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Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Vjump] September Issue

info DMHouse

This month seems to have only one page that's Digimon info.
More Decoded game info, reveal that after you clear the game you can unlock Legendary Anime Heroes: Takeru, Hikari, Masaru and Daisuke into the coliseum in the game.
And after Taichi and Agumon's figure, there will be also a Yamato and Gabumon figure, release date and price are TBA.

Also reveal another new digimon has also reveal for the Digimon Crusader game, Ceresmon(?) Mediwamu (?)
There's already a Ceresmon, so I believe this is a new form?


  1. I believe that is the Digimon that we can clearly see on Ceresmon Ultimate.

  2. That looks like the girl on the top of Ceresmon

  3. When i first saw Ceresmon some months ago, i was so surprised we got a Female Olympus twelve that wasn't a sexbomb...

    I'll tell my friend that pigs can't fly afterall xD



  4. Matt and Gabumon looks awesome :)

    Think i'll buy them instead of Tai and Agumon.

  5. Ceresmon Medium: It is the incarnated will of the huge Ceresmon.

    That's what it says. Does it mean the bird is the true form and the woman is a construct?

    1. KrytenKoro/Inpu made another translation:
      "It is an avatar used to convey the will of the gigantic Ceresmon."

  6. Man i really hope they do a new digimon season, like a new adventure series but with new characters and new digimon and a new storyline, with 8 new digidestion and i really hope they do all of the digimon series as a game like the one for the psp but for ps3 or the wii u

    1. I don't sure they do or not. But maybe next year will do.

  7. There new CD of Digimon Adventure 2 (デジモンアドベンチャー02 ベストパートナー).
    I curious what like CD?

  8. New information on the Android version of Crusader, as well as the updated for the original Iphone version, ver1.4.

    Info on Aegiomon and the chapter for the game which includes Titamon. Also some new card designs.

    The official site for the game has also updated with a new look/design.

    4gamers article.

  9. It says "Ceresmon Medium"

  10. Dear Toei & Bandai... Please make season 9 :D