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Friday, December 7, 2012

[FunFacts?]Courage, Friendship, Love

Something I saw on one of the Chinese forum:

"Here's our Childhoold Digimon:

The one with the Courage crest doesn't have the courage to confess.
The one with the Friendship crest stole his best friend's crush.
The one with the Love crest made people no longer believe in love."

You get what it means :P


  1. Love triangle and Sorato eventually coming into full circle 25 years later. :p

    I am not a die hard follower of a specific coupling in Adventure, just merely someone who's amused or entertained by such pairings. I've seen shipping wars turning into ugly online fights/arguments, so, I steer clear away from it. :c

  2. The characteristics of Taichi, Yamato and Sora.

  3. poeple have been saying this ever since 02 ended it's getting tired

  4. I'm surprised people care so strongly about pairings 10 year later. lol; I am partly guilty, I wrote a story of the DAisuke, Takeru, Hikari triangle, but I didn't care too much about which way it went. I made it Takari when I care about Dakari. =/ However, there was someone that kept asking me to make it to dakari. Rude! But honestly, I don't care. XD There are other anime out there that I can easily support pairings for. Even if people can't move on...

  5. My apologies if off-topic. Latest article on Famitsu regarding the 01 PSP game; More shots of Hackmon, Gankuumon and the Legendary Heroes etc:

    1. Oh, and the respective Japanese profiles for Hackmon and Gankuumon are also in said article as well.

  6. YESH!!! THAT IS TRUE!!!! the one I cannot forgive is the crest of Friendship, oh my....

  7. Good day, Rainmon. Hope your pre-Holiday activities are going smoothly. ^^ Just a question, are these snippets from the latest Digimon pages of V-Jump?

    1. Hi Reiji,
      Good day to you too :) I hope you have a happy holiday!
      Thank you for the info, and I have translated the new vjump scans :)

    2. You're welcome. :) I wish you the same as well. ;) Meri Kurismasu~! :3

      Hopefully there'll be whole and clear February issue V-Jump shots in 2ch available anytime today or before next week. If not me, hope Elfen or Dorbickmon will find or provide them first.

  8. I may have cared if only 02 wasn't a huge pile of pink smelly poop.