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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Odaiba Memorial 14th

Happy Odaiba Memorial 14th to you all~
Sorry this blog is totally lack of update~
It's not that I'm abandon it, or I change my mind on anime or anything
Just personal life and also NOT ENOUGH digimon news...
And no, I will not forget Odaiba Memorial~
Next year is the 15th anniversary :3

I'm looking forward to hear the new version of Bokura no Digital World by AiM!


  1. When you see this mesage plz connect at facebook and answer me :) thanks

  2. Greetings everyone, I just returned from Japan on Odaiba Memorial and made my way to Hikarigaoka and Odaiba. Most notably, at the Hikarigaoka Station the sign of the Chosen Children and their Digimon is still there. I saw the complex there and street where Greymon battled Parrotmon and in Odaiba, visited the Serea complex, the residence of Hikari and Taichi, as well as visits to the Rainbow Bridge, Fuji TV Station and ferris wheel, all landmarks in Adventure. Here are my pics since they were requested, I placed my photos next to screen caps of the anime for reference with captions.



    1. men plz contact with me at my mail plz if you see it... Your pics are awesome and i want to post them at my blog... plz contact with me to let me know if you are positive with that... SOz for my bad english ^^

  3. I couldn't see it but sure, you have my permission post them on your blog so as long as I'm credited, Parukeruru-san or my real name Mathew Burr, I'm a regular at WTW and a contributor to Wikimon with card scans. I'm glad you like them, and appreciate your interest. It was amazing, I've been dreaming of seeing this since I was very young so to finally make my way there was amazing. We took the No. 12 Line, renamed Oeda, the same route as the children in Episode 29 to Hikarigaoka and saw the brown complex were they lived near the Incinerator Tower closest to the overpass where that battle took place.

    1. hey dude, how was your trip on Odaiba?
      did you go to Odaiba Park and seeing a digimon festival held in there? I heard there're many japanese digi-fans celebrating Odaiba Memorial Day every year in there..


      Just check my blog. :) It's in Greek!

    3. Your blog looks great Neropsalidas, glad I could contribute to the Digimon community, maybe someone may be able to take the trip themselves and see it firsthand, it was amazing to be there after nearly fifteen years. ~Paru

    4. haha :P i'm glad of you and i wanted to be there but it's dificult to just go for a trip in Japan :/ but i wanted so so much :)

    5. That's true. I do have one more photo I forgot to upload, it is from Hikarigaoka, the brown complex, home of the Chosen Children when they lived there at the time of the encounter with the Greymon in 1995. This is a very good shot of the complex, you could see several of the children watching this encounter from their balconies that ultimately led to them being chosen. ~Paru

  4. Odaiba is amazing, a really fun place. We were in the park in Odaiba after our morning visit to Hikarigaoka on the No. 12 Line, you may remember it from Adventure Episode 29, it has since been renamed the Oeda Line but when we arrived at Odaiba, there was surprisingly very few people, even at the ferris wheel, there was no waiting to get on. I didn't see any Digimon cosplayers unfortunately.

    There have been many celebrations in the past and I had hoped we would see some but it had rained earlier that morning over the evening hours and the humidity was high, it reached the upper 90s by the time we arrived and it was a weekday. ~Paru

    1. oh, maybe the celebration was held on another place if it was raining on that day..

      but surely on the 15th Odaiba Memorial Day, it will be a big festival.. that means next year.. hopefully..

    2. Perhaps but if not in Hikarigaoka or Odaiba, I'm not sure where honestly, we visited both cities that day. Akihabara, the electronic district is a huge destination for anime and cosplay but I didn't see anything.

      The best thing would probably be to visit the park in Odaiba when a cultural festival or celebration is being held on a weekend, especially in the evening when everyone is participating, that day surprisingly was very uneventful and quiet. I would have loved to have seen the children, I've seen some incredible pics over the years of the Odaiba Memorial but if there were any that day, it wasn't in Hikarigaoka or Odaiba where Adventure actually took place. Still, the sign at the Nerima Station was worth the trip.

  5. I wanted to let you know, that added the re-release of the "Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partner"-CDs due to the Anniversary to their item list. I have asked them for doing it so a lot more people around the world can buy them.
    I hope it's okay to post it here in the comments since I didn't find another possibility ^^''

    Best regards,
    Lobomon @

  6. Argg... Why doesn't digimon make a new anime...? Pokemon makes so many things nowdays and even if i don't "love" pokemon.. i gotta say they are pretty cool! I just want something from digimon.. something awesome!

    1. Pokemon will even have an anime special based on FireRed and LeafGreen (with Red as the main character instead of Ash Ketchum)..