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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[Televi-Mag]March Issue

Once again this week, x10amin will provide you guys the ep summary , As I'm still busy preparing stuff for my OJT. I'll be back and resume next week to keep everyone update.

◆デジモン クロスウォーズ

タギルのクラスメート、ショウタがかいたモンスターがエカキモンのパワーで現実のものに! 雪男や首長竜が合体したUMAモンスターがタギルの学校にあらわれて、あばれはじめた。大ピンチだ!

The monster Tagiru's classmate,Shouta draws has become real with the power of Egakimon! Yeti(Abominable Snowman) and Pterosaurs combines into an UMA monster appear in Tagiru's school, and begins to go on rampage. Tagiru and others are in great danger!

Next month Issue:

XX Settlement!
(I can't read what's saying there...
So small and blurry...)

Saturday, January 28, 2012


CD will be release on March 7th, 2012.

Track list:
2. MyHeart
3. STAND UP(Piano ver.)
4. STAND UP(instrumental)

Digimon Xros Wars ep 71

第71話 「似てる? 似てない? 変装怪盗ベツモン」


Click here to Download Full Screencap

Friday, January 27, 2012

Digimon Xros Wars EP 71 Sypnopsis

時には伝説の戦士オメガモン、時にはシャウトモン(声・坂本千夏)…と、着ぐるみを着て別のデジモンになりきる怪盗ベツモンが現れた! ベツモンは一時期、デジモンたちが暮らす世界「デジタルワールド」を騒がせたお尋ね者。変装自体はバレバレだが、モノマネも上手く、不思議と周りを騙してしまう。タギル(声・井上麻里奈)はベツモンをハントしようと息巻くが、相棒のガムドラモン(声・渡辺久美子)はなぜか非協力的…。しかし、ベツモンの被害に遭ったリョウマ(声・柿原徹也)らライバルハンター3人組と手を組むことになったタギルたちは、さっそくデジモンたちが暮らす世界「デジクオーツ」へと繰り出す。


Sometime he is Omegamon, the legendary warrior and sometime he is Shoutmon. He, Differentmon is a thief who always pretend like other digimon thru wearing costume. Differentmon are most wanted digimon in digital world. Although outlooks is odd but due to his skills, he manage to lie others without any issues. Taigiru is trying to hunt out Differentmon but Gumdramon seems are not in condition ... Taigiru has team up with Ryoma and his mates who have business with Differentmon and travel to Digi Quartz.

They are having hardtime with Differentmon as he keeps changing costume... In the mean time, Taiki, Gundarmon and Differentmon who are wearing Dark Knightmon Costume is apperaing in front of them. Both Gumdramon and Differentmon are friends since long time ago.

Differentmon is unable to remember who Gundramon is and start to attack Gundramon!!! Stay tune to the episode to know whether Gumdramon are able to retain his freinds with Differentmon.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Digimon Xros Wars ep 70

第70話 「ドキドキ恐怖体験! 心霊ハンターが吠える!!」


Click here to Download Full Screencap

Digimon Xros Wars ep 70 Summary

廃墟の前にある電話ボックスに火の玉が出現! しかも、受話器からは「た、す、け、て…」という不気味な声が…。その噂を聞き、デジモンの仕業かもしれないと直感したタギル(声・井上麻里奈)とユウ(声・沖佳苗)は、ハントするために電話ボックスを探しに行く。すると、彼らの前にカオルという少年が現れた。自ら「心霊ハンター」と名乗るカオルは、心霊現象の謎を科学的に解き明かすことが趣味だという。

やがて、タギルらとカオルは問題の電話ボックスを特定。動画サイトにアップされた映像で確認したところ、火の玉は電話ボックスに現れた後、向かいにある廃墟のドライブインの中へと消えている。そこで、ドライブインの中を探索してみると、壁に立てかけてあったパネルがガタガタと音を立てて揺れ出し、カオルが持っていた心霊探知機が反応! タギルたちを誘うかのように、パネルの裏にある扉が勝手に開く…。


Fireballs are appearing at telephone box which is located in front of the ruins. Furthermore a strange and freaky voice "H~E~L~P M~E" can be heard through telephone receiver.  After getting know about this rumour, both Taigiru and Yuu are suspected that Digimons are behind of this and they made up thier mind to hunt it.

When they reached the destination, a teen who name Kaoru appears in front of them. Kaoru named himself as "Supernatural Hunter" and he is interested to explain every supernatural incident with science facts.

So three of them have identified the telephone box and compare it with the uploaded video. They notice that after the appearance of the fireballs, it will disappear in the Drive-in ruins. During the exploration inside the Drive-in, a panel on the wall is making rattle noise and keeps shaking. Kaoru's  supernatural detectors are giving response towards it and the door inside the panel opens automatically like inviting them to enter...

They being guided and keeps on explore and finally enter a cave. Inside the cave, a portable gaming device are found. The gaming device are the source of this freaky voice and they are brought into the world where Digimons lives, the "Digi Quartz". In Digi Quartz, Patamon is waiting thier arrival. So what is the intention of Patamon for bringing them to Digi Quartz?

