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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[Vjump] August Issue(updated)

updated: description translations under each Taitamon and 2 new digimon revealed

Leeks from VJ, new illustration of Lucemon, Death-Xmon, and a brand new Digimon name Taitamon, an ultimate evolution form of Ogremon.
Ogremon evolves with the power and bond of friendship
 Also this month's Vjump includes chapter 3 of RE:Dgitized Decode Manga

Taitamon: It was born to shame for the Olympic 12. 
(So its up to you if you count him as one of the olympic 12 or not. )

Also two brand new digimon are reveal that will make their appearance in the Android Digimon Crusader game,  Aigiomon, and evolve to Aikigo Dyusumon. Human Type Digimon.
The android game willl release in summer 2013.


  1. Strange, thought Titamon was born out of resentment of the Olympus XII. Lest it was a mistranslation.

    1. so could he be the 11th Olympus? maybe no?
      or perhaps he will be the same alongside Plutomon?

    2. Personally, I think he's not of the Olympus 12. (I believe Plutomon was outside of the group as well.) IIRC, there are still 2 unknown Shaman Digimon who'll fill be unveiled for the final two.

    3. perhaps Titamon will be on the side of Plutomon then..

    4. There's also the fact it evolves from digitamamon because ogremon still lacks a true perfect evolution...

  2. They said Death-X-mon is a new digimon? Bamco, where you've been until now?

    1. ahh sorry I misread it.. forget my previous comment

    2. lol ur crazy, fella.

    3. You're not ''ur''

  3. so, the big guy evolves whit the power of friendship? Awesome!
    Reminds me of True Ogre from Tekken, but it have a cool design.

    1. Friendly rivalry with the Hero Leomon.

    2. Titamon vs BanchouLeomon would be epic

  4. for the mysterious digimon from digimon crusader you've been discussing.. here's the answer of that mystery..

    name is Aigiomon..

    thanks digisoul

  5. Some new Digimon merchandise over here.

    I'd really like to see Beelko's design unobstructed.

    The T-shirts, old one with Beelko and Beelze, plus an X-Antibody anniversary Gaioumon one. The beel-mon ones, black and white. The Gaioumon one, black and red.

    As for Titamon, doubt he's an Olympus Twelve member.

      I wanna buy the Gaioumon one it seems..
      but anyone know how to pre-order? and anyone know how is it available for overseas shipping?

    2. Hehehe that girl has big boobs.