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Thursday, May 16, 2013

[Vjump] July Issues(Updated)

Sorry been away for so long
Too much to do, i haven't even have time to breath.

I'll just make a breath post here
and I'm actually 2 months behind with Digimon news. I'll catch up after Anime North next week.

Thanks Captain Bra Red agian, and I love how your water mark stands out so much now LOL
This month covers mostly the Dark Area, the Great Seven Demon Loard arc, and Lily is back, as well as imperialdramon, the legendary dragon warrior.
Just a reminder the game releases in June 27th, so if you have a Japanese 3DS, buy the game and support the industry.
Updated with another page feature new Digimon who will also make its appearance in the Digimon Crusder game: 
New Olympic 12 Digimon: Jupitermon, God of the Sky, who's the master/god of all Olympic 12 Digimon.


  1. Welcome back Rainy :)

    So Imperialdramon-FM is in the game after all, I was kinda hoping he wasn't, there's already enough Veemon evos in there.

    So Belphemon sleep mode is the one that's fought or is rage mode there also?

    Jupitermon is looking more and more like a Holy Knight type Digimon and a member of the Royal Knights. He'd fit in better then most of the members who don't look like knights at all, like Gankoomon and Examon.

    Had a feeling they'd add hi to Crusaders, now let's see what Digimon are used for his pre-evolutions. Personally i'm hoping for new mons specifically created to be his pre-evos like, Lunamo, Lekismon and Crescemon who were specifically created to be Dianamon's pre-evolved forms.

  2. Hope you're doing well despite the busy flow of things on your side, Rain. Anyhoo, Imperialdramon means higher chances that Daisuke Motomiya could end up as a special new wireless battle arena opponent?

  3. This Olympian looks awesome ^O^!!!! I like how the Olympians are catching up to the Royal Knight's counts.

    *Still think that Hackmon is going to be the last Royal Knight when it turns to Mega xD

  4. That Jupitermon's body posture is like LordKnightmon somehow..
    btw does that mean that we need to jogress evo xvmon and stingmon to become paildramon or just a normal evolution??

    btw I heard that UlforceVdramon X made appearance too

    1. Yes UlforceVeedramonx is in the game, you can see him in one of the pics in last months V-Jump behind RustTyranomon, though you'll only really see it's V Bracelets.

      Decodes official site has updated with more screenshots which include, UlforceVeedramonx and Rosemonx.

    2. wow... so many X koutai digimon
      hope there will be metalgarurumon X too

  5. I'ts great to see Rainy back with more DECODE deets, but on the 'Crusaders' front, that game update came eons ago, and it was reported HERE no less! *tisk* j/k

    Other than that, nice update! :)

  6. Well come back Rainy and now only 2 left for Olympic 12 and 1 for Royalknight.For Digitize Decode it would be great if all of digimon in game Digimon world1 appear in Digitize Decode.

    1. u forgot plutomon
      so there's one left

    2. No plutomon don't count in Olympic 12 the left was Juno and Vesta.

    3. so plutomon don't count in olympus 12?? i see
      ty for the info

  7. *yawn* more video clips from DECODE, please. Thanks! :)

    1. P.S. Did You Know: The idea for the Pokemon X & Y Versions was actually RIPPED from a DIGIMON script I wrote back in 2012? Shame on JOKEEMON!! *The idea came from chromosomes* YEAH, RIIIIIIGGHT!!!!

    2. FYI they have been working on it since the 2010 *after B&W* I believe :) You and I probably will have the same idea in the same time, that does not mean we stole it from one another :) Good day!

    3. digimon_somelier, if you hate pokemon, you'd better not spread the insults bcos of ripping off or else.. actually no one is ripping off, it's maybe just a concidence..
      I hate the pokefags indeed who said digimon is a pokemon rip-off, but i won't say that pokemon did rip-off digimon in recent time bcos i don't want to..
      I think you're not different than a digi-fag.. the one who extremely like digimon but insulting the other as a lower or deformed version of it for example pokemon yugi-oh monster farm or legendz

    4. My claim is:

      A) TRUE

      And as for you:

      B)Don't care*
      D)Me going back to looking at sleek, new VJUMP scans now, ignoring you
      E)N'yesss . . .

    5. Hey now let's all be nice to each other ok? both Digimon and Pokemon are awesome and no one is stealing from the other...let's just try to get alone, shall we :)?

    6. if you hate pokemon, just don't bring the pokemon-related topic here

  8. Baltoy is Shakkoumon
    Kamemon is Squirtle
    Lugia is Plesiomon
    Ballistamon is Heracross
    Weedle is Kunemon
    Kyubimon is Ninetales
    Poliwag is Otamamon
    Renamon is Abra
    Slowbro is Shellmon
    Raremon is Muk
    Scyther is Snimon
    Sunflowmon is Sunflora
    Mantine is Mantaraymon
    Swanmon is Swanna
    Houndoom is Dobermon
    Feebas is Manbomon

    1. lugia doesn't fit with plesiomon
      and renamon is not a psychic user or esper

  9. Jupertimon is nice but is good o od evli?

  10. Hi Rainmon, thanks for keeping us up to date with the digimon news. I check your blog almost daily! I'm not too sure where else to get digimon information from. I hope when Anime North is done you can start updating it frequently again!

  11. I wonder if Imperialdramon Dragon Mode will be added on this game since some games like to skip that mode (Rumble Arena, Digimon Battle, Rumble Arena 2, Championship), and of course one gotta wonder if PM will be added as well. Where's the heck Burst Modes, Crimson and Blast Mode anyway?

    A bit disappointed with Jupitermon's design, Plutomon seems cooler to me.

  12. New Decode videos showing some story elements, training, evolution's, partner/added Digimons and the annoying death and reincarnation of your mon.

    1. Gotta love the end of the story vid. Throw back to Digimon Adventure. :)

    2. Yup i liked that too.

      An update from Dengeki, a review of Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode and more screenshots.

      Really like that screenshot with Yggdrasil on page 5.

    3. Another update via 4gamer, includes game info, more screenshots (RustTyrannomon), new art for Rosemonx, Yggdrasil and V-Jump art of Dorumon, Dorugremon and Tyrannomon, plus others.

  13. Does anyone know if the post-ending of the last game with all the goggle-heads of the previous seasons will still be in this game? It would be interesting if you could do that part with the girl and Veemon instead of the guy and Agumon. Also, does anyone know if the Adventure PSP game will be ported to the 3DS? These games together would make an awesome two-pack!