing sooooooooo great by being the pioneer in sooooooooooooo many things and taking the development to the whoooooooole new level, how come there are more than 50% of Digimon fans who doesn't like what they've seen so far and how come there is a speculation of an end at episode 25/79 because of poor ratings? I mean, you would expect that such brilliant ideas would be embraced by the world.

    16. @ Anonymous 07:03

      Look, I’m just explaining how Young Hunters works on a narrative level. It’s true that Young Hunters is different to what we’ve seen before but in my opinion that is a good thing. Overall Young Hunters has been a great opportunity to introduce new characters, both Digimon and human alike. I am merely point out that while this season has largely followed a stand-alone episode structure we have still seen a good level of character development.

      With that said, I would love to see Xros Wars (Young Hunters included) translated and exported across the world. I have greatly watching this Xros Wars, I think this show will resonate well with global audiences, just as Digimon has done in the past. Plus, releasing Young Hunters internationally is a chance for audiences to see all the old protagonists return, perhaps even to be voiced by the same local actors they remember from their childhoods.

    17. @Kintor; You put way too much godd4mn faith into this season, dude.

    18. @ Anonymous 07:36

      On the contrary, I have every reason to understand that Xros Wars has the potential to be an international success. To this show’s credit Xros Wars has already managed to resurrect Digimon as a franchise, allowing the creation of a new game for the PSP and new episodes featuring old protagonists. Now, it only remains for Bandai to release dubs of Xros Ward and in doing so restore Digimon’s reputation as an international franchise.

    19. I am pretty much sure that they do! Tagi-suck can't be loved by anyone!

    20. Okay, I didn't read all the comments because there's a lot of them, but I had to comment on Young Hunters providing a ton of character development for its large cast.

      Yes, it is true that the COTDs got development within their individual episodes, but at the end of the day do you really care for them? Does their development matter at the end of the day? No, it doesn't, because they're not going to appear in another ep most of the time. It's also a lot harder to like a COTD; they have limited time and appeal thrown into 20 mins. Their development, whether it is enjoyable or not barely lasts.

      In my opinion, I think that it is a poor reason to use to credit Young Hunters in the long run; developing unnecessary characters is simply not an option over developing the necessary characters.

    21. @ Anonymous above me

      Don't bother dude. I bet Kintor will yet again write that they are important for developing the main cast and thus, the writers deserve our respect because of brilliantly incorporating the idea of DigiQuartz(which you didn't even mention, but he'll write it anyway). Oh, and the mystery surrounding the Watchmaker is certaintly interesting. And then, he'll say that Gumdramon is the excellent example of well developed character. And then you'll reply to him. And then he'll reply to you by contradicting himself in his previous post and saying that COTDs are a great way to explore children's problems and are certaintly contributing to the development of the main cast. Oh, and that Watchmaker is mysterious.

    22. @ Anonymous 02:44

      Every character matters for the development of the story, a strong cast of minor characters is just as essential as the protagonists are. There are simply some issues that the existing protagonists can’t handle by themselves; it would be out of character for them to do so. Creating new characters is the ideal solution here, it allows the writers to explore a greater variety of settings and situations then they otherwise could. Stories like moving to a new school or being picked-on for being different are strong themes, creating characters that are easy for Digimon’s target audience (children) to identify with.

      Personally, I love seeing so many new characters in Young Hunters. With so many seasons of Digimon set primarily in the Digital World it is rare that Toei gets the chance to expand the human cast, Young Hunters is a refreshing change of pace in this regard. Seeing so many new characters on screen, some who are hunters and some who are not, helps to create the impression of a bigger world. This is the idea that there is actually life beyond the protagonists, a society with other people, each with their own problems and ambitions, each with stories of their own to tell.

