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Saturday, February 16, 2013

[Vjump] April Issue

Thanks Captain Bra Red Senshi for the image scan =v=
Bra White Senshi Sanjyou!

Please credit DMHhouse Bra Senshi if you are reblogging this. 

The 4th part of the 15th anniversary of Digimon product is new Re:Digitized game feature in 3DS platform.
It's call "Digimon World RE:Digitized Decode"
It's a brand new story(Continuation), same characters, main focus is on the X evolution/X Virus.
Feature Digimon has Dukemon X, Omegamon X and Dorumon, and lots of new digimon include in this game.
It'll release this year and release date is TBA.

Well, it'll be great if this game can release in English, as I just found out I can't play it on my 3DS either because there's a region code thing like the wii... *rage*


  1. If this comes to Europe, I'm almost certain I'll buy it. Good to hear that they're giving it a wider release.

  2. Bandai please, if you are going to do one thing, ONE SIMPLE thing, that would please the Digimon fanbase. It's give this thing Wifi (Sony has the Adhoc network! DON'T DO SOMETHING STUPID LIKE GIVE US NO WIFI LOL ) and releae it in english. I really hope Bandai does this, because they have done nothing but make stupid decisions the past few years >8U

  3. Was hoping for Digimon World 3 remake or a whole new game....Re:Digitize didn't really catch my attention like Digimon world 1...*sigh*

  4. Does this means we'll get more animated promos like before?
    I hope their focus on X Antibody/Virus doesn't mean that Agumon will be OPed again (2 UltimateIIs and a special one.. that's just... especially since he was the only one and Digimon thathave access to UltimateII is too few) or no FM, PM, CM and BMs.

  5. Are you sure that the 4th project is Decode?? I'm still not sure bcos they said to wait until 21st February.. So I think this is just another one

    1. The 21st is when the teaser site opens.


    But what is that birdlike version of Eldradimon in the left corner???

    is it a new digimon???? :D

    And is Beelkomon a part of Digimon Re: Digitize Decode??? :D

    1. That is Ceresmon one of the Olympus Twelve, she's from Digimon Crusader.

      It is unknown at this time if Beelko will be in the game, since there's no other information about it other then these scans.

    2. Thank you so much for answering :)

    3. @ Mr. me
      Your welcome :)

      The site is now open.

      There's silhouette of a new character and a Digimon behind BWarGreymonx and Grappleomon is in the game.

  7. Grappleomon's not in the original PSP port, was it? Aside from it, hope Decode will also have V-mon as an additional playable Digimon.

    1. Nope, neither was Saberleomon.

  8. The new character that looks likea girl, appears to have a Vmon/Coronamon or some sort.

  9. Hoping for a 5th part of the 15th anniversary anyone???

    1. One can only wish...although *iirc* they said 4th "and last" :/