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Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Digimon silhouette reveal + マグナキッドモン/Magnakidmon

Digimon Crusaders are releasing in Android, and in the tokyo toy fes, it reveals a new digimon: Magnakidmon, as well a silhouette of another digimon.
(Seriously it looks like Daisuke fuzed with V-mon or something LMAO)


  1. Magnakidmon = Digimon May cry.

  2. That Magnakidmon's design looks like Allucard from Hellsing so much..

    and the name "Kid", I guess it was inspired from Detective Conan's character: Kaitou Kid

  3. so will there be another anime season? oh please ;____;

    1. The ‘Kid’ is almost certainly a reference to the famous outlaw Billy the Kid. Jeez, don’t you people know anything? The first part of his name might not be ‘Manga’, but ‘Magnu’, short for ‘magnum’, a notoriously large and powerful type of revolver.

  4. I'd be smiling ear-to-ear if the mystery Digimon's head/face bears similarity with that of Daisuke. :p

  5. TGBUS has uploaded the latest Faimitsu scan revealing Imerialdramon Paladin Mode.


    1. haha i just got that news too...
      I just realize you already post in the comment before I even made the post haha
      i should read comments more often~ > <
      Thanks for the update :)

  6. Who could that new digimon be, it look like they are going to do a human/ digimon fusion (but not like frontier), I hope they do a new season of digimon, oh at least a sequel to tamers. I remember on xros wars episode 78 takato said to grani that we meet again, I really hope they do tamers sequel

  7. WHO'S THAT POKE... *cough* DIGIMON?