      @ Anonymous 03:02

      One of the reasons why I say that Young Hunters because is does well to introduce a wide cast of characters, both major and minor roles are important to develop, in my opinion Young Hunters has succeeded in both respect. All characters must help to tell the story, this is true both for individual episodes and the over-arching story-arc. We have seen so many new characters and this is a good thing, it allows the focus of each episode to cover a new issue. Yet we have also seen the main plot advancing as well, hinted at and developed alongside the main plot of each episode. Things are certainly different to what we’ve seen before but I say that Young Hunters is an enjoyable season of Digimon in its own right.

    23. Yes, expanding the number of characters is a good thing. You said it - by having many characters, it makes it easier to cover issues which many people can relate to. BUT, doing the SAME THING over for 20 EPISODES is counter-productive, at least in the case of Digimon and that's why there are so many people who don't like this season. You see, repeating the same thing over and over makes the show monotonous and basically, the potential of the show is only decreasing, and the potential of this season was huge. Furthermore, this season is mostly filler. This is a FACT and you can't deny it. If this season ends at episode 25 with 18+ filler episodes, you can expect huge disappointment of fans. If this turns out to be the case, I advise you not to say stuff like this season is aimed at little children so it's okay. Also, it would be a fiasco that would not contribute to popularity of Digimon in the world in any way.

    24. @ Anonymous 03:52

      You really need to give the writers more credit, the stand-alone episode structure is a valid form of storytelling. Each is original and different to what we have seen before, because as a matter of fact each episode covers a different issue. This is why we have seen new characters created; each episode can focus on a new character and therefore a different problem. Each episode has also seen new Digimon brought to the forefront, allowing many fan favourites and even competition creations to be included in the anime. I like what the writers have done with Young Hunters; this show is different but still an interesting and entertaining season of Digimon.

      And yes, I do think that it would be a wise decision for Bandai to beginning exporting Xros Wars as soon as possible. Digimon has always been an international franchise, bringing the latest episodes to other nations is continuing Digimon’s legacy, a way to restore this franchises reputation. In particular, I say that Young Hunters will resonate with an international audience, themes like moving to a new school or having trouble with ones peers are universal ideas, something audiences the world over will be able to understand. Releasing dubs of Xros Wars will serve two primary purposes: firstly to reconnect with Digimon’s target audience (children) and create a new generation of fans, but also to offer older Digimon fans the chance to see the return of the old protagonists.

    25. I personally think that Young Hunters does a good job of balancing character development with the flow of the story.
      False. There's very development of characters of the week, and few story flow. I mean, only now the plot is really starting, and we haven't received enough hints about what was going to happen before. It would be more balanced if we received a plot point every two or three episodes.

      Character development is handled well in Young Hunters; all I’m saying is that we don’t need to know every trivial detail about a characters life because that would be boring.
      No one said "every trivial detail", it's just that we don't know enough the main characters to say they are developed. It may come as a shock for you, but most people who watch a series like to know about the main characters's lives.

      However, I think that the ‘characters of the week’ are worth defending because they do advance the story.
      Also false. The new characters didn't advance the plot of the series, didn't contribute with any hint about DigiQuartz's purpose or the Old Man's identity.

      Looking at each character individually their respective episodes are built around them, as these characters are the only ones who can handle the emotional issue of the episode.
      Then why not make the main characters's backstories in such a way that they can handle some of these issues?

      Every character matters for the development of the story, a strong cast of minor characters is just as essential as the protagonists are.
      The protagonists are more important, and minor characters should help the development of the main ones, something we still don't have enough on this series.

    26. @ G-SANtos

      What I’ve said is completely true – all of the characters in Young Hunters serve to advance the story. It’s important to understand that Young Hunters is structured differently to any other season of Digimon we’ve seen before. Think of Young Hunters as if it was a western cartoon, in many Young Hunters closely matches the episodic narrative style you’ll find in western animation over more traditional anime. But this comparatively novel style of storytelling is to Young Hunters credit; it has allowed the writers to tell a different style of story.

