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Sunday, September 22, 2013

[VJUMP] November Issue

What a huge jump ...
Well at least we have some Digimon News...

Honestly lately the news I'm reading are Pokeyman and XY news...
(Yeah I call it Pokeyman)
This is kind of upsetting ... cuz Digimon is wayy too quiet now...

Anyways, heres some new info on the up-coming Vjump
So far I only found one scan.
This month's vjump features the following:

  • New form of Digimon feature in the Digimon Crusader gameCerberumon Jinrou Mode(Jinrou: werewolf Mode)
    Cerberumon was in the first ep of Digimon Frontier and ep 42 in Xros Wars. We don't know if hes a foe or ally. 
  • More info on the upcoming G.E.M figure for Taichi Yagami and Agumon, it's announced to release on January 2014 for 5040Yen. It comes with different expression for Taichi, 
  • 6th chapter of the Digimon RE:Digitized Decoded manga, features the appearance of Shinomiya Rina.
I'll keep you update with other scans once we find other ones.


  1. Still can't get used to those big arse head guns?, Other then that it's pretty cool looking mon.

    Now i'm wondering if he'll evolve into Plutomon? and if so, will regular Cerberumon evolve into him, Anubimon or something else in the game?

    I've been wondering why Digimon Collectors isn't featured in these scans as well? The game is still around and currently gave us an Olympus Twelve member, Bacchusmon.

    Plus i'm intrigued on what info it may have about Aegiomon, if any.

  2. Does anybody know of any mobile games?and preference for android

  3. Does anybody know of any mobile games?and preference for android

  4. I think BAMCO for now is laying low on Digimon. They are probably aware that at the present, Pokemon with their upcoming games would likely dominate the market, and it would be risky for now to try to match up against Pokemon and its well oiled titanic marketing machinery.

  5. I've always thought of Anubismon as Cerberumon's mega :o
    but I guess this is just a "mode" anyways.

    Anyway, it's AWESOME!

    Btw. How do I download Crusaders? I live in Norway, and have an Iphone 3. Is it even possible for me???

  6. Rainmon... he's back~!

    1. Thank you! These news made my day!