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Monday, October 14, 2013

[Vote] Vote your most favorite Digimon Songs that played in the Anime(updated)

Hey guys, I have always been curios, what are your favorite songs in the Digimon Series?
Just an activity I wanted to do for a while, and also a way to keep this blog alive abit.
Please let me know your thought.

What are your most favorite Digimon songs that played in the Anime?
That includes, OP, ED, evolution songs and insert songs.
Please cast your vote on your screen left side.
Or you can vote at Survey Monkey (If you read Japanese)

Please help me spread around and ask people to vote :) It'll be great if I can get as many opinions as possible(and less ties)
Thanks :3

You have total of 74 songs on that list to vote! (If I miss any, please let me know, I'll add it on)
Those songs are songs that played from Digimon Adventure to Digimon Xros Wars anime in original Japanese ver.
What are your most favorite ones? :D

You may vote as much as you want.
But prefer do not vote every song on that list... that's just...
No... please... don't... lol

Before you vote, you may consider to think about the best music, the best lyrics(You can check Anime to see the lyrics translations) and your best moment when one of the song that was playing.

You have until December 31st to cast your vote! (I have extended the time because I'm also waiting on the Chinese forum as well as the Japanese Digimon fan(If I can contact them...))
Thanks! :D I'm looking forward to hear your answers!

I will make the music video of the Top 50 for the result!
This vote will also be out in the Chinese Baidu Forum as well, so the final results will be combine result from this blog and the forum!
I temperately enlarge the side bar, so you can look at the current result. I will fix it after all the votes have been cast! :)

Cheers Everyone!
Happy Thanks Giving to those who live in Canada! :D


  1. Personally, Butterfly by Wada Kouji is for me truly a Digimon song that never gets old. Also, it's like that it is synonymous already with the franchise's anime.

    1. Butterfly has been in the top 20 of Anime Song for years actually
      so yes Butter-fly is indeed the most classic one :)

  2. The Biggest Dreamer

  3. Replies
    1. Make sure you already cast your vote with your choices ^^

  4. "We are Xros Heart ver. X7"

    1. Make sure you already cast your vote with your choices ^^

      Haha Yeah, i like that better than the original ver XD

  5. My top favorites are Believer, The Last Element and We Are Xros Heart Ver. 7.
    The Last Element because Hyper Spirit Evolution is so epic and the two Trascend form is cool as well, as well as their debut fight.
    We Are Xros Heart Ver. X7 because it's just EPIC, 3 people singing it and one of them is Wada Kouji, and X7's DigiXros scene is EPIC too.
    Believer because i love the 50 seconds lyricless part of it and it remind me of Masaru's manliness.

    Between the three i'd chose Believer because it's lyrics doesn't contain things that make it a song that should only be used in Digimon-related stuff.

    1. Thanks :D Definitely will take your comment for the upcoming result video!

      Make sure you already cast your vote with your choices ^^

  6. We Are Xros Heart Ver. X7, Never give up is the best opening even if its not made by Koji, but Butterfly is awesome too for a classic, I also love Believer. thats all

    1. hmn... I really like the beat on NGU :)
      It motives me to run and keep going (Maybe influence by the pv of that song HAHA)

      Make sure you already cast your vote with your choices ^^

  7. Favorite Digimon songs are Butter-Fly, Brave Heart, The Biggest Dreamer, The Biggest Dreamer, Never Give up!, New World, STAND UP, We Are Xros Heart, Sora Mau Yuusha! X5, Tagiru Chikara! (hated him but like the song) and Shining Dreamers.

    Might be forgetting one or or two though. Anyway, is it alright to vote for all of these or should i make my list smaller?

    1. just vote all the ones you want on the list on the left hand side please :)
      There's no limite, i just prefer not every song on the list haha
      Unless you really truly want every one on the list to get a vote then go ahead haha

      If you post in the comment i won't be able to count them all sorry :<
      Thanks ^^

    2. k, just voted.

  8. Plz the admin of this blog (i don't know if it is Rainmon or Reiji) just contact with me with a personal mesage because i will do the same vote in my blog with the Greek Fans! ^_^ Thanks

    1. Rainmon's in-charge of the blog. I am just a regular visitor here. ^^;;

    2. haha popular reiji

      sure that sounds good :) Thanks for spreading the word :)

  9. Also dear rainmon, if u saw my blog is exactly the same as yours, and ofc i have you in the credits of my blog :) with other words, is the greek version of your blog with the digimon fans of GREECE!!!

    1. Thanks, i really appreciate you doing that :)
      Your version looks nicer than mine~ LOL
      I will be counting your site as well for the final result of this poll.

  10. Also if you could put me in the links from your friendly sites it would be great ^_^ I have done the same with yours!

  11. I voted "The Last Element".

    mostly because of an AMV i saw :p

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