      Actually, think of the ‘minor’ characters in each episode as a main character – if only for their respective episode. For all intensive purposes these new characters, like Kiichi (with his Locomon) and even Nene, are basically guest-star protagonists. The actions of these new protagonists help to drive the story, usually related in some way to the Digimon that affecting their life for better or worse. I personally think that each of these episodes is worth while; telling more focused stories each week, this way the audience won’t feel alienated if they miss an episode.

      However, like any other season of Digimon the narrative structure of Young Hunters does also contain the essence of a larger story. Here, the key events are something that develops in the background, so as not to detract from the plot of each episode. Characters are introduced; clues are left behind, while far off dangers are alluded to. Now we are last see the fruits of these efforts, with the old protagonists returning to Digimon to fight a great while, with the sinister motivations of new characters also becoming clear with new information.

      At the end of day I have greatly enjoyed watching Young Hunters, I think that it is a fun and interesting show. I also think that Young Hunters achieves much more in the way of storytelling then its harshest critics will ever concede. I say that as a whole Xros Wars has great potential, power enough to restore Digimon to its place on the international stage.

    27. I suppose as individual stand-alone episodes, Young Hunters is okay, but when one tries to make an overarching plot that each episode hints to, there had better be something that actually ties each episode together with as little redundancy as possible to keep it from getting stale. This season is guilty of this unfortunately. Young Hunters fails as a series because not enough of each episode was relevant; a massive amount of episodes don't progress the plot, and Tagiru just captures a Digimon that we never hear from again. How much of what we've seen is actually important to the plot? Almost half have no relation to the story, and most of those that do have barely anything of value. If it doesn't introduce an important recurring character, develop a preexisting character, introduce or develop a plot point, or move the plot along, then it's not much good for the series overall. And now, with only four episodes to go, does the plot finally begin to pick up.
      Additionally, developing minor characters is fine, but the main characters better get developed at least at some point. We have incredibly little on Ren, for example. Damemon's been awfully quiet outside of battle, and Dracmon and Psychemon currently have no personalities to speak of.
      I tend to be fine with watching the episodes individually, but looking back on the series as a whole, it's ridiculously difficult to see the redeeming qualities of this show, beyond the music, animation, and Gumdramon. This is coming from the guy who greatly enjoyed every single version of Digimon before this one.

    28. @ Anonymous 10:03

      Well, as someone who has also seen every season of Digimon I say that Young Hunters is a good season in it’s own right – worthy of the name Digimon. The important thing to understand is that here individual episodes matter just as much as the whole. I have personally enjoyed every episode of Young Hunters, each is entertaining. As a matter of storytelling each episode does aim to cover specific issues, dealing with very real idea of social anxiety, only set against the backdrop of the Digiquartz. Invariably, these issues are solved by having the individual realise something about themselves, usually with help from the heroes. It’s the same moral story we’ve always seen from Digimon, the ‘spirit’ of Digimon is alive and well within Young Hunters.

      Concerning the future, I think that Young Hunters will be remembered as a good season of Digimon. Toei has devoted a great amount of effort to creating a show both old and new fans can enjoy in their own way. Think about it, we have seen many old Digimon like Dagomon animated for the first time; not to mention the return of the old protagonists with their original voice actors. While new fans get to see the competition Digimon brought to life on screen, canonised as real Digimon characters. Plus, it was a smart move making this a sequel (perhaps even an extension) to Xros Wars, creating a direct sense of continuing, something we rarely see in Digimon given the changes each new season brings.

    29. There should be a digimon named Kintormon! It hunts you down until you give up with your own choices and will never EVER let you win!
      I think this would be the most Perfect Villain of all!

      I'm sorry Kintor but you ask for it! You are very self-centered and this will get you nowhere in life!

  11. Doesn't sound like anyone else outside of the leaders is going to appear, does it?

    1. It’s difficult to say at this point. After all, the previous episode lists made no mention of Mimi or Rika appearing in episode 22 and yet they did make a surprise appearance towards the end. There is every possibility we will see more of the old cast, especially since Digimon like Omnimon and Imperialdramon may require the power of other protagonists.

