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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[MAD]DXW #21 Xros Songs 全ての夢を追う少年たちへ: Butter-Fly

My friend Kuro3 beat me to it! I was going to make a MV for that too :3
I might make another on in the summer with translation.
Anyways, as most of you who already read the manga or heard my manga post mentioned, the final chapter of Xros Wars manga has lyrics through out the chapter.
"Butter-fly" was the lyric/song it was used to conclude the chapter.

So many fans are disappointed with ep 79, here's the manga conclusion to make you feel better :P
"#21 Xros Songs 全ての夢を追う少年たちへ/ To all the teens who are chasing after their dreams"

AMV made by: Kuro3

If the link doesn't work(As usual, sina always have problems OTL)
You can click here: http://www.bilibili.tv/video/av237600/

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Overall recap and summary for Digimon Xros Wars

Now since the Digimon Xros Wars Anime is done, let's have an overall summary.
I'm going to clarify(?) some stuff and a recap during our 1 year and 8 month journey with Xros Wars.
First I have to thank all of you for your continued support. I couldn't be this motivated and reach over one million hits within a year. And thank you for bear with my limited Japanese, and sometimes mistranslation(specially at the beginning of the series). I want to thank the staff who worked in Digimon in the Toei Studio, and the out source studios. I also want to thank those who provide the news(people from 2ch, elfen who provides the V-jump magazine, and motodx, the site who used to provide most of the Televi-mag scan every month.) And the ones who credits my blog back every time they take the news, and also always help to translate to their own language so everyone can get the Digimon News. And also of course thank you to x10amin who has been my assistance to update the blog during my absence.

Now Xros Wars' first...
- The first series with 1 hour special(ep 10&11)
- The first series with no ending theme
- But the first series with the most battle insert song, and contain battle insert song with more than 2 and 3 singers in one.(We Are Xros Heart ver.X7)
- The first series with female singers to sing the opening(Twill)
- Xros Wars is the longest season in the Digimon Series thru us far, and yes Toei site has confirm that Xros Hunter is consider as season 6, the 3rd arc of series.

Did I miss anything? If you say Cross over, then it doesn't really work, because Ryo cross over too many times between Adventure to Tamers lol

Now I want to hear from you :)

Q1: How did you feel when you found out about Xros Wars? And how did you find out?
Q2: The thing(s) you like about Xros Wars?
Q3: The thing(s) you dislike about Xros Wars?
Q4: Most memorable moment(s)?
Q5: Your favorite song?
Additional Comment:

-Digimon Xros Wars was first broadcast on July 6, 2010. It was first leaked on a site call Takarajima as straps for pre-order, with new Digimon listed, and the title of "New Anime". After everyone finds out, the site immediately took down the merchandise, then few days later they put it back up again, and Vjump finally releases more info about it. Before Digimon Xros Wars was release, on 2009, one of the website mentioned there will be new Digimon coming out in Spring 2010, and it's name "Digimon Around" for the up-coming new Digimon Game. Later, Digimon Xros Wars Anime news were reveal for July(It was first spell as "Digimon Cross Wars"), and the Manga for Xros Wars began to serialized on the Vjump that was release on June 21st, 2010, a month before the anime was aired.

Digimon Xros Wars ep 79

I have lost my motivation to upload videos
so just like usual, you can just look at screecap.
But I don't know what part of the video should I upload -_-
because it's so badly done.
But if there any scene you wanna see, I can upload it, but not the whole ep.
I spazzed enough on twitter... I'm not going to spazz here.
I only like the animation of this ep, that's it.
and SURPRISE!, The old man is actually the reborn of Bagramon, who wants to protect the human world and Digital World until he meets his little brother again.
Please only discuss about this ep in the comment of this post, and hold off any thoughts about the whole series,
I'm going to open up a post for overall summary.

第79話 燃え上がれタギル!栄光のデジモンハント!

Click here to Download Full Screencap

Sunday, March 18, 2012

[Vjump] May Issue

It's seems like because it's the 15th Anniversary of Digimon this year, they just love the "Xros Over" now eh?
Also last month's manga chapter was divided into 2 chapters, and conclude the manga the same time with the anime.

info 2ch & elfen

The true form of Quartzmon:

Legend Tamers: Taichi, Sora, Omegamon are joining the game, Dorumon too?

Volume 4 is on sale May 2nd.

Manga #21: Xros Songs: To all the teens who are chasing after their dreams

I haven't read the manga, but from the screencap and also the info that was provided beside the screencaps, it looks excited, and a great ending.
(I don't think the images are in order...)
This chapter has the lyrics "Never Give up" and conclude with "Butter-fly" play through the story.
If this makes into an anime, it'll be amazing.
I can tell, I will cry if this makes into an anime.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Digimon Xros Wars ep 78 Clip + ep 79 Summary

Click the "CC" button beside the "Quality button"to enable subtitles.

The following Video AND summary(Specially Summary!) contain EXTREME spoiler)

第79話 燃え上がれタギル!栄光のデジモンハント!
ep 79: Now Burn up Tagiru! The Glorious Digimon Hunt!
脚本:三条陸 演出・絵コンテ:貝澤幸男 作画監督:浅沼昭弘

Digimon Xros Wars ep 78


Many silhouette from previous seasons
no Kouji....
And Legend Xros Heart sounds pretty good in this scene
1. They use the wrong model sheet for Ken, Ken had the eye when he was a Digimon Kaiser.
2. Ken does not call "Daisuke", he calls him "Motomiya"



Click here to Download Full Screencap