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Friday, February 22, 2013

[RE:Digitized]What is decode?

Sorry for all the late updates. Been busy with life, and since it's reading week, I can find the time to translate this.

The offical site for Digimon Word RE:Digitized Decode has opened.

There's a black silhouette behind Yuuya seems to be a new character in this game.

Also the website provide a meaning of "Decode" in this game:
(Sorry I haven't really read, watch or translate anything in Japanese for a while, don't mind my translation...)

"Decode" is to turn the information data back to its original state.
It means by compress the restored data, and decode the encrypted file.
The Digital World, and Digimon who are creatures form from the collections of data,
You can Decode the information of the Digital World, and fixes into the right form and shape,
And that way you are able to pull out more of its original capacity,
as the protagonist holds the right ability that calls "Decode Level".


  1. Did we get absurd evolutions in the original Re-Digitize? (something like Gabumon > Kabuterimon > Angewomon for example?)

  2. some more information on the game (x-antibody story), from baidu.

    1. Yup, good thing also: Online Digimon forums gave light of what the scan's about.

    2. Read that on Gematsu, i think it was yesterday but didn't know where it came from.

      Famitsu has also updated with pics of the game and art for Omegamonx, Dukemonx and Dorumon.

  3. V-Jump scan from baidu. The silhouetted character are shown and her partner seems to be Veemon.

    Was hoping they'd make a new Demon Lord, these 7 are really starting to annoy me, plus they've already been used enough, I'd rather see Bagramon as the antagonist of this story.

  4. Nice to see V-mon making it and... *Looks at Rina*

    Oh, mmmmmy.

    I also notice that there's a non-Yasuda art style of Taiga on the left page. Decode will get a manga also?

  5. I wonder why they're re-releasing the game as DECODE with only two new story entries? Couldn't that have been better marketed in a RE:DIGITIZE sequel game instead?

  6. Haha so I was rigth it was Veemon :D.