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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anime North Artist Alley Table 2012

Hey guys! I just got an confirmation email saying I got into Anime North's Artist Alley table today! As they had 3 open tables and I got one of them! I'm very happy and appreciate another opportunity for being able to be in the Artist Alley! I have to get everything together within 2 days D: I don't know where I'm sitting nor my name will be in the booklet since it's kind of late! Look for me, the little Asian girl with Gabumon <3 And lots of Digimon Fanarts! =D Of course there will be lots of new things on saleee!! XD Specially Keychains and buttons!! Because I won't have a partner this year therefore, I won't have anyone to look after my stuff, so I won't be able to attend any Digimon panels or Digimon Cosplay photoshoots! Take lots of picture for me Jessicat!! =D If you will be at the convention, feel free to drop by and say hi!! I'm looking forward to see you all there!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[PSP_PV]デジモンワールド リ:デジタイズ/Digimon World RE:Digitized

info Vjump

Uploading behalf for Digimon Generation as their youtube account is no longer working.
Enjoy this amazing anime trailer :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

[MV]レジェンド·クロスウォーズ/Legend Xros Wars

Chinese ver coming soon

This is probably the fastest AMV I've made so far. Took me less than a week~
This is also my first HD AMV.
As Xros Wars is the first Digimon series that's in HD format.
I didn't like the song as much the first time I heard it, I was a bit disappointing. However as it was playing in the Anime... The song has been stucking to my head ever since.
I have edited some translation and romaji error on the lyrics in this AMV. The lyric on Legend Xros Wars contains lots of lyrics/names from the previous Digimon songs. The most popular moment for the fans on Xros Wars is when the protagoinsts came back. I personally don't like to make AMV with all evolution clips, but in this case, it has to be. Since main focus is previous heroes show up on Xros Wars. So I tried to make it as creative and more match up to the beat as much as possible. And according to Sanjo Riku's interview, he mentioned one of the main reason he bought the protagonists back is because this year is Digimon Merchandise 15th Anniversary. Bandai released its first Digimon merchandaise on June 28th, 1997. This AMV is for that of course. Since the AMV was done earlier than expected. I thought I should post this up early, and start other projects.
Many may ask, how come aside from previous Heroes,Taigiru is such a focus here. When I make AMVs, I tried to understand what is the lyric person trying to write, what's his/her motivation, what are they trying to express? And seeing the lyrics, it seems like it's Tagiru trying to surpass all the "STARS/Previous Heroes", working his way there. As you can hear the word "Hoshi/Star" multiple times in the song. I also thought Taiki's: "Hero must have his gogles", this sentence probably the best sentence in the whole season. I figure I should put them in the video, sorry if the audio is not clear enough.
Anyways, hope you enjoy this AMV:)

Friday, May 18, 2012

[VJump] Jully Issue + RE:Digitized Manga

special thanks to elfen for reminding of the Digimon News.
Been very busy, haven't really been keeping up with the internet.

New mysterious Digimon life form, and turns Digimon into darkness Digimon, and the forms as well.

This new Digimon's body is form by Data Crystal, the body also contains mysterious high energy, however the body can't hold up and it leaks data.
This issue also introduced a professor who holds the key to this from GIGO Company: Professor Petrov.  He's also Nick's father.

We also get a new Digimon Manga for RE:Digitzed starting next month!
Manga by: Fujino Kouhei

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[D-arts] Dukemon Pictures

info Tamashii

It looks amazing!
It seems Dukemon's release was also because of the popular vote from the vote they had earlier in the year.

Support the industry!
CDJapan has it 25% off, so it's 3600Yen + shipping! :)


価格(税込):5,040円 発売日: 2012年08月  対象:15才~





Price: 5090yen
Height: 160mm
Made by: PVC, ABS

Set is included:
-Holy Shield·Gram
-Different Hand switch(Left and Right)
-a Base

Sunday, May 6, 2012

[Manga]Digimon Xros Wars - Bonus Track-

Tsk tsk...
x10amin if you found it why didn't you post THIS *TableFlip*

This is the bonus chapter on the Vjump site for Xros Wars' manga,
you can read it off on Vjump's site.
The password?
Why not have a challenge?
You have to find out yourself :P
Hint: It's in one of the books

The manga has reveal the secret why Taiki was chosen, and whatever happen to Wizardmon which connects with Digimon Adventure.Of course with "Butter-Fly" playing in the background.

Here are some sneakpeak pages of the manga:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

[PSP_PV3]デジモンワールド リ:デジタイズ/Digimon World RE:Digitized

Info Playstation jp
3rd Trailer of the up-coming Digimon World game, for Digimon 15th Anniversary.
The Game will release on July 19th, 2012.
Game is ready for pre-order on AmiAmi, Amazon, HMV...etc.
Support the Industry!! :)