Notes from x10amin
Argh, damn tired now!!! I am not having a good rest for days. So don't complain with this shitty translation as I have no time to check the work. Any good suggestion for improving the translation, please mail it to my gmail mailbox

In the mean time, Happy Chinese New Year & a best wishes to Rainmon. Hope you will get a good place to have your internships : P

Friday, January 20, 2012

MUSIC CODE III Booklet interview

Hmn my CD won't arrive until "Tagiru Chikara"(Which it'll arrive in March), so I don't have the CD booklet yet...
If anyone will like to provide the scan of the whole interview, I can translate the whole thing later.(probably later until I'm less busy, which it'll be after next 3 weeks)

Here are some info from 2ch

The Soundtrack booklet(MUSIC CODE III) contains the interview from Sanjo Riku and Yamashida Kousuke(the person who compose Xros Wars' soundtrack) about their touches on the future development:

- The pattern of "Daily Ep"(MotW) plays more role, compare the Climax it plays quiet bigger scale.
-It's also an offer for Digimon's 15th Anniversary
- Will next be the movie then? (LOL)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

[Vjump]March Issue + ep 73 & 74 titles(Updated)

I'm ganna be busy with preparing portfolio/co-op for the this 2 or 3 weeks.
I'm planning on stay away from my internet life(blog, fansub, translation) during that time period in order to focus.
I've already asked x10amin to do the translation of summary every week. Not sure how often or when he will do it. But I guess be patient, and don't rush, because hes busy himself too.

As always, Thank you Elfen for the Vjump Info. =)

ep 73: Grand Under Sea Adventure! Search for The Treasure of Dream Digimon!

ep 74: Rare Card Vanished! The Invincible RookChessmon!

Starting Feb, there will be new Digimon Stage, another higher level of evolution.
Arresterdramon Suberioru Mode (I have no idea what that is, is it "Slippery Mode"?*smack in the head*)

I haven't have the time to read the manga yet, but according to Elfen, it says one of the Royal Knight got sacrifices, and Nene is fuzed with Milliummon?

I figure Intan would love to know what this saying, since it's Takari after all~ ;)
Just rough translation though

Taiki:"From here on, it's the last battle.
When I am really about to get cornered by the danger, with no way out, if you are here, I won't have stupid thoughts like 'Well, just end it then?'.
Therefore, Akari and others please wait for us here.
If you guys are waiting here then, we'll definably come back!
No matter what, I will come back to Akari's side."

Monday, January 16, 2012

[CD]Digimon Xros Wars Music Code III Track List

info CDJapan
The CD is releasing in like a day, I have been waiting for the Track list, and THERE IT IS!
Also some song samples are available at CD Japan
The CD Contains 32 Tracks, and it'll be release on January 18th, 2012.
Support the Industry!!

1. もうひとつの世界 MOU HITOTSU NO SEKAI/Another World
2. STAND UP 〜インストゥルメンタル〜 STAND UP/STAND UP~Instrumental~
3. サブタイトル2 SUBTITLE 2
4. デジモンハンター DIGIMON HUNTER
5. ふしぎな時計屋 FUSHIGI NA TOKEI YA/The mysterious Watch Maker Store
6. デジタルワールドの仲間 DIGITAL WORLD NO NAKAMA/The Friends(nakama) of Digital World
7. スローダウン SLOW DOWN
8. しのび足 SHINOBI ASHI/The Shinobi Foot
9. ゆらめく影 YURAMEKU KAGE/The Flickering Shadow
10. 不可解な事件 FUKAKAI NA JIKEN/The Inexplicable Events
11. 謎を追うクロスハート NAZO WO OU XROS HEART/Xros Heart Chasing after the Mystery
12. さすらう魂 SASURAU TAMASHII/The Wandering Soul
13. 苦悩 KUNOU/Distress
14. トホホな気分 TOHOHO NA KIBUN/Feeling Embarrassed
15. UP↑UP↑ UP UP
16. 追いつ追われつ OITSU OWARETSU/Chasing and Catch up with Each Other
17. おかしなパートナー OKASHINA PARTNER/The Odd Partner
18. タイキのテーマ -piano solo- TAIKI NO THEME/Taki's Theme -Piano Solo-
19. 里の伝説 SATO NO DENSETSU/The Village Legend
20. 迷宮 MEIKYUU/Puzzle
21. 荒涼 KOURYOU/Desolate
22. 誘惑の声 YUUWAKU NO KOE/The Voice of Temptation
23. 渦巻く悪意 UZUMAKU AKUI/The Swirling Malicious
24. 苦境に立つハンター KUKYOU NI TATSU HUNTER/The Hunter Who Stands up in the Difficult situation
25. やさしさに触れて YASASHISA NI FURETE/Gentle Touch
26. 神秘の扉 SHINPI NO TOBIRA/The Mysterious Door
27. デジクオーツ DIGIQUARTZ/Digi-Quartz
28. モンスター登場 MONSTER TOUJOU/Monster Appear
29. おそるべきパワー OSORUBEKI POWER/Fearsome Power
30. STAND UP 〜インストゥルメンタル B type〜 STAND UP/STAND UP~Instrumental B Type~
31. 友情のクロス YUUJOU NO XROS/The Friendship Xros
32. 時を駆けて TOKI WO KAKETE/Leapt Trhough Time

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Digimon Xros Wars ep 69(Updated)

第69話 「友だち欲しい?フェレスモン悪魔の約束」


Click here to Download Full Screencap