    2. Another of them could appear next episode, or/and all of them could end up as audience/spectators in that Brave Snatcher Tournament.

    3. I honestly hope that Lee Jenrya will appear.. since he's actually the one who saved Tamers' universe (with helps from Wild Bunch) , Takato just saved Juri...

      Anyway i'm sure 6 heroes wonn't be correct, since did they forgot that they've added Mimi and Ruki? They should at least say 7...

    4. The 6 heroes are Taichi, Daisuke, Takato, Takuya, Masaru, and Taiki, the summary for 79 explicitly says this. I think there's something mistranslated on 78's summary, or the people who write summaries forgot that Taiki isn't from a different universe than the rest of the main cast.

  12. Omega!! thanks for the spoiler XDD Oh noooo!!! Why must Taiki!!? the best general I ever sawww T^T maybe because he too perfect??? that pissed me off, but then, well, Maybe i just go along watch it T__T
    *Waiting Akaiki moment QwQ

  13. Forget it if Taiki all of a sudden can't fight after being injured then Toei have just messed up big time as we've already seen no matter what he never gives up even when he's on the edge of death!,no this sucks and I for one hope Toei sees the light and brings the real hero to the final battle not Tagi suck he's nothing compared to Taiki!!

    1. Kiriha even mentioned in the Death Generals arc that Taiki won't back down to anything, he just can't turn his back to it.

    2. I'm not very surprised by this pathetic move since Hunters pretty much contradicts Xros Wars in almost every way.

    3. Well maybe Taiki will be back on his feet in the last moments of the final battle, but that's just me wish-thinking.

  14. Are those writers unaware of how hated their beloved Tagiru is?

    Do japanese fans hate Tagiru as much as we do?

    1. I am pretty much sure that they do! Tagi-suck can't be loved by anyone!

  15. The only way they could fix the whole Taiki being injured and letting Tagiru go in his place is if it was revealed to be a strategical move on Taiki's part. Let them go under the pretense of him being injured so no one notices what he wants to do. If they managed to twist it around that way, that would work with Taiki's established personality and the first Xros Wars. He's fooled people before in stranger ways.

    Of course that won't happen. I'm just saying that it'd be interesting if it could.

  16. a better sequel to xros wars would have been good,how bout a year after baguramon was defeated Taiki was called back to the digital world as King shoutmon discovered an evil presence and they both find out that baguramon is slowly reforming and all his data is scattered and they have to find and destroy the evil digimon that hold his data and Akari and Zenjirou get xros loaders and they all including Yuu Nene and Kiriha become the new xros heart would have been better

    1. Why should they re-hash a past villain? Why not a new one?

      But then again, Bagramon DOES need to redeem himself from that terrible final battle...

    2. I agree with you on the last one! Bagramon was easily beaten!

  17. I think Young Hunter will become the worst season of digimon...

    1. I agree.

    2. Looks to be that way without a doubt.

    3. I can’t say I agree with your opinion here, I think Young Hunters can stand on its own merit as a good season of Digimon in its own right. We’ve seen a lot of good things this season. Above all Young Hunters has a huge characters, both human and Digimon; it’s been great to see so many Digimon animated for the first. Besides, Young Hunters has brought back old protagonists like Tai and Marcus, this is one most awesome and interesting things ever happen in Digimon.

    4. Having a large cast of lead characters is rather pointless if you just aren't going to do much with them.

      Seeing all those digimon animated for the first time was both good and bad. They did a fine job with Betsumon, but i can't say the same for Phelesmon or MetallifeKuwagamon for example.

      And nope, old characters returning and fleeing seconds after was disappointing rather than awesome.

    5. @ Unidentified

      I personally think that this season has done an excellent job of bringing new Digimon to the anime each week. I mean one hand we have seen fan favourites like Dagomon being animated for the first time. We have also seen many fan created Digimon canonised, this is always a good thing to see; I like the way the artists and writers have taken simple children’s drawings and turned them into creative and unique Digimon.

      Also, I wouldn’t worry too much about Tai and Marcus just yet. What we’ve seen so far is obviously only a taste of what awaits in the future. But for what its worth I’m glad we got see them both (plus Mimi and Rika) their presence last week really made episode 22 one of the most awesome episodes of Digimon I have ever seen. We will see more of Tai and Marcus, we have even see the other goggleheads making an appearance before the final battle, just all in good time.

    6. I completely agree with everything you're saying, but I think you're forgetting that this whole series has still just been 22 episodes of filler. I know in those 22 there have been some episodes that were needed for character development, like 55 (to introduce the new main guys), 59 (to bring back Damemon and make Yuu a hunter), 61&65 (both to strengthen Tagiru and Gumdramon's bonds), 71 (Gumdramon's relevant to the plot backstory being revealed, explaining his original fear of Shoutmon)and of course the recent 76 (revealing the enemy Quartzmon, having 4 protags briefly return and Arresterdramon digivolving again), but the main problem most people (me included) have with this series of Digimon is that ALL of the episodes so far have just been the same style of hunting episodes that don't reveal ANYTHING about the mysterious DigiQuartz.

    7. @ Aidan

      For what it’s worth I don’t think that any episode has been wasted, I just think that the writers decided to achieve different things to what we’ve seen last season. Many of the episodes we’ve seen have focused on specific new characters, sort of like special guest-star protagonists that only feature for that episode. So, throughout the episode these characters develop, learning a little bit about themselves while also addressing certain issues people are likely to experience in real life.

      Digimon has always been keen to feature positive character growth, leaving the character in a better place then when they started by the time their story-arc is over. I see Young Hunters as a great way to expand the scope of the Xros Wars universe. All of these new characters help to create the impression of a living breathing world, filled with people who have stories of their own; it’s always good to know that life goes on when the protagonists aren’t around.

  18. Good thing I kept my expectations low..

  19. ok i don't get it I thought the original heroes from all the seasons were suppose to come back. why is Mimi and Rukia there, plus how is it suppose to be good Mimi is still young so palmon shouldn't be able to digivole to mega. Also im curious to see the other heroes beacuse if the old man got digidestined from other dimension the and digidestined is in the same as tai just older. i think they should have one from every season but the most powerful ones,and it should be a long good action fight with the hunters digimon digivoling like gumdramon did. And i agree fillers then the story comes it light for 4 eps, what is that?!!!

    1. Heroes refers to pretty much anyone who's a main character, not just the Goggleheads...and Marcus.

      Second Mimi is young because she was pulled from Adventure, not 02. Third, Palmon never went past Ultimate.

  20. I'm so glad MetallifeKabuterimon explained about the whole "Hunting" thing. I cannot stand the concept of Digimon hunting...save that shit for selfish Pokemon bastards. Let's hope that next season Taigru and Gumdramon will become more likeable/mature/grown up as characters and that they'll focus on a bigger storyline that includes facing off against Astamon and the seven demon lords :D

    1. Or even better, Taiki regains controll.

  21. This season has such wasted potential. I'm loving the previous heroes coming back but the build up wasn't done well.

  22. Totally agree with Kamen Rider Kekkaishi,

    though in my opinion, maybe the evolve things like agumon - wargreymon etc. could use their original soundtrack for evolve (e.g brave heart for agumon),

    and I dont care about the end story or whatever people' expectation about it, what the most frustrating is that I've got a feeling that not all voice actor (seiyuu) is gonna be available, WTH with veemon,magnamon,guilmon,metalgarurumon, aren't make a damn voice,
    but granii, tentomon, and gomaman, joe has make their voice appearance,

    not much of dialogue or explanation, just action,
    talk about boring,

    well I still dont give up hope for this season though,
    and I do wish the other character will make their appearance (image and voice)
    like angemon, angewomon, takeru, hikari, lopmon, since they're my fav lol :p

  23. Will the season be better by just erasing Tagiru at the last moment and making Taiki the main character.