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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Lyrics]レジェンド·クロスウォーズ/Legend·Xros Wars

I can tell Sanjo Riku purposely did some research on the lyrics with the openings of the previous five seasons, such as "butter-fly", "Target", "Dreamers", "Hirari/Lightly", "Honnoo/Fire"and also some words from Xros Wars like "Glourious(from ep 54)", "Tagiru(Boiling)"...etc
And I think there are some lyrics from Odaiba 10th's CD as well: "未来への扉~あの夏の日から~/The Door to the future~ Since that summer day~"
Anyways, enjoy~ I can't wait to hear this song

DO NOT copy my lyrics and post on your own AMV or any other website WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

レジェンド·クロスウォーズ REJIENDO·KUROSU UOOZU/Legend·Xros Wars

作詞/Lyrics : 三条陸/Sanjo Riku
作曲/Composer : 山下康介/Yamashida Kousuke
歌/Artist:YOFFY&岩崎貴文/YOFFY& Iwasaki Takafumi
Translation: rainmon

Mai agaru Densetsu no Tsubasa Sora wo koe toki wo koete
舞い上がる伝説の翼 空を越え時を越えて
The wing of legend is soaring, surpass the sky and surpass the time
Moe agare Jyounetsu no Honoo Konji naru kimi no mune ni
燃えあがれ情熱の炎 今次なる君の胸に
The Flames of Passion is burning up, it becomes on your chest this time
ぼくらはみんな デジタルドリーマー
We are, everyone is Digital Dreamer
Uchikudaku no sa yami no TAAGETTO
打ち砕くのさ 闇のターゲット
Smash it through the Target of Darkness
Kizuna Tsunagi Kokoro awase Tobidasou Mirai e Chou no youni
絆繋ぎ 心合わせ 飛び出そう未来へ 蝶のように
Bond ties together, heart combine together, Jump out to the future, just like a Butter-Fly

[Lyrics]Shining Dreamers

please DO NOT copy my lyrics and post on your own AMV or any other website WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

Shining Dreamers

作曲/Composer︰岩崎貴文/Iwasaki Takafumi
作詞/Lyrics︰三条陸/Sanjo Riku
歌/Artist:岩崎貴文/Iwasaki Takafumi
Translation: rainmon

『Shira nai』Sorejya Suma serarenai
"I don't know" That's not a complete answer
Bokura no Machi ni Hisomu Yami no kage
ぼくらの街に潜む 闇の影
Our city is hidden with Shadow of Darkness
Sagashi motome Mitsukete miseru
探し求め 見つけてみせる
Search and seek for to find it out
Darega no mune no oku no EKURIPUSU
Anyone has the eclipse in their heart

[Televi-Mag] April Issue + DigiQuartz' secret(Updated)

Updated @ 11:40pm: magazine scan

デジモン クロスウォーズ


The Final battle is finally here. Digi-Quartz creates the worse Digimon, Quartzmon appears. It plan to replace Realworld into Digi-Quartz, and try to eliminated the human. To defeat such strong enemy, it's a great decisive battle of Digimon All Stars!

(I don't feel like reopen another post)

info 2ch

3月11日 今明かされる!デジモンハントの秘密


on the ep 77: Right now it's reveal! The secret of Digimon Hunt

One day, Tagiru goes to school like usual, his school turns into Digi-Quartz.
He heard from Ryoma that if this continues, the whole real world is going to become Digi-Quartz.
In order to solve this situation, Tagiru and Ryoma has join forces together.

Larger version:(info 2ch)

I'm confused...

"Previous Generation Heroes Gather! Digimon All Star Grand Battle!

DigiQuartz creates the worse Digimon, Quartzmon, it finally shows its form. Quartzmon tries to change Real World into DigiQuartz, and try to eliminated the human. To confront the enormous power, previous generation of Digimon gather. It's the Final Battle.

Quartzmon: Its form is like a huge Rock tower.It's made from copies of various Digimon. And evolves to its final form.

Imperialdramon: The Ultimate Level Digimon that appears in the Second Digimon series:"Digimon Adventure 02".

Omegamon: One memeber of the Group of Knights who protect the justice. He's the one who led Taiki to the Digital World.

Susanoomon: The Ultimate Level Digimon that appears in the Fourth Digimon series:"Digimon Frontier".

Dukemon: The Ultimate Level Digimon that appears in the Third Digimon series:"Digimon Tamers".

ShineGreymon: The Ultimate Level Digimon that appears in the Fifth Digimon series:"Digimon Savers".

Arresterdramon: Its final weapon, "Brave Snatcher" that attaches to its tip of tail, and challenges fight in the final battle.

Tagiru: Ask by Taiki who's wounded, fight along side with the 5 previous heroes."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Lyrics]タギルチカラ!/Tagiru chikara!

Currently working on the other 2 songs. Thanks to reading week, I should be able to finish both lyrics tomorrow.

please DO NOT copy my lyrics and post on your own AMV or any other website WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

タギルチカラ! Tagiru Chikara!/The Boiling power
Translation: rainmon

Hibanachira shite DEDDO HIITO
火花散らして デッドヒート
Spark sprinkles between the Dead Beat
Kiwa nukenaize DANGER ZONE
I don't care the DANGER ZONE
Moeru toushi atsuku hibiki atterunda
燃える闘志 熱く響き合ってるんだ
My fighting spirit is burning, The hot blooded echoes are matching together

Kibun Saikyou SUUPAA SUTAA 
気分最強 スーパースター
The Stronger feeling to become Super Star
Girigiri Zemeru HUNTING TIME
With my limited attack HUNTING TIME
Ikuze! Ore no Chousen ga hajimaru
行くぜ! オレの挑戦がはじまる
Let's go! I start to challenge this

[Audio Sample] 挿入歌 CD#4 タギルチカラ!

The quality isn't the greatest, but better than nothing.
Click here
You only hear the beginning of "Legend Xros Wars" LOL
Just a reminder CD will be releasing on Feb.29th.

1. タギルチカラ! TAGIRU CHIKARA!
2. Shining Dreamers SHINING DREAMERS
4. タギルチカラ!(off vocal) TAGIRU CHIKARA!
5. Shining Dreamers (off vocal) SHINING DREAMERS
6. レジェンド・クロスウォーズ (off vocal) LEGEND XROS WARS

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Digimon Xros Wars ep 76 Summary + Preview

KK I'm soo hype up for this
special service, I decided to translate the summary today! XD
Vjump Magazine and TV ASAHI/toei site has mentioned that Taichi and others will made their debut on the ep 78, the ep that airs on March 18th.
However, Taichi and Masaru will be making their debut this week!
Earlier than we expected!
I'm sure everyone is cite for that! XD

76話 黄金昆虫!メタリフェクワガーモンの謎(3/4)
ep 76: Golden Insect! The mystery of MetallifeKuwagamon
脚本:三条陸 演出:中村亮太 絵コンテ・作画監督:八島善孝

Digimon Xros Wars ep 75

AS I mentioned to DMS group chat about next week's script wrtier is Sanjo Riku, so it's most likey an important climax ep...then...
ahh!!!!!! Taichi ahh!! *running around*

I'm ganna upload the preview in a bit
or you may view the tv asahi ver here(not much difference anyways)

It seems the Chinese Digimon Fans are going to have another "Let's wake up at 5am to watch Taichi and Masaru" Party next week :P

第75話 「夢の遊園地、デジモンランド!」


Click here to Download Full Screencap

Digimon Xros Wars MUSIC CODE III Yamashida Kousuke(OST Composer) X Sanjo Riku(Script Wrtier)'s Talk

Took both saya and I a while,we finally finished this. We both worked those Japanese translation, and she did the Chinese Translation, and as I did the English Translation. 需要中文翻譯的可到這裡
Digimon Xros Wars MUSIC CODE III
Yamashida Kousuke(OST Composer) X Sanjo Riku(Script Wrtier)'s Talk:

- What is Composer's standpoint to the Scriptwriter?

---Scriptwriter and Composer, it seems like there are not much of connection between the two, how did you meet?

Sanjo: From the past production, we usually need a insert song for Digimon's evolution scenes, so we plan to do the same this time, and we made the DigiXros's theme "WE ARE Xros Heart!" Song. Song composed by Yamashida-san, and I wrote the lyrics. That's the first time we met.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Digimon Xros Wars ep 75 Summary

75話 夢の遊園地、デジモンランド!(2/26)
ep 75: The Amusement Part of dream, Digimon Land!
脚本:相内美生 演出・絵コンテ:細田雅弘 作画監督:梨澤孝司

This ep, Jokermon, the winner Digimon in "Gumdramon's chosen of 'My fighting Opponent'": Original Digimon Contest will appear.

 街から子どもが突然消える事件が多発! そんななか、タギル(声・井上麻里奈)は女子中学生から遊園地「デジモンランド」の話を聞く。段ボールデジモン のバコモン(声・渕崎ゆり子)とバコモンちゃんが街で子どもたちに声を掛けては、デジモンたちが暮らす世界「デジクオーツ」にあるデジモンランドに誘致し ているというのだ。興味を持ったタギルは相棒のガムドラモン(声・渡辺久美子)とともに、バコモンのもとへ。特別パスをもらい、デジモンランドへと向か う。
Multiple incidents with Children disappear in the city! Then Tagiru heard about An amusement park "Digimon Land" from the female high school students. A cardboard Digimon, Bakomon and Bakomon-chan are talking to the kids on the street, and invite them to the Digimon Land in the world where Digimon lives in: Digi-Quartz. Tagiru and his partner Gumdramon are interested, together they goes with Bakomon. They get a special pass, and goes towards Digimon land.

 そこには集まった子どもたちに風船を渡す、ジョーカーモン(声・高木 渉)というデジモンの姿があった。ジョーカーモンはデジモンランドの支配人で、バ コモンがデジクオーツに落ちて不安がっていたところを助けてくれた恩人だという。立派なデジモンもいるもんだ、と感心するタギル。ところがその矢先、スペ シャルアトラ
クションに乗ったタギルの友人たちが消えてしまっ た! なんとデジモンランドでは、セフィロトモン(声・岸尾だいすけ)という本当のオーナーが子どもたちを飲み込んでは、彼らの「もっと楽しみたい、もっ と遊びたい」という欲望を自らの力の源にしていたのだ。事の真相を知ったタギルとガムドラモンは、タイキ(声・高山みなみ)やシャウトモン(声・坂本千 夏)らとともに、子どもたちを救おうと決意。セフィロトモンに戦いを挑むが…!?
Over there, the children who gather together and ridding on the balloon, and a Digimon name Jokermon appears. Jokermon is the person who rules the Digimon land, and the Digimon who helped Bakomon who fell uneasy after falling in Digi-Quartz. Tagiru feels there are lots of awesome Digimon are here. However as Tagiru's friend who were specially attract by it and riding on the balloon disappear. It seems in the Digimon Land, Sefirotmon is the owner, and it swallow children's energy, he has the desire of wanting source of energy of "More happiness, want to play more". Tagiru and Gumdramon finds out about the truth, decides to save the kids, together with Taiki and Shoutmon and others. How will they challenge Sefirotmon?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Previous Protagonist Gathers on ep 78 & 79!(Updated)

info tv asahi


Towards the Climax, Grand gather of "Digimon" Series' previous heroes!

『デジモンクロスウォーズ~時を駆ける少年ハンターたち~』は、いよいよ3月25日(日)に最終回を迎えます。そのクライマックスを華やかに飾るべく、3月18日(日)・25日(日)の放送に『デジモン』シリーズの歴代ヒーローたちが大集結! 夢の競演が実現します!
『デジモンアドベンチャー』の主人公・八神太一(声・藤田淑子)、『デジモンアドベンチャー02』の主人公・本宮大輔(声・木内レイコ)、『デジモンテイ マーズ』の主人公・松田啓人(声・津村まこと)、『デジモンフロンティア』の主人公・神原拓也(声・竹内順子)、『デジモンセイバーズ』の主人公・大門大 (声・保志総一朗)らが勢ぞろい。もちろん、彼らのパートナーデジモンも登場し、進化して大活躍します。デジモンファン必見です!!
As "Digimon Xros Wars~ The Teen Hunter who Leap Through Time~" is reaching its last ep on March 25th. To decorate this climax, on ep of March 18th and 25th(ep 78 & 79), there will be a grand gather of the previous heroes from previous "Digimon" series! The play of dream has come true!
"Digimon Adventure"'s protagonist: Yagami Taichi(CV:Fujita Toshiko), "Digimon Adventure 02"'s protagonist: Motomiya Daisuke (CV:Kiuchi Reiko), "Digimon Tamers"' protagonist: Matsuda Takato(CV: Tsumura Makoto), "Digimon Frontier"'s protagonist: Kanbara Takuya (CV:Takeuchi Junko), "Digimon Savers"' protagonist: Daimon Masaru(CV: Hoshi Souichirou) are ling up. Of course, their partner will also appear and evolve in those eps! Digimon Fans MUST NOT MISS THIS!!

So... that means this article has confirm the ep numbers for Xros Hunter, and also a confirmation of the protagonists will all have their own lines of dialogue? :O

(Article Continues:)
info Mantan Web:

また、最終回には「デジモンクロスウォーズ~時を駆ける少年ハンターたち~」の主人公・明石 タギル(井上麻里奈さん)とそのパートナーデジモンであるガムドラモン(渡辺久美子さん)、「デジモンクロスウォーズ」「デジモンクロスウォーズ~悪のデ スジェネラルと七つの王国~」の主人公・工藤タイキ(高山みなみさん)とその相棒シャウトモン(坂本千夏さん)も登場。東映アニメーションの櫻田博之プロ デューサーは、「『デジモン』シリーズをずっと楽しんできてくれた方にとっては、久しぶりの主人公たちとの再会となりますし、『デジモンクロスウォーズ』 を見てくれている子どもたちにとっては、こんなカッコいい、あるいはすごいヒーローがいるんだ! と、『デジモン』シリーズ全体を知り、興味を持ってもらう良い機会になるのではないかと思う」とコメント。
Also, in the last ep of "Digimon Xros Wars~ The Teen Hunters Who Leapt Through time"'s protagonist: Akashi Tagiru, and his partner Digimon: Gumdramon, along with "Digimon Xros Wars", "Digimon Xros Wars~The Evil Death Generals and The Seven Kingdom"'s protagonist: Kudou Taiki and his partner Shoutmon will appears. Toei Animation's Producer, Sakurada Hiroyuki comments:"I have always enjoy the 'Digimon' Series, seeing the old protagonists again after a while, to the audiences who are watching "Digimon Xros Wars", they will feel like it's so cool, and what a bunch of great heroes! So, I thought if it is interested to give such a great chance to have everyone to know the whole "Digimon" series ."

 「デジモンアドベンチャー」八神太一役の藤田さんは「久しぶりの太一役ということで、 ちょっとドキドキしながらスタジオに入り、画面の中の太一や、あのころのキャラクターたちを見た瞬間、走馬灯のように当時の録音風景を思い出し、懐かしさ で胸がいっぱいになりました。そして、『デジモン』シリーズが長い間、友情や勇気、あきらめない心といったテーマをつないでいることに感動しました。また その世界に戻ってこられて、本当にうれしかったです」と話している。

Fujida san, who played Yagami Taichi from "Digimon Adventure" says:"It's been a while since I played Taichi, I feel so nervous as I enter the stage, Taichi is on the screen, the moment I see that character, it's like revolving lantern, as I start to remember how I used to record him, my heart starts to filled with nostalgia. Then I was moved by the "Digimon" series for a long time, the theme of friendship and courage, the hearts that never gives ups connects together. I'm so happy that I can come back to this world/series again."

Saturday, February 18, 2012

twill 「STAND UP」(ショート.ver)

Speical Thanks for NeoRuki/Nely who found this :)
CD will be release on March 7th.

Digimon Xros Wars ep 74

第74話 「レアカードが消えた! 無敵のルークチェスモン」


Click here to Download Full Screencap


Thursday, February 16, 2012

[Vjump] April Issue(Updated)

Speical Thanks to Elfen as usual

I dont know wtf happen to it
I guess it's another "misread" in 2ch, just like that the news about "According Vjump, there is a Silhouette that looks like Ken and wormon"
Extremely disappointed and extremely pissed -_-

I want to apologized to everyone for posting news that has no confirmation from someone's misread.

Anime News:
No ep titles have revealed in this issue.
On the ep 78(Which it'll be air on March.18th)
"Heros Onslaught!
Coming from the Parallel World, Strong Hunters are going on Rampage(Not a bad thing, please don't misread it).
Previous Protagonists are entering as Cyber Hunters.
With the power from the Old watch store that manages the hunt(Digimon), the Heros are gather here. Clashes around Xros hearts and Digimon. You can't miss this!"
And the appearance of Arresterdramon Superior Mode.

Jintrix news, with the boss: Milliummon

Manga Chapter 20:(I think this is the last chapter?)
Nene turns into Lumiamon

Iggdrasil and Masaru

And battle with Bagramon

Saturday, February 11, 2012

[info]Ootsuka Ken and ep 79

3 updates in a row today=v=

info 2ch & twitter

Not sure how many people pay attention to the animators in the Anime series, besides the directors.
Ootsuka Ken, one of the animator that had been working on numerous of Digimon series, on the key animation for the ep, make a bank(I believe it's the references, like making characterm bg assets for the animation), some openings, the Evolution sequence, as well as the 3rd and 5th Digimon movie: "Hurricane Touch Down/The Golden Digi-Mental" and "Boukensha tachi no Tatakai/The Adventurer's Battle"

On his twitter he wrote:"Oh btw, I'm going to be participated in the(making of) last ep of Digimon. I'm very happy that they have me participated in this last ep. "

Judging from the animations that we seems so far that's by him, I'm very looking forward for the animation on ep 79.
At the same time, I'm sad T_T

[CM]タギルチカラ!+ Updated CD info

According to CDJapan
So we have the SET track list now.
And CD will be release on February 29th.

1. タギルチカラ! TAGIRU CHIKARA!
2. Shining Dreamers SHINING DREAMERS
4. タギルチカラ!(off vocal) TAGIRU CHIKARA!
5. Shining Dreamers (off vocal) SHINING DREAMERS
6. レジェンド・クロスウォーズ (off vocal) LEGEND XROS WARS