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Saturday, March 16, 2013

[Vjump]May Issue

More info on the upcoming 3DS RE:Digitized Decode game
Special thanks from my Captain BraRed again~
Sincerely BraWhite~

Please credit DM House if you are putting this image anywhere. 
New female character feature in this game, Shinomiya Rina, voice by Haruka Tomatsu(who voiced by famous and one of the most popular voice actress Tomatsu Haruka)
Her partner will be Vmon.
And the game will release on June 27th.
And there will be a Digimon World RE:Digitized Encode Manga starting next month's Vjmp.


  1. I demand a Digimon World 3 remake!!

  2. Some more scans not v-jump, from baidu:

  3. barbamon in the scan v-Jump

  4. Wtf? More sexy characters? I love the character designer!! xD

    1. read up scan V-Jump name is wriie it

  5. Nice! :)

    I wonder if they'll turn 'RE:Digitize' into an anime afterwards?

    *Perhaps it'll become a movie, if anything*

    .::My Wi-Fi, it's gone out!::.

  6. famitsu update

    1. My eyes almost popped out when I saw that infamous form of Yggdrasil that we've seen first in Savers.

  7. At least this Rina girl is not on JetMervamon level of fanserviceness (who was very unlikely to be wearing panties as you could see a bit of her butt and *cough* cameltoe *cough*)

    A bit of fanservice here and there is tolerable, but Digimon is doing too much of it lately.

    1. shut up i wish i could go to the Digital World and rip Mervamon's clothes off myself

  8. So... Am I the only one who noticed Rina Shinomiya's goggles?

  9. This new female character look absolutely stupid. Since when is a horny little teenage boy in charge of character design for Digimon?

    1. The character designer is good! At least, the best looking characters on Digimon, and oh i don't mind about how sexy they are xD I think that he have orders from the company to make sexy characters for fanservice. Ok if the story and gameplay is good i don't mind anyway. *we will fap fap hard* hahaha xD

  10. And i thought that Xros Wars' fanservice is the "worst" and Frontier (Izumi) is quite a problem for censorship.....
    Adding goggles and V-mon as her partner that's likely gonna volve to V-dramon line is an insult to goggle boys and V-Tamer Taichi....

    THIS should never be an anime.

    It's nice that we got V-mon though, and hopefully along with that, there's "Jogress" and Armor shinka, also i hope V-mon-line won't be the only even seasoned Digimon there.

  11. I love this horny looking chick. And as somebody has mentioned before, she's a lot better than Mervamon. I just never liked that biatch.

    If her Veemon digivolve to UlforceVeedramon it would be truly a mocking to Davis who only evolved his Veemon into ExVeemon. Lol.

    1. Her boobies are better than Mervamon's IMO.