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Sunday, June 16, 2013

[Decode]Magazine Scans

Some magazine scanes features Decode on the famitsu site and TG Bus,
the game will release on June 27th

In the 7 demon lord arc, features Leviamon, Ophanimon, Belphmon Sleeping mode, and of course Lily. Who kicked it.

 Also features popular XV-mon, Paildramon, Stingmon, and as well as Imperiraldramon Fighter mode and Paladin Mode!

It seems you can get item using QR code through PC.


  1. Hope the 02 anime V-mon forms and Stingmon above is a hint that Daisuke and Ken will be in the game as new special arena opponents...

  2. What will ExVeemon evolve into (without Stingmon)?

  3. ファミ通クロスレビュー
    6/27 デジモンワールド Re:Digitize Decode
    [ 8 / 8 / 8 / 8 ]32点


    The game's rating, as someone posted that in 2ch. Hope there's an official material supporting this. Having a 32/40 is quite an impressive score for a Digimon game.

  4. Um. I feel embarassed with the double posting... ^^;;

    Anyhoo snippets of the latest V-Jump has just surfaced in 2ch. The following links are below.
    New Digimon. Has a slight resemblance to Tekken's Ogre, IMO.
    Digimon cards featuring Re: Digitize's Mirei and Akiho.

    1. Shingeki no Titamon

    2. Ogremon's Ultimate/Mega, right?

    3. it's said "....ogremon (oogamon) ga hatsu no kyuukyokutai ni!!"
      so yeah, it's its Ultimate form..
      even so, I still wonder what will be its Perfect (kanzentai) form..

    4. Yup, Renaldi. Other sub-species of Ogremon; Fugamon and Hyogamon are also Adults. Hopefully we'll get to know it in the future.

    5. I'm thinking of SkullSatamon at first.. but I think it doesn't really fit bcos SkullSatamon was first a jogress form of devimon and ogremon in the v-tamer manga..

      also demon beast evolving into undead devil doesn't really make sense

  5. what the.. the Perfect lv of Ogremon is.. Digitamamon??
    full scan

    1. LOL. Ogremon reverts back into an egg. Nice find of the scan, Renaldi.

    2. I had a feeling there was gonna be a new mon, don't now why, but i wasn't expecting an Ogremon ultime/mega it looks awesome. Oh and that SkullGreymon head on it's sword lol.

      Accoring to CMC, Titamon was born from hatred towards the Olympus twelve.

      Some more scans from CMC,

    3. Oh, the V-Jump editor and his custom Agumon also made it to the 3DS port.

  6. Hehe, another comment. Digimon Fanmyitsu found bigger and clearer V-Jump scans for the snippets I found yesterday in 2ch.

    Page that features Child Lucemon and Death X-mon:

    Page with a much detailed and clearer image of Titamon:

    1. we all know Lucemon will end up into something bad for the heroes..