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Monday, November 19, 2012

[Vjump]Janurary Issue(updated)

info 2ch
Special Thanks to Dorupickmon and anonymous who provided the news.

We are waiting for more clear and full scans for both page.
There are two new Digimon are introduced specially Designed for the 15th Anniversary of Digimon, a  new Royal Knights name Gankuumon, and there's another new Digimon that's beside Tagiru on the left side name Hackmon.
"Gankuumon's appears as the new Royal Knight in another dimension(I assume it's the dimension Taichi got in to meet the protagonists), its Iron Fist starts the storm in the Digital World."
This Digimon will also appear in the Digimon Collector Game.
"Gankuumon is active all over the Digital World, he's admired by many Digimon. Right now he's continues call by this name, and as it grows.
Hackmon: A Digimon who's lost in  Digital Dimension. Inherit the parentage of Gankuumon, contains Banggu(?) sense technique's beast type Digimon. It also holds the key in this battle."

Also this month's Vjump will also feature video with more sneak peak of the Digimon Adventure PSP game :) So stay tune!



    Here ya go.

    1. Ah, thanks for the bigger and clear scans.

      Sheesh~! Look at Hackmon. Just from his name alone, implies that he'll be a difficult opponent for the Densetsu Eiyuus.

  2. Well that 2nd 01 PSP trailer is out finally.

    It's so nostalgically beautiful, that I shed tears.

    1. Holy crap that was perfect T-T, it's exactly what i was hoping it would be.

      Plus I finally know what that weird thing I saw in the previous video was, Gankuumon. Which is awesome and kinda cute.

      And those songs, to of my favorites from all the Digimon songs!!! :) was singing wile watching it.

    2. Made a mistake, I meant to type Hackmon instead of Gankuumon.XD

    3. So.. Hackmon's the Dramon one while Gankuumon's the boss-looking humanoid aka. Royal Knight? Seems I too might have mixed up. ^^;;

  3. I bet many people are happy that the 12th Royal Knight has finally been revealed. Gankuumon's a little bit too human for my taste, but he's nice looking.

    And wow, Hackmon looks like he would fit as a lead Digimon of a series. I like the design, reminds me of the ones that are on cards.

  4. Now all i want is a second season sequel "with the same character's" of Adventure! And i'll be good! :)

  5. finally a Royal Knight whit no cake-colored armor and or draconic feature (except on his attacks) Gankuumon